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AITO asks M7, an "all-around vehicle" that satisfies perfectionists.

"An idealist who is unconstrained and unconstrained, a painter who hopes to live in a fantasy land." Miss Ni, the owner of M7, described herself like this. "Choosing a car is difficult for a girl, not to mention that I am a perfectionist." As everyone knows, a person who is uninhibited and uninhibited when painting, in the face of real life problems, is difficult to choose.



In the middle of the year, the goddess of luck came to Miss Ni. Being in a first-tier city, she was happy to get the car purchase index, and fell into ecstasy after learning the news. But soon, Miss Ni was entangled again. "I want to buy a car that is perfect in all aspects, but I am afraid of disappointment. Being a perfectionist is too tired! " She vomited.


Bound mseven"Pentathlon" in the eyes of perfectionists


After a period of investigation and comparison, Miss Ni finally chose the M7 as her new car. Friends have expressed their incomprehension. Why did a little girl choose such a big 6-seat SUV? In the interview, Miss Ni told us the reasons for her decision to buy a new car with the confession of "perfectionist".



"For a car, my request is quite a lot. First of all, the space is big enough, and the car makes me feel insecure; Then there is that intelligent technology must be in place, and the configuration should be rich enough and intimate enough; Yan value and aesthetic online, this is also a must; There is also the hope of saving fuel. Now that the oil price is so high, it is better to take a taxi if you don’t save fuel! " In the eyes of a perfectionist like Miss Ni, even if she has a thousand choices, she must find the car that best matches her needs.


Fortunately, she still found M7 who meets the perfect standard of pentathlon.


"Large space represents security"


Regarding friends’ questions, Miss Ni has a unique and interesting point of view: "I hope the car can be bigger, not because I am greedy for more space, but because of a ‘ Big guy ’ Not only can it hold my little universe, but it also makes me feel safe ‘ Protection force field ’ 。”



Wenjie M7 has six large spaces with a body size of 5020x1945x1775mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, and its longitudinal distance is superior to its peers. In addition, Wenjie M7 is equipped with the industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat, which opens the zero-pressure suspension with one button and ergonomically creates a first-class comfortable ride experience.



"In the uninspired night, go to a place where there is no one with your car and bid farewell to external disturbances. Lying in the chair, looking at the stars and the moon through the skylight, imagining the story between them, being unconstrained and isolated, and feeling safe. " Miss Ni shared it, and her eyes sparkled.


"Strong intelligence represents imagination"


In Miss Ni’s view, imagination is a gift from the world, which originates from the connection between people and the world. "The more nodes you connect, the more imagination you can get. Not only the connection with people, animals, music and history is the source of my imagination. Just like smart devices, asking the wisdom of M7 is even a better choice than imagination. "



The M7 is equipped with the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which can provide car owners with an unimaginable intelligent travel experience anytime and anywhere. Super desktop, realizing seamless transfer of multiple devices to the car, and mobile applications can get on the bus at any time; Intelligent voice interaction, which can be said visually, has more intelligent reminding function to create a top-level interactive experience; The intelligent scene from HarmonyOS makes the interior environment more comfortable and the car machine knows the owner’s mind better.


"Multiple configurations represent vitality"


"At the peak of my creation, I want to get more and create more every day, and tossing is essential. Youth and vitality have nothing to do with age, but are determined by mentality. Although the environment and platform will decide a lot, whether it is there or not and whether it is wanted or not are two different things. There are more choices in life and more cars. I believe no one will refuse, but that is the vitality! "



The vitality of Miss Ni’s mouth is displayed in the rich configuration on the M7. Front seats come standard with seat massage and ventilation heating; Dual 40W wireless fast charging makes the mobile phone full of power at all times; Unit 19 HUAWEI SOUND sound system, luxury mobile concert hall; Studio-class soft light queen mirror, with soft light, can easily create beautiful makeup; 128-color ambient light and 3-slot fragrance system add more colors to life. Haopei is standard, and the world M7 builds an all-round technology cockpit with vitality.


