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Why didn’t Hua Xizi cut with Li Jiaqi?

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Hua xizi set fire to his body.

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Author | Yang Lei

Editor | Wei Xiao

Unexpectedly, Li Jiaqi’s anger for the accident of Hua Xizi is still fermenting.

Yesterday, after work, Hua Xizi, the "silent lamb", suddenly sent an apology, saying that he was late. "I have a few words to tell you," and wrote a 450-word essay.

Hua Xizi summed up the state of these days with the words "sincere fear, at a loss". However, regarding the incident itself, Hua Xizi didn’t say a word about whether an eyebrow pencil in 79 yuan was expensive or not, and the negative impact on the brand caused by Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks and the countermeasures.

In the words summed up by netizens: talking a lot means saying nothing …

In order to make up for consumers, Hua Xizi will also give away 10,000 eyebrow pencils for free use, but netizens don’t buy it.

Obviously, Hua Xizi’s public relations strategy did not work, but instead pulled himself from the edge of the incident to the center.

Early this morning, the PR people of Wangchuanhuaxizi fled overnight. And issued a statement in the circle of friends: I have resigned from Hua Xizi, and everything that happened in the hot search today has nothing to do with me.

According to Zhongxin Jingwei, people familiar with the matter said that Hua Xizi left a public relations department or collectively.

The situation has spread to this point, and Hua Xizi has been in chaos both inside and outside. But after clarifying the origin of this matter, we can’t help asking a question: Hua Xizi has been thinking about it for so many days, why hasn’t he cut with Li Jiaqi?

It’s time to untie Li Jiaqi

Suppose that the "Li Jiaqi taunts consumers" incident happened to other brands and anchors. What kind of judgment will the brand make at the first time?

A routine operation is that the brand will draw a clear line with the anchor at the first time. If it is serious, the brand will also hold the anchor accountable.

However, Hua Xizi clearly knows where the consumer is angry, but he doesn’t say anything about it. This is also one of the reasons why consumers don’t buy Hua Xizi’s apology behind this open letter.

Judging from the equity penetration chart, Li Jiaqi actually has nothing to do with Hua Xizi. However, Hua Xizi, founded in 2017, was able to go from obscurity to the head of domestic beauty cosmetics in three years, but it was all thanks to Li Jiaqi.

Looking back in the process of AI Blue Media Convergence, Li Jiaqi is deeply bound, and Hua Xizi can be described as a step into the sky. In 2019, double 11 promoted Hua Xizi to rank seventh in Tmall beauty category with GMV of 250 million yuan. In 2020, Hua Xizi became the first in the turnover list of domestic beauty cosmetics with GMV of 235 million yuan, and in that year, double 11 went straight to the second place in the category of Tmall beauty cosmetics with a turnover of over 470 million yuan.

With so many domestic products queuing up for Li Jiaqi to bring goods, it happened that Huaxizi was the most favored. The reason behind this, Li Jiaqi summed it up like this: "I have been with Hua Xizi for many years. I am the one who knows best how Hua Xizi got up. They almost gave me their home. I almost took Hua Xizi’s surname Li."

In other words, Hua Xizi is working for Li Jiaqi.

Earlier, 36Kr reported that it was rumoured that Li Jiaqi got a profit share as high as 100%-120% by cooperating with Hua Xizi, which was equivalent to brand inversion.

Although Hua Xizi denied this statement, saying that the cooperation between the company and the anchor was at the average level in the industry, Hua Xizi’s high marketing expenses were spread evenly on 79 yuan’s eyebrows, so that consumers could instinctively think about whether it was worth it.

When Li Jiaqi shouted "Where is it expensive?" And let consumers can’t afford to find their own reasons, this noisy point turned into a sword and stabbed Hua Xizi.

Can be described as Li Jiaqi, Li Jiaqi also destroyed.

In fact, Hua Xizi has also shown growth fatigue in the past two years. In 618 this year, the pre-sales of Huaxizi in Tmall, Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker did not exceed 100 million yuan, which is the second year in a row. In 2021, in 618, the overall sales of Huaxizi reached 263 million yuan, which exceeded 100 million yuan during the pre-sale period.

