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"May Day" Promotes Consumption and Opening of Large Auto Show Carnival

On April 29th, the "May 1st" consumption promotion and large-scale auto show carnival in Haimen District, jointly sponsored by the District Bureau of Commerce, the District Media Center and Haimen Economic and Technological Development Zone, opened in Haimen Sports Center, attracting many citizens to spend and play, and gathering popularity for Haimen consumer market.

In the auto show area, more than 20 auto dealers participated in the exhibition. Japanese and European joint venture brands exhibited some mainstream models, and many domestic first-line brands such as Chery and BYD also appeared one by one. In addition, a number of new energy vehicle brands that are very popular at present are also popular with the public, meeting the needs of different customers in all directions. It is reported that in this carnival, the auto show will last until May 1st. In order to help this auto show, the District Bureau of Commerce took out a large amount of special funds for automobile consumption to subsidize consumers, and the maximum subsidy for car purchase was 6,000 yuan. "At this auto show, the District Bureau of Commerce has preferential policies, plus the discounts of Dongfeng Nissan dealers and Haimen Dongfeng Nissan stores, adding up to the whole preferential strength is still relatively unprecedented." Liu Jia, sales manager of a car dealer, said.

The food area provides all kinds of food for the public, and freshly squeezed juice, iced drinks, octopus roast and other foods open the taste buds of diners. Online celebrity trunk market has attracted many young people to join in and show different consumption elements. In the evening, you can also watch the live Super League competition and wonderful band performances in Haimen Sports Center, which is very lively.

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The folding screen mobile phone has been scolded again. Why can’t it be sold well?

Smart phone innovation is weak, and we once regarded folding screen mobile phone as a new breakthrough.

From Samsung’s Galaxy Fold to Huawei’s Mate X, as well as Motorola’s Razr, the folding screen mobile phone has gradually become a topic raised by major mobile phone manufacturers last year, and even revived the clamshell design that has been silent for many years.

▲ Image from: SlashGear

They are as radical as the outside world thinks, using a touch screen that can be folded or unfolded, so that the mobile phone can be turned into a flat plate while taking into account the original size, or the volume can be further reduced by using a folding structure.

However, looking back a year later, these mobile phones, which were claimed to be the future, failed to leave any deep impression on the mass users.

Not only because of the high pricing and low output, the folding screen mobile phone is destined to become a plaything for niche users, but more importantly, people have found many hidden dangers after using the real machine, which also makes the current folding screen mobile phone like a product of trial and error.

Razr released by Motorola at the end of last year also failed to escape the fate of being spit out. This folding screen phone basically retains the design language of Razr V3, such as the classic small chin and flip shape, but it uses a foldable screen inside, which shows a unique retro feeling.

The unique shape has also won a lot of praise from Motorola Razr. Many digital enthusiasts think that it is the best folding screen at present, and the flip shape can further reduce the size of the mobile phone, which is more acceptable to the public than Samsung Huawei’s idea of "turning the mobile phone into a tablet".

▲ Image from: CNET

Nevertheless, after the aircraft was put on the market, some foreign scientific and technological media gave mixed comments on it.

Among them, the author of Android Central said that although Razr has an amazing design, there is a certain compromise in durability and configuration. For example, after several days of use, the hinge of the machine will make a harsh "squeaking" sound every time it is opened and closed, which sounds very uncomfortable.

In addition, due to its small size, Razr’s experience in battery life and taking photos has not reached the flagship level. Considering its price of $1,500, people should ask for more, but it is obviously untenable to rely on a foldable screen.

▲ Under CNET’s turnover machine, Razr only persisted for more than 20,000 times before it broke down.

In addition, CNET used a self-made machine to flip Razr. As a result, after 27,000 consecutive flips, Razr had a hinge failure and could not close the screen normally. If it is calculated according to the average frequency of users unlocking their mobile phones every day, then a Razr mobile phone will be "broken" in just one year.

In fact, CNET used the same tool to test the Samsung Galaxy Fold before, and the machine insisted on 120,000 consecutive folds.

▲ Motorola’s official testing methods are obviously more moderate.

However, Motorola officials do not agree with this result. They said that CNET’s testing method can’t restore the situation of daily use well, but will further accelerate the wear and tear of parts.

Later, Motorola also released a video showing the correct testing methods, hoping to prove that the machine did not "lie" in its service life.

▲ There are many Motorola Razr that have been "played badly" in offline stores abroad.

The worst is yet to come. With the official listing of Razr, many damaged Razr display machines have appeared in major offline stores abroad. For example, Max Weinbach, the author of XDA website, saw a prototype whose screen was stripped off, which was obviously caused by human factors, but it also proved the fragility of the folding screen mobile phone from the side.

Some people also found green stripes on the store trial machine, or encountered the situation that the half screen continued to flicker, which was very similar to the problems encountered by the first batch of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The high probability was the failure of the display screen caused by frequent folding.

In any case, in this new product of Motorola, we still don’t see the possibility of mass production of folding screen mobile phones, but it will further dispel users’ desire to buy.

From the design point of view, there have been several forms of folding screen mobile phones, but at present there is no solution that can completely solve all the hidden dangers.

One is the durability problem, which is also the biggest obstacle for folding screen mobile phones to enter the mainstream market. Although several manufacturers claim that their products can withstand 100,000-200,000 times of opening and closing, screen folding is only one of the scenes in actual use, and people have to consider many factors such as falling resistance, scratch resistance, dustproof and waterproof.

▲ The difference between eversion and eversion structures also leads to different design choices.

