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New era, new expression, new attitude, new revision of CCTV TV drama channel

  Focusing on the core requirements of "two improvements" in artistic level and mass satisfaction, and aiming at creating more excellent products with ideological, artistic and ornamental unity, CCTV TV drama channel will launch a brand-new revision on October 24. It is understood that this revision cuts through the management mechanism, visual image, programming and other levels and angles, and strives to bring more pleasing audio-visual experience and unprecedented content presentation to the majority of TV viewers.

  More professional, more focused, "produced by the front desk" and a strong attack.

  As the only national TV professional channel that broadcasts TV series 24 hours a day, CCTV TV series channel has presented countless classic plays to the audience since its launch, and has met the spiritual and cultural needs of the audience with endless masterpieces. In the brand-new revision of this launch, "produced by the reception desk" has become the most eye-catching brand logo.

  On October 24th, the night of the revision, the TV series "Passionate Years", produced by the Central Radio and Television General Station and co-starring Li Guangjie and Gao Lu, will be broadcast on the golden channel of TV series. As the first TV series produced by Headquarters, Passionate Years tells a touching story of Chinese researchers who took root in the Gobi and devoted their youth in the early days of the founding of New China. The unique theme, solid and beautiful storyline, accurately restored historical atmosphere and touching feelings of home and country made this masterpiece of main melody attract much attention and expectation, which triggered a warm response.

  It is understood that after "Years of Passion", many dramas produced by CCTV, such as "The Land of Hope" and "The Melody of Endeavour", will be broadcast in the prime time of CCTV. Taking the successful practice of this series of dramas as an opportunity, the TV drama channel will also launch more excellent masterpieces with good ideological, artistic and ornamental qualities.

  More youthful and fashionable, new packaging is stunning and blooming.

  Visual image design is very important for the establishment of channel brand image, which directly affects the competitiveness and recognition of channel brand communication. The brand new channel packaging of CCTV-8, which has won many heavyweight awards such as "Oscar Award in Packaging Industry" and PromaxBDA Asia Gold Award, and will be launched on October 24th, will promote the overall upgrade of brand visual system, with atmospheric style and distinctive features, which is more in line with the image positioning of world-class new mainstream media.

  The revised channel logo is based on a calm crimson background, which strengthens the color of CCTV-8 brand and brings positive energy to the audience. The concise and lively number "8" leaps to the top, and the organic integration of color and geometric numbers has a great aesthetic impression and makes people shine. It is understood that the design of the new LOGO of the channel is inspired by movie screens and home theaters. It has a three-dimensional sense and a sense of space, which will bring the audience a unique feeling of "sitting at home and watching movies".

  In addition to the stunning launch of the channel LOGO, multiple versions of ID deductive image propaganda films with different styles will further vividly explain the brand connotation of CCTV-8. Among them, it not only focuses on the communication of grand and heavy temperament, but also reflects the magnificent feeling of sunrise in the east; There is also a concise and lively expression of Chinese style, which brings a sense of elegance of flowers. It is both holistic and personalized, bringing refreshing visual experience and aesthetic enjoyment.

  More meticulous and accurate, new arrangement leads expectations.

  The TV series "National Children", which tells the touching story of the national children, recently ended in the top eight golden files of the Central Committee. According to the data of CSM National Network, the average audience rating of the drama is 1.22%, the average audience rating is 4.99%, the highest audience rating of an episode is 1.51%, and the highest audience rating of an episode is 6.48%, ranking first among the hit dramas in the same period. The Douban score of 7.6 fully shows the recognition and love of the audience and netizens for this work.

  After "National Children", the TV channel will also launch more masterpieces of realistic themes that show truth, goodness and beauty and highlight "small cost, great feelings and positive energy". Among them, Gina, a popular flower, starred in the war drama "The Unveiled Sunshine", which will be broadcast as "The Years of Passion".

  The family drama "I’m afraid it’s too late" led by Tang Zeng, the 2018 national viewing champion "Mother’s Uncle", is also gaining momentum, which makes people full of expectations.

