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To make friends? Xiaomi SU7 suspected price exposure

  [car home Information] On January 30th, some netizens exposed a price of some models suspected (|) in the insurance policy on domestic social platforms, or it was 361,400 yuan. However, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, released Weibo that the price was only used as a test. Lei Jun, the founder chairman of Xiaomi Group, once said: "The overall configuration of Xiaomi SU7 is rich enough, so the cost is very high, like 99,000 yuan, 149,000 yuan or even 199,000 yuan shouted by netizens. I think it’s all a joke, and the pricing of Xiaomi SU7 may indeed be a bit expensive." At the same time, Xiaomi SU7 is expected to be listed in the first half of the year, and now it is undergoing small-scale mass production.

Home of the car

Home of the car

Xiaomi automobile Xiaomi SU7 2023 800km four-wheel drive Max version

  Looking back at the appearance, as the first model of a brand-new brand, the appearance design must be impressive. We can see that the front face of Xiaomi SU7 adopts a very sporty design, the headlights adopt a rounded polygon shape, and the interior adopts a light cavity structure similar to a rice shape to enhance the recognition. In addition, there is a real air duct under the headlights to help the brake system dissipate heat, and the lower enclosure and the hood highlight the sense of movement, which is quite sporty.

Xiaomi automobile Xiaomi SU7 2023 800km four-wheel drive Max version

Xiaomi automobile Xiaomi SU7 2023 800km four-wheel drive Max version

Home of the car

   Coming to the side of the car body, Xiaomi SU7 has a very smooth body line, showing a feeling similar to a coupe. The slip-back tail design and the extended wheel eyebrow design are easy to remind people of the elements of a German sports car brand. In terms of the rear of the vehicle, the new car adopts the popular through taillight design, and the xiaomi logo is above it to enhance the recognition. The upturned duckling tail is beautifully designed, and it will also be equipped with an electric spoiler function. It is worth mentioning that the official timely adjusted and completed the declaration in response to the problem that the font of XIAOMI brand LOGO at the tail of the official map vehicle was too large.

Xiaomi automobile Xiaomi SU7 2023 800km four-wheel drive Max version

Xiaomi automobile Xiaomi SU7 2023 800km four-wheel drive Max version

Xiaomi automobile Xiaomi SU7 2023 800km four-wheel drive Max version

   In terms of car system, Xiaomi 澎湃 OS will be installed in the car system of SU7. Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with Snapdragon 8295 chip, and the Xiaomi tablet can be seamlessly mounted on the car, which is used as the rear expansion screen. Xiaomi SU7 supports five-screen linkage, and its application ecology covers mainstream in-vehicle applications, tablet applications and mobile phone applications, supports CarPlay and airplay, and supports Apple iPad to get on the bus.

   In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4997/1963 /1440mm and its wheelbase is 3000mm. In terms of power, the maximum power of Xiaomi SU7 dual-motor version is 673 horsepower, the acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is 2.78 seconds, and it is equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 101kWh, and the CLTC cruising range is 800km. The single-motor version has a maximum power of 299 HP, an acceleration time of 5.28 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, and a capacity of 73.6kWh. The CLTC cruising range is 668km. (Some sources: CCTV Finance; Text/car home Zhouyi)

Buy grain (short story)