"High face value represents creativity"


For almost all girls, Yan value is definitely the highest weight in the process of car selection, and so is Miss Ni. But her judgment on car design is not limited to face value. "High face value is not only important, but also the source of my creativity. If it is a conservative car, it will make me feel boring. But if it is too angular, it will make me feel that creativity is bound. "



The M7 continues the ultimate, simple and pure design concept of the series of models. The visual appearance is luxurious, calm and extremely symmetrical, and the interior design style is people-oriented and experience first. Through exquisite design techniques, the M7 combines attractive classic symbols with luxurious body elements to create a high-value luxury smart car that is more suitable for modern people’s aesthetics, so that more consumers can take the car as the origin and stimulate the creativity of their beautiful peers.


"Low energy consumption represents execution"


Because she got the fuel vehicle index, Miss Ni didn’t consider the pure electric vehicle, and she didn’t want those uncontrollable and constrained conditions. The extended-range hybrid of M7 is different from traditional energy sources, which not only has long battery life, but also has low fuel consumption. The unique characteristics of the world give her a sense of deja vu and old friends.



Thanks to the intelligent platform of pure electric drive, Wenjie M7 can provide Miss Ni with a comprehensive battery life of 1,220 kilometers for a tank of oil, a four-second acceleration of 100 kilometers and a fuel consumption as low as 5.8L. Based on the excellent chassis and suspension adjustment, the driving quality of the M7 is both maneuverable and comfortable. With 6 driving modes and 3 energy consumption modes, this freedom-loving girl can enjoy more driving pleasure at lower travel cost.



"Quiet and powerful, I appreciate the character of being able to work hard in a place that others can’t see, with execution but not exposed." Miss Ni commented on the new car like this.


In Miss Ni’s eyes, the M7 is an "all-round model" that makes perfectionists satisfied. She smiled and said, "I know there must be a perfect product in the world, but the process of finding it is always difficult and painful." Fortunately, I didn’t give up my initial intention and standards, which is another inspiration that I chose to ask M7. "

Repeated fever, accidentally become a "white lung"! Many children have been recruited recently, so be careful →