  At the same time, the all-day arrangement scheme launched in this revision is more meticulous and accurate. In the morning, it focuses on fresh country dramas, echoing the people’s deep and sincere local complex with good stories full of life breath; In the morning, we will push the war hero drama, watch the story of Jin Ge Tie Ma Shan River, and strengthen the feelings of the country and the country. In the afternoon, the youth fashion drama will be broadcast continuously, and the touching song of youth will be sung; In the evening, it focuses on emotional hit dramas, ironing the life folds of every ordinary person with delicate and warm family emotional stories; Focus on high-quality premiere dramas in prime time, and build a top domestic premiere drama platform suitable for all ages; In the second yellow period, classic plays were launched to reproduce classic stories and reminisce about last romance; Then broadcast high-quality overseas dramas, bringing a global film and television feast with high quality, high value and high reputation; Relaxed and pleasant life dramas are broadcast continuously in the middle of the night.

  It is reported that this revision will not only highlight the fashionable and youthful channel characteristics on the basis of the original positioning, but also make full use of scientific methods such as big data analysis and research on communication laws to further adapt to the competitive situation in the national TV drama market, and continue to release the professional advantages of TV drama channels in repertoire creation, arrangement and broadcasting, and continue to maintain the "leader" position of China TV drama professional channels, with high quality, high taste and Kaku Takashina’s "masterpiece".

Attractive manners of ancient beauties (Figure)

    Source: Qianlong News Network? ?

    Mysterious, beautiful, pure and true oriental girl

    One. Black hair and cicada temples

    Black hair means that the hair is black and shiny, and cicada temples mean that the hair near the ears on both sides of the cheeks is as thin as cicada wings. The word Ufa appeared as early as in Zuo Zhuan, and the word cicada temples appeared in the hair style of Wei in the Three Kingdoms period, which was combed by one of the maids named Mo Qiongshu.

    Two. Cloud bun and fog

    The bun referred to here means circular bun, while the bun refers to the knot tied on the top of the head. The so-called cloud bun and fog bun is the bun combed by a beautiful woman like a cloud. According to legend, the earliest origin of bun is that Zhao Feiyan, a fairy beside Nu Wa, one of the four great beauties in ancient times, often tied it up.

    Three. Indigo emeiensis

    Emei is a woman’s eyebrow, and Qingdai Emei is to shave off her eyebrows and then paint them with bluish-black pigment. This kind of eyebrow makeup was very popular as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, and this adjective has already appeared in The Book of Songs and Songs of the South.

    Four. Looking forward to the bright eyes

    Eyes are the windows of the soul, bright eyes are big and bright eyes, and looking forward to them means glaring. A pair of beautiful and hateful eyes have been regarded as the standard of beauty since ancient times.

    Five. rosy lips and pearly teeth— very pretty or handsome

    As the name implies, red lips are red lips, and white teeth are white teeth. Red lips can show white teeth, and white teeth can set off red lips, both of which are indispensable.

    Six. Jade finger arm

    The ancients attached great importance to the delicate fingers of women, and the fingers of beautiful women must be slender and soft; Plain arms refer to white arms, which are not only white, but also round and full of elasticity. This is the Jade Finger Plain Arms.

    Seven. Thin waist and snow skin

    Although Yang Guifei, one of the four beauties in ancient times, is a plump beauty, Chinese people still prefer slim beauty, and a thin waist means a slender waist; Snow skin is snow-white. According to legend, Zhao Feiyan is the appearance of thin waist snow skin.

    Eight. Lian bu Xiao wa

    Lianbu refers to the footsteps of beautiful women, and more importantly, to the tangled feet. Small socks refer to socks worn by women who bind their feet; Feet like a lotus, and then put on socks, it will become a beauty.

    Nine. Red makeup whitewash

    Red makeup refers to a woman’s full makeup, just like putting rouge on her cheeks today. Rouge is said to have been invented by Huns before it was introduced to Middle-earth. In addition, whitewashing is to apply white powder on the face. This kind of cosmetics has been used by palace beauties in the late Shang and early Zhou Dynasties.

