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Chongqing’s deputy mayor says taxi companies have the best returns in the world

  The Beijing News reported on December 2According to Xinhua News Agency, since November, Chongqing, Hainan Sanya, Gansu Yongdeng and Guangdong Shantou and other places have a series of taxi strikes. Taxi strikes are frequent, from one side of the refraction of monopoly.

  The right to operate a taxi was fired to millions

  In response to the taxi industry monopoly, Chongqing’s "brother" Yang Xiaoming proposed the idea of "People’s Taxi Company" three years ago. However, when Yang Xiaoming applied to the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Administration for "taxi operation indicators", he was rejected.

  In fact, what Yang Xiaoming was denied was a monopolistic public resource – the right to operate taxis.

  At present, the taxi operating rights used by taxi companies are transferred by the government in the form of "concessions". At first, they were mostly transferred for free or at a low price, but they were monopolized and speculated by some companies. In some cities, the operating rights of a taxi were speculated to millions of yuan.

  Taxi companies return’best in the world’

  Huang Qifan, vice mayor of Chongqing, said in a discussion with taxi drivers that the taxi company takes about 70% of the money. After deducting costs and taxes such as car purchases, a car has a profit of about 40,000 yuan per year. The average annual income is 50%, and some even as high as 70%. It is really "the industry with the best return on investment in the world."

  Some drivers say taxi companies are simply a "rentier" class created by a monopoly.

  Transportation department research will issue a new policy

  Experts believe that the top priority is for government departments to take measures as soon as possible to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. Such as mandatory "three insurance" protection, formulating the maximum price of "part money", and providing unified and standardized contract models. The second is to break the monopoly of the industry.

  According to the reporter, the State Council has identified the transportation department as the competent department of the taxi industry. At present, the transportation department is investigating the deep-seated problems of the taxi industry and will take policy measures to solve the historical legacy problems.

  The latest data shows that there are more than 1 million taxis legally operating in the country, and there are about 2 million "brother" in the country.

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  Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shanghai punish "black cars"

  According to Xinhua News Agency, recently, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other places have taken measures to crack down on illegal vehicles such as "black cars".

  The Chongqing Public Security Bureau has identified key areas for the illegal operation of motor vehicles in the main urban area, including railway stations, bus stations and areas around the airport, in order to focus on cracking down on "black cars".

  On the 1st, Guangzhou began a three-day large-scale surprise operation to rectify illegal operations. On the same day, a total of 81 vehicles suspected of illegal operation were seized and dealt with, of which 51 were detained by the transportation administration department according to the law, and 21 vehicles suspected of illegal operation with incomplete documents were seized by the traffic police department.

  On the same day, 21 law enforcement units in Shanghai established the "Railway Shanghai Station Regional Linkage Law Enforcement Brigade" to jointly control "black cars" and other illegal acts in the Shanghai Railway Station area.

Editor in charge: Li Erqing

Selenium-enriched millet in Zibo to build a rich industry

  In the golden autumn and October harvest season, selenium rice is fragrant with local conditions. While celebrating the third "China Farmers Harvest Festival" in China, Beifo Village, Zhaili Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province held the first "Selenium-enriched Millet Harvest Culture Festival" in Beifo Village.

Zhang Jibo, Party Secretary of Zhaili Town, Zichuan District, Zibo, and Wang Lin, Mayor of Zhaili Town, celebrated the bumper harvest with the villagers of Beifo Village.

  The theme of the activity is "watching rural culture share the joy of harvest, and the natural selenium-enriched millet helps the industry to increase income", aiming to show the rich folk culture of Zhaili Town and promote the pace of rural revitalization.

  According to reports, Zhaili Town is a provincial-level modern agricultural industrial park, a provincial-level agricultural product quality inspection demonstration town, and a municipal-level industrial strong town. Beifo Village is a key regional protection area of the national geographical indication of "Liaowu Xiaomi", located in the semi-hilly area, and the fields on the hillside are located on limestone, semi-sandy, and pure selenium-enriched soil, which is most suitable for the growth of millet. The selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village has been planted for thousands of years. Every year, the millet is harvested and the seeds are left for sowing next year. The selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village is naturally grown without artificial fertilization and irrigation, which has high promotion value and edible value!

Beifo village natural selenium-enriched millet

  Beifo Village has a population of 835 households and 2,228 people. In order to help ordinary people grow millet for sale, Zhaili Town assisted Beifo Village to set up the "Judeyuan" agricultural products professional cooperative in Zichuan District, Zibo this year. The millet planting area in the village is 260 mu, and the millet output is 45,000 kg. Now it has sold 35,000 kg through various channels.