Text/Sun Changguo
When the neighbor’s chicken crowed for the first time, Geng Changfu got up. In fact, I didn’t sleep much all night. For three days, except for a full belly of boiled water, I didn’t touch my teeth. How can I sleep steadily?
The production team’s warehouse has long been out of food. The eldest brother and the second brother run out to dig wild vegetables every day, and sometimes they can’t dig less than half a basket on the 30-40-mile mountain road. After all, every household’s food is not plentiful. The child’s mother hasn’t had milk since she gave birth to three boys. The child cries with hunger every day. Poor big Ni ‘er is only seven years old, but every day she holds three children in her arms and asks others to find milk to eat. Er Nizi is only five years old, and she sits motionless in the corner like a sick little Yaner every day. That’s hungry …
With the faint light coming through the window, he glanced at the five children lying on the heatable adobe sleeping platform, and his empty heart suddenly became tighter.
At noon yesterday, he heard from the people who came back from Miao Mountain that there was a need for a large number of grass stalks on the construction site where the reservoir was built in Changzhuang, and he was wondering about a handful of grass left at home, which might be sold. Thinking of this, he put on a broken cotton-padded jacket and got up. He went to the kang and said something to the child’s mother, and then he went on his way with a straw.
It’s still a little cold in early spring, and I haven’t eaten for a few days. The 40-50-mile walk from home to Miaoshan feels particularly long. The sun climbed up the mountain and only walked more than ten miles, but the sweat on my face rolled like beans and fell down one by one. The wild vegetables on the roadside, including the tender leaves that are a little green, have long been picked up. At least I saw an elm tree, and Changfu broke off a branch and put it in my mouth to chew, so I felt a little full in my heart.
After barely walking more than ten miles, Changfu only felt that his footsteps were getting more and more stumbling and his head was getting heavier and heavier. He kept telling himself that he couldn’t fall down, and there were still several mouths at home waiting for him to get food back, but a fishy smell came to his throat, and then he didn’t know anything.
When he woke up again, he first saw the face of a People’s Liberation Army, and then fixed his eyes, only to find himself lying in the arms of another People’s Liberation Army. The People’s Liberation Army he saw was looking at him with a kettle.
"Hometown, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you?" The PLA man with a kettle asked.
"I’m fine, maybe I just walked too much and was tired." Changfu replied.
Oh, take a sip of water and have a rest.
Looking at the kettle handed over by the People’s Liberation Army, Changfu said with a wry smile: "Thank you, Comrade. To tell you the truth, I haven’t eaten for two or three days, and my stomach is full of water. I really don’t want to drink it."
"I haven’t eaten for two or three days, so what are you?" ……
"There is really nothing to eat at home. I heard that there is a need for straw to build a water reservoir in Changzhuang. I want to try it in the past and stutter at home."
The air seemed to condense in an instant, and Changfu clearly saw the tears rolling out of the determined eyes of the two PLA men. They went to the side and muttered for a while. They came to Changfu and said, "Hometown, it’s still a long way to Changzhuang. Besides, people may not be able to collect your straw after going there. Just because the army needs straw, we will collect it and give you 20 Jin of sticks. What do you think?"
Twenty pounds, this load of straw is put aside at ordinary times, but even five pounds of sticks can’t be exchanged. All of a sudden, I gave twenty pounds, and Changfu didn’t believe his ears. At that time, he stammered. Two PLA men threw straw into the Bucket of the truck, and handed half a bag of sticks to Changfu’s hand, accompanied by two raw sweet potatoes: "Hometown, now the country is in trouble, we have to grit our teeth and get through it. These two sweet potatoes were given to you by us, so you should eat a cushion first." They drove away before Changfu could export the words of gratitude.
When it was dark, Changfu saw the crooked-necked tree at the head of the village and two monkey children waiting under it.
"Dad is back …" Seeing him from afar, the second child trotted over and spread out his dirty little hand: "Today, my eldest brother and I went to the Arnebia euchroma to dig vegetables and found a handful of soft dates for dad to eat." Zicaowa, it’s almost the border of the neighboring county. Looking at the soft dates in the children’s hands, Changfu couldn’t help but have a sour nose: "Good boy, go back and call your mother, say that Dad has bought food and come out to push it …"
When the water was boiling and the noodle was ready to be cooked, Changfu handed the child his mother two sweet potatoes, and one of them took a bite. Looking at the tooth marks on the sweet potatoes, the child’s mother didn’t say a word, and the tears in her eyes were scattered in the boiling water with the noodle, which made a beautiful splash.
About the author: Sun Changguo, pen name Damu, a native of Laiwu District, Jinan City, now lives in Boshan District, Zibo City. Vice chairman of Boshan Writers Association, director of Zibo Writers Association, member of Jinan Writers Association and member of Shandong Writing Society.
Yi Dian Hao da mu
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A reliable interpretation of zhenai’s marriage matchmaker: co-production of love The Secret Behind, soul fit is the key.

With the progress of society and the change of ideas, more and more people begin to choose blind date to find their other half. In this fast-paced era, zhenai blind date platform has become the first choice for many single young people. For blind date, many people have a common expectation, that is, to find a partner who fits their soul. In this process, the professional interpretation of zhenai matchmaker played a vital role.

What is soul fit? Soul fit not only refers to the attraction of two people in appearance or the coincidence of interests and hobbies, but more importantly, the two sides have a high degree of fit in emotion, values and ways of thinking. This fit makes it easier for both sides to understand and trust each other, thus establishing a deep emotional connection.

Zhenai matchmaker plays an important role in blind date in zhenai. Through professional interpretation and analysis, they help single young people find a partner who fits their soul more accurately. They will give the most appropriate suggestions and recommendations by analyzing the personality characteristics, living habits and hobbies of both parties.

At the same time, zhenai blind date platform also improves the success rate through systematic matching algorithm. This algorithm will recommend the most suitable potential partner for members according to their personal information, mate selection requirements and other reference factors. In this way, zhenai provides more opportunities for single young people to find suitable partners.

So, is zhenai reliable? According to statistics, zhenai has helped thousands of single young people find suitable partners successfully. This also proves the reliability and credibility of the blind date platform in zhenai. Through professional service and strict audit, zhenai ensures the authenticity and safety of every member.

In the process of zhenai’s marriage, the change of ideas is also an important factor. In the past, many people paid more attention to appearance and external conditions in blind date, but ignored the fit of soul. Now, more and more people begin to attach importance to the harmony of souls. They hope to find a partner who can understand and support each other and walk through every stage of life together.

The existence and development of blind date platform in zhenai provides more choices and opportunities for single young people to find suitable partners. Through blind date, they can get to know each other more comprehensively and communicate in an open environment. Such communication and getting along with each other will lay a good foundation for them and lead them to a happy married life.