    Ten. Fragrant limbs

    Women’s skin has a fragrant fragrance, which is also regarded as a beauty. This fragrance does not come from a certain perfume, but a natural body fragrance; In addition to the famous Xiang Fei in the Qing Dynasty, it is said that Xi Shi is also a beautiful woman who exudes fragrance.

    Editor: The definition of beauty in each era changes with time. Most of the above standards are no longer applicable. In fact, there is no certain standard for beauty. The so-called beauty is in the eye of the beholder, depending on personal preferences and feelings. 

Editor: Cheng Chong

The entertainment is over! Ding Liu was ridiculed as "desperate illiterate" and Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Zhang Songwen demonstrated to be an artist.

The end of the Spring Festival has brought a new term: desperate illiteracy. At that time, YiBo was interviewed in the offline publicity of "Nobody". A reporter asked what he had learned through the role. Originally, he was just a standard questions, but YiBo hesitated for a long time. In the end, he could only end up with "I don’t know how to answer".

Not only did the audience question the top-notch cultural level, but even the official media couldn’t stand it and publicly criticized "desperate illiteracy".

In fact, it’s not only YiBo who is puzzled when he arrives at the interview, but also Zhao Lusi, Liu Haocun and others have left embarrassing interview clips.

Zhao Lusi was even suspected by netizens that she had not read the script outline, otherwise how could she not even know the story background?

Liu Hao’s interview about the definition of an actor has been famous on the Internet for a long time, but he couldn’t answer it after thinking for a long time. He had to smile around to cover up his embarrassment and weakly said, "Will it be broadcast here?"

The article also mentioned "Man Jiang Hong", and the "illiterate jokes" caused by the publicity link abound.

Netizens found that Jackson Yee, the leading actor, had written a lot of typos. Not only that, he also associated "Yue Fei’s death" with "romance", which was a bit irrelevant.

Compared with these young artists, the advantages of powerful actors are self-evident. Take The Knockout, who just finished, as an example. The two leading actors, Zhang Yi and Zhang Songwen, have quite good writing styles.

Zhang Yi’s acting experience was read by netizens, and he also opened a personal column in the newspaper.

Zhang Songwen is also an out-and-out literary youth, and his articles have been published in Youth Digest. During The Knockout’s broadcast, he wrote a whole article about the characters’ experience, which was exquisite and vivid.

Performing a good play is more than just memorizing lines. If you want to deduce the soul of the role, you must first have a full understanding of the role.

As a starring role, you should be familiar with the background of the story, so as not to ask why. Observing the characters deeply on the basis of understanding the background of the story is to test the basic skills of the actors.

Where is the effort, the effect will appear. The truth that no pains, no gains is still out of date in acting.

Acting is not lip service, let alone a good interpretation of the role by feeling. Whether you have worked hard on acting, the audience’s eyes are discerning.

The Knockout’s ratings can soar all the way, which is inseparable from the actor’s control over the role. An Xin and Gao Qiqiang are antagonistic to each other, and the contest between one positive and one evil is full of tension and quite penetrating. Just at the stage of studying the script, the starring actors have been studying hard for many days.

Ronnie, the actor of Gao Qilan in the play, revealed that the whole crew took acting very seriously and could not keep up without a little effort. Whether an actor is serious about his work or not, ratings are the most intuitive reflection.

A good actor not only plays the play freely, but also has his own connotation and foundation. As the co-star of Nobody, Tony Leung Chiu Wai is a senior figure. Many people think that he is taciturn and not very active in front of the camera.

As a matter of fact, Tony Leung Chiu Wai has an inner show and loves reading very much. He can often quote from the classics, handy, and inadvertently reveal a very amazing literary talent.

After acting, Tony Leung Chiu Wai put more energy into reading. He can analyze the role clearly, and every sentence is reasonable, and the director will ask him a thing or two.

Throughout Tony Leung Chiu Wai’s career experience, he frequently contributed classic works, such as Chungking Forest, Spring Break, In the Mood for Love, Infernal Affairs, A Master and Listener, all of which are branded with his strong personal style.