  Zhang Jibo, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhaili Town, said: "There are 26,000 mu of high-quality natural selenium-enriched land in Zhaili Town. The Party Committee and government of Zhaili Town attach great importance to the development of selenium-enriched industry, actively implement the" double promotion "project of party building industry, build the party organization in the industry, and gather party member in the industry, so as to realize a good situation that party building promotes the industry and the industry brings wealth to the people. Through industrial development, the enthusiasm of party member cadres will be stimulated, and a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere will be formed, and the cohesiveness, appeal and combat effectiveness of party organizations will be enhanced. "

  Xiaomi feast. Nearly ten special dishes, such as golden cake, golden spring rolls, gold and silver shrimp, millet balls, millet grains crisp, fried chicken with rice noodles, etc., are all made of local selenium-enriched millet, and the quality of millet products with the most regional characteristics in Beifo Village is vividly displayed.

  Although the songs and dances are not flashy, they are full of celebration of the harvest. The villagers in Beifo sing and dance, playing new hopes for a better life and dancing hard to get rich. Ju Suping, president of Zibo Liaozhai Folk Music Research Association, blessed the harvest of natural selenium-enriched millet in Beifo Village with beautiful folk art and non-genetic inheritor Guan Li of paper-cutting art, unique paper-cutting and cultural art.

Selenium-enriched millet blends with rural culture and becomes a beautiful landscape at the event site.

At the event site, rural programs were loved by guests and villagers.

  As a link between Beijing and Shandong, Beijing Zibo Enterprise Chamber of Commerce has never forgotten the feelings of mulberry and devoted itself to the two places. Zhao Jinlin, Executive President of the Chamber of Commerce, made a special trip to congratulate on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, and said: "Beifo Village is an old district with a glorious revolutionary tradition. In recent years, the development and changes of Beifo Village are gratifying and encouraging. With the rural revitalization and development strategy of the Supreme Leader General Secretary, the overall environment of the whole country working together to get rid of poverty, and the joint efforts of the leaders of the town and village committees and the villagers, the days of the villagers will surely be flourishing and every family will be happy. At the same time, he said that the Chamber of Commerce will also use its own advantages to do some work for the promotion of selenium-enriched millet and actively assist in enhancing brand influence. "

How to Tell the "China Story" in China Musical?

  China musicals have been developed for 20 years since they created and performed "Yangko Romance" and "Legend of White Snake". In these 20 years, China musicals have experienced ups and downs, however, there is still a long way to go from the developed countries in Europe and America in the presentation of their works, and even there are many gaps with the development of Japanese and Korean musicals. Last weekend, on the occasion of the 2nd Beijing Tianqiao Musical Performance Season, the "2016 Asian Musical Development Trend Forum" was held at the same time. How to develop China musicals became the focus of the forum.

  There are many grand theaters that are idle.

  In recent years, the hardware facilities of cultural construction have developed rapidly, and the grand theater has been rising all over China, which is gratifying. However, after the completion of the new theater, how to develop musical as one of the software has become an urgent problem.

  Li Dun, a producer of musicals, believes that "musicals have developed rapidly in China. In 2014, there were 1,518 musical performances, an increase of 12.4% over the same period in 2013. Among them, 930 original musicals were performed, accounting for 60% of the total musical performances for the first time, and its development activity is close to the data of South Korea, a developed Asian musical country. On the other hand, the investment in national theater construction is too fast, but the supply of theater performance content is insufficient. Nearly one-third of the performance venues are idle or used for other purposes. Most local group performances are difficult to support local theaters, and more excellent performance groups and original plays are urgently needed. "

  Experts attending the meeting thought that the hardware of Tianqiao Art Center, Shanghai Cultural Square and theaters in many places is already very good. In contrast, the original software of China musicals is still difficult to match the hardware, and there is no representative classic of China original musicals. The basic talent pool of musicals is not enough, and the market of musicals is not strong enough to support the perennial performances of theaters everywhere. These are the problems that need to be solved in the development of China musicals.

  There is self-promotion but no good story.

  There is no classic musical in China. This judgment comes from the fact that the original musical did not get good feedback after it was put into the market, and it can only be performed in one place for two or three times. The judgment of its standard comes more from self-promotion. In addition to the market operation problem, poor storytelling is one reason.

