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The premiere of the movie "Fortress" was well received. The scene of Jinggang Mountain in Chen Douling, Guo Xiaodong was broken and decrypted

The film "Fortress" was premiered in Beijing on March 20th. Director Han Keyi, actors Guo Xiaodong, Chen Douling, Jinggangshan, Lv Xin, Yang Bo, Feng Hao and Liao Mengyan made their debut together, attended the red carpet ceremony and chatted with the audience after the screening. The atmosphere was warm. On the same day, the film exposed the "incoming" version of the poster, and for the first time fully disclosed the shape of the entire lineup, which made the audience’s expectations more and more high. The film will be released nationwide on March 22, and the pre-sale has been fully opened!

The main creation gathered at the scene to see the sincere belief and profound interpretation, which won numerous praises from the audience.

The film "Fortress" is adapted from real history, and takes five party member-Mao Fuxuan, Mao Xinmei, Li Genghou, Zhong Zhishen and Pang Shukan, who are known as "the five outstanding figures in Shaoshan", as the archetypes, and skillfully integrates the elements of spy war and suspense into the historical background, showing the heroic story of revolutionary volunteers fighting with enemy agents in the hidden front.

The theme of the premiere was "Please Break the Bureau", and relevant leaders such as Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd., Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Film Satellite Channel, Xiangtan Municipal Committee, Propaganda Department of Xiangtan Municipal Committee and Xiaoxiang Film Group were specially invited to attend. At the event site, the main creator unveiled the story behind the scenes and ignited the enthusiasm of fans. When talking about how to create this film, the director said that "Fortress" has a prototype story, and the team has read a lot of materials and done a lot of homework. Every character in the film is worth exploring. I hope this film can make everyone deeply understand this history and learn the power of faith from the game between the enemy and me. Guo Xiaodong, who plays the role of Shen Zhuoyi, said that this role is very challenging, which is very different from his previous roles. He dedicated his first experience as a villain to Fortress, explaining that the role is like a dark star dancing alone. Chen Douling also lamented the role of Hong Zheng, saying that Hong Zheng showed many feminine qualities. Although she was afraid but not timid in the face of enemy agents, she could grow in adversity like chamomile. Jinggangshan shares the role of Yang Jingchen by sincerely treating Mao Jiaxuan as a brother. Although he often plays the villain, this role is actually very hierarchical. In addition, actors Chen Minghao and Li Yitong and singer Chen Chusheng, the singer of the ending song "Waiting for Dawn", regretfully missed the premiere, specially recorded VCRs to send blessings, and more friends from the circle such as actors Cheng Lisha, Che Yong li, Meng Tingyi, Wang Yanan, Huan Wang, Aisha and Yang Ziyi were present to help out.

In the work Fortress, the wonderful collision between characters has undoubtedly become a highlight of the film, bringing countless unforgettable scenes to the audience. Fans have also expressed their love for movies, among which "the plot is tight and gripping", "the confrontation between good and evil is full of energy", "the role is full and three-dimensional" and "the emotion is sincere and makes people cry" are frequently mentioned. The audience were all attracted by the storyline in the film, and were deeply touched by the characters’ unswerving faith and fearless spirit.

The uncle circle’s drag show makes the audience hooked, and the survival rule of spy war makes people laugh.

The ups and downs of the film’s development trend made the audience scream, and the excellent acting skills of all the staff directly hit the audience’s heart, especially with the dramas of powerful actors such as Chen Minghao, Guo Xiaodong and Jinggangshan, which made the audience smile in a tense viewing atmosphere. The film focuses on investigating the secret identity "Pang Defu". In order to find out the truth, Shen Zhuoyi suddenly parachuted into the police station. In order to save himself, Mao Jiaxuan spared no effort to please the leader Yang Jingchen. The film profoundly reveals the survival law of the spy war workplace, and at the same time reflects the interpersonal relationship in the contemporary workplace. The audience sighed and saw the true portrayal of the workplace, and even expressed their admiration for the acting skills of the uncle circle actors in the post-screening session. The status of the role is far ahead, which is very emotional.