The structural differences between eversion and eversion will also lead to different design choices. For example, Samsung Galaxy Fold uses two screens inside and outside, which can really protect the inner screen better. Although Huawei Mate X’s eversion design can balance the thickness and size, the screen is exposed all the year round, and it is difficult to avoid scratches.

On the other hand, because the folding screen mobile phone often adopts the structure of left and right or up and down, it also means that it is difficult to reuse the existing component layout of traditional mobile phones.

▲ Dual battery layout in Samsung Galaxy Fold fuselage

For example, at present, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola basically choose the "double battery power supply" scheme for folding screens. In fact, one battery is placed in the left and right or upper and lower parts of the folding screen mobile phone.

Due to the large size of Samsung and Huawei, the actual battery capacity of both exceeds 4000 mAh, while the small size design like Motorola can only guarantee 2500 mAh battery, and the battery life will naturally decline.

▲ Motorola Razr uses two dynamic brackets at the rotating shaft.

Hinge is also a technology that folding screen mobile phones have to ignore. When the screen is frequently folded and squeezed, it is not only the screen that is lost, but also the life of the mechanical hinge.

At present, Samsung and Huawei have adopted different hinge schemes for folding screen mobile phones, and the gap after folding can be controlled in a small range, but the disadvantage is that users have to use both hands to unfold the mobile phone into a flat state.

At this point, the design of Motorola Razr’s upper and lower flip covers is more humanized. With the help of the hollowed-out part left by the dynamic bracket, Razr solves the crease problem caused by the folding screen under large curvature, and the compact size also allows the user to open/close the flip cover with only one hand.

However, the new design also brings new problems. Because of the hollowing out, Razr’s screen is not closely attached to the mobile phone. The BBC showed a detail in the hands-on video, saying that users can easily lift the screen layer of Razr with only one nail hook. At this time, the internal components are completely open to the outside world, which will undoubtedly become the "hardest hit" for all kinds of dust and debris.

One of the reasons why mass consumers are not interested in folding screen mobile phones is the price. Judging from several folding screen mobile phones currently on sale, their official pricing has exceeded 10,000 yuan, which is much more expensive than many mobile phones with the same flagship positioning.

Considering the low yield of folding screen mobile phones and the need to redesign related components, it is understandable to set the price higher. However, if this is just a screen, it is obviously more harmful than good to sacrifice the original experience such as durability and thickness.

This is also why only a few manufacturers have decided to mass-produce folding screen mobile phones, while some other brands have also shown prototypes, but they have no plans to mass-produce them.

For example, Xiaomi’s MIX Alpha, although this product does not have a "folding" part, but it uses a large bending screen structure, it also needs to use similar technologies as folding screens.

In the original plan, Xiaomi MIX Alpha should have had a small-scale mass production at the end of December last year, but now there is no following. Until today, this mobile phone can only be packaged in the glass cabinet of Xiaomi House, and perhaps even Xiaomi himself is not at ease to hand over such a concept device to consumers.

Walking into 2020, the folding screen mobile phone is about to usher in its first iteration.

The fastest progress should still be Samsung. At today’s Oscar film awards ceremony, Samsung has announced a new generation of folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Z Filp in advance through TV advertisements.

Different from last year’s Fold, this time Samsung chose a clamshell design similar to Motorola Razr, which should get a better experience in a thinner volume.

At the same time, there are some rumors about the upgraded version of Huawei Mate X. It is reported that the aircraft will be equipped with a new Kirin 990 chip, but it will continue the everted structure.

Earlier, Gao Dongzhen, president of Samsung Mobile, also revealed in an interview with the media that the sales volume of Samsung Galaxy Fold should be around 400,000-500,000 units, while Huawei Mate X, which is only sold in China, shipped around 100,000 units in the first month after its launch.

There is no doubt that in the face of current pricing and product maturity, Samsung and Huawei will obviously not hold the sales target of millions of orders to produce folding screen mobile phones. At least until the hidden problems mentioned above are solved, the traditional flat mobile phone will still occupy the main position.

This is the same as the curved screen mobile phone of that year. If the folding screen mobile phone wants to become a new star product, it still needs to wait for the gradual iteration of screen and hinge technology and the cost reduction of the upstream supply chain when it develops to a more mature stage.

A similar development path can refer to Samsung’s curved screen technology. Although as early as 2013, Samsung has released the first mobile phone Galaxy Round with curved screen design, at this time, Samsung’s flagship is still a flat screen mobile phone.

It was not until the Galaxy S8 series in 2017 that Samsung really let the flat screen completely withdraw from the flagship camp and fully applied the dual curved surface screen to its flagship machine. In the past two years, with the decline of cost, Samsung is not the only mobile phone with curved screen design.

However, what is certain is that the folding screen will definitely not become a short-lived design like the lifting camera. After all, technology suppliers such as Samsung obviously value not only the category of smart phones, but the folding screen technology itself.

As the carrier of information, people are still obsessed with making the screen as thin as paper, and it can be rolled up and taken away like files and newspapers, which makes "folding" an inevitable stage in the development of screen technology.

Therefore, even if the folding screen mobile phone cannot become a decent business, the research and development related to folding screen will continue to progress.

As long as the material and structure constraints can be solved, the future display screen will not only appear on electronic products, but also be further extended to the surfaces of various objects, which is suitable for more equipment and scenes.

Title map source: Bloomberg

All anxious, all chaotic, China football to the dog eat dog bone moment.

As a commentator, Mr. Huang appeared on XXTV-5 in the early 1990s, and Huang and Liu and Zhang Sanjianke created the column of World Football, which made us look forward to every Monday when we were studying in Beijing. My last impression was that I co-hosted the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup with Shen Bing in 2002.

