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An open letter to parents in the city to take the lead in implementing the prohibition of minors from entering entertainment places

An open letter to parents in the city to take the lead in implementing the prohibition of minors from entering entertainment places

Dear parents,

Minors are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation and the new force to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. In China, minors refer to citizens under the age of 18. According to the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors, Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places, Regulations on the Administration of Internet Service Business Places and other laws and regulations, minors are not allowed to enter the following places:

A, song and dance entertainment places (such as KTV, disco, slow roll bar, etc.);

2. Internet service business premises (Internet cafes, e-sports hotels, etc.);

Three, the electronic game equipment set up in the game entertainment places (except for national statutory holidays, shall not be provided to minors, winter and summer holidays do not belong to national statutory holidays);

Four, the script entertainment places (except for national statutory holidays, rest days and summer holidays, not to provide script entertainment to minors).

The operation mode and content of the above-mentioned places do not conform to the physiological and psychological characteristics of minors, which will have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. In recent years, there have also been criminal cases in song and dance entertainment places in our city due to the acceptance of minors. It is the common responsibility of schools, families and society to prohibit minors from entering relevant cultural and entertainment places. Parents are children’s first teachers, and family is the first line of defense to protect children. Parents should set an example for their children with correct thoughts, noble personality and good words and deeds, establish a good family style, establish a harmonious family, and create a family environment conducive to children’s growth. However, in the cultural law enforcement inspection, it is found that individual parents do not know enough, and even take their children to family gatherings in song and dance entertainment places, and organize birthday parties for their children in song and dance entertainment places.

Winter vacation and Spring Festival are coming. Parents are requested to correctly guide and enrich their children’s holiday activities, play an exemplary role, and do not violate laws and regulations to bring their children into entertainment places. It is necessary to keep abreast of children’s holiday activities, know whether children have entered Internet cafes, KTV, electronic game business places, etc., guide children to recognize the harm caused by bad online games, evil cartoons, bad novels, internet gambling, etc., and enhance students’ awareness of self-discipline. If found, they should be stopped and educated in time.

To protect minors, we need legal constraints, parental care and multi-party cooperation to build a "guardian alliance". Here, we urge parents to further shoulder the responsibility of educating and supervising their children, pay close attention to the growing environment of minors and protect their healthy growth. If you find that the above-mentioned places in our city accept minors, you can call 12345 to report it, and Pingliang cultural law enforcement department will investigate and deal with it in time.

? ? ? ? ?Pingliang culture market comprehensive administration supervision lochus

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?November 27, 2023? ? ? ??

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Source: Pingliang Cultural Law Enforcement Team

Editor: Information Statistics Section of Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

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No renewal! CBA champion was swept out of the house and was a star of hope two years ago.

Fujian team is one of the most active teams in the offseason this year, and it is reinforced in a large area! Zou Yang, Zhao Yiming from Shenzhen team, Li Zhanglin from Shanxi team and Yang Ali from Beijing team were all very young players with great potential. Zou Yang is 1.98 meters tall, and his defense is good. His offensive end is mainly empty-cut, and his shooting is average, which is very similar to Zhai Xiaochuan’s style. Zhao Yiming scored 30+ in the league last summer, but he didn’t get any chances in Shenzhen. Li Zhanglin is the third overall pick in the CBA draft in 2021, a striker with a height of 2.03 meters. He used to be the scoring champion in CUBA history and didn’t get any chance in Shanxi team. Yang Ali is a small defender who dares to fight and fight, and he can’t get any chances in the Beijing team. I hope these young players can break out in Fujian next season.

?Wang Yixiong, the top pick of Fujian team, has a two-year rookie contract expired. Now there are Wang Huadong, Zou Yang, Li Zhanglin, Zhao Yiming and others in the frontcourt of Fujian team. Wang Yixiong will not be renewed and will be swept out of the house.

Wang Yixiong was the No.1 in the CBA draft in 2021. At that time, Fujian team was full of expectations for Wang Yixiong and trained him as a star of hope. The rookie season hasn’t started yet. Just arrived in Fujian to report that Wang Yixiong was injured in training and only played 10 games last season. This season, Wang Yixiong is in good physical condition, basically playing the whole season, averaging 18 minutes, getting 4.1 points and 2.5 rebounds, shooting 39.7% from the field, 33% from three-pointers and 41% from free throws. Such data is really hard to get! As an inside player, his overall shooting percentage is 40%, and his free throw percentage is only 41%. His basic skills are too poor. Although Wang Yixiong is physically strong, his skills are rough and his finishing ability is poor.