The film "Fortress" is excellent in character shaping and plot design, which makes the audience feel the complexity and profundity of human nature and highlights the dedication and greatness of revolutionaries. Mao Jiaxuan, played by Chen Minghao, has a sleek and sophisticated surface, but sticks to his faith in his heart, always facing the heavy pressure and danger from hostile forces. Shen Zhuoyi, played by Guo Xiaodong, is a typical elite in the workplace, smart and resourceful, and good at using all resources to achieve his goals. Yang Jingchen, played by Jinggangshan, is arrogant to his subordinates, but obedient to oversight, which fully shows the tactics and tricks. The intricate relationship and conflict between them have injected rich drama into the film, which makes the audience’s emotions fluctuate and always look forward to the next development.

Who will be reborn in the spy city fight? All the staff will stage a reversal drama and the suspense will be upgraded.

Today, the movie "Fortress" released an "incoming" poster, and all the staff gathered coldly under the stormy spy city, adding tension to the contradictions and conflicts, and a tense momentum filled the air. Although it was a silent confrontation, the real reaction of each character in a life-and-death crisis was revealed, which made people hold their breath.

Chen Minghao’s eyes are firm, but it is unpredictable; Guo Xiaodong’s face is unfathomable, and it makes people nervous in silence; Li Yitong’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled, full of complicated worries; Chen Douling’s eyes are bold, showing a fearless; Jinggangshan’s expression is meaningful and vaguely murderous. In addition, Song Ningfeng, An ‘an, Bai En, Zhang Aoyue, Yang Bo, Yi Heng and other leading actors all appeared, and the boundaries between the forces of all parties became blurred, and the distinction between good and evil became more and more confusing. Who can survive in this life-and-death contest? Let’s wait and see on March 22nd.

The film "Fortress" was produced by Xiaoxiang Film Group Co., Ltd., Tianjin Cat’s Eye Microfilm Culture Media Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Daily, Xiangtan Zhaoshan Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Urban and Rural Construction Development Group Co., Ltd., Xiangtan Radio and Television Station, Shaoshan High-tech Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and jointly produced by Hunan Xiaoxiang Youth Film Co., Ltd. and Hunan Manhao Film Co., Ltd. In the hot pre-sale of the film, I look forward to meeting the audience on the screen!


[Editor: Shu Liang]

The list of national key protected wild animals and plants has not changed for 20 years and needs to be updated urgently.

  In January 2018, the only South China Golden Cat in the global zoo died in Hangzhou Zoo. Li Jian photo/bright picture

  The existing list of species protection in China has not been systematically updated in the past 20 years. The list of national key protected wild animals was promulgated in 1989, and the list of national key protected wild plants (the first batch) was promulgated in 1999, and it has only been fine-tuned once so far; The List of National Key Protected Wild Plants (Second Batch) has been in the state of "discussion draft" and has not yet been officially promulgated.

  The past two or three decades have witnessed the fastest economic development and urbanization in China, especially in the eastern and southern parts with high population density. Many natural habitats have been developed and changed, and resource utilization and human activities have intensified, resulting in habitat loss and fragmentation, which has greatly reduced the distribution and number of wild animal populations.

  The Yangtze finless porpoise, once affectionately called "Jiang Pig" by the residents along the Yangtze River because of its naive and extremely common behavior, has rapidly decreased in population in the past 20 years, from 2,700 in 1991, 1,800 in 2006 and 1,050 in 2012 to less than 1,000 now — — This figure makes people who care about the protection of finless porpoises feel worried.

  Following the functionally extinct baiji, the Yangtze finless porpoise has been known as the "giant panda in the water" for more than 10 years, and the recent related research has even divided the Yangtze finless porpoise into an independent species. However, the "giant panda in the water" has not been treated as a giant panda: in the list of key protected wild animals in China, the finless porpoise has not changed since it was designated as a second-class protected animal in 1989. Although experts and conservation organizations keep calling for upgrading, the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Council have issued documents to strengthen the protection of finless porpoises, but the adjustment of the list involves the coordination and unification of various departments in charge of wildlife protection, so it has not been realized.