Later, it is said that he joined the media and became the online celebrity of football. With his football level, he should be able to dominate one side, and entertainment football can flourish off the court. Should be blessed, although the age difference is not big, but after all, watching his program has a beard.

Another master’s corner, I really don’t know. I know it by chance because of a technical term of "protective response" That is, online celebrity, who wears sunglasses and bobs his head to catch and scold anyone on the Internet, is said to know the way and know the king better than the beautiful country and Sichuan.

Because of the big sunglasses, I knew that I had a football teenager. Frankly speaking, we are not football professionals. Although big sunglasses preached everywhere that he was engaged in youth training, we always felt that it was at best a football training class and an off-campus training class.

It seems that the relationship between the two is not bad, and they have been entertaining to death, and they are also connected to each other live. I don’t know about it recently, maybe Mr. Huang has seen through the scam; Perhaps the head of the new Football Association named the big sunglasses, and Mr. Huang wanted to raise his arms and shout for the sake of his inner conscience.

Mr. Huang finally decided that junior football is a performance class in online celebrity. Zhan Yan, it’s worse than us, and we also evaluate it as teaching and training.

Big sunglasses know the king, how can you stop? Come on, bully me, no way. Although we are not studying literature, we are studying inorganic materials. We’re not subtle. What do you think you came from? Leave that station, you’re nothing, and you’re a bitch.

Football in China, what is this situation? In a rural phrase, that is: dogs eat dog bones.

China football, when can you get clean and let a certain line really "do it"?

This time, I am optimistic about Mr. Huang, just because I follow my heart and my heart.

Heavy rain! The temperature difference is 21℃! The weather in Jiangxi is too exciting next.

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Just now! Jacky Cheung confirmed! These last two days

The temperature rises and the sun goes online.

Are there many friends?

Ready to go out and enjoy the flowers?

Pay attention to the friends who plan to travel tomorrow!

The weather in Jiangxi is going to reverse again

It’s raining hard!

A new round of rainy weather is online again.

According to the China Weather Network,

The latest precipitation forecast shows that

Extensive rainfall

Will once again affect Jiangxi

Tomorrow (this Sunday)

It will rain all over Jiangxi.

Among them, there is moderate rain in central Jiangxi and southern Jiangxi

There are also heavy rains in some areas.

So here comes the question

How long will this rain last?

The temperature difference is 21℃! It rained for six consecutive days.

The weather in Jiangxi is too exciting next.

According to the meteorological department of Jiangxi province

The latest forecast released shows that

The following week

Many places in the province will be maintained.

Rainy, rainy, rainy weather

Take Yichun weather as an example.

start from tomorrow

The following week

It rained for six days.


Pingxiang and Xinyu.

It will also enter the empty window period of "sunshine"

Rain, rain, rain.

Even more exciting is that

By the end of this month,

The weather in Jiangxi once again

Enter crazy mode

According to the latest data from the Central Meteorological Observatory

March 23

The highest temperature in Jiujiang is 27℃

The lowest temperature is only 6℃

The temperature difference is as high as 21℃!


Go out during this time

Everyone still wants it.

Take "onion dressing"

Do a good job of daily warmth.

Go out and prepare an umbrella.

Specific weather conditions

Two days after tomorrow

There is a precipitation weather process in the whole province

Among them, there will be light rain to moderate rain on cloudy days in central Jiangxi and southern Jiangxi tomorrow.

There is heavy rain in some areas.

Cloudy days turn to light rain in northern Jiangxi

the day after tomorrow

Cloudy to sunny in northwest Jiangxi

The rain stopped and turned cloudy in other parts of the province.

During the day from 12th to 13th.

The whole province is sunny to cloudy

It is partly foggy in the morning.

13th night-14th

The whole province turns cloudy to cloudy with light rain.

Among them, there are moderate to heavy rains in parts of central Jiangxi and southern Jiangxi.


There was a precipitation process in the whole province

There is moderate to heavy rain in some areas.


It stopped raining and turned cloudy.


Cloudy to sunny days in the whole province

It is partly foggy in the morning.

The main cities and scenic spots in the west of Jiangxi Province

Seven-day weather forecast

Original title: "Heavy rain! The temperature difference is 21℃! The weather in Jiangxi is too exciting next.

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The new Volkswagen Golf is exposed, with a new front face and a small interior change, which will be listed during the year.

Nearly four years after its release, the current eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf is about to usher in a mid-term change. Recently, the latest overseas version of the golf has been exposed in advance. It is reported that the overseas version of the mid-term change golf will be sold in the first quarter, and the domestic version of the new model is expected to be listed this year.

The appearance part of this change is mainly to adjust the front face shape. Although the overall visual effect of the front face of the new model is still very close to the cash, the headlights, the net and the front bumper shape have all been redesigned, and the detailed shapes have been adjusted. The interior part has also been slightly changed. Let’s take a closer look.

In the front face, the outline of the upper and side of the headlight remains unchanged, and the bottom shape is redesigned. The shape of the bottom of the current lamp group is straightened, the shape of the inner side of the lamp group is narrowed, and the outline of the whole lamp group is more tough. In addition, the internal light source structure has also been adjusted. The middle net between the headlight groups has become wider than the current one, and a penetrating light belt has been used.

The shape of the front bumper has also been adjusted. The middle net area on the front bumper is larger, and the upper line of the middle net has also been straightened. According to different versions, three styles of front bumper shapes continue to be provided. The normal version is a horizontal grille design, while the sports version is a black grid grille, and the spoiler shape is more prominent.

The shape of the side part of the car body has not changed much, the creased waistline is very tough, and the generous C-pillar is also the iconic design of golf. This time, the redesigned model will add new wheel hub styles.