Wang Yixiong and another No.1 scholar, Jun Xuan, both went to the United States to play in high school. Both of them are from California State University of NCAA, and it is precisely because of their experience in studying abroad that they became the No.1 scholar. Many players studying abroad participated in the CBA draft, except Wang Yixiong, Qu Junxuan and Sun Siyao, but they didn’t play, and they were on the verge of leaving CBA.

3,000 runners gather in Zhongxian County, Chongqing! 2023 Three Gorges Juxiang Pastoral Marathon starts.

Video loading … Hualong. com-New Chongqing Client News (Qiu Xiaoya) At 8:00 on April 22, 2023, the Three Gorges Orange Township Pastoral Marathon started in the pastoral complex of the Three Gorges Orange Township in Zhongxian County, Chongqing. 3,000 marathon enthusiasts from all over the country gathered together and set up two projects: half marathon (21.0975 km) and happy run (6 km).

2023 Three Gorges Orange Country Pastoral Marathon started. According to the organizer, the Three Gorges Orange Country Garden Complex is one of the first batch of 18 national-level garden complex pilot projects in China. The Three Gorges Orange Country Garden Marathon Corridor built in the garden complex according to the international marathon track standards provides runners with a high-standard track for running. The contestants set off from the tourist distribution center, crossed the fruitful 10,000-mu orange sea, and passed through the scenic spots such as Daomeng Space, Qinglong Lake and Hehai in Orange Township, accompanied by orange fragrance all the way.

Player Wang Tao won the championship in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 7 seconds. Photo courtesy of the organizer After fierce competition, in the men’s half race, Wang Tao won the championship in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 7 seconds, Wang Mingcheng won the runner-up in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 30 seconds, and Sheng Wang won the third place in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 32 seconds. In the women’s half, Dong Tian won the championship in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 23 seconds, Ye Rui won the second place in 1 hour, 25 minutes and 5 seconds, and Wu Ruixue won the third place in 1 hour, 27 minutes and 2 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the name of the 2023 Yangtze Three Gorges Marathon has been announced, and interested runners can register through Yundong Chongqing’s official micro-signal. The competition will be held in Zhongxian County in December, and runners will once again run in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir and enjoy the Yangtze River bonsai. (This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download it in major application markets.)

Announced! The red devils broke the record.

At 22: 00 Beijing time tonight, the 27th round of the Premier League will continue, and Manchester United will play at Old Trafford against Southampton.
Before the game, Manchester United ranked third with 49 points in 25 battles, leading the fifth place by 7 points; Southampton ranked the bottom with 21 points in 25 rounds, and has been fired twice this season.
But in the Premier League, you can’t despise any opponent. As Tenhage said before the game, the Saints beat Chelsea 1-0 at Stamford Bridge two weeks ago, and they had to fight for relegation. In the second half of the season, it may be more difficult to deal with these teams. Manchester United must show 100% and give no chance to their opponents.
Of course, playing at home is a good thing for Manchester United, which avoids the fatigue of going out on the road and allows players to have a better rest and adjustment.
Before the game, Manchester United officially announced that the ticket sales at Old Trafford Stadium this season had broken the historical record.【OLD TRAFFORD TICKET SALES BREAK RECORD】.
Official website, the Red Devils, confirmed that the Dream Theater has sold more than 2.3 million tickets this season, surpassing the original record set by Manchester United in the 2016-17 season.
It is reported that this figure includes tickets for Manchester United’s 19 Premier League home games this season, as well as tickets for 13 cup games held or booked at Old Trafford so far this season (5 Europa League, 4 FA Cup and 4 Carling Cup).
If Manchester United can continue to advance in the Europa League, there will be one or two more home games, and the ticket sales data will continue to improve.
In Manchester United’s last home game, Thursday night’s Europa League 4-1 victory over real betis, despite the snow and rain, 72,998 spectators came to the Dream Theater to cheer.
Magic fans expressed their firm support for the team with practical actions. A 0-7 fiasco can’t and shouldn’t obliterate the progress made by Tenhager’s team this season.
The rebuilding process of the Red Devils will have twists and turns, accompanied by humiliation and embarrassment. Losing is not terrible. After being beaten, you have to stand up. Frustration is like a sharp grindstone. After polishing it, the Red Devils can shine more brilliantly.