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# Football highlights

World football plays well every Friday.

The fifth goal, Bayer Leverkusen midfielder Velc, flicked around in the penalty area and singled out the other team’s entire defense. In the face of the opponent’s five-person double-team hitting the hand near the corner, with such performance, it seems that it is difficult for Vilt to stay in the pharmaceutical factory.

The fourth goal Tristan corner kick directly scored. This goal requires not only superb footwork, but also strong self-confidence. The corner kick directly breaks the door, and the high arc is the secret.

The third ball was hung upside down in the restricted area of Mitrovic, with an excellent angle and a heavy potential. Mitrovic (Riyadh Crescent 6-0 Mumbai City AFC Champions League), such high-quality goods as Mishen can be described as a blow to the Saudi League.

Palacios volleyed at almost the same position in the second ball, stretching his movements in one go. Froumy Nensai 5-3 goias Bajia. This ball is more beautiful and gives people a greater visual impact.

The first goal, Harry Kane’s shot in the middle of the field, is bold and has the charm of Beckham’s fame with one goal. This ball is expected to be selected for this year’s puskas award.

I haven’t seen such a wonderful goal for too long.

Thank you for your appreciation, and your attention is more exciting.

World Cup Preview: Dancsics Retreated from Injury! The men’s basketball team won! America is beaten!

The World Cup starts in two weeks, and national teams

Are in full swing for running-in preparations.

China men’s basketball team ushered in an exciting victory.

Beat Cape Verde in Italy’s four-nation tournament.

In this game, Li Kaier did not participate in the battle.

But the men’s basketball team still plays high-quality organization and defense.

Especially Cui Yongxi’s domineering empty dunk in the second quarter.

It shows the indispensable vitality of the new generation men’s basketball team.

Constantly honed, with the in-depth understanding of tactical concepts

I am confident to see the men’s basketball team under the new system

Re-killing in the international arena responds to some heights.

In contrast, the American team seems to be not going well.

The newly formed "dream team" is like a "dream detachment"

At the beginning of joint training, the starting lineup of American men’s basketball team

Actually lost to the selection team who came to practice. …

Cunningham played like Dancsics in the selection team.

One-on-one hit, series from soup to nuts, leading the team to victory.

But Cole said that he was not worried about such a thing at all.

It is an old tradition for the American team to lose to the selection team.

It has happened in the past, and it will not delay the men’s basketball team to win the championship in the end.

At this moment, the real Dancsics is also having a hard time.

Last time we talked about Dancsics, who became the captain.

The first time I led the team, I lost to the Greek team without letters.

Even in the game, I was robbed and dunked by the letter brother.

Brother letter at that time, don’t mention how proud you are.

"Ha ha ha! Scared! Letters are all brothers in front of me! "

Holding my breath, Slovenia and Greece fought for the second time

It’s a pity that Dancsics’s team still lost this time.

Greece finally defeated Slovenia 88-77.

Moreover, Dancsics was injured in the second quarter.

Before the knee injury, he had just scored 18 points.

After the knee injury, Dancsics dropped out of the game directly.

In fact, the injury is not serious, but the knee is very important

For safety reasons, Dong Zi didn’t play in the second half.

But it does not prevent him from continuing to participate in the national team schedule.

The really bad news is that his national team-mates

Cancar, also unfortunately injured his knee in the game.

His injury is much more serious than Dancsics’s.

77 also prayed for the health of his teammates on social media.

But in a high probability, I didn’t run away without the World Cup.

Two consecutive defeats in the warm-up match, and I was slightly injured myself.

An important teammate almost reimbursed the race schedule.

Dancsics’s World Cup trip was not very smooth.

As the strongest player in the international arena at present,

How sure is he to lead the team to win the championship?

US media: Ballmer is tired of failure, and the new season will be his last bottom line.

Earlier on August 4th, Beijing time, the US media once again followed up and reported some internal news about the Clippers. Ballmer, the owner of the Clippers, was tired of failure. The 22-23 season will be an important node for him to assess the players and the future development of the team, and it is also his final bottom line. It is completely understandable that Ballmer chose to renew his contract cautiously in advance at this time. After he took over the Clippers, he showed his ambition to the league and fans. He was often seen in the home game. He cheered for the team crazily. Ballmer was also not idle in some important away games. He followed the team to the away game, and he spent a lot of money. His investment in the team has always been among the best in the league. In order to have an independent team culture and mark him, he invested heavily in building a new arena. Ballmer’s vision for team management is also very vicious. He even invited the LOGO man. Looking at the transactions and contracts made by the old West in the Clippers in recent years, it is basically correct. However, the Clippers’ double stars have fallen in front of injuries again and again in recent years, and the team has fallen in the playoffs again and again. As the owner of the team, Ballmer has done everything he can, and it is right to be cautious now. The next season will be a huge test for the Clippers, as will George, 33, and Leonard, 32. Age and past injury history will put the future contract renewal in doubt unless they can show Ballmer and fans different performances, higher attendance and good competitive state in the new season.

Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo debut at the same time! The inferior foreign aid in the Super League rated the best 11 teammates, 5 from Manchester United.

It may bring many consequences to say who is the most hated by the fans among the countless foreign AIDS in the past, but the only thing that can make the fans reach an agreement is Carlos Tevez, the former Argentine international! Tevez is 39 years old, and now he has retired as a head coach. This brilliant player played in the Super League from 2017 to 2018. At that time, he joined the Shanghai Shenhua team, but it didn’t last long. He was only famous for walking on the court and indulging in Disneyland. Finally, he even broke his contract with his old club Boca Juniors early, which completely ruined the image of the Argentine striker in the eyes of Chinese people.