  Lv Yisheng, former president of Beijing Dance Academy and founder of musical teaching major, said: "In the past two years, I have participated in large-scale competitions of mainstream groups, including musicals, operas and dance dramas, all of which are non-verbal arts, but there is also a drama problem. The foundation of drama cannot be laid, and it is useless to sing musicals and dance well. " Lv Yisheng compares the stage art that needs to tell stories with Hollywood and Broadway musicals. "We all choose real materials, but we make the real ones fake, and Hollywood makes the fake ones real."

  In Lu Yisheng’s view, the poor storytelling of the script is mainly due to the writer’s cultivation: "Not only the cultivation of the bank, but also the cultivation of cross-border. You must have all aspects of cultivation to tell the story of the musical well."

  There is a musical major, but no outstanding talents can be cultivated.

  In the developed countries of musicals, a city has more than ten musicals every day, but no city in China can do it. In addition to the problem of original musical writers, finding musical actors is also a big problem.

  Yin Haozhen, director of Korean musical, said: "One of the problems encountered in the development of musical in China is the cultivation of talents. In Seoul, South Korea, many musicals are staged every day. When recruiting actors for musicals, there will be about 1,500 actors for each role, and the professional education of musicals has become very popular. With this foundation, there will be great development of musicals. "

  In China, although many art colleges now have musical majors, the talents trained are flawed, the actors from drama colleges lack singing and dancing skills, the dance and acting skills from music colleges are insufficient, and the singing skills from dance colleges are flawed, so it is difficult to find comprehensive high-level musical actors.

  In musical teaching, some teachers have misunderstandings about students’ material selection and teaching, thinking that they can sing musicals if they can sing pop songs. Therefore, it is really hard to find an actor with a real dramatic voice. The weakness of talents is also a reason for the slow development of China’s original musicals.

  Many musicals have no box office.

  In addition, the operation mode did not form an effective scale of development, which also limited the development of China musicals. In original musical dramas, some are created as brands of regional cultural construction, and many of them have not really entered the market operation mode; Some musicals are produced and run by musicians themselves, and there is not much financial support. However, in developed countries in Europe and America, as well as South Korea and Japan, the main reason why musicals can form a climate is to enter the real market operation.

  In the past two years, there have been seven-act musical production companies in the market, which have produced One Step to Heaven, Avenue Q, I, Don Quixote and The Sound of Music. Sha Qing, director of the application of Seven Acts Life, said: "Seven Acts thinks that musicals are more important in terms of operation, and we use a stupid method to make them — — The more money you spend, the better the product. We still take this very seriously. There is no shortcut to this. "

  In terms of operation, the "Seven Acts" also adopted a "stupid" approach. Sha Qing said: "We expect to support ourselves at the box office. Perhaps it is smarter to burn investors’ money or rely on subsidies. However, we believe that if we want to develop healthily for a long time, we must rely on the box office. "

  In this regard, some predecessors in the musical industry think that the idea of "Seven Acts" is a bit "idealistic". Because in the current market environment, although the annual box office income is constantly improving, on the whole, the pressure to rely solely on the box office to support themselves is still great.

  However, in Sha Qing’s view, a company with no college background like "Seven Acts" has to earn enough money at the box office if it wants to survive for a long time, and every drama has to make money. Only in this way can we survive.

  Fan Chong, a screenwriter and producer of musicals, said: "The biggest problem in China musicals is learning. Why study? Learn what? How to learn? First of all, producers and producers need to learn how to control the volume and scale of a play, how to evaluate the cost of a play, how to radiate values, and whether there is any soil for this play to perform in China. Drama needs rationality and data, cost control, and attracting the most audience with the least money. Creators should be rigorous and responsible to the audience, investors and theaters. Only by focusing on one thing can we witness the arrival of a musical era in China. "

  Text/reporter Lun Bing

International observation | It is extremely irresponsible for Japan to approve the discharge of nuclear polluted water into the sea.

  Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, July 23rd Japan’s nuclear regulatory agency, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission, held a meeting on the 22nd, officially approving the plan of Tokyo Electric Power Company (hereinafter referred to as TEPCO) to discharge nuclear polluted water into the sea at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. According to this plan, TEPCO will start to discharge nuclear polluted water next spring if the local government agrees again.

  Analysts pointed out that in April last year, the Japanese government officially decided to discharge nuclear polluted water into the Pacific Ocean despite strong opposition at home and abroad. Over the past year or so, despite the rising opposition at home and abroad, the Japanese side turned a deaf ear and pushed forward the discharge of nuclear polluted water into the sea, which is extremely irresponsible and will cause serious harm to the global marine environment.

International observation | It is extremely irresponsible for Japan to approve the discharge of nuclear polluted water into the sea.