Pediatrics in many hospitals
Look at the children with fever and cough
There is a long queue.
Outgoing from many places
News of Children’s "Mycoplasma Pneumonia" Case
There are still some babies
If you are not careful, you will become a "white lung."
What are the symptoms of mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia?
How to distinguish, prevent and treat?
Not bacteria, not viruses.
But it can cause severe pneumonia
According to media reports, recently in Wuhan, a 10-year-old boy Xiaoyang had a high fever for more than 10 days, and was transferred to pulmonary hospital, Wuhan, after many days of ineffective medication in primary hospitals. The culprit that doctors quickly locked in-not bacteria, not viruses, but a microorganism called mycoplasma.
△ White lung appears in two thirds of the right upper lung.
Yang Qing, deputy director of the Second Respiratory Ward in pulmonary hospital, Wuhan, clarified that CT examination revealed that the child’s right lung was "massive consolidation", which is often referred to as "white lung". Through relevant examination, Xiaoyang was positive for mycoplasma antibody and positive for mycoplasma pneumoniae nucleic acid, and was immediately diagnosed as mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia.
△ The lung of patients with mycoplasma infection is like a tree mist.
At present, Xiaoyang’s condition has been controlled and tends to recover.
What is mycoplasma?
What disease is mycoplasma pneumonia?
Mycoplasma is a microbial pathogen other than bacteria and viruses.
The "mycoplasma" referred to by pediatricians usually refers to mycoplasma pneumoniae. Its "head" is between bacteria and viruses, with a diameter of 2 ~ 5 microns.
Infection with mycoplasma pneumoniae, in severe cases, may lead to children suffering from mycoplasma pneumonia.
Some children with mycoplasma pneumonia may even have "white lungs".
This is because mycoplasma pneumoniae can stimulate the immune response in human body. From the patient’s chest radiograph, we can see "white lungs" with different sizes.
This is not to say that there are all "mycoplasma", but mainly immune damage and inflammatory infiltration stimulated by mycoplasma.
It can be said that mycoplasma pneumonia is pneumonia caused by infection and immune response.
Yang clarified that mycoplasma infection often causes respiratory tract infection, often pharyngitis and bronchitis, which is like a cold. Some of them are self-limited and some have intractable dry cough. In severe cases, they can develop into pneumonia or even severe pneumonia. Patients like Xiaoyang will develop into local "white lungs" or even more serious situations.
He reminded that mycoplasma infection must be taken seriously. When symptoms similar to the common cold appear, such as cough and fever, they need to seek medical advice in time if they are not improved after two or three days of treatment.
How is mycoplasma pneumoniae spread?
Mycoplasma pneumoniae is mainly transmitted by droplets and direct contact.
The oral and nasopharyngeal secretions of patients with cough, sneezing and runny nose can carry pathogenic pathogens. Close contact or inhalation of aerosols may be "recruited".
After infection with mycoplasma pneumoniae, the incubation period is 1 ~ 3 weeks.
However, patients can also "detoxify" 2 to 8 days before onset, that is, during the incubation period. Acute attack, not to mention.
Children and adolescents are susceptible to mycoplasma pneumoniae.
Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection, you will get pneumonia?
Although there are some detours, but: Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection ≠ Mycoplasma pneumonia.
Some patients have no symptoms after infection, or only mild symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, similar to a cold, and can heal themselves.
Of course, most children with mycoplasma infection will have fever (mainly moderate to high fever) and cough (paroxysmal dry cough and severe cough), which may be accompanied by headache, runny nose, sore throat and earache.
△ Symptoms of mycoplasma pneumoniae infection. Source: publicity platform for basic public health service projects
There are research data showing that-
About 10%~40% of children with respiratory tract infection caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae will develop pneumonia, which is more common in children aged 5 years and above.
Therefore, if the child has a high fever (fever for more than 3 days) and a severe cough, it is best to go to the hospital in time.
If you have a baby at home, you should pay special attention to it: the symptoms of infants and young children are relatively severe, and wheezing or dyspnea may occur. If you find anything unusual, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.
A word of caution.
The child has a fever that persists repeatedly. Even if there is no cough or less cough, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment.
This is because mycoplasma causes "white lung" quickly and early, while cough symptoms often appear late; In the early days, it is even possible that doctors can’t hear pneumonia when they are auscultated.
Therefore, for older children who have a fever for more than four or five days repeatedly, doctors generally recommend taking a chest X-ray to see if there is pneumonia.
To prevent mycoplasma infection, what vaccine is effective?
At present, there is no vaccine to prevent mycoplasma pneumoniae infection.
Moreover, if you are infected with mycoplasma pneumoniae, you may be infected again after recovery.
In order to prevent it, these points should be done well:
Wear a mask: in the popular season, try to avoid going to crowded and poorly ventilated public places, and wear a mask when you have to go. Wash your hands and face carefully and pay attention to hand hygiene when you go home from public places.
Wash your hands frequently: Wash your hands under running water with soap or hand sanitizer for more than 20 seconds before and after meals and going home.
More ventilation: often open windows at home to keep the environment clean and ventilated. Open the window for ventilation 2~3 times a day, 20 minutes each time.
Nutritional balance: insist on physical exercise, ensure adequate sleep, reasonable diet, ensure adequate nutrition, and improve the body’s immunity and resistance.
Protection: If family members have fever, cough and other symptoms, children at home are the most vulnerable to cross-infection. It is recommended to wash hands and wear masks to avoid taking care of children.
Pay attention to children’s health
Take protective measures.
Please see a doctor in time if necessary.
Comprehensive Shenzhen Children’s Hospital, Jimu News, News Square, etc.
Source: Nanfang Daily

No renewal! CBA champion was swept out of the house and was a star of hope two years ago.