Recently, in an interview with ESPN, a well-known media, the star player also selected the best 11 people he had worked with in his career. Of course, he has played for Boca Juniors, Corinti Ann, West Ham United, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Shanghai Shenhua and played 76 games for the Argentine national team, and almost all of them are star players in the list.

Tevez chose the 11 best candidates.

Goalkeeper: Buffon

Defenders: Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Sylvia and Hibarra.

Midfielder: vidal, Bogba, Scholes.

Forward: Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi

First of all, as a goalkeeper, Tevez chose his teammate and football evergreen Buffon when he played for Juventus from 2013 to 2015! This is naturally from his personal standpoint. After all, he also cooperated with goalkeepers such as Edwin van der Sar, Joe Hart and Romero, but it is true that Buffon should have been the best goalkeeper he cooperated with, both in strength and at the peak of his career. Even now that Tevez has retired, Buffon is still fighting in the second division.

In terms of defence, Tevez first chose Ferdinand and Patrice Evra, two defenders who won the Champions League with him at the peak of Manchester United. The other two players are not well-known. One of them is Ivara, the old captain of his old club Boca when he was young, and now he has become a youth coach of Boca. The other player is also a young Boca Juniors, so is Tevez’s best friend, Skivia. It is worth mentioning that now 50-year-old Skivia has retired, but he also played in the Super League like Tevez, and even the team he played for was Shanghai Shenhua!

The midfield is the most difficult position for Tevez. In an interview, he said frankly: "I chose from Pirlo to Scholes for a long time!" In the end, he chose Borg Baga, Scholes and vidal, which is almost the midfield configuration when he entered the Champions League final with Juventus in 14/15 season. But as to why Scholes was used instead of Pirlo, maybe Scholes was more powerful than Pirlo in Tevez’s mind?

In the final striker, Tevez arranged in a luxurious combination. First, his striker partners Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo played for Manchester United. Undoubtedly, the striker combination of Tevez and Cristiano Ronaldo and Rooney in that year can be said to have swept the whole world, but the only regret is that the survival time of this combination is too short! Besides Messi, a teammate of his national team, this striker trident is too luxurious, but now Cristiano Ronaldo has long been incompetent as a winger, so I’m afraid he can only be wronged by Runila.

Firmino, a free agent, has become a hot commodity in the transfer market and has received six invitation contracts.

Brazilian striker firmino announced earlier that he will leave Liverpool after his contract expires this summer. According to the news reported by Jorge Nicola, a famous Brazilian journalist, firmino has received offers from six European teams. The 31-year-old Brazilian striker has a good chance to stay in Europe.

After firmino publicly announced that he would leave the team this summer, it was widely rumored that firmino would return to play for Bajia team Corinti An, but Jorge Nicola later broke the news: "Now six European heavyweight teams have offered invitations to firmino, and it can be expected that he will stay in one of the important leagues in Europe and play for an important team next season."

Although Jorge Nicola didn’t disclose the specific names of these six "heavyweight" teams, CBS website indicated that Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and galata Sharay were three of them who wanted to sign firmino, while Atletico Atletico and Saudi powerhouse Ainas had both been rumored to be interested in firmino.

The national football team plays today! Hit the Asian Cup semi-finals, the two favourites to win the championship are out, which is a lesson for Japan and South Korea.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup are in full swing! China men’s soccer team is about to face the powerful Korean team in the quarter-finals! In the two Asian Cup knockout matches completed before this, the two favourites to win the championship were all out!

Host Uzbekistan vs Australia! Uzbekistan successfully drew Australia and dragged the game into a cruel penalty shootout. In the final penalty shootout, Uzbekistan advanced to the top four of the U20 Asian Cup with a total score of 6-5. Another game, the same is to defeat the strong with the weak! Iraq beat Iran 1-0 to advance to the top four! Two other places will be promoted soon. China and South Korea, Japan and Jordan will compete for the last two semi-finals of the Asian Cup!

China U20 men’s soccer team returned to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup after 9 years! In the death group, China suffered a severe reversal when it led Japan 1-0 in the opening match, and got a good start 1-2. After that, the national football team broke out in desperation, defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the qualifying battle, and drew Kyrgyzstan 1-1 in the final qualifying key battle to successfully qualify for the second place in the group! In the face of South Korea, the China team has no retreat, and it is expected that the national youth players will show their fighting spirit and fighting spirit and do every detail as they did against Saudi Arabia.

Against the powerful Korean team, the China men’s soccer team is not without opportunities! This year’s China U20 national football team clearly identified its position, adhered to the defensive counterattack and achieved great success, which was also able to miraculously qualify in the death group! Now, if we continue to stick to the defensive counterattack strategy, the miracle is likely to be continued! After three group matches, China U20 national football team’s ability to fight is constantly improving, and the goalkeeper’s brave play and the defense of China men’s football team are reassuring!

The future of China Men’s Football Team is in Xinjiang! Up to 7 players in the current U20 National Youth Team are from Xinjiang! Those who can’t kill us will only make us stronger! Every time the South Korean team fails to attack, it is an accumulation of opportunities for the national youth soldiers! With a good defense, China only needs a defensive counterattack to kill South Korea and advance to the Asian Cup semi-finals!

If miracles have color, it must be red! Looking forward to our national youth fighters, in the life-and-death war with South Korea, there will be no regrets! China’s men’s soccer team won the U20 Asian Cup, dating back to 1985, and the men’s soccer team in South Korea and China looked forward to a miracle.