  The lag of protection level cannot be said to have no influence on the living conditions of Yangtze finless porpoises today.

  The Red List of Endangered Species published by IUCN divides the endangered species into nine grades, which are evaluated and updated by experts all over the world about every five years. It also includes the evaluation results of China species regularly organized by the National Endangered Species Science Committee of China, that is, the Red List of China Species. The rating of Yangtze finless porpoise in IUCN Red List was "endangered" in 2000, and it was upgraded to "extremely endangered" in 2013, only one step away from "extinction in the wild".

  China Nature Watch 2016, an independent analysis report jointly issued by a number of nature conservation agencies and the Research Center for Nature Conservation and Social Development of Peking University, pointed out that the IUCN Red List involves threatened species in China (including critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable), and 405 of them are not included in China’s protection list; However, 197 species in China’s protected list are "non-endangered" species in the IUCN Red List — — This means: on the one hand, a considerable number of endangered species are not protected by Chinese laws; On the other hand, some species that are not endangered may occupy limited conservation resources.

  Specifically, there are the following situations:

  First, it has been endangered for a long time but has never been included in the list. For example, the spoonbill snipe is a migratory bird passing through the eastern and southern coastal beaches of China. At present, the population in the world is estimated to be less than 100 pairs, and the habitat along its migration route, especially the development of coastal wetlands in East Asia, is the main reason for the extreme endangerment of this species. The IUCN Red List assessed it as endangered in 2004, and soon adjusted it to extremely endangered in 2008. However, this species was not included in the list of key protected animals in China, but only appeared in the List of Terrestrial Wild Animals Protected by the State (referred to as the "Three Lists").

  Second, in the past 20 years, it has become endangered from no danger. For example, the well-known "sparrowfinch", the yellow-breasted flounder, still had a huge population and was widely distributed in the 1990s. In 2000, it was assessed as a non-endangered species in the IUCN Red List, and then its population plummeted due to excessive killing and eating and the large occupation of rice fields in its main habitat, and it was assessed as extremely endangered in 2017. At present, the sparrows are not listed in the List of National Key Protected Wild Animals.

  Third, it has been included in the protection list, but the level is lower than the actual endangered situation. In addition to the Yangtze finless porpoise, another example is a species unique to China — — Yellow-lipped fish is evaluated as extremely dangerous in IUCN red list. But like finless porpoises, yellow-lipped fish is only Grade II in the List of National Key Protected Wild Animals. Yellow-lipped fish is one of the rarest species in the family Sciaenidae, with low protection rating, serious lack of public concern and national protection; In addition, some news media reported positively that fishermen caught yellow-lipped fish and sold it at a sky-high price, which aggravated the pressure of overfishing on this species.

  Fourth, the list of the second batch of key protected plants has been delayed, and a number of endangered plants cannot be effectively protected. More than 2,000 species of plants threatened with extinction in the "second discussion draft" have not been protected by law due to disputes over jurisdiction by several competent authorities. Most of these plants have great economic value, so the wild population is over-utilized. For example, there are no restrictions on the mining and trading of wild ginseng in China, and sometimes it is even encouraged by individual news media. The situation is similar to that of wild Dendrobium candidum and Dendrobium huoshanense.

  Fifth, some species endemic to China, but not endangered, are listed in the protection list. For example, Davidia involucrata, clover and Tibetan wild donkey are all national first-class protected species, but the number of wild populations is very large. According to China Nature Watch 2016, the protection of these species is improving.

  China Nature Watch 2016 also assessed the protection status of all species in the current List of National Key Protected Wild Animals/Plants and all China species (1085 in total) on the threatened list in the IUCN Red List from 2000 to 2015. The results show that only 102 species have improved, 738 species have deteriorated, and the remaining 245 species lack information.