Fujian team is one of the most active teams in the offseason this year, and it is reinforced in a large area! Zou Yang, Zhao Yiming from Shenzhen team, Li Zhanglin from Shanxi team and Yang Ali from Beijing team were all very young players with great potential. Zou Yang is 1.98 meters tall, and his defense is good. His offensive end is mainly empty-cut, and his shooting is average, which is very similar to Zhai Xiaochuan’s style. Zhao Yiming scored 30+ in the league last summer, but he didn’t get any chances in Shenzhen. Li Zhanglin is the third overall pick in the CBA draft in 2021, a striker with a height of 2.03 meters. He used to be the scoring champion in CUBA history and didn’t get any chance in Shanxi team. Yang Ali is a small defender who dares to fight and fight, and he can’t get any chances in the Beijing team. I hope these young players can break out in Fujian next season.

?Wang Yixiong, the top pick of Fujian team, has a two-year rookie contract expired. Now there are Wang Huadong, Zou Yang, Li Zhanglin, Zhao Yiming and others in the frontcourt of Fujian team. Wang Yixiong will not be renewed and will be swept out of the house.

Wang Yixiong was the No.1 in the CBA draft in 2021. At that time, Fujian team was full of expectations for Wang Yixiong and trained him as a star of hope. The rookie season hasn’t started yet. Just arrived in Fujian to report that Wang Yixiong was injured in training and only played 10 games last season. This season, Wang Yixiong is in good physical condition, basically playing the whole season, averaging 18 minutes, getting 4.1 points and 2.5 rebounds, shooting 39.7% from the field, 33% from three-pointers and 41% from free throws. Such data is really hard to get! As an inside player, his overall shooting percentage is 40%, and his free throw percentage is only 41%. His basic skills are too poor. Although Wang Yixiong is physically strong, his skills are rough and his finishing ability is poor.

Wang Yixiong and another No.1 scholar, Jun Xuan, both went to the United States to play in high school. Both of them are from California State University of NCAA, and it is precisely because of their experience in studying abroad that they became the No.1 scholar. Many players studying abroad participated in the CBA draft, except Wang Yixiong, Qu Junxuan and Sun Siyao, but they didn’t play, and they were on the verge of leaving CBA.

Lost again! Tuchel took office for a month and the third line was defeated. Bayern Sao swallowed the bitter fruit and the season was completely ruined.

For Bayern fans, it was a nightmare in the past month. It was originally thought that tuchel would lead the team to attack the Champions League as he did in Chelsea before, but unexpectedly, tuchel coached Bayern for seven games and lost three games and drew two games. As a result, the German Cup was out and the Champions League was out. After the 1-3 reversal of Mainz in this round, Dortmund defeated Frankfurt 4-0 in the later game, which meant that Bayern lost the top position in the Bundesliga again.

Although tuchel led Bayern to beat his arch-rival Dortmund 4-2 in the first game, tuchel’s team was not competitive in the next German Cup and Champions League because he took over the team for too short a time. We should know that Bayern, headed by nagel Mann, had maintained a total victory in the Champions League before, including the double win over Paris Saint-Germain, the double win over Inter Milan and the double win over Barcelona, but tuchel’s team was completely defeated by Manchester City 3-0.

The impact of the Champions League exit on Bayern is huge, which means that they only have the Bundesliga title to compete for this season, but the players seem to have not yet got out of the shadow of the Champions League exit. In this round against Mainz, Manet scored a goal in the opening 29 minutes to help Bayern take the lead in the away game. Unexpectedly, Mainz even scored three goals at home to complete a big reversal. Bayern’s last four games were unbeaten, with a record of 2 draws and 2 losses, which was disappointing.

Looking back now, it may be a very bad decision for Bayern to fire nagel Mann in the sprint stage of the season. Tuchel is not a god either. Although he once created miracles at Chelsea, it doesn’t mean that he can replicate it when he goes to Bayern. The change of coaches at Bayern’s top level ruined this season.

After the 29th round of the Bundesliga, Dortmund accumulated 60 points and 59 points of Bayern, taking control of the championship. There are five rounds left in the Bundesliga. Bayern’s opponents are Hertha Berlin, Bremen, Schalke, Leipzig and Cologne, while Dortmund’s opponents are Bochum, Wolfsburg, M? ncheng, augsburg and Mainz. If Bayern wants to win the championship, it needs to win the remaining games and expect Dortmund to make mistakes and lose points. If Bumblebee wins five consecutive victories, it will definitely win the championship.