The change of the tail is not very big, mainly to adjust the internal light source structure of the taillight, and the new double L-shaped light strip light source design is even more cool.

In the interior part, the overall layout of the center console has not changed much, mainly because the shape of the center console has been adjusted. The border of the center console is no longer connected with the border of the instrument panel, but a larger floating center console is used.

In terms of power configuration, the overseas version of the new golf will provide a 1.5T engine with a light mixing system and a 2.0T high-power engine, while GTE models are expected to be equipped with the latest 1.5T plug-in hybrid system. Based on the current good market performance of ID.3, the current golf is not expected to have a pure electric version.

Summer Economy | Night shopping, night entertainment, night travel … Which cities love "nightlife" best?

In the evening of summer, the business circle of the city is gradually becoming lively, and "shopping" and "shopping" have become "necessary" items in summer nights. In recent years, "nightlife" is expanding from catering and shopping to entertainment and leisure, and night cultural activities such as performances and exhibitions are gradually increasing.
Night shopping, night eating, night practice, night reading, night entertainment, night outing … The prosperity of "night economy" is an important symbol of a city’s economic openness and activity. Since the beginning of this year, many places have proposed to develop the night economy, and local government officials have taken the lead in taking to the streets to eat supper, and many places have issued documents to promote the vitality of night consumption.
In the hot summer, how can cities ignite "fireworks" in 2022? What are the new trends of night economy under the boost of local consumption policies? Which cities love "nightlife" best? Who is the main force of night consumption? The Beijing News Shell Finance takes you through the data to see the "consumption picture" of midsummer night.
1.2022Economic scale is expected to break through.40Trillion yuan
Which cities are"The city that never sleeps"?
Night economy is an important part of urban economy, and it is also an important starting point for cities to stimulate consumption.
According to the survey report of urban residents’ consumption habits of the Ministry of Commerce, 60% of residents’ consumption occurs at night, and young people born after 1995 are the main group of night economy.
2019 is called "the first year of night economy in China", and the night economy develops rapidly. The State Council issued "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Circulation to Promote Commercial Consumption", proposing to enliven night businesses and markets and improve the convenience and activity of night consumption. In 2019, the night economy reached 26.4 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15.3%. In the following two years, the night economic growth rate exceeded 17%. According to Ai Media Consulting, China’s nighttime economic growth rate will continue to grow in 2022, and the economic scale is expected to exceed 40 trillion yuan.
In 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the first batch of 120 national night cultural and tourism consumption gathering areas. The data shows that Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guangxi, Chongqing and Sichuan have the largest number of night culture and tourism consumption areas. Qianmen Street in Dongcheng District of Beijing, Tianqiao Performing Arts Zone in Xicheng District, 798-751 Art Block in Chaoyang District, Liangmahe Style Waterfront in Chaoyang District, Huaxi LIVE· Wukesong in Haidian District and Gubei Water Town in Miyun District are all on the list.
Night economic agglomeration has become the common carrier of night economic construction in most cities. Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Suzhou, Foshan and Kunming have clearly put forward relevant construction plans. For example, Foshan proposes to build eight high-quality night economic clusters by the end of 2021, and Kunming proposes to build 15-20 night economic clusters.
In order to boost the economy and consumption vitality, measures to develop night economy have been issued in many places this year.
The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that taking Beijing as an example, in February 2022, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other 10 departments issued "Several Measures for Further Promoting the Development of Business Circle", which put forward 14 specific measures to promote the development of business circle from four aspects: innovating business circle management mode, creating a prosperous and standardized business circle consumption environment, improving the intelligence level of business circle and increasing policy support, among which "encouraging key business circles to develop night economy" became an important content.
Henan proposes to focus on the development of "night economy", allowing the use of "shops outside" and "open-air markets" under standardized and orderly conditions. In Xi ‘an, qualified commercial pedestrian streets and commercial complexes are allowed to operate outside in the specified time period at night, and outdoor activities such as automobile market, cultural and creative market, cultural performances and night trips to Chang ‘an are held based on characteristic commercial districts.
This summer, the "trunk market" rose again, enriching the nightlife consumption scene.
In Nanjing, Qingdao and other cities, whenever night falls, many people drive their cars to the local square, line them up in turn, open the trunk to display goods, install small light bulbs and literary signs, and turn them into miniature shops. Such a "trunk shop" has attracted many citizens to stop.
Generally speaking, China’s night economy presents the characteristics of "strong in the south and weak in the north". According to the big data of the ride, during the period from May 1 to June 20, 2022, among the TOP 10 cities with night travel activity, 9 cities in the south and only one city in Beijing in the north. Among them, the top five cities in activity belong to South China.
In addition, the demand for night travel also reflects the economic vitality of the city, and the demand for night travel of residents in new first-tier cities is generally more. The Beijing News Shell Finance reporter found that among the top ten cities traveling at night, there are 5 new first-tier cities, 3 first-tier cities and 2 second-tier cities. In 2021, the GDP trillion club, New Jincheng, Dongguan ranked third, and Foshan ranked fourth.
It is worth mentioning that second-tier coastal cities are also active at night. Two second-tier cities, Xiamen and Quanzhou, ranked in the top ten for night trips, and Xiamen ranked second, second only to Shenzhen.
2."at nightDrink "into a young man"New consumption trend
exceedsixsucceedInterviewedConsumers go at least once a month.
On summer nights, having a drink with three or five friends has become one of the ways for young people to relax at night.
Urban nightlife scenes are constantly enriched, and pubs that are mainly open at night have become an important scene for people to socialize and entertain. According to the sample survey of Ai Media Consulting, more than 60% of the consumers interviewed go at least once a month, among which 27.5% go once every two to three weeks and 18.9% go once a month.
Although drinking is the main thing, unlike nightclubs, the bistro with a sense of atmosphere provides more social space and is a "compound" venue that includes music, board games, performances and catering.
Night consumer demand is constantly released, and the pub economy is growing steadily.
In 2018, the scale of China’s tavern market exceeded 100 billion yuan; In 2021, the market scale reached 128.04 billion yuan, an increase of 26.2% compared with 2020. Zheshang Securities said that with the relaxation of epidemic prevention and control policies in various places and the peak of night consumption in summer, the demand for night consumption has been steadily restored, which is expected to promote the concentrated outbreak of pub format in summer.
The pub economy is hot, more people are eyeing this "cake", and many catering enterprises have entered the "bistro" across the border. According to Ai Media Consulting, from 2015 to 2020, the total registered volume of China tavern-related enterprises showed an overall upward trend, with a compound annual growth rate of 49.5%. By the end of 2021, the total registered volume of related enterprises reached 14,658. Among them, there are many new consumer brands like Naixue, as well as catering enterprises such as Puju and Laoxiang Chicken.
3. DuodiExtend the opening hours of cultural venues such as museums.
Cultural life enters night economy.
In addition to catering and shopping, the cultural consumption of night life is also increasingly prosperous. Many places propose to extend the opening hours of museums, art galleries and other cultural venues, and visiting museums and watching exhibitions has also become a favorite night cultural activity for consumers.
The rise of night cultural activities has promoted the gradual recovery of China’s performance market.
In 2021, the overall scale of China’s performance market reached 33.585 billion yuan, an increase of 27.76% compared with 2020. Among them, drama has become the most popular type of performance. In 2021, among the 114,400 theatrical performances, the box office revenue of drama performances ranked first, and the number of drama performances ranked third.
On June 29th, Ma Li, deputy director of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism would plan and implement an action plan to promote cultural and tourism consumption in the second half of the year, seize the peak summer consumption season, focus on developing night culture and tourism economy, and guide relevant institutions to publish night culture and tourism consumption maps.
4.E-commerce night market "helps night economy"
Which cities like to place orders at night?
Liu Genghong, who escaped the aerobics this summer, did not escape Dong Yuhui, who brought goods in the live broadcast room of Oriental Zhenpin.
Since June this year, the bilingual live broadcast of New Oriental has been on fire, which not only allows people to see the new way of live broadcast with goods, but also allows people to see the potential of e-commerce night market economy.
With the maturity of new consumption patterns such as live e-commerce, the proportion of online sales channels shopping at night is expanding. Ningbo, Shanghai and other places issue e-commerce coupons to stimulate consumption. On June 27th, Anhui started the night economic consumption season, focusing on key sectors such as automobiles, home appliances, catering and e-commerce, to help the whole chain of consumption recover.
The data shows that people in first-tier cities prefer to place orders online on summer nights. From May to June 20, 2022, the number of online shopping orders in first-tier cities ranked in the top four, and Beijing ranked first. Chengdu, which is called "the city that never sleeps" by many tourists, is also enthusiastic about online shopping.
What do people who don’t sleep buy? Residents in different areas have regional characteristics in shopping. Consumers in Changsha and Hangzhou, online celebrity’s tourist cities, prefer travel products, while residents in Fuzhou and Guangzhou prefer entertainment products. People in Sichuan and Chongqing prefer food and drinks, while Beijing and Shanghai prefer fresh food.