  It can be seen that the outdated list leads to the lag of law enforcement, which is one of the reasons for the deterioration of the protection of quite a few threatened species. There are many reasons why the catalogue has not been updated, and the lack of species information, especially the reliable information of population number, actual distribution and change, is only one of them. With the country’s attention to species protection and the promotion of the whole society’s awareness of protection, especially the opportunities for the general public to participate in natural observation of birds and beasts are increasing and deepening, and the information gaps are being filled step by step. Another major obstacle affecting the updating of the directory is the deadlock caused by the difficulty in coordinating multi-sector management. It is expected that the integration of natural resource management departments will help solve the problem of multi-sector management of wildlife protection. In fact, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Wildlife Protection Law (Revised Draft), which came into effect on January 1, 2017, has written into the law that the list of protected animals should be updated every five years. Therefore, it is imperative to update the list as soon as possible.

  For the adjustment of the list, we suggest to establish an evaluation standard based on experts and scientific data on the basis of referring to the research reports such as IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, China Red List of Species and China Nature Watch 2016, and comprehensively sort out and rate the species in China, so as to adjust the protection level. For example, the IUCN Red List can include endangered and extremely endangered species, and the species with a score lower than -2 (inclusive) in the reference of China Nature Watch 2016 can be adjusted as national first-class key protected species; Adjust (or reserve) flagship species such as giant panda, snow leopard and Chinese white dolphin, umbrella species and top predator species in the ecosystem as national first-class key protected species; The species in the discussion draft of "List of National Key Protected Wild Plants (Second Batch)" will be officially promulgated to make it legally effective. In principle, non-endangered and low-endangered species will not be removed from the list, but only downgraded. For example, if the species in the current protection list are non-endangered and near-endangered in the IUCN Red List, and the score in China Nature Watch 2016 is higher than -1 (inclusive), it will be adjusted to the national second-class key protected species; Extinct species are indicated separately; Remove the taxonomically proved species (such as heterophylla japonica) from the list.

  We earnestly hope that the "Updated List of National Key Protected Species" will be put on the legislative agenda as soon as possible and promulgated as soon as possible, so that all the truly endangered species can be protected by law.

   (Author: Lv Zhi Gu Lei, professor of Nature Conservation and Social Development Research Center of Peking University, lecturer of Capital Normal University and head of nature observation project of Shanshui Nature Conservation Center)

Central Meteorological Observatory: In the next ten days, cold air will affect the central, eastern and southern parts of South China, and there will be strong rainfall.

  CCTV News:The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a medium-term weather forecast at 10: 00 on October 17th.

  1. In the past ten days, the precipitation in most parts of the country was low, and the temperature in Huanghuai and other places in North China was high.

  In the past 10 days (October 7-16), the accumulated precipitation in Yunnan, the coastal areas of Guangdong, the eastern part of Hainan Island and the southeastern part of Tibet was 30-60 mm, and 70-120 mm in some places, which was more than the same period of normal years, while the precipitation in most other parts of China was less.

  In the past 10 days, the average temperature in northwest, north China, northeast China, Huanghuai and western Qinghai-Tibet Plateau was 1 ~ 3℃ higher than normal. The temperature in eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, southern China, eastern Yunnan, Guizhou and other places is 1 ~ 2℃ lower, and the temperature in other parts of China is close to normal.

  Second, the next ten daysCold air affects the central and eastern regions South ChinaThere is heavy rainfall.

  In the next 10 days (October 17-26), the cumulative precipitation in northwestern Jiangnan, southern China, northwestern Xinjiang and Chongqing will be 30-60 mm, including 70-120 mm in parts of southern Guangxi and eastern Hainan Island, and 150-250 mm in parts of southern Guangxi. The accumulated precipitation in the above areas is 30% to 1 times higher than normal, and the local precipitation is 2 ~ 3 times. The precipitation in most other parts of China is less or close to normal.