In a word, the love in tune is inseparable from the deep fit of the soul. In the process of blind date in zhenai, soul fit has become the most important consideration. Through the professional interpretation of zhenai matchmaker and the matching algorithm of blind date platform, single young people can find their soul-compatible partners more accurately. The reliability and credibility of the blind date platform in zhenai have been recognized by the majority of single young people. Let’s embrace the changes of this era, believe in the power of zhenai, find a suitable partner and move towards a happy life.


Fireworks and firecrackers are banned in many parts of the country, which makes the people protect the environment for the New Year.

  BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) Title: [Ten Scenes of Spring Festival] People in China don’t smell firecrackers to protect the environment for the New Year.

  Reporter Zhang Ni

  Today is the fifth day of the first month, and there is a custom of setting off firecrackers to welcome the God of Wealth in China. This day is also the peak of setting off fireworks after New Year’s Eve. However, with the introduction of measures to ban and restrict release in recent years, many cities have become much quieter this Spring Festival. During the Spring Festival when firecrackers are not heard, people’s understanding of the old customs is also changing.

  It is forbidden to put off firecrackers during the Spring Festival in many places.

  During the Spring Festival this year, many places, including Tianjin and Beijing, imposed strict restrictions on the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers, and the bans issued in some places were even dubbed "the strictest in history" by the media.

  For example, Tianjin stipulates that from January 1, 2018, fireworks and firecrackers will be prohibited in areas within the outer ring road of Tianjin (including the outer ring road) regardless of time and place. This regulation is also known as the "most severe prohibition order".

  Beijing, on the other hand, resumed the "prohibition order" this year after experiencing the transition from "prohibition" to "restriction". According to the newly revised "Regulations on the Safety Management of Fireworks and Firecrackers in Beijing", it is forbidden to set off fireworks and firecrackers in the Fifth Ring Road of Beijing, and fireworks sales points are not set up.

  Langfang, Hebei Province stipulates that starting from 2018, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in Langfang City and counties (cities) under its jurisdiction at any time of the year. During the Spring Festival, it is also forbidden to sell and set off fireworks and firecrackers in the Third Ring Road of Shijiazhuang City.

  In Shanghai, this year is the third year that the city has implemented fireworks control. During the Spring Festival on New Year’s Day in Shanghai this year, there are more forbidden areas for fireworks and firecrackers than before, and the control is stricter.

  In addition to prohibiting the discharge of fireworks and firecrackers within the Outer Ring Road in accordance with local legislation in Shanghai, on the basis of the scope of prohibition delineated in 2017, all districts outside the Outer Ring Road have added "high-rise buildings and buildings with low fire resistance using flammable and combustible external wall insulation materials" as prohibited places.

  In addition, 17 cities in Shandong Province, except Zibo, Zaozhuang, Tai ‘an, Rizhao, Linyi and Laiwu, all the other 11 cities have issued policies to restrict release and prohibit release.

  Firecracker sales are cold, and sales outlets in Beijing and other places have shrunk dramatically.

  The reporter noted that the sales of fireworks and firecrackers have also changed in recent years, and the sales of fireworks and firecrackers in many places have been "cold".

  According to the data released by the Beijing Municipal Government Fireworks Office in February 2017, the sales volume of fireworks and firecrackers in Beijing has been declining continuously since 2012. In 2017, the sales volume of fireworks and firecrackers in the city decreased by 30.5% year-on-year.

  During the Spring Festival of 2018, there were 87 fireworks and firecrackers sales outlets in Beijing, down 82.97% year-on-year. There were no sales outlets in the Fifth Ring Road and the forbidden areas designated by various districts.

  In addition, a total of 75,000 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers were stocked in Beijing during the Spring Festival this year, which was 55.9% lower than that in 2017. All large, medium and small combined fireworks and beading fireworks and firecrackers were all listed as prohibited sales.

  Zou Yonghong, secretary-general of Shandong Fireworks and Firecrackers Association, told the media a few days ago that at present, fireworks and firecrackers are banned in Jinan, and most cities in the province impose restrictions on fireworks and firecrackers. The discharge and sales of fireworks and firecrackers in the main city have declined. Jinan, Qingdao and Yantai have dropped by 70% in recent five years.

  In Shanghai, there are only nine fireworks outlets in Shanghai this year, and each outlet is expected to invest 300 boxes, which is further lower than the total of 3,000 boxes last year. The variety is limited to firecrackers and Gaosheng. In addition, the principle of real-name purchase is still strictly implemented.

  What do the people think about not shooting during the Spring Festival?

  What do the people think about the ban and restriction regulations in recent years?

  In 2017, a survey of residents in 35 major cities conducted by the Public Opinion and Public Opinion Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University showed that when asked, "In order to prevent air pollution, the Chinese government should ban firecrackers and fireworks during the Spring Festival. What is your opinion?" At that time, as many as 80.8% of the people said that they "basically agreed" or "strongly agreed" to ban fireworks and firecrackers during the Spring Festival, which was 16.8 percentage points higher than the survey results in 2015.

  "In fact, before the ban was implemented, I could feel that fewer people were shooting during the Spring Festival. I haven’t shot for many years myself." Chen Tingting, a post-80s generation who grew up in Beijing, said in an interview.