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The meaning of travel lies in ordinary life.

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Tibet, as a distant place where countless people can sleep at night.

There are too many surprises and legends!

In this life, I will come to Tibet anyway!

Today, Xiaobian studied for two weeks! !

Sort it out2023 the most comprehensive introduction to TibetShare it with everyone

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1. What should I pay attention to when entering Tibet?

2. What must-see attractions are there in Tibet in summer?

3. When is the best time to go to Tibet in a year?

4. What is the best route to travel to Tibet?

Xiaobian answers for you one by one!

Photographer/Zhang Jing

How to solve the problem of high rebellion?

1, chest tightness, chest like a blocked general, is a typical reaction to hypoxia.

Effective treatment methods:Take oxygen and rest, and avoid strenuous exercise.

2, shortness of breath, accelerated and thickened respiratory rate,

Effective treatment methods:Keep quiet or stop other actions and wait for the breathing rhythm to be smooth.

3,There is a phenomenon of hyperreflexia, which is nosebleed, mostly in men. First of all, it is caused by the dry climate in the plateau, which ruptures the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa.

Effective treatment methods:1. Apply a little erythromycin ointment and drink as much water as possible to prevent dryness. 2. Eat more fruits and drink more water to promote metabolism.

4, headache, nausea, this altitude sickness is relatively persistent, in general, it can be recovered after a few days of adaptation,

Effective treatment methods:Self-adjustment If it aggravates or causes extreme physical discomfort, as long as conditions permit, stop the trip immediately and choose to see a doctor nearby.

What do you usually take with you when you enter Tibet?

No matter what season (people seldom go in winter), thermal underwear, jackets (rain and wind) or thick coats and trousers (jackets) must be brought. Generally speaking, it is ok to change two sets (including shoes) and use a raincoat without a jacket.

PS: At the hottest time in Tibet, there will be rain and snow when crossing some passes.

It is best to equip special quick-drying clothes in summer to facilitate washing (dry after washing), and sunscreen is also very important.

What is the reservation time of return air ticket and train ticket?