  This is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, which was shot on April 13th, 2021. (Xinhua News Agency/Kyodo News Agency)

  Push hard

  In April this year, Japan Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission ignored domestic and international objections and doubts, and "generally agreed" to TEPCO’s emission plan, forming a draft "review book". After confirming the draft of the "review book" in May, the Committee said that the draft was "no problem" and entered the public consultation session.

  According to reports, 670 of the more than 1,200 opinions collected publicly are technical opinions, including concerns about the determination of the concentration of nuclear contaminated water and the earthquake resistance of equipment. Despite this, after discussing the opinions collected on the 22nd, the Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission said that TEPCO’s response was "appropriate" and approved its plan to discharge nuclear polluted water into the sea.

  After the Fukushima nuclear accident in March, 2011, a large amount of nuclear polluted water was produced to continuously cool the nuclear reactor whose core melted. TEPCO has prepared about 1,000 water storage tanks for storing nuclear contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. With the available capacity of water storage tanks getting less and less, the Japanese government held a cabinet meeting in April last year and formally decided to filter and dilute these nuclear polluted water and discharge it into the sea.

International observation | It is extremely irresponsible for Japan to approve the discharge of nuclear polluted water into the sea.

This is the nuclear sewage storage tank of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japan, which was photographed on February 13, 2021. (Xinhua News Agency/Kyodo News Agency)

  Analysts pointed out that although the emission plan was nominally formulated by TEPCO, in fact, it could not be completed without the participation and support of the Japanese government.

  According to Japanese media reports, in addition to promoting the approval of emission plans, Japan is also stepping up the construction of sea-discharge pipelines. At the end of April this year, TEPCO started the construction of the outlet of the submarine tunnel for discharging nuclear polluted water, with the goal of completing related projects in April 2023.

  make irresponsible remarks

  At present, all parties are generally concerned about the impact of Japan’s discharge of nuclear polluted water on the marine environment and people’s health in countries along the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, questions are raised about the legitimacy of the nuclear polluted water discharge scheme, the reliability of Japanese data, the effectiveness of purification devices and the controllability of environmental impact. Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, pointed out in an interview last year that Japanese nuclear waste water discharged into the Pacific Ocean should not cause environmental damage.

  The International Atomic Energy Agency set up a technical working group to visit and evaluate Japan twice. So far, it has not reached a conclusive opinion on Japan’s sea discharge plan, and at the same time, it has put forward many clarification requirements and improvement opinions. China and Russia submitted a joint technical questionnaire to the Japanese side, and they still haven’t received feedback from the Japanese side. Not long ago, the leaders’ meeting and foreign ministers’ meeting of the Pacific Island Forum also expressed serious concern about related issues.

  In this regard, the Japanese side not only deliberately avoided these questions, but also made irresponsible remarks and tried to cover up the harm. The Japanese side claimed that before the Fukushima nuclear polluted water was discharged into the sea, it had to be filtered by "Multi-nuclide Removal Equipment" (ALPS) to remove more than 60 radioactive substances. Tritium, which is difficult to be removed by the equipment, will be diluted to a concentration far lower than the Japanese national standard and discharged into the sea. The Japanese side also confuses the concept and confuses nuclear polluted water with waste water, saying that waste water discharged from nuclear power plants all over the world contains tritium, and it is safe to dilute it and discharge it into the sea.

  In fact, Fukushima nuclear contaminated water is not tritium-containing wastewater discharged during the normal operation of nuclear power plants, and the radioactive substances contained in it are extremely complex, so it is doubtful whether it can be effectively removed. Given that the Japanese government and TEPCO have many dishonest records in dealing with the Fukushima nuclear accident, their statements are unconvincing.

  Japanese media have found out that there are many radioactive substances in Fukushima nuclear polluted water beyond the standard except tritium. TEPCO also admitted that more than 70% of the nuclear polluted water treated by ALPS does not meet the discharge standards and needs to be filtered again.

  strongly oppose

  There have been a lot of doubts and objections in Japan and the international community about Japan’s plan to discharge nuclear polluted water into the sea. The statement made by the Japan Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission on the 22nd once again aroused serious concern, and all parties urged Japan to cancel the wrong decision to discharge nuclear polluted water into the sea.

International observation | It is extremely irresponsible for Japan to approve the discharge of nuclear polluted water into the sea.