  Chen Tingting remembers that when Beijing just changed from a ban to a restriction, firecrackers kept ringing in the neighborhood almost all night on New Year’s Eve, but there was hardly such a scene in recent years.

  "Setting off firecrackers in the Spring Festival is a childhood memory of many post-70 s and post-80 s, but many children younger than me may not be so enthusiastic, and everyone’s entertainment methods are becoming more and more diverse. In addition, the smog in Beijing in winter has been more serious in recent years, and people’s awareness of environmental protection is also improving. Many people actively choose not to set off firecrackers." Chen Tingting said.

  At the same time, the implementation of the ban policy has also triggered a heated discussion on the Internet, and many netizens also support it.

  "It’s better not to put it away. The electronic cannon I bought from Da Hutong two days ago is environmentally friendly and saves money, saves trouble and worries (I’m afraid that the cannon will blow my hands)." Netizen @O greatly greatly greatly Qian Qian said.

  "You put a whip and he put a box of guns, and every little makes a mickle, which forms pollution. Civilize the Spring Festival and let good air accompany us." Netizen @fun4 entertainment anchor commented.

  However, some netizens think that the "prohibition order" dilutes the "taste of the year" and give their own suggestions for the "prohibition order".

  For example, the netizen @ Gaofeng Ben Si put forward: "Don’t let everyone shoot, will the government organize several places to set off the previous celebration fireworks?" Add some joy to the festival. "

  What does the government encourage to change customs and do without setting off firecrackers?

  At the same time, in recent years, many local governments have also promoted changing customs and encouraging people to celebrate traditional festivals in a more environmentally friendly way.

  It is mentioned in the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Safety Management of Fireworks and Firecrackers that "it is encouraged to change customs and promote the use of safe and environmentally friendly alternative products such as electronic firecrackers and fireworks containers".

  This year, environmental protection departments in many areas also issued initiatives before the festival.

  Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department issued a proposal, hoping that leading cadres at all levels in party member would set an example, consciously take the lead in not buying or setting off fireworks, and at the same time guide and motivate people around them to actively respond to the proposal and do a good job in banning fireworks.

  The proposal also calls on citizens to advocate the concept of environmental protection, change traditional ways, choose low-carbon environmental protection methods such as electronic firecrackers, festive music and flowers, be friendly to the environment and say "no" to pollution.

  The proposal issued by the Department of Ecological and Environmental Protection of Hainan Province puts forward that "Party and government organs, enterprises, institutions and their staff at all levels in the province take the lead in setting an example, taking the lead in not setting off fireworks and firecrackers, and driving the whole society to form new festivals and customs that advocate environmental protection."

  During the Spring Festival this year, Chen Tingting’s family did not buy fireworks as in previous years, but bought Spring Festival couplets, window grilles and other new year’s goods early, and decorated the room completely.

  In the past two years, in addition to cleaning and decorating the room and preparing for the New Year’s Eve, she and her family have another pastime, that is, grabbing red envelopes, which they enjoy every year, and the whole family goes into battle together.

  "Although I can’t grab much money, I think it’s quite fun. Maybe times have changed, people’s holiday habits will also change, and maybe grabbing red envelopes will become ‘ Annual customs ’ Yes. " Chen Tingting said. (End)

Detailed illustration of the basic standard swimming posture of "Life Home"

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Copyright belongs to the original author.



With a jingle, before explaining the essentials of breaststroke, I will introduce it to you: "Rower’s legs don’t move, close your hands and then close your legs, first extend your arms and then kick your legs, and then straighten up and float for a while." As you can see from the jingle, the hand moves before the leg. Be sure to close your leg after you stop, and then kick after you reach out.

Arm movement

1. delimit. Put your hands forward and tilt your palms at about 45 degrees (little finger up). Draw your hands outward and backward at the same time, and then bend your arms backward and downward.

2. Draw inside. The palm turns inward from the outside, and the hand drives the forearm to accelerate the inward stroke. The hands are close together in the chest from the bottom up (the hands are high and the elbows are low, and the elbows are under the shoulders) and extend forward.

3. Stretch forward. Stretch your hands forward (elbow straight). It should be reminded that the outward stroke is relaxed, the inward stroke is hard, the completion is accelerated, and the forward stroke is positive.

Complete coordination action

Raise your head for air when you row your hands outside, lower your head and hold your breath slightly when you row your hands inside, and kick and exhale when you stretch your hands forward.

Leg movement

Retract your legs

Bend your knees and retract your legs, keep your heels close to your hips, and slowly retract your legs behind your thighs, which can reduce resistance. At the end of leg retraction, the knees are shoulder width apart, the calves are perpendicular to the water surface, and the feet are near the water surface.

Turn your feet.

The distance between the feet is greater than the distance between the knees. The feet are everted, the toes are facing outward, the feet are facing the sky, and the inner sides of the calves and feet are aligned with the water, like the English letter "W".


In fact, it is the process of leg straightening (hip flexion and knee extension), in which the waist, abdomen and thigh exert force at the same time, and the calf and the inner side of the foot push the water at the same time, first outward, backward and downward, then inward and upward, just like drawing a half circle. Pushing the water outward and clamping the water inward are continuous, that is, pushing the belt and clamping it.