Visible, binding Li Jiaqi, also cannot once and for all. However, Hua Xizi did not untie Li Jiaqi in time according to the routine, which also showed that they were tied too deeply to some extent.

Are the "Hua Xizi" in danger?

Hua Xizi once represented "new domestic beauty". What is "new domestic beauty"? Redefine design, aesthetics and make consumers more confident in using it.

The most representative is not 79 yuan’s eyebrow pencil, but Huaxizi’s carved lipstick. In 2019, the carved lipstick, which abandoned the public film and adopted the ancient micro-carving process, became a hit in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and Hua Xizi became famous. It takes oriental aesthetics as its selling point, establishes its own oriental beauty makeup system, and puts concentric locks, dowry, micro-carving, Miao Yin, batik and other elements into product design one by one. At that time, Hua Xizi’s exquisite and unique packaging design also repeatedly triggered discussions on social platforms.

After tasting the bonus of carved lipstick, Hua Xizi worked hard on the outer packaging. According to public information, Hua Xizi applied for 177 patents, more than half of which were product packaging design.

Excessive force on the outer packaging has gradually begun to disgust consumers. Some netizens teased: Hua Xizi is more like a company selling outer packaging.

New domestic products are expensive, not groundless.

A very direct action is that consumers begin to "weigh" the new domestic beauty cosmetics.

Before, the perfect diary stiletto was weighed by consumers to verify that the perfect diary was more expensive than Armani lipstick.

For Hua Xizi, consumers are even more merciless. Everyone accurately calculated that the price per gram of Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil is as high as 985 yuan, which is more expensive than gold.

The star product Huaxizi Loose Powder, which once sold explosively, is on the same level as Chanel under the calculation of netizens. It is understood that the price of Huaxizi Loose Powder is 169 yuan, the net content is 8.5g, and the unit price is 19.88 yuan. The price of Chanel Loose Powder is 590 yuan, and the net content is 30g, and the unit price is 19.67 yuan-which means that Huaxizi Loose Powder is more expensive than Chanel.

Cosmetics should not have been weighed, but in the face of the fact that the unit price per gram is higher than that of the first-line big brands, and its brand value and practical value are much worse than that of the big brands, it is difficult for consumers to convince themselves that they must support "new domestic products."

After the recent incident in Li Jiaqi, the most lively place is the live broadcast room of old domestic products represented by bee flowers.

A flower falls, and thousands of old Chinese goods are born. To a certain extent, it also shows that whether it is a good domestic product is really not defined by the brand itself, but judged by consumers.

Today’s topic

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Creation camp and youth have formed a group one after another. Where will the rest of the trainees go?

1905 movie network news After KUN and Rocket Girl, capital and audience are looking for the next "KUN" and "Rocket Girl".


According to the "White Paper on Idol Industry and Fan Economy in 2019", the size of China’s fan economy market has reached 45 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 60%; It is estimated that the total size of China’s idol market will reach 100 billion yuan in 2020.


Behind the growing market scale, the trainee market, as one of the origins of idols, has become hot, and various talent shows have appeared together, and C-bit group has become the common goal of most trainees.

In the just-concluded "Creation Camp 2020" finals, seven trainees, namely, Xilin Nayi Gao, Akira, Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin, Sally Liu and Zhang Yifan, stood out from 101 contestants and became the winners of the night.

However, the idol draft system has always been a pyramid, with a few people standing at the top, and the losers constitute a wide and thick tower. Most of the trainees who fail to form a group may gradually disappear from the public’s field of vision with the decline of the popularity of the program.


And more practitioners, may be at the end of the trainee’s career, is still a nobody who didn’t get a chance to perform.


"Nobody" is the norm.


In the era of fast food, trainees have become one of the most common ingredients in the canteen made by inner entertainment idols. This is also one of the few paths that ordinary people take to the Avenue of Stars.


In 2014, in order to fulfill her dream of being the lead singer of a women’s group, Mumu resigned from a job as a primary school music teacher in her hometown of Xi ‘an and started her career as a trainee in Beipiao. The company has excellent resources, which corresponds to the training plan of benchmarking Korean system. The normal training time is ten hours every day, but self-training is the norm.