On April 13, 2021, protesters opposed the discharge of Fukushima nuclear polluted water into the sea outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Yiyi)

  People from Tokyo, Chiba and Fukushima held protests that day. The people who participated in the event said that the decision of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission is related to the future of Fukushima and the marine environment, but it is very irresponsible to make such an important decision without fully informing the Japanese people. Some people also said that they are resolutely opposed to discharging nuclear polluted water into the sea, and Japan can no longer pollute the ocean and pollute the earth.

  The National Federation of Fishery Associations of Japan held a meeting in Tokyo a few days ago and unanimously adopted a special resolution of "reaffirming the position of resolutely opposing the discharge of nuclear polluted water from Fukushima into the sea". This is the third time that the group has passed a resolution against the discharge of Fukushima nuclear polluted water into the sea.

  Japan’s irresponsible behavior triggered strong opposition from neighboring countries. The South Korean government said on the 22nd that it was worried about the Japanese nuclear regulatory agency’s approval of discharging pollutants into the sea, and it would take countermeasures. At the same time, South Korea will also strengthen cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency and strengthen the detection of domestic marine environmental radiation.

  China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated on the 22nd that the disposal of nuclear polluted water in Fukushima is related to the global marine environment and the public health of Pacific Rim countries, and is by no means a private matter of Japan. China once again urges Japan to earnestly fulfill its due international obligations, dispose of nuclear polluted water in a scientific, open, transparent and safe way, and stop pushing the plan of discharging the sea. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China emphasizes that before full consultation and agreement are reached with stakeholders and relevant international institutions, shall not start the discharge of nuclear polluted water into the sea without authorization. If Japan insists on putting its own self-interest above the international public interest and taking a dangerous step, it will pay the price for its irresponsible behavior and leave a historical stain.

Summer in the "Summer" Township | Spend a sauna day and meet the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

avoid/escape summer heat
Xiaxiang town
The countryside of Wuhan is 5℃ lower.

The air here is free and fresh.

There are distant mountains and smoke, dogs and fields.

height of summer

A visit to the countryside in Wuhan with a summer temperature of 5℃

First stop
Huangpi liujiashan village
Cool heart and lungs, Wuhan "North Pole"

Liujiashan Village, Caidian Street, huangpi district is located at an altitude of 806 meters.Among the mountains.Green and cool, it is the tallest, northernmost and most remote village in Wuhan, and is called the "Arctic Village" in Wuhan.

The original ecology is the biggest feature of the local natural environment. In summer, the temperature here is 6-8 degrees lower than that in downtown Wuhan, which is a good place for summer in rural Wuhan.

If this title is not enough for you to locate its coordinates and mention "Qingliangzhai", everyone should know!

At the top of Qingliangzhai, you will enter the village even if you pass through the archway of "hometown of the top scholar, Liujiashan Village"!

There is a mirror-like lake in the village, clear and clean, which is the result of careful care by the villagers.

Most of the retro buildings along the lake are Huizhou style with white walls and blue tiles. The landscape in front of the house is strewn at random with green plants, which is hidden among the green mountains and green waters, and it is full of refreshing meaning.

Every summer vacation, there will be a wave of summer tourists in the village. Most of them are old people with their grandchildren. Some choose to stay in the farmhouse for a short time, while others choose to rent a farmhouse for a comfortable summer.

Take a walk along the plank road in the middle of the lake, blow the mountain lake wind, find enthusiastic old people in the village and ask the historical story of the Qing Dynasty Jinshi.

There is also an excellent viewing platform on the top of the mountain, watching the sunrise and sunset and watching the stars move. Standing on the platform, you can still blow the wind from your neighbor Xiaogan ~

Looking back at Liu Jiashan, the villagers are rich and peaceful. Who would have thought that it was once a poor and backward ravine ~

When talented people return home, the countryside changes dramatically.

In 2004, Yi Youqing, an "able man of Huangpi", came to Liujiashan Village to develop tourism. He invested 40 million yuan to build leisure resorts and scenic spots in Qingliang Village, an old tea plantation in Liujiashan Village, and rebuilt the houses in Liujiashan Village to keep its original quaint appearance.

After the transformation, Liujiashan Village has become a beautiful water town in the deep mountains. The scenic spot also excavates the history of Liu Binshi, the ancestor of Liujiashan Village, who took the second place in the Qing Dynasty’s scientific research, and deduces such scenic spots as Shuxiang River, Zhuangyuan Bridge, Jintu Bridge, Reading Pavilion, and Cowherd’s Cave.

Nowadays, villagers are either hired as employees in scenic spots, or open farmhouses or set up stalls to sell local products. Every household has a tourist meal. In the past, poor and backward mountain villages wereRural construction has experienced gorgeous transformation in more than ten years!