When the pedaling is completed, the legs are straight together, the feet are turned inward, and the toes are opposite. Don’t push the water too hard, but accelerate it from slow to fast. The pedal speed is the fastest when the legs are nearly straight and close together.


After the legs are together and straightened, they slide for a short time (1-2 seconds).



Swimming is a whole-body exercise, and the activities of any part are inseparable from the coordination of the whole body. On the surface, freestyle relies on paddling and kicking to generate propulsion. In fact, the role of trunk can not be ignored. First of all, the torso should maintain a certain degree of tension. If the waist is soft, the whole person is like a pool of mud. Secondly, the rotation of the body can effectively exert the strength of the large muscle groups in the trunk, reduce the resistance and improve the work effect.

There are many forms of complete cooperation in freestyle. Generally speaking, it is common to paddle twice, fetch water six times and breathe once.

Arm entry action

1. The entry point of the hand is between the extension line of the shoulder and the midline of the body, leading with the thumb and obliquely inserting the water.

2. After entering the water, the hands, elbows and shoulders continue to stretch forward to stretch the arms. With the rotation of the body, bend your wrist and elbow, and your arms catch water outward and backward; After the hand paddles to the lowest point, rotate the arm to paddle inward, upward and backward, and keep the paddling posture with high elbow and bent arm.

3. When the arm is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, take the lead, accelerate the water push, and turn the arm to paddle outward, upward and behind until the thigh side, and lift the elbow out of the water.

4. After the water comes out, the arm moves forward naturally and relaxedly through the air, keeping the elbow posture high. Then hand in front of the shoulder leading into the water, start the next action.

(1) The arm paddles underwater in a curved line. From the side, the stroke trajectory of the hand relative to the body is "S".

(2) There are three basic forms of freestyle two-arm cooperation: front cross cooperation, middle cross cooperation and back cross cooperation. This picture is in the form of front cross, which is easy for beginners to master.

One-arm stroke is an action that beginners should focus on. As shown in this figure, the left arm strokes, then the right arm can support the board. Generally, the leg draws water for about 10 times, and the arm paddles once. You can add breathing exercises when you master it to a certain extent. The specific number of groups and practice methods will be introduced in detail in teaching.

Whip kick in the leg

1. The kicking action starts from the hip, and the thigh drives the calf to make a whipping action.

2. Kick the leg upward from the corner. Start with a straight leg, bend your knees when your feet are close to the water, and lift your calves up so that your feet can get out of the water and then draw water down. At first, you can kick water with your straight legs, but your legs are slightly relaxed and don’t be stiff. Your legs will naturally bend under the pressure of water. The knee joint bends at an angle of about 130-160 degrees before the downward stroke, and the stroke range is about 30-40 cm. Stretch your feet (ballet feet) when you draw water, and don’t hook your feet.


backstrokeAlso known as backstroke, it is a swimming posture in which the human body lies on its back in the water. Backstroke includes back breaststroke and back crawl, because the face is on the water and breathing is convenient, but swimmers can’t see where they are swimming and are easy to go in the wrong direction. Backstroke is the only position in which an athlete starts in the water, and the others all jump into the water.

1. When the arm is paddling, the water comes out with the thumb ahead. When the arm is moved, the arm is perpendicular to the water surface and the upper arm is close to the ear. In the process of moving the arm, the arm rotates, and when entering the water, the little finger is inserted into the water ahead.

2. If the head position is 12 o’clock, the water entry points of both hands are at 11 o’clock and 1 o’clock. After the hand enters the water, paddle straight down.

3. The arm stroke should be coordinated with the body rotation, and the position difference between the shoulders is constantly formed.

4. The two arms are crossed in the stroke, that is, the two arms are always in opposite positions. When one arm is paddling, the other arm moves.

5, the head remains stable without swinging left and right.

Backstroke coordination

1. Although breathing is not limited, it is best to use rhythmic breathing, or to inhale when one arm is fixed. After all, there will be waves and splashes when paddling and moving in the water. Breathing at will is easy to choke water.

2. Keep a horizontal body posture. The trunk and shoulders rotate around the longitudinal axis with the arm movements, and one shoulder is always out of the water.

3. Generally, every stroke is 2 times, the legs are drawn 6 times, and the breathing is 1 time.

4, the legs alternately whip up and down to draw water. Draw water up quickly and forcefully, with your feet slightly turned inward and stretched straight, and your legs and feet naturally relax when you draw water down.

matters need attention

1. When moving the arm, the arm should not be too wide close to the body.

2. If the arm is easy to bend when moving, you can temporarily lead the water with your little finger, and then lead the water with your thumb after getting into the habit of straight arm.

3. Keep your body stretched, upright, and almost horizontally lying on your back on the water, as if lying flat on the bed with a short pillow under your head.


Backstroke legs should experience the thigh force, both lifting and pressing, and experience the feeling that the thigh drives the calf.

butterfly stroke

butterfly stroke

Butterfly stroke is one of the swimming events, and the butterfly stroke technique evolved on the basis of breaststroke technique. The butterfly stroke is the last developed stroke among the four competitive swimming strokes. Because its leg movements resemble dolphins, it is also called "dolphin swimming".