  In the next 10 days, the average temperature in the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Yunnan and South China will be 1 ~ 2℃ lower than normal, while the temperature in Xinjiang, North China and Huanghuai will be 1 ~ 2℃ higher, and the temperature in other parts of China will basically be close to normal.

  Main weather processes:

  From 17th to 20th, affected by tropical disturbance, there were moderate to heavy rains in most parts of Hainan Island, central and western Guangdong, southeastern Guangxi and other places, and there were local heavy rains to heavy rains. There will be 6-7 grades in the Taiwan Province Strait, the northern and central and western South China Sea, Beibu Gulf and Qiongzhou Strait, and gusts of 8-9 grades will be northerly or northeast.

  From 17 to 20, affected by strong cold air, there was a large-scale rainfall and cooling weather process in the central and eastern regions. Among them, some areas in the eastern part of northwest China, western North China, western Huanghuai and eastern Southwest China had moderate rain and local heavy rain; There are 4~6 northerly winds in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its north, with the temperature dropping by 4~6℃ and the local temperature dropping by 8~10℃..

  Third, the long-term weather outlook

  In the next 11-14 days (October 27-30), the cumulative precipitation in Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, eastern Yunnan, Guangxi, Hainan Island and other places will be 15-30 mm, and the local area will exceed 50 mm; The cumulative precipitation in the north and east of Northeast China is 3 ~ 10mm; There is no obvious precipitation in most other parts of China.

  In the next 11-14 days, the average temperature in Northeast China, North China, Huanghuai, Jianghuai and other places will be 1 ~ 3℃ higher than normal, while the temperature in northern Xinjiang, Qinghai and western Gansu will be 1 ~ 2℃ lower, and the temperature in other areas will be basically close to normal.

  Fourth, high-impact weather and concern

  1.coldAir influenceMiddle east

  From 17 to 20, affected by strong cold air, a large-scale precipitation and cooling process will occur in the central and eastern regions; There are 4~6 northerly winds in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and its north, and the temperature drops by 4~8℃, and the local temperature drops by more than 10℃ in the north.

  There will be heavy rainfall in South China.

  From 17 to 20, there were moderate to heavy rains in most parts of Hainan Island, central and western Guangdong, and southeastern Guangxi, and there were heavy rains to heavy rains in the local area.

Attractive manners of ancient beauties (Figure)

    Source: Qianlong News Network? ?

    Mysterious, beautiful, pure and true oriental girl

    One. Black hair and cicada temples

    Black hair means that the hair is black and shiny, and cicada temples mean that the hair near the ears on both sides of the cheeks is as thin as cicada wings. The word Ufa appeared as early as in Zuo Zhuan, and the word cicada temples appeared in the hair style of Wei in the Three Kingdoms period, which was combed by one of the maids named Mo Qiongshu.

    Two. Cloud bun and fog

    The bun referred to here means circular bun, while the bun refers to the knot tied on the top of the head. The so-called cloud bun and fog bun is the bun combed by a beautiful woman like a cloud. According to legend, the earliest origin of bun is that Zhao Feiyan, a fairy beside Nu Wa, one of the four great beauties in ancient times, often tied it up.

    Three. Indigo emeiensis

    Emei is a woman’s eyebrow, and Qingdai Emei is to shave off her eyebrows and then paint them with bluish-black pigment. This kind of eyebrow makeup was very popular as early as the Western Zhou Dynasty, and this adjective has already appeared in The Book of Songs and Songs of the South.

    Four. Looking forward to the bright eyes

    Eyes are the windows of the soul, bright eyes are big and bright eyes, and looking forward to them means glaring. A pair of beautiful and hateful eyes have been regarded as the standard of beauty since ancient times.

    Five. rosy lips and pearly teeth— very pretty or handsome

    As the name implies, red lips are red lips, and white teeth are white teeth. Red lips can show white teeth, and white teeth can set off red lips, both of which are indispensable.

    Six. Jade finger arm

    The ancients attached great importance to the delicate fingers of women, and the fingers of beautiful women must be slender and soft; Plain arms refer to white arms, which are not only white, but also round and full of elasticity. This is the Jade Finger Plain Arms.