Realism and heaviness in performance is an arduous challenge. Good cultural accomplishment has laid a solid foundation for his acting career. No matter what role he plays, it is difficult for the audience to see a sense of disobedience from Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Full of work and meticulous work, the performance is like a slow stew. You should not rush for success, let alone be impetuous. Instead, you should bend down, calm down and hold your horses. If you don’t even know the most basic questions, it is the actor’s dereliction of duty.

Are young actors really unable to put on a good show nowadays? Not really. Learn to be a man first, and if you don’t keep your attitude straight and don’t want to practice from scratch with an open mind, problems will gradually accumulate until water under the bridge.

In the face of reporters’ questions, they are hesitant and ambiguous. Although it is not a big problem, such a phenomenon appears one after another in young actors, which is ultimately not professional enough.

Doing homework in advance is the basic accomplishment of actors, and it should be consciously observed and even engraved. However, in the eyes of some actors, it seems to be a common thing to spoil. This is why the "nine leaks" of internal entertainment emerge in an endless stream, and the cultural level of stars has been repeatedly criticized by netizens.

It is important to put on a good show, but besides, young actors can’t ignore the importance of timely charging. This is not only for the long-term development of personal career, but also for fans and audiences. Temporary popularity is not equal to strength, and taking the audience’s love for granted rather than self-correction, such popularity can only be a flash in the pan.

"Handmade products" appeared in Germany to promote cultural exchanges between friends and enterprises

Recently, Lu Guohua, the head of Lvcongcong Parent-child Farm in Gaozhuang Town, Mudan District, Heze City, Shandong Province, and his party visited B&W MEDIA-SERVICE GmbH Group in Essen City, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and presented high-profile products such as folk hand-painted peony flowers from Gaozhuang Town, "Shandong hand-made" mortise and tenon wood products, hand-woven sachets and hand-made Chinese knots to German friends.

Oliver Berndt, head of B&W Group, said that these handmade products can reflect the exquisite craftsmanship of China folk artists and the characteristics of Chinese civilization and culture, and they are very meaningful gifts. We will exhibit them in the Handmade Crafts Cultural Exchange Center under the Group, so that more Germans can see the real China, understand China and fall in love with China. Lu Guohua said that in the future, he will use the opportunity of docking enterprises abroad to give home-town products representing Chinese traditional culture to foreign friends, promote home-town culture with actions, and enhance folk friendship between China and foreign countries.

Source: Public Network Near


The Best 20 Sega 32X Games Recommended

On November 21st, 1994, Sega 32X was released in North America. Like Sega Mega-CD, it is an additional component of Mega Drive. Sega 32X initially had a retail price of $159, but ended its life at a shameful price of $19.95. The release of Sega Saturn made all players stop paying attention to it, and only sold more than 800,000 units in its life, which became a difficult commercial failure for Sega.

But who would have thought? Twenty-eight years later, with the rise of retro nostalgia, Sega 32X has become a highly sought-after collection. Although there are only 40 games in it, and many of them are improved versions of old games, we have summarized 20 of the best Sega 32X games for your convenience in nostalgia (archaeology? ) save some time in the process.

At that time, the game won the longest game name award in history (later defeated by brain exercise), which was translated as follows: Golf Magazine: 36 big holes of Fred Kapos (not knowing golf terms). The game got mixed reviews, but it was often mentioned because of 32X.

Cosmic Carnage is a "cosmic massacre", which is essentially a real-life fight in space. It has the strangest character design in human history. This game was launched as the first game, because it was so bad that even Sega pretended that it didn’t exist.

The 32X platform of Beat Boy is one of the games with the best pictures. The gameplay includes constantly exploring each level to find hidden things, and attacking the enemy with various jumping actions. Although they are all traditional platform action games, they lack the rhythm and expressiveness in the name.

The imitator of Violent Motorcycle, the picture is a bit rough, but the gameplay itself is not that bad. The game has 12 drivers and 12 routes. Players punch and kick their opponents while avoiding obstacles and jumping over hills. Multiplayer is very interesting, but it can’t reach the level of some two-person racing games in MD games.