1. The hand entry point of butterfly stroke is on the extension line of two shoulders, leading with the thumb and obliquely inserting into the water.

2. After entering the water, stretch your shoulders and elbows forward, and grab the water outward, backward and downward with both hands along the curve. When your hands are shoulder-width apart, bend your elbows and speed up the stroke.

3. After the hands are separated to reach the maximum width, the arms turn inward, upward and backward, and keep the elbows bent when the arms are lifted. When your hands are under your chest or abdomen, the distance between your hands is the shortest.

4. The combination of breathing and stroke is also the key to butterfly stroke. When the arm finishes paddling inward, the head comes out of the water to inhale, and when the arm is moved, the head returns to the water. Remember two "before", that is, the head comes out of the water before the hand comes out, and the hand enters the water before it enters the water.

Butterfly stroke coordination

1. When the distance between the two hands in butterfly stroke is close to the nearest distance, the direction of arm stroke changes again, and it turns to outward, upward and backward strokes until the water comes out.

2. After paddling out of the water, the arm moves forward through the air under the drive of the shoulder. When preparing to enter the water, the arm moves forward from both sides in a low, flat and relaxed posture.

3. It is difficult to master the body posture of butterfly stroke, and it is also difficult to master the whip kick. When studying butterfly, we will have special decomposition exercises to let you master the operation step by step.

Matters needing attention in butterfly stroke

1. The stroke route of butterfly stroke is generally "keyhole" shape, which means that the distance between hands under the chest or abdomen is the shortest, and this stroke route before and after is relatively uniform.

2, pay attention to the butterfly limbs movement is both arms and legs at the same time coordinated force.

The latest situation of table tennis World Cup: Olympic runner-up led the team to win, Germany, South Korea 8

On the evening of December 7th, Beijing time, the Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup continued, and four teams came on stage again for two matchups, namely, South Korea VS Sweden and Germany VS China Taipei. Among them, the second-seeded German team won 8-2 under the leadership of Olympic runner-up Shan Xiaona, ending the losing streak.

As for Sweden, which played inextricably with Japanese players not long ago, the performance was poor this time. In the end, the fourth seed South Korea won 8-2, and it was not an upset-please see below for details.

The battle between South Korea and Sweden is quite interesting. Although the overall strength of the former is obviously stronger, it is mainly the female players who are stronger. As for the male athletes, they have little advantage over Sweden. However, after the start of the competition, the Korean mixed doubles team Zhang Yuzhen/Tian Zhixi took the lead, losing 1-2 to Carlson/C Carlberg (10-12, 11-6, 6-11), and the Swedish team successfully gained the lead.

However, in the second set, South Korea quickly succeeded in counterattack. As a marginal main force, Li Shiwen quickly won 11-9, 11-9 and 11-8 in a row, sweeping Sweden’s top player Berg Sterlon. This shows the great strength gap between the two teams of female athletes.

The third set was the battle of focus. South Korean Lin Zhongxun played against Swedish men’s singles No.1 Carlberg. Not long ago, Carlberg almost overturned Zhang Benzhi and lost 2 points in the deciding game. However, this time, he lost 7-11, 8-11 and 8-11, and the Swedish team was forced into a desperate situation.

In the fourth set of men’s doubles, the former world number one and now world number two Korean team Zhang Yuzhen/Lin Zhongxun played Karlsson/A Carlberg. As a result, the first two ended the battle with 11-7, and the total score of South Korea beat Sweden 8-2.

Germany is the second seed in this competition. However, Shan Xiaona, the Olympic runner-up, is the only core player. Bohr, Ochalov, Francesca, Qiu Dang, Han Ying and Mittham are absent one after another. In terms of strength, they are not even in the top four. They have lost to Sweden and France in succession before, but the China Taipei team they met this time is not at its peak.

Like Germany, the China Taipei team did not have the top three athletes Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing, so the group stage was almost eliminated. Chen Siyu, the number one player in the quarter-finals, kept resting, and it was not realistic to win Germany.

In the first set of mixed doubles, German meissner/Winter played against China Taipei’s Yang Jiaan/Li Yuhuang. In the first set, the first two players lost 3-11, but then they won two 11-7 turnovers in a row, successfully gaining a 2-1 lead in the total score.

The second set was the battle of focus, in which Shan Xiaona and Chen Siyu, the strongest main players of the two teams, played against each other. Although Shan Xiaona is 40 years old, but the fast break is still powerful, he won the first prize with 11-7, but he was defeated by 8-11 in the second game. In the deciding game, Shan Xiaona rallied and finally ended the battle with 11-7, helping the German team to expand its advantage.

In the third set of men’s singles, Walther, a German player, played against Ye Zhiwei of China Taipei Team. The former’s offensive quality was obviously higher, and he soon ended the battle with 11-9, 11-8 and 11-5. In the fourth set, German women’s doubles team Shan Xiaona/Winter made persistent efforts and finally defeated Chen Siyu/Huang Yihua 11-6, thus defeating China Taipei 8-2 with a total score, ending the previous losing streak.