It’s recommended to advance about 4 to 5 days. If the journey is too long, the situation on the road may change due to external reasons, so don’t advance too early. If you want to book tickets in advance, please arrange enough time.

Summer is the most suitable season to go to Tibet. There is no biting cold wind or hay everywhere, and the temperature is just right. All the mountains and lakes gradually show their green colors. At the hottest time, the temperature is only 20 degrees, which is the most suitable for summer roaming.

Hope after Rain: Nangarbawa Peak

Source: Linzhi Tourism Bureau

Many people will choose to go to Nangarbawa Peak in winter or in the non-rainy season.

But I prefer to choose the rainy season and go to Nangarbawa Peak.

Standing at the entrance of Sejila Mountain, I hope I can see the true content of Nangarbawa Peak after the fog clears.

If you really see the true face of Nanga Bawa Peak, which is not seen for ten people.

I will have tears in my eyes, which is the expected response.

It also means that the canoe will sail through Chung Shan Man next.

Play suggestion:

1. The pass is very high above sea level, so don’t run and shout loudly to avoid causing high reaction.

2. It is windy and the temperature is very low. It is recommended to wear more clothes to avoid catching cold.

3. There are small shops on the pass where you can buy food and water.

The best camera position in Nangarbawa:

1. Gongzundem Beach: You can photograph the reflection in the water of Nangarbawa Peak.

2. Suosong Village: navigate to the entrance of Dakongli B&B.

3. Dalin Village: navigate Dalin Village or Songzan.

4. Sedila Mountain Observation Deck

5. Baifengtai

6. Tunbai Village

7. Yarlung Zangbo River Valley: It takes half an hour to reach the river on foot, and the photos are beautiful.

The realistic version of the Wizard of Oz: Lulang Linhai

Zhang Jing/photo

Lulang Linhai has unique beauty in every season, but I don’t think anyone can refuse Lulang Linhai’s summer. Riding a white horse in Lulang Linhai’s pasture, drizzling, lifting your face and blowing the gentlest wind on the plateau, what is the summer heat wave here?

Tickets:80 yuan

Punching in scenic spots:Sedila Mountain, Zhaxigang Village and Lulang Town

Tips:If you plan to travel in depth, you need to prepare waterproof clothes, medicines, sleeping bags, etc. in advance.

Primitive forest: spruce forest

Source: Bomi Tourism Bureau

Every tree in Gangspruce Forest has a primitive flavor, and it has been rated as one of the top ten most beautiful forests in China by chinese national geography. Walking in Gangspruce Forest in summer, there are soft sawdust and pine needles at the foot, as well as streams hidden in Palong.

Tickets:90 yuan/person in peak season and 45 yuan/person in low season.

Play time:Walk for 2-3 hours.


1. The road to the scenic spot is muddy, so it is recommended to drive an off-road vehicle.

2. Bomigang Township Nature Reserve covers a total area of 4,600 hectares, with an altitude of about 3,000 meters. They are all virgin forests, so don’t worry about rebellion.

3. Others: At present, there are almost no (or few) tour groups, so you need to drive or charter.

Wild and delicate: Naqu alpine grassland

Mi Zangda Wa/photo

Naqu, which means "Heihe" in Tibetan, is one of the colder places in Tibet in four seasons. The Naqu alpine grassland was rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China and one of the five largest pastures in China by chinese national geography. The Qiangtang grassland in full of green is more like a gift from heaven, with a cool breeze blowing at 20 degrees and low adobe houses, which aggravated the ancient nomadic habitat here.


Opening hours:whole day

Traffic guide:be self-drive

Play punch recommended:

1. Riding a horse on the grassland is completely different from the usual experience of riding a horse in a scenic spot. Friends who can’t ride a horse can let the herdsmen lead them.

2. Occasionally, herders come to sell dried yak meat, and you can taste authentic plateau air-dried yak meat on the spot.

Natural Oxygen Bar: Lebugou

When it comes to Shannan, people think of "Yangzhuo Yongcuo", but the coolness of Shannan is more than Yangzhuo Yongcuo. Lebugou is located in Cuona County, Shannan City, and is called "China Natural Oxygen Bar". Lebugou, which means "a good place" in Tibetan, is 2920 meters above sea level, which is similar to Medog in Linzhi, so it is also called Little Medog.

Lebugou is more like an accident in Shannan city with a temperate arid climate. It is the summer in Lebugou when you fall asleep with the sound of waves and wake up with the sound of birds. Walking on the road, you may encounter Himalayan impala and white-cheeked macaque. There are many natural forms such as snow-capped mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls and virgin forests, and it is one of the main inhabited areas of ethnic minorities in China.

Tickets:80 yuan


1. The most important point is that Lebugou is located at the southern border of Shannan, and it is necessary to apply for a border defense certificate in advance.

2. The air humidity in the ditch is high, and it may rain at any time. Take rain gear.

3. The weather in the ditch changes rapidly, so it is necessary to prepare warm clothes.

4. Sometimes you will meet monkeys in scenic spots or on the road. You can prepare some food in advance and protect your personal belongings to avoid being robbed by monkeys.

Garden behind Mount Everest: Jilonggou

Qian Xiaoyu QIAN/ photo

Jilonggou is located in Jilong County, Shigatse, Tibet, in the deep Himalayan mountains bordering Nepal. It is a little-known place with a different style from the plateau and is called "the back garden of Mount Everest". The canyon is covered with trees and flowers, and the leaves are slim and graceful. Spruce with long leaves has straight stems and slender branches like weeping willows. The quiet village is surrounded by green trees, and the looming snow-capped mountains can be clearly seen not far away. Standing on the top of the mountain is like standing on a cloud, overlooking the whole town.