"It’s normal not to sleep at night, because someone will always work harder than you." During that time, Mumu practiced for an average of fifteen hours a day. Double training is the best way to quickly acquire the qualification for debut from an amateur and survive in the fierce competition. Lisa, a tutor who came out of the trainee mode, once said that she would practice until three or four in the morning because opportunities were not always there.



Brokerage companies usually arrange systematic training courses for trainees, including vocal music, dance, performance, etc. Like graduating classes with heavy schoolwork, there are corresponding weekly and monthly exams. Some companies will distribute nameplates with different ratings to trainees according to the test results, and they are required to wear them at any time until the next test rating changes.


For Mumu, the most difficult thing is physical training every day. The pain caused by push-ups and zama steps comes not only from the body, but also from the psychology. If the number of exercises is not up to standard, the whole team should do it together. If you don’t want to get involved with your teammates, you can only force yourself to reach the standard as soon as possible.


After about two years of training, I moved to Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The initial team of more than 300 people became smaller and smaller, and the day of formal group formation was getting closer and closer. In the end, Mumu’s Group A successfully broke through, but on the eve of his official debut in South Korea, he was told that the plan was cancelled.

"The whole mentality has collapsed, and there is no income. I have been doing one thing for two years, so I have worked hard through layers of selection. As a result, when I want to debut, some requirements that I have never known are in front of me. If you don’t cooperate, you can’t debut." At that moment, Mu Mu felt that two years of hard work had been wasted.


"One is the reason for the contract time of eight to ten years, and the other is the plastic surgery. Although he didn’t say that forcing will make you whole, in fact, there are some in the contract, and some people before the company, some of them are quite serious." Because of doubts about these two points, Mu Mu didn’t sign the contract, and finally the group plan ran aground.


In 2018, Hua Du, CEO of Lehua Entertainment, admitted in an interview with the media that it takes at least 40 million to 50 million to be a group. This also makes the brokerage company have to sign long-term contracts with trainees. The person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue said that the contract period should take into account the time of pre-training, and also hoped that the creation of artists would be a long-term plan.


After ending his trainee career, Mumu was once confused. Although the dream of the female lead singer ran aground, her love for music remained the same. Shuttle between reality and dreams, let Xiao Mu learn to do his job as a music training teacher, and strive to move forward in the direction of outstanding independent musicians.


And some of the trainees who once had an intersection with Mu Mu are still active on the stage, such as Yasaki, who formally formed a group in Youth with You 2, and contestants Mo Yao and Shujun Ma. In Xiao Mu’s eyes, these people have made great progress in various businesses and are more confident than before.


Without a suitable exposure platform and a groping training system, most trainees may be "nobody" throughout their lives.

As a former passer-by, Mumu disapproves of people who are very young to be trainees, because the pressure disproportionate to their age has a great impact on a person’s mind. If they are able to go online and become mature, they can also make a debut as trainees.


Freedom sometimes gives way to dreams.


In contrast, some people are much luckier.


"When Aidou came across the stage, I was shocked and liked him very much. In fact, he was a very cute boy under the stage." Before entering junior high school, Bubble Zhu was circled by the stage performance of a Korean male star in the mobile phone screen. This also inspired her to follow in the footsteps of idols and become a trainee.

This idea has also been supported by parents. At that time, there was a trainee auditioning in the company. Accompanied by his mother, Bubble Zhu participated in the competition and was chosen by luck.

After several years of training, Bubble Zhu got the opportunity to participate in Youth with You 2. According to the person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue, the company currently has about 40 trainees (including those who have appeared). Under the premise of limited resources, the internal competition of the company is equally fierce.



Although he stopped in the top 35, Bubble Zhu’s life has undergone some subtle changes. At first, someone asked her for her autograph, and there were more program announcements, so she had some fresh work experience. But if there are not enough topics and works to maintain the popularity, even mature artists will soon be forgotten by the market, especially trainees who have just been concerned by the audience and the market.


Bubble Zhu also has his own regrets in Youth with You 2. She thinks that the styles of her performances in the first three performances are similar, and she failed to show more of herself. In order to have a chance to show herself more comprehensively next time, she made a training list for herself. Although simplicity and freedom are the state of life she wants to maintain, her anxiety about the future may have been hidden in her subconscious.