The old stone road between the cottages and the "old house" that is 100 years old have witnessed the transformation of Liujiashan Village.

Get out of the urban heat island and come to the village for the summer!

Its film arrangement is only 0.7%, but it is the most worth seeing in the near future.

Special feature of 1905 film network Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your memory disappeared one day?

We have seen too many movies, and we often meet people whose memories are fading away, and some incredible things have happened. Some people rely on their only remaining memories to find clues to solve crimes; Some people hit their heads and all their memories were restored; Some people can’t get their memories back all their lives.

The film officially released in the mainland cinema on February 23 rd once again took the memory as a knife. However, this time it is a little different.

1 What’s the difference between this film?

The main characters in the film "Love Before Memory Dies" are two old people. Ella Spencer played by helen mirren is a rebellious old girl, while John Spencer played by donald sutherland is a forgetful old warm man.

The old couple are both seriously ill. John has Alzheimer’s disease, which is what we often call Alzheimer’s disease. The disease makes his memory go wrong and slowly disappears. He needs to live in a nursing home, while Ella has cancer and needs to be admitted to the hospital. At this moment, the two will face eternal separation.

So, the two decided to take a trip in an RV. The English name of the film "The Leisure Seeker" is the name of this RV — — Leisure seekers. They walked all the way from Massachusetts to the south, recalling the experience of spending their holidays with their children. This time, their destination was Hemingway’s former residence in Sisuo Island.

I went to Hemingway’s former residence because John’s favorite writer was Hemingway. At the same time, John is also a teacher. His illness makes him forget the names of his wife and children, but he can easily say Hemingway’s works. Hemingway’s famous The Old Man and the Sea was finished here in Xisuo Island, and it is John’s favorite work.

Two old men "ran away from home" behind their children’s backs. John couldn’t drive because of illness, but during the journey, he drove the old car at a gallop. When Ella called the children, she told them, "Son, we won’t be long. There are some things that I must finish with your father.".

The film fills in the grief and sadness that Alzheimer’s disease would have brought to the family with a lot of jokes, making the whole film easy and interesting.

During the trip, John left his wife alone and drove away. When Ella got on a passerby’s motorcycle and caught up with John, John’s reaction was, "Why are you sitting on a motorcycle?" He has completely forgotten that his wife traveled by car with him.

Similarly, when he arrived in Pennsylvania, he asked Ella, "Where are we?" After Ella told him, he asked, "What are we doing in Pennsylvania?" He will forget his children, mistake his students, and forget the purpose of this trip.

However, he can’t forget English grammar. On the way, when they were forced to hand over the money by a sudden robber, he did not forget to correct the grammatical mistakes made by the robber. At this time, Ella scared away the robbers with a prepared shotgun.

"Love Before Memory Dies" is adapted from Michael Sadrian’s novel of the same name. As a road movie, it reveals the story of travel and uncovers an old story (not much to say, it will be spoiled if you talk too much! ), and behind this past, the focus is on marriage and old age.

In the last period of life, their attitude is not negative at all, and life is full of interest everywhere. Ella, played by helen mirren, painted her nails, wore a wig and put on lipstick. Even though she is not young, she is still a delicate woman. During the journey, the two will also look at old photos with slides.

From the preview, we can also see that the two spent a beautiful and romantic night in the hotel suite. John talked to ella to the fullest; "I can’t believe my wife is so beautiful", the gentleman invited her and they embraced and danced together. The couple who have been together for fifty years have a very funny and warm daily life, and their love is indestructible in the face of aging and death.

The two leading actors won numerous awards.

"Love Before Memory Disappears" was selected as the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival in 2017. After the premiere of the film festival, some media reporters praised helen mirren’s performance. Helen mirren won the Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for her film, and won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Queen the following year.

Helen mirren in The Queen is noble and solemn, but she is very conservative. When helen mirren portrays Elizabeth II after learning of Princess Diana’s death, she reminds herself by saying "I am the queen" every day. And her superb acting skills have been greatly affirmed.

In addition, helen mirren won the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival with and twice.

Donald sutherland, the actor, should be the most familiar Canadian in China. He is also quite powerful. He is the winner of the 90th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. Previously, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor twice for Citizen X and War Path.

Donald sutherland has appeared in many films, including series,,, and so on. It is worth noting that he once appeared in the works directed by Xiaogang Feng in 2001. His role is Taylor, the great Hollywood director who came to China to make a film.