In this way, after losing in a row, Germany finally saved the face of the second seed, so what kind of ranking and achievements will they finally achieve? Let’s continue to wait and see!

Entertainment Talk Show | Constant Romance

Not surprisingly, the footage of "New Longmen Inn" starring Chen Lijun and Li Yunxiao didn’t appear on social media for long, and the two stars began to explode. From then on, because these actors will go to Hangzhou again in the future, there is probably one more reason, such as watching the new national style environmental Shaoxing opera "Xinlongmen Inn", and also watching Chen Lijun’s "Jade-faced Husband" Jia Ting and Li Yunxiao’s gold inlaid jade.

The play "Xinlongmen Inn" was produced by Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe led by Mao Weitao, a famous Yue Opera performer. It became popular not long after it was staged, and it has been sold out so far. Unexpectedly, it is also reasonable. Surprisingly, the whole drama is full of young actors, acting the plots of the famous movies Longmen Inn and Xinlongmen Inn, and these two movies, one from the famous director Hu Jinquan, the other from Li Huimin and Tsui Hark, starring Brigitte Lin and Maggie Cheung, that is to say, it has lacked freshness in all aspects, and the previous one is an insurmountable peak, no.

Many people think that both the version of the Yue Opera "Xinlongmen Inn" and the images of Chen Lijun and Li Yunxiao are imitating the Baozang Song and Dance Troupe, but in fact, as long as you know a little about Yue Opera, it is not difficult to know that such a stage expression is derived from the old tradition of Yue Opera.

Poetry and Politics: Women’s Yue Opera in Shanghai’s Public Culture in the 20th Century, written by Jiang Jin, is a book I like very much. This book combs the history of Yue Opera, introduces important actors and plays, and examines the history of Yue Opera from the perspectives of gender, politics, the game between popular culture and elite culture.

Yue Opera was born in Shengzhou. From the beginning of "Xiaoge Class", it constantly improved its performance form and gained a firm foothold in Shanghai. At the same time, a fundamental change has taken place. It gradually changed from an all-male class to an all-female class. The reasons for becoming an all-female class are complicated. From the performance ability of men and women, the actresses at that time were more devoted and more capable, because it was very difficult for them to get out of the mountains and get a job opportunity, so most of them worked very hard. Moreover, the joys and sorrows in the story often linked with their own experiences and touched their hearts. They were particularly devoted to their performances, and they really laughed if they wanted to, and they really shed tears if they wanted to. This will more resonate with the audience.

From a cultural point of view, people in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have a very rich secular life and developed secular culture, forming a kind of "emotional culture", which pays attention to personal life and true feelings. Yue opera is the concentrated expression of "love culture", and it is highly consistent on stage and off stage. While expressing feelings on the stage and telling love stories between the opposite sex, it is difficult to grasp the scale of male and female actors and actresses, and the actors are embarrassed, and the audience under the stage is also embarrassed. Only female CP will not make people uncomfortable at all. From the audience’s point of view, the audience of Yue Opera has gradually become dominated by women, further affecting its form.

In fact, the expression of this kind of "popular drama" and the core of "emotional culture" have been continued in Chinese film and television. From today’s perspective and referring to the drama tradition in Jiangnan area, it is not difficult to see that it is a cinematic "drama", which is full of "drama" from the core to the expression. It even gradually extended to a huge genre, shaping the creation and acceptance of later generations. Many ancient dolls, many Xian Xia, or stories like Dream of China may all fall under a big category: drama. The drama in the south of the Yangtze River is their not-so-distant source.

In the history of Yue Opera, the most important turning points and practices are all related to these factors. For example, the reform of Yue Opera in Yao Shuijuan and Yuan Xuefen, as well as their own theaters and schools for Yue Opera, all have a strong gender color, especially the enthusiasm for building theaters and schools, which can be understood from the perspective of women’s psychology-women like to build their own nests. There is also the interaction between Shaoxing opera actresses and female audiences, and even female audiences set up various fan organizations for idols, in this way to expand social interaction and exercise their social participation ability. This is actually very similar to today’s fan organizations.

A history of ups and downs of Yue Opera is actually a history of women, a romantic history belonging to women. Judging from this history, from "Xiaogeban" to the popularity of Chen Lijun and Li Yunxiao, some things in the deepest part of human nature have never changed, or even changed, they have become very slow. They always appear in the same or similar appearance in different times. This is a little reassuring.


The blood "basket" can’t stop the national movement.

Recently, in 2023, the second Summer Basketball Tournament in Anbu Town of "Sunshine Cup" kicked off, which built a platform for basketball lovers to exchange and learn from each other, further enriched the mass cultural and sports life, and promoted the all-round development of mass sports and competitive sports.
The opening match started between Guo Long and Mei Long. Guo Long took the initiative to attack and control the rebounds, taking the lead in the first quarter and playing a "small climax" of 9:0; Not to be outdone, the Meilong team actively retreated, suppressed mistakes and struggled to catch up with the score. The two sides fought fiercely, went all out, and the climax of the competition was repeated and colorful. The audience cheered and shouted and immersed themselves in the tension and excitement brought by competitive sports. In the end, Guo Long defeated Mei Long 83-63.