Kolibri, which means "Hummingbird", is an amazing game, which is called 32X "The Adventures of Dolphins". Like Tempo, Hummingbird Adventures ranks among the best 32X games because of its graphics rather than its gameplay.

Also known as "Stellar Assault", "Shadow Squadron" is a very similarStar Wars 3D air combat game, there are few comments about it on the Internet, and there is nothing to say about it.

Amazing spider-man: Warnet was released exclusively on Sega 32X that year, and it is a must-have for Marvel Comics fans. This game is much better than people think, although sadly, most people in the world no longer care about 32X. It is not surprising that the game was released after Sega announced that it would stop production for 32X.

Spider-Man is not the only Marvel hero in this game, but also Daredevil, who repelled Hydra and other evil forces in the Marvel universe in this wall-climbing and horizontal scroll game. Unfortunately, this game didn’t get the praise it deserved at that time.

WWF Wrestling Mania: Arcade Edition is called one of the best and most unique wrestling games on home consoles. Why is it so unique? For beginners, it is more like a fighting game than a wrestling game. For those who are familiar with WWF, there are many famous wrestlers in it, which is equivalent to WWF’s all-star fight.

Pacific Rim-style mecha are fighting in the city streets. One of the many first-person cockpit perspective games on 32X is Armored Steel Head (personal translation). This is one of the first games of 32X. The game focuses on the first-person cockpit perspective and can switch the third-person perspective. It is a visually beautiful game. At the beginning of each level, a commander from the role armed forces will appear to explain the background story and cheer for the upcoming battle.

This is a classic horizontal scroll game with smooth frame rate and smooth animation.Looking at it now, "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the Treasure"It’s like a mysterious sea in 2D. And Sega 32X Edition "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the TreasureIt looks like the best version of Windows 95 at that time. However, the 32X version plays at 30fps, which is half that of the Windows version.

Primitive wrathThere is SFC version.Pseudo-3d style fighting game, with only four ancient animals as optional protagonists.You can carry out cruel ending actions and bloody attacks. It can enter the top ten simply because Europeans and Americans like real people to fight quickly, love me, love my dog.

Arcade transplant works, you can play the original version in the small game of "Dragon 0". There is also an MD version, but the 32X version is closer to the original arcade game, and the better picture makes it more interesting to play.

In 94-95, a Star Wars game saved 32X. Without this game, no one will be interested in 32X and many players will turn to Nintendo’s platform, which is Star Wars: Arcade Edition. The game looks incredible on 32X, which proves that 32X is not useless. There are only three levels in this game, so the replay is low. But whether it’s shooting down a Star Destroyer or completing the famous Death Star Run and blowing the space station to pieces, this game can make the dream of Star Wars fans come true.

md vs 32x

Virtua Racing Deluxe has won both the arcade and the console. The 32X version really enhanced the picture, which transplanted the arcade well. The enhanced visual effect made the game look better, the outline of the car and the road were clearer, and the texture in the background was more pleasant. The MD version of "VR Racing Car" renders 9000 polygons per second, thanks to the Sega Virtua processing chip in the cassette, which is far beyond the processing capacity of MD.

At that time, the works of Blizzard were still excellent, and Black Thorn was one of them. The game played like a mixture of Demon City and Prince of Persia. SFC version and Mac version only have 17 levels and 4 worlds, while 32X version is more valuable, with an extra area, with a total of 5 worlds, which can be said to be the best of all versions!

As the ancestor of 3D fighting and fighting games,VR Warrior doesn’t need a real introduction, especially for Sega players and fighting gamers.

As we all know, the 32X version of Doom is basically the same as the PC version, andThe 32X version is one of the first games ever to get the "adult level" rating of M for Mature, because of its bloodiness and Satan worship. Although it is not the best version, it is still worth experiencing.

Although the SFC version is more popular, the 32X version of "Real Play 2" is one of the 32X essential games, which is highly respected in Europe and America, but the author has no feeling about this kind of game that emphasizes functional stimulation and curiosity.