Tips:Jilonggou is located on the border between China and Nepal, and it is necessary to apply for a border defense certificate in advance.

Must-see attractions:

1. Kongtangram Pass, Geelong County, Geelong Town, Paba Temple, Naixia Village, Jeep Village,

2. The ID card shall be mortgaged at Tiesuoqiao and returned when it is returned.

Everyone goes to Tibet for different reasons and feels different, so the author is only responsible for making suggestions. Please choose your favorite season according to the facts. In fact, March to October is suitable, and the rest of the time is snowy and icy, and the climate is complex, so it is easy to encounter dangers and accidents.

If you want to see Linzhi peach blossoms, late March and early April are more suitable (note the arrival time).

I want to see the frozen Namco, preferably before May. Watching yangzhuo yongcuo can be done most of the time.

If you want to experience the ice and snow on the way to Tibet, all the year round, and it is not very dangerous, it is best to go from March to May.

June-August is the rainy season, with more rain (wet at night and dry during the day). Everything has grown to a certain season and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

September-October is the best season, with fallen leaves flying and golden mountains.

Tips: Tibet’s high-altitude scenic spots are still very cold in summer, so you need to bring winter clothes to keep warm.

South Sichuan-Tibet line:

The first paragraph: Litang-Batang-Ba Long-Mangkang.

The second paragraph: Mangkang-Zuogong-Bangda-Basu

The third paragraph: Basu-Ranwu-Bomi

The fourth paragraph: Bomi-Tongmai-Linzhi

The fifth paragraph: Linzhi-Gongbujiangda-Mozhugongka-Dazi-Lhasa

Northern Sichuan-Tibet Line:

The first paragraph: Dege-Jiangda-Changdu

The second paragraph: Changdu-Leiwuqi-Ding Qing

The third paragraph: Ding Qing-Ba Qing

The fourth paragraph: Baqing-Suoxian-Naqu

Ancient Tang-Zhu Road:

The first paragraph: Yushu-Nangqian-Leiwuqi

The second paragraph: Leiwuqi-Dingqing-Baqing-Suoxian County

The third paragraph: Suoxian-Naqu-Dangxiong

The fourth paragraph: Dangxiong-Lhasa-

The fifth paragraph: Lhasa-Gyangze-Xigaze

Paragraph 6: Shigatse-Sakya-Fixed date

Paragraph 7: Dingri-Jilong

When I shed my shackles, I know that I am who I am today.

Come to Tibet to find yourself.

In this restless summer!

Editor: Zidan Zhuo Ma

[Editor: Tan Qilu, Editor: Tsedan Zhuo Ma]

Hello everyone! We are the official account of Tibet Tourism Development Department in China. If you want to know more about Tibet’s dry tourism and Tibetan customs, please like, comment and share more!

Pay attention to our account and take you into the most beautiful Tibet!

Today’s football analysis recommended, 003 La Palmas La Liga vs Atletico Madrid

lapper maas

Las palmas ranked 10th in the standings with 14 points. Poor performance at the beginning of this season, only winning one game.

Recently, the state of La Palmas has rebounded. The team has won a winning streak in the last two games, but the strength of the opponents is limited.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid does not lose to Real Madrid and Barcelona in La Liga strength; They have always been one of the strong contenders for the La Liga title.

Last season, Atletico performed well and won the third place in the league; This season, Atletico Madrid still showed a strong competitive state.

Comprehensive analysis:

The two sides have confronted each other for nearly eight times, and La Palmas has only scored 1 win, 0 draw and 7 losses. It can be seen that La Palmas is at a disadvantage. At present, it is a critical period for Atletico Madrid to try its best to grab points, and Atletico Madrid will try its best to fight against its opponents. At present, the lineup of Atletico Madrid is basically complete, and the team has no core players absent for the time being. By comprehensively comparing the current situation and strength of both sides. This game may wish to look forward to the performance of Atletico Madrid.

Forecast of this field: subjective and negative

Score: 0-2 1-2

Football enters the era of big data. China sports should practice the basic skills of the new era.

  Football enters the era of big data (Dazhao Review)

  Three days ago, Shandong Luneng Taishan professional football club management information system based on big data entered a new stage of version 3.0, and once again took the lead in football management concepts and innovations in the new era.

  Since 2015, Shandong Luneng Taishan Club has extensively learned from the research results in the field of global football big data, and continuously improved the level of data mining, analysis and application. Through more than two years of efforts, it has established an information management system including 10 modules including teams, players, competitions, training, medical care and public opinion.

  At the same time, China Football Association has also made plans for the construction of information management system and accelerated its implementation. This is an important measure to change the backward appearance of football in China and meet the needs of the public for football development.

  Today’s society has entered the era of knowledge economy with information technology as the core, and informatization has become a booster to promote national economic and social development. To improve the overall level of football and sports in China in many aspects, it is necessary to be good at obtaining data, analyzing data and using data. Football managers at all levels should also strengthen their study, understand big data, make good use of big data, enhance their ability to use data to promote training and management, improve the efficiency of talent training, and reduce the blindness and deviation of football market operation.

  Although the concept of big data has been put forward for nearly 10 years, it is still a new thing to become a new stage of information development. China football’s understanding and cognition of this is still in the initial state. It is very gratifying that Shandong Luneng Taishan Club has taken the lead, and it will certainly benefit more than one club. The strategic significance of big data technology is not to master huge data information, but to professionally process these data and realize the "value-added" of data through "processing". It is a means to develop the cause and improve the level. Information system can’t directly improve the level of football in China, but ignoring information or staying in the old view of the role of information can’t meet the new needs of football development.