    Seven. Thin waist and snow skin

    Although Yang Guifei, one of the four beauties in ancient times, is a plump beauty, Chinese people still prefer slim beauty, and a thin waist means a slender waist; Snow skin is snow-white. According to legend, Zhao Feiyan is the appearance of thin waist snow skin.

    Eight. Lian bu Xiao wa

    Lianbu refers to the footsteps of beautiful women, and more importantly, to the tangled feet. Small socks refer to socks worn by women who bind their feet; Feet like a lotus, and then put on socks, it will become a beauty.

    Nine. Red makeup whitewash

    Red makeup refers to a woman’s full makeup, just like putting rouge on her cheeks today. Rouge is said to have been invented by Huns before it was introduced to Middle-earth. In addition, whitewashing is to apply white powder on the face. This kind of cosmetics has been used by palace beauties in the late Shang and early Zhou Dynasties.

    Ten. Fragrant limbs

    Women’s skin has a fragrant fragrance, which is also regarded as a beauty. This fragrance does not come from a certain perfume, but a natural body fragrance; In addition to the famous Xiang Fei in the Qing Dynasty, it is said that Xi Shi is also a beautiful woman who exudes fragrance.

    Editor: The definition of beauty in each era changes with time. Most of the above standards are no longer applicable. In fact, there is no certain standard for beauty. The so-called beauty is in the eye of the beholder, depending on personal preferences and feelings. 

Editor: Cheng Chong

The entertainment is over! Ding Liu was ridiculed as "desperate illiterate" and Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Zhang Songwen demonstrated to be an artist.

The end of the Spring Festival has brought a new term: desperate illiteracy. At that time, YiBo was interviewed in the offline publicity of "Nobody". A reporter asked what he had learned through the role. Originally, he was just a standard questions, but YiBo hesitated for a long time. In the end, he could only end up with "I don’t know how to answer".

Not only did the audience question the top-notch cultural level, but even the official media couldn’t stand it and publicly criticized "desperate illiteracy".

In fact, it’s not only YiBo who is puzzled when he arrives at the interview, but also Zhao Lusi, Liu Haocun and others have left embarrassing interview clips.

Zhao Lusi was even suspected by netizens that she had not read the script outline, otherwise how could she not even know the story background?

Liu Hao’s interview about the definition of an actor has been famous on the Internet for a long time, but he couldn’t answer it after thinking for a long time. He had to smile around to cover up his embarrassment and weakly said, "Will it be broadcast here?"

The article also mentioned "Man Jiang Hong", and the "illiterate jokes" caused by the publicity link abound.

Netizens found that Jackson Yee, the leading actor, had written a lot of typos. Not only that, he also associated "Yue Fei’s death" with "romance", which was a bit irrelevant.

Compared with these young artists, the advantages of powerful actors are self-evident. Take The Knockout, who just finished, as an example. The two leading actors, Zhang Yi and Zhang Songwen, have quite good writing styles.

Zhang Yi’s acting experience was read by netizens, and he also opened a personal column in the newspaper.

Zhang Songwen is also an out-and-out literary youth, and his articles have been published in Youth Digest. During The Knockout’s broadcast, he wrote a whole article about the characters’ experience, which was exquisite and vivid.

Performing a good play is more than just memorizing lines. If you want to deduce the soul of the role, you must first have a full understanding of the role.

As a starring role, you should be familiar with the background of the story, so as not to ask why. Observing the characters deeply on the basis of understanding the background of the story is to test the basic skills of the actors.

Where is the effort, the effect will appear. The truth that no pains, no gains is still out of date in acting.

Acting is not lip service, let alone a good interpretation of the role by feeling. Whether you have worked hard on acting, the audience’s eyes are discerning.

The Knockout’s ratings can soar all the way, which is inseparable from the actor’s control over the role. An Xin and Gao Qiqiang are antagonistic to each other, and the contest between one positive and one evil is full of tension and quite penetrating. Just at the stage of studying the script, the starring actors have been studying hard for many days.