The only hedgehog Sonik series game on Sega 32X. The protagonist of this game is Knuckles the Echidna, with a new "combination system", which allows players to use two characters at a time. In the eyes of many people, this game sucks. But I don’t agree. I think this game is Sega trying something new. I like the new combination system. It feels very much like what Nintendo will do. Just because it is different doesn’t mean it is not good! Unless we are talking about the whole 32X, it is.

NBA Jam T.E is a wonderful game. The 32X version is the most accurate arcade transplant version, and it has a lot of exciting new features, including hidden eggs, new players, better music and other modes.This game is not only the first in our list, but also the "first" in many other aspects. It is the first NBA carnival game in the series, and it is also the first game to use authorized players. It also created a record of $1 billion in arcade for the first time!

Time magazine selected the top ten games "killer 2 of the Mind" to reach the top in 2023.

For gamers, there are too many excellent works in 2023, including 3A masterpieces and independent masterpieces. Many players may even be unable to play.

Now, foreign media Time magazine has selected the top ten games in 2023. Let’s take a look.

10. Surge of Fishing Sails

9. Diablo IV

8. Star Wars Jedi: Survivors

7. Super Mario Bros.: Surprise

6. Dead Space Remastered Edition

5. Resident Evil 4 Remastered Edition

4. the legend of zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

3. Marvel Comics spider-man 2

2. The Gate of Bode 3

1. killer 2 of the Mind

NBA transparent screen: how to display real-time data and statistical information? Technology, principle and application

NBA transparent screen is a new technology application, which combines transparent display technology with basketball games and brings fans a brand-new experience of watching games.

This transparent screen can be installed on the sideline of the basketball court, so that the audience can see the game in the court through the screen, and at the same time, it can display some real-time data and statistical information about the game.

The traditional way of watching the game is to watch the game through the big screen in the audience, but this way of watching will be blocked by other spectators in the audience, which will affect the watching experience.

The appearance of transparent screen solves this problem, and the audience can directly see the game situation in the field through the screen, which is no longer interfered by other audiences and provides a clearer vision.

In the course of the game, the transparent screen can display the real-time data of the game, such as scores, rebounds and assists, so that the audience can understand the progress of the game more intuitively.

At the same time, the transparent screen can also display the player’s personal data and statistical information, such as hit rate and three-point hit rate, so that the audience can understand the player’s performance more comprehensively.

The audience can participate in the competition through the transparent screen, such as voting for the MVP through the buttons on the screen, or participating in the competition through the interactive games on the screen.

This interactive experience can increase the audience’s sense of participation and entertainment, and enhance the fun of watching the game.

First of all, the manufacturing and installation cost of transparent screen is high, which requires a lot of capital and technical support.

Secondly, the reliability and stability of the transparent screen is also a problem, and it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the screen and free from external interference.

In addition, the use of transparent screen also needs to consider the privacy and safety of the audience, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and influence on the audience.

Generally speaking, the transparent screen of NBA is an innovative technical application, which brings a brand-new experience for watching basketball games. It can provide a clear view of the game, display real-time data and statistics, and provide a rich interactive experience.

However, the manufacturing and installation cost of transparent screen is high, and the reliability and stability are also a problem, so it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors to promote its further development and application.

China men’s basketball team wins! The biggest parallel imports are strong when they are weak, and Guangdong fans feel humiliated.

The warm-up match of China Men’s Basketball World Cup ushered in a great victory. It can be said that this is a long-lost victory. We beat Cape Verde 86-66. The best player in this game is Hu Mingxuan of Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team. Everyone knows that Hu Mingxuan’s strength is not inferior to that of Guo Ailun, and he can even be called the first defender in Asia. It is not bad to enter the NBA Hall of Fame in the future.

Many fans say that Hu Mingxuan’s 3-pointer is more accurate than Curry’s, and his offensive ability under the basket is comparable to James’s. In a word, he can resist playing. So now, against Cape Verde, where the fighting strength is very poor, Hu Mingxuan once again exerts his passive skills. If he is weak, he will be strong, and if he is strong, he will sit! Thanks to Hu Mingxuan, China men’s basketball team won a great victory.