  Objective data and scientific analysis are the key functions and values of information systems. On the other hand, if the data is untrue and the analysis is unscientific, then the misleading disaster may be very terrible. Football is originally a highly socialized sport, and big data is the product of the open era. Any idea of being closed and exclusive is incomprehensible to big data. The management information system of Shandong Luneng Taishan Club was established with the cooperation of many domestic and foreign partners.

  Please cherish this scientific and technological progress and major breakthrough. Football in China has caught up with the new era. In the face of this new topic in the field of football, even if it is slightly behind, it is much smaller than the gap in football competition, and the confidence in catching up with and surpassing the advanced level in the world should be much greater.

Football —— A Young Soccer Player in Daliangshan

In 2021, in order to fully implement the spirit of the State Council and the State Sports General Administration’s sports poverty alleviation project and carry out the "integration of sports and education" in depth, Sichuan Sports Vocational College and Luzhou Education and Sports Bureau reached a cooperation to select athletes of 2011 and 2012 age groups from all over the province to concentrate on learning and training, with the goal of competing in the 16th National Games (2029), and select and reserve outstanding reserve talents. More than a dozen teenagers from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, such as Shebu Yaoba Guimo, Jin Guikun and Lap Molaza, came to Luzhou Tianli Chunyu School after selection and became the reserve force of U18 football team in the 16th National Games of Sichuan Province.
Their Luzhou Tianli Chunyu School provides all-round life, study and training guarantee for young players. The school has a separate class for the team, and the players enjoy the same teaching resources as other students in the school; And according to the configuration of professional football teams, men’s and women’s teams are each equipped with a head coach, two assistant coaches, a goalkeeper coach, a team doctor and two full-time life teachers.
Chen Hua, head coach of the women’s team, said that although the young players from Daliangshan had a weak foundation when they first arrived, they did not admit defeat and trained very hard. After two years of scientific training and accumulated competition experience, these children have greatly improved their psychological quality, tactical skills and teamwork, and have grown into the main force of the team.
In the U12 group match of "Hope Cup" football match held in China Football Association’s Women’s Youth Training Center in April, Sichuan team won two wins, one draw and one loss, and Shebu Yaoku Mo won the title of "excellent player" in the match with Guangdong team. After the game, she wrote in her composition: "I will continue to cheer, join the national team, play well and win glory for my country!" "
From 2021 to 2029, from teenagers to young people, from teenagers from mountains to football players, their future can be expected. Come on, big Liangshan football teenager!
19 young players from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture took photos at the football field of Luzhou Tianli Chunyu School (photo taken on May 12).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Nine young players from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Russian Di Mo You Zuo, Shebu Mo Gua Mo, Hou Jiexin, Ji Lian Mo Li Xue, Lu Xiaoying, Zhao Minglian, Yang Guiyang, Lap Mo Laza and Yang Jianxin (from right to left), took pictures at the football field of Luzhou Tianli Chunyu School (photo taken on May 12).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
At the football field of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou, Shebu Mo Gua Mo (front left) from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture trained with the men’s team (photo taken on March 29).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
In the football field of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou, Lap Molaza from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is training as a goalkeeper (photo taken on March 29th).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Jin Guikun (right) from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture trains with his teammates at the football field of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou (photo taken on March 28).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Yang Kun from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is training at the football field of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou (photo taken on March 28th).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Yang Kun from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is training at the football field of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou (photo taken on March 29th).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
In the classroom of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou, Jin Guikun (middle) from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture raised his hand in class to answer the teacher’s questions (photo taken on March 28).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
In the classroom of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou, Shebu Mo Gua Mo (middle) from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture is listening in class (photo taken on March 28).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
In the classroom of Tianli Chunyu School in Luzhou, Shebu Mo Gua Mo (second from left) from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture and his classmates took an elective course with mock trial characteristics (photo taken on May 11th).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
During the halftime of the U12 group match between Sichuan team and Guangdong team in the "Hope Cup" of the Women’s Youth Training Center of China Football Association held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province, Sichuan team member Xie Bumo (third from right) and his teammates listened to the tactics arranged by head coach Chen Hua (photo taken on April 10).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
During the free time of the U12 group competition of the Women’s Football Youth Training Center of China Football Association held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province, the Sichuan team member Xie Bumo (second from left) and his teammates from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture studied culture under the leadership of the teacher (photo taken on April 10).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
During the free time of the U12 Group Competition of the Women’s Football Youth Training Center of China Football Association held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province, Sichuan team members ran on the road inside the hotel (photo of drone, taken on April 10th).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Shebu Mo, a Sichuan player from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, served a sideline ball in the U12 group match between Sichuan and Guangdong in the Women’s Football Youth Training Center of China Football Association held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province (photo taken on April 10).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Shebu Mo (right), a player of Sichuan team from Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, struggled for the match between Sichuan team and Guangdong team in the U12 Group of Hope Cup of China Football Association Women’s Youth Training Center held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province (photo taken on April 10).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Chen Hua (middle), the head coach of Sichuan team, gave tactical guidance to the players during the free time of the U12 group competition of the China Football Association Women’s Youth Training Center held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province (photo taken on April 9).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
Members of the Sichuan team took a group photo at the stadium after the U12 match between the Sichuan team and the Guangdong team in the "Hope Cup" of the China Football Association Women’s Youth Training Center in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province (photo taken on April 10).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo
After the "Hope Cup" U12 competition of China Football Association Women’s Youth Training Center held in Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province, the Sichuan team coach led the players to play at the seaside (photo taken on April 11th).
Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Kun photo