It can be said that the performances of donald sutherland and helen mirren were impeccable. Many foreign media commented on "Love Before Memory Dies", although they were quite critical of the film’s plays, they still affirmed the performance of these two drama bones, saying that this is the most attractive part of the film, which is quite convincing. "Every wrinkle is a play, and every expression contains the most complicated emotions in the character’s heart."

3 Italian local teams shoot American films.

Paolo Virzì, the director of Love Before Memory Dies, has shot many Italian local comedies, and can be said to be one of the representative figures. His "My name is Tanino" has all been shortlisted for the Venice Film Festival. "Love Before Memory Dies" is the fourth time that he has been selected for the Venice Film Festival.

But his international fame is not very great. In the 74th Venice Film Festival, many famous directors gathered, and his works also received a lot of attention. Especially with the blessing of the two leading actors, the judges can feel the more delicate emotional expression.

Paolo Virzì never thought that he would make a film that had nothing to do with Italy. When he was invited by an American film producer, he decided that helen mirren and donald sutherland must play the roles.

He said: "When I was filming this film as an American director, I always reminded myself of my Italian identity. On the set, I felt the common feelings of human beings. I tried to look at this story from an Italian perspective, and I kept my own style: shooting this film with a story that is true, human, ironic and mixed with comedy and tragedy. "

Yes, this is the concept that Paolo Virzì has always adhered to: there is always tragedy in comedy, and only dramatic plots can make people laugh.

The foreign media "SSG Syndicate" described the film as a bittersweet and warm journey, and the excellent performance made this film. Film Journal International commented that although this film is a bit ordinary, it is very enjoyable in most cases.

When talking about this film, "CineVue" said: "Sorrow and sadness are often dangerous, but" Love Before Memory Dies "is not like this. Even if love comes to an end, they are still celebrating." The critics of RogerEbert.com even shed tears when watching it.

In addition, although the film was shot in the United States, most of the film’s creative team are Italian. Photographer Luca Bigazzi has worked with Italian director paolo sorrentino in many film and television dramas.

Musician Carlo Wizz and director Paolo Virzì are old partners, and he has participated in Osodo and My Name is Tanino.

Editor Jacob Quadri worked with the director on My Name is Tanino, but he is famous for working with Italian director bernardo bertolucci.

Toy spoiler again, sexy goddess villain joins Marvel Comics.

I don’t expect Marvel Comics spoilers, but I can’t stop the spoilers of toy manufacturers.

Funko Pop, the spoiler, directly announced the new series of "X-Men ’97" series "Red Queen" Madeline Phulel doll, which is the role of limited animation that Marvel Comics is currently building.

In previous Marvel Comics movies, this character has never appeared, which is the first show.

If you haven’t read comics, Madeleine may not be familiar with them, but she has two more famous names in Marvel Comics, the Red Queen and the Fairy Queen, which are villains in the X-Men.

Everyone may be more familiar with the ontology of the Red Queen. Phoenix Qin Gelei and Hong Huangshou are clones of Qin Gelei. In order to fight against the apocalypse, Mr. Jing Xie, the villain in the X-Men, got Qin Gelei’s DNA and cloned the Red Queen.

After the death of Phoenix Qin, the Red Queen, who has the same ability as Qin, became a substitute, and also gave birth to a child with the laser eye, which is the cable that appeared in the movie Death Attendant 2. Unfortunately, Qin didn’t die and came back, which directly led to the blackening of the Red Queen and signed an agreement with the devil to become a villain.

The Red Queen has almost the same ability as Chin, with telepathic ability, and even some memories of phoenix force and Chin, so her ability is very fate.

Because the dressing style after blackening is very bold, it is also a role that major cartoonists like to draw very much. Send some illustrations.

Combined with the predictions of many British media, leicester city’s relegation probability is above 55% on average.

Combined with the predictions of many British media, leicester city’s relegation probability is above 55% on average. Followed by Leeds, with an average of 47%, Nottingham with 40% and Everton with an average of 35%.