Ronnie, the actor of Gao Qilan in the play, revealed that the whole crew took acting very seriously and could not keep up without a little effort. Whether an actor is serious about his work or not, ratings are the most intuitive reflection.

A good actor not only plays the play freely, but also has his own connotation and foundation. As the co-star of Nobody, Tony Leung Chiu Wai is a senior figure. Many people think that he is taciturn and not very active in front of the camera.

As a matter of fact, Tony Leung Chiu Wai has an inner show and loves reading very much. He can often quote from the classics, handy, and inadvertently reveal a very amazing literary talent.

After acting, Tony Leung Chiu Wai put more energy into reading. He can analyze the role clearly, and every sentence is reasonable, and the director will ask him a thing or two.

Throughout Tony Leung Chiu Wai’s career experience, he frequently contributed classic works, such as Chungking Forest, Spring Break, In the Mood for Love, Infernal Affairs, A Master and Listener, all of which are branded with his strong personal style.

Realism and heaviness in performance is an arduous challenge. Good cultural accomplishment has laid a solid foundation for his acting career. No matter what role he plays, it is difficult for the audience to see a sense of disobedience from Tony Leung Chiu Wai.

Full of work and meticulous work, the performance is like a slow stew. You should not rush for success, let alone be impetuous. Instead, you should bend down, calm down and hold your horses. If you don’t even know the most basic questions, it is the actor’s dereliction of duty.

Are young actors really unable to put on a good show nowadays? Not really. Learn to be a man first, and if you don’t keep your attitude straight and don’t want to practice from scratch with an open mind, problems will gradually accumulate until water under the bridge.

In the face of reporters’ questions, they are hesitant and ambiguous. Although it is not a big problem, such a phenomenon appears one after another in young actors, which is ultimately not professional enough.

Doing homework in advance is the basic accomplishment of actors, and it should be consciously observed and even engraved. However, in the eyes of some actors, it seems to be a common thing to spoil. This is why the "nine leaks" of internal entertainment emerge in an endless stream, and the cultural level of stars has been repeatedly criticized by netizens.

It is important to put on a good show, but besides, young actors can’t ignore the importance of timely charging. This is not only for the long-term development of personal career, but also for fans and audiences. Temporary popularity is not equal to strength, and taking the audience’s love for granted rather than self-correction, such popularity can only be a flash in the pan.

At the end of Serie B, Criscito retired successfully.

@ Shen Tianhao: This season’s Serie B regular season finale, Genoa, who has already qualified for Serie A in advance, staged a goal battle with Bari at home. The 36-year-old Genoa star Criscito scored his first personal goal this season at the last minute of the last game of his career. He scored the goal with the most familiar penalty, helping Genoa beat Barry 4-3, and then read a touching open letter after the game, officially ending his career as a player. Criscito was born in Naples, and the longest stop in his career was in Dzenit, but Genoa is already his spiritual hometown-he joined the Griffin five times in different forms and put on a red and blue shirt.

Firmino, a free agent, has become a hot commodity in the transfer market and has received six invitation contracts.

Brazilian striker firmino announced earlier that he will leave Liverpool after his contract expires this summer. According to the news reported by Jorge Nicola, a famous Brazilian journalist, firmino has received offers from six European teams. The 31-year-old Brazilian striker has a good chance to stay in Europe.

After firmino publicly announced that he would leave the team this summer, it was widely rumored that firmino would return to play for Bajia team Corinti An, but Jorge Nicola later broke the news: "Now six European heavyweight teams have offered invitations to firmino, and it can be expected that he will stay in one of the important leagues in Europe and play for an important team next season."

Although Jorge Nicola didn’t disclose the specific names of these six "heavyweight" teams, CBS website indicated that Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan and galata Sharay were three of them who wanted to sign firmino, while Atletico Atletico and Saudi powerhouse Ainas had both been rumored to be interested in firmino.