In this game, both ends of Hu Mingxuan’s attack and defense have made achievements, which is completely the standard of NBA. In addition, when Hu Mingxuan was leading the team in Du Feng, there were too many cases in which a strong team scored 1 point in 40 minutes, but when he met Bahrain’s men’s basketball team, he almost lost the game. Fortunately, Jiang Weize of Jilin men’s basketball team appeared in time, otherwise Du Feng would have finished class.

Now Hu Mingxuan’s performance has made the fans shine. It seems that in this World Cup, we have entered the top eight and surpassed the history of men’s basketball. At the same time, we wish Hu Mingxuan can surpass Kobe’s record in the World Cup, cut him 90 points and directly throw 30 3-pointers. Do Guangdong fans have face? So what do you think about this? Welcome to leave a message in the comments section.

Captain Shougang’s emotional intelligence is high, and there are too many articles involved, and Guangdong has become the target of public criticism.


With the brave play of Zhao Jiwei’s three-pointer, the desire of Shougang men’s basketball team to fight back was also extinguished one by one. Today’s Shougang is still too young, and the reserve lineup is not deep. Compared with the Liaoning men’s basketball team with a strong team, it is not only the lineup system, but also the on-the-spot experience in the playoffs. There is still a big gap. However, this does not affect fans’ love for Shougang.

Why do you say this? Because Shougang, to be honest, has been a surprise entry this season. If it weren’t for Leiden’s appointment, Shougang would have a second spring. Otherwise, Shougang will pack up and leave as early as the end of the regular season. Therefore, it is beyond the fans’ expectation to be able to reach the top 8 seats.

As a Chinese poem reads we have no fear of the clouds that may block our sights as we are already at the top of the height. Even in the face of the champion Liaoning men’s basketball team, it is able to withstand the pressure and fight back. I have to say that this has made the fans see the dawn of Shougang’s return to the peak. Just after the game, Zhai Xiaochuan, the captain of Shougang, also led all the players of Shougang Men’s Basketball Team. Standing on the field, I walked around the field for a week, expressing my pure apologies to the fans of Shougang and my regret for not winning at home. I failed to live up to the expectations of Shougang fans.

Shougang’s behavior also moved the fans very much. Later, Zhai Xiaochuan also updated his social media and sent out a special dynamic. First of all, I expressed my congratulations to my brother team, Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team, and secondly, I recognized everyone in Shougang Men’s Basketball Team. Being able to stand on the playoff field against Liaoning is enough to make them feel extremely proud. Said very little, but every word was distracted.

Moreover, other players of Shougang also sent messages to congratulate the Liaoning men’s basketball team. They were friends off the field and opponents on the field, which made people unable to help but contact the previous years. The Guangdong men’s basketball team won Shougang for two consecutive years, but no one from Shougang sent a message to make a sharp contrast. Now Guangdong and Guangsha are also fighting to the death, and the action scale is comparable to the fighting field. I have to say that this gap is still embarrassing.

What do you think of the welcome comment area to leave a message?

Ramos’s untimely post-match remarks angered the fans (translated from Corriere dello Sport)

After losing to Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain once again fell to the last 16 of the Champions League. This is undoubtedly a heavy mental blow to a club that is determined to be crowned king of Europe. Although the team has a top player like sergio ramos, who has won the Champions League four times, his great experience in the Champions League seems to have brought no effect to the team. The Spanish defender also expressed his disappointment with the team after the game.

The former Real Madrid defender said on his Instagram: "Like your fans, we are deeply disappointed with the result. The team has not yet won the Champions League, and we are still immature in how to deal with the key details. Unfortunately, we failed to achieve an important goal. Although it is very painful, the champion teams all grow up from failure and adversity. We will come back! "

Ps: Ramos is actually telling the truth. Paris Saint-Germain still has many problems and does not have the strength to win the championship for the time being. But after all, the team spent so much money to buy so many stars, but the Champions League record failed to meet expectations, which made many fans psychologically uncomfortable and it was understandable to scold him. In other words, this year’s luck in Paris is really bad. In the group stage, we met Benfica (super this year) and Juventus. After the second qualifying in the group, we drew one of the strongest Bayern.