There are still two games left in the Premier League, and the biggest topic is Manchester City’s reversal of victory over Arsenal and who will fill the second place in the relegation of the British Championship.
Southampton failed to avoid relegation, but the 19th leicester city (30 points), 18th Leeds United (31 points), 17th Everton (32 points) and 16th Nottingham Forest (34 points) were fiercely competitive. on going
Combined with the predictions of many British media, leicester city’s relegation probability is above 55% on average. Followed by Leeds, with an average of 47%, Nottingham with 40% and Everton with an average of 35%.
The remaining two games are more complicated. Leicester will go to Newcastle United to compete for the third and fourth place, so as to secure tickets for the UEFA Champions League (UCL) next season. Their last opponent is West Ham United at home.
Leeds United’s appearance order is West Ham United (away)-Tottenham Hotspur (home). If West Ham draw with Leeds United, they will be confirmed to stay. Even if they emerge from the UECL semi-final, the league is different. Tottenham Hotspur need to catch up with Leeds United to save the Champions League. Leicester and Leeds are almost as anchored as West Ham.
Everton’s order is wolverhampton wanderers (away)-AFC Bournemouth (home), and the latter confirmed their accommodation. That’s why Everton has a higher chance of staying in the team, because the pressure on the other team is less. Nottingham’s ranking order is Arsenal (home)-Crystal Palace (away). Arsenal lost the title race. With one game less, Manchester City still topped the list with a 4-point lead.
Manchester City will play in the order of Chelsea (home)-Brighton Hof (away)-brentford (away). Beating Chelsea is guaranteed. Arsenal should want Manchester City to lose to Chelsea. We must seize Nottingham and wolverhampton wanderers at the same time with the hearts of thousands of people. Of course, Manchester City’s victory is certain. Arsenal played Nottingham first, then Manchester City played Chelsea. This is a big disadvantage. Arsenal are strengthening ties with the players who are behind in the championship competition. The attack team included Leandro Trossat, Gabriel Martin Nelli, Gabriel Jeju, Eddie Nkitiya, Bukayo Saka and Martin Edgor, but they concluded that they lacked.
In the case of entering many reinforcement candidates, it is natural to pick up the ears in the teams that have been relegated. Leeds often mentioned Rodrigo Moreno and Patrick Buckford. According to reports, Arsenal put Snake Ford in sight.
Bamford is a resilient and fast striker. He signed a contract with Leeds until June 2026, but if he falls into the mire of relegation, he may move. Of course, I remember winning in Leeds, so it is possible to maintain my sanity, but even if it is not Arsenal, Aston Villa and other upper-middle-class teams, the temptation is great.
In Southampton, which ranked last, midfielder James Ward Fraus is rapidly becoming a transfer target. Ward Fraus also wants to move, so his value will go up. It is said that Bamford’s worth has reached 20 million pounds (about 33.2 billion won).
Rodrigo’s contract will end in June next year. Liz’s position is that as long as it exceeds 10 million pounds (about 16.6 billion won). It is said that Aston Villa Unai emeri is what she wants. If Li Kangren (Mallorca) is held in emeri’s arms, Rodrigova will finish the story of "reunion" after Valencia.
Everything depends on Liz’s choice. However, if you stay away from relegation, the situation will change 180 degrees.

3,000 runners gather in Zhongxian County, Chongqing! 2023 Three Gorges Juxiang Pastoral Marathon starts.

Video loading … Hualong. com-New Chongqing Client News (Qiu Xiaoya) At 8:00 on April 22, 2023, the Three Gorges Orange Township Pastoral Marathon started in the pastoral complex of the Three Gorges Orange Township in Zhongxian County, Chongqing. 3,000 marathon enthusiasts from all over the country gathered together and set up two projects: half marathon (21.0975 km) and happy run (6 km).

2023 Three Gorges Orange Country Pastoral Marathon started. According to the organizer, the Three Gorges Orange Country Garden Complex is one of the first batch of 18 national-level garden complex pilot projects in China. The Three Gorges Orange Country Garden Marathon Corridor built in the garden complex according to the international marathon track standards provides runners with a high-standard track for running. The contestants set off from the tourist distribution center, crossed the fruitful 10,000-mu orange sea, and passed through the scenic spots such as Daomeng Space, Qinglong Lake and Hehai in Orange Township, accompanied by orange fragrance all the way.

Player Wang Tao won the championship in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 7 seconds. Photo courtesy of the organizer After fierce competition, in the men’s half race, Wang Tao won the championship in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 7 seconds, Wang Mingcheng won the runner-up in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 30 seconds, and Sheng Wang won the third place in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 32 seconds. In the women’s half, Dong Tian won the championship in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 23 seconds, Ye Rui won the second place in 1 hour, 25 minutes and 5 seconds, and Wu Ruixue won the third place in 1 hour, 27 minutes and 2 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the name of the 2023 Yangtze Three Gorges Marathon has been announced, and interested runners can register through Yundong Chongqing’s official micro-signal. The competition will be held in Zhongxian County in December, and runners will once again run in the heart of the Three Gorges Reservoir and enjoy the Yangtze River bonsai. (This article is from the new Chongqing client APP, please download it in major application markets.)