People: I came to watch the game with my friends tonight. The atmosphere was very good and the players were very passionate. I hope more such activities can be held in the future. Let’s participate together.

Masses: Because I often exercise and play basketball, I invited my classmates to experience the enthusiasm of the scene today. When I came to the scene, I found that both the audience and the players were very enthusiastic. I hope that in the future, everyone can actively participate in sports and enjoy the charm of sports and basketball.

The outstanding performance on the field can not be separated from the hard training day and night at the opening ceremony. It is reported that in the past half month, all teams have conducted intensive training in an orderly manner and actively prepared for war.

Guo Yangtao, a member of the Guo Long team: For this competition, our Guo Long team has gathered players one and a half months ago to train in defense and physical fitness, and strive to achieve excellent results in this competition.

It is understood that there are 16 teams participating in this basketball match in Anbu Town, which is divided into four stages: group stage, knockout stage, semi-final stage and final stage, and lasts from July 30th to August 19th, bringing a passionate basketball feast to the majority of basketball fans in the hot summer.

Guo Yangtao, a member of Guo Long Team: I think this "Sunshine Cup" basketball game is very meaningful, which not only promotes the development of Anbu sports culture, enhances the basketball atmosphere, but also enhances the friendship between villages.

Original article, copyright belongs to Chaoan Rongmedia, please indicate the source.

Scarlett Johansson: How beautiful is a woman that Durant can’t have?

The famous NBA star once said on social media, "I want to drink Scarlett Johansson’s bath water", but Scarlett Johansson was not interested in Du Xiaoshuai’s confession. How beautiful is she?

Scarlett Johansson, like a quiet moonlight passing through the years, blooms a splendid spark in the endless night. Her beauty, different from ordinary absolute beauty, is more like a gorgeous dream, hovering quietly in the depths of the soul.

Her face is like a carved work of art, and the slight radian outlines a perfect curve, revealing calmness and mystery. Her eyes, like a deep lake, bear endless wisdom and tenderness, and each eye intersection can make people dream. And that red lip is like a cherry, blooming with enchanting temptation, as if telling all kinds of feelings precipitated in the heart.

Her hair, black as a waterfall, brushed over her shoulders, silky, and emitting a faint fragrance. The breeze gently caresses the forehead, just like a plain hand, which reminds people of lost dreams.

Scarlett’s figure is like a god descending from heaven. Tall and graceful figure and perfect curve outline elegant charm. When she walks, every step is like a poetic dance, which makes people intoxicated.

However, her beauty goes beyond her appearance. Her introverted temperament hides an indescribable agility and tenacity. Her wisdom is like a bright moon hanging high, calm and wise, emitting a confident light.

Scarlett Johansson, her beauty is a kind of soul resonance. Her charm stretches in the long river of time, like a gorgeous dream, intoxicating, fascinating and unforgettable. She is the immortal legend that blooms under the starlight, and her beauty will last forever with the years.

[A little information] The first European war in team history is coming! Ferguson’s double-ring gross scored Brighton 3

At 21: 00 pm on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Brighton, who was competing for six, played against the relegated Southampton at home.

In the first half, Ferguson scored twice, mcallister and Mitsuki Kaoru sent assists, Mitsuki Kaoru hit the post with a single knife, and Brighton led 2-0 at halftime; In the second half, prowse assisted El Yunusi to pull back a city, and colville assisted Gross to seal the victory.

In the end, Brighton beat Southampton 3-1. Brighton led Aston Villa by 3 points and scored 16 goals on goal difference. In fact, it has locked in the top six of the Premier League, and the first European war in the history of Seagulls is coming.

Strength crushing! Brighton 3-1 Southampton, locked the top six in the Premier League 2 rounds ahead of schedule, and the first European game in team history came!

Brighton, who is unkind, is a strong team in the Premier League this season. Brighton has a great advantage against Southampton, which has been relegated early at home. If it weren’t for his poor shooting skills and bad luck, Brighton would have beaten the saints in the first half. Ferguson scored twice, and McCarthy Park Jung Su and Sam Kun Xun sent assists. Southampton was assisted by prowse and El Yunusi pulled back a city, and Gross scored a goal to seal the victory. In the end, Brighton beat Southampton 3-1 at home.

Brighton led Villa by 3 points in one game, with 20 goal difference and 4 goal difference, which means that Brighton has locked in the top six of the Premier League even if it lost all the last two rounds, as long as it is not a tragedy. At the end of the Premier League, Brighton played against Villa. In fact, Villa had to compete with Tottenham for the seventh place in the UEFA. Not surprisingly, Brighton will have the first European game in the team’s history.This season, the three flying beasts in the Premier League took off. First, the magpies competed for four, second, the seagulls competed for six, and third, the bees ranked ninth..

The tendency of crushing,Brighton’s possession rate was 62.3%, and there were 26 shots, 8 of which were right. Southampton made five shots, one of which was right..