Besides being an artist, she also wants to be a freelancer who travels around and makes a living by bringing goods. In the eyes of the new generation of trainees, freedom sometimes gives way to dreams, and success requires corresponding chips.


At present, in the trainee market, more people may not even have a chance to tour the idol talent show. In 2018, the two programs "Creation 101" and "Idol Trainee" involved about 15,000 trainees. Few people can "have names" on the stage, and most of them are unknown.

Even if you stand in the spotlight, the light condensed on the draft stage is always cold. No matter whether you make a successful debut or not, high-quality works and personalities are the best preservatives for artists. For trainees born in Generation Z, it may be more important to be yourself than to be a member of KUN or Rocket Girl.


Continue or change careers, each trainee has a different answer.

Presenting the centenary of the founding of the party, the TV series "Red Boat" produced by the reception desk is turned on!

The Red Boat, a major revolutionary historical TV series produced by the Central Radio and Television General Station, produced by the Television Drama Documentary Center of the General Station, and produced by China TV Drama Production Center Co., Ltd., has been officially launched in Hengdian Film and Television City recently. The drama will reproduce the historical process of the Communist Party of China (CPC)’s birth, development and growth from 1919 to 1928 in a panoramic way, and vividly interpret the connotation and value of the "Red Boat Spirit".

Launching ceremony of "Red Boat"

The TV series "Red Boat" is guided by the "Red Boat Spirit", which tells the story of Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu and Zhou Enlai, and other proletarian revolutionary pioneers’ persistence, hard work and selfless dedication under arduous circumstances, focusing on the purity of communist party people’s initial heart, the truth of doctrine, the firmness of faith and the beauty of personality.

The whole play is ambitious, grand in structure, solid in play and true in historical facts, which shows the story of China and the strength of China, and artistically shows the historical inevitability of China’s road.

"Red Boat" stills

As the key repertoire of "A Tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC)", the TV series "Red Boat" interprets the historical logic and initial struggle of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in the past century from the original point, and its shooting and production has extraordinary historical significance and strong practical significance.

"Red Boat" stills

The production team of the play is strong, directed by Yeming Song, who has directed many masterpieces of major revolutionary historical themes such as Marshal Peng Dehuai and Diplomatic Fengyun. Young actors such as Wang Renjun and Xi Wang co-starred with powerful actors such as WangZhifei and Dong Yong, and powerful actors such as Yang Lixin and Ding Liuyuan joined in.

"Red Boat" stills

The main creators of the crew will uphold the spirit of artisans, adhere to the standards of profound thinking, exquisite art and excellent production, aim at high quality, high efficiency and high productivity, reproduce major historical events in a panoramic way with the artistic creation of the new era, stick to their original intentions, keep in mind their mission, take the promotion of the "Red Boat Spirit" as their own responsibility, and strive to hand over an answer that satisfies the audience.

"Red Boat" stills

Sichuan men are drunk to death after eating the New Year’s party, and when they drink to death, they fall asleep.

  "As long as you are in love, you should fall asleep when you drink to death", and the rhetoric on the wine table turned into a real tragedy: last week, Gao Hua (pseudonym), director of the legal service office of Linshi Town, Fuling, hosted a banquet for local cadres, then went home drunk, went to bed and never woke up.

  Go home drunk and die in bed.

  Yesterday (January 19) morning, the person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that at 1 pm on January 14, Director Gao, who lives in Fuling City, called him and two other comrades in the office to have a group dinner.

  Jiang recalled that two months ago, he became the director of the institute. On the day of the dinner, Jiang had other business and didn’t go to the group annual banquet. The next day, he received a phone call from Gao’s family, saying that something was wrong.

  After 1 pm that day, Jiang rushed to Gaojia and learned what had happened: On the evening of 14th, Gaojia went home to sleep with drunkenness after entertaining guests. At 12 noon the next day, I was still in bed. His family called him to get up for lunch, but no one answered.

  "When the family checked, they found that his body was cold." Jiang said. Afterwards, everyone thought that he was in good health and died of drunkenness.

  I drank 6 liang of white wine before the accident.

  According to an insider, there were 13 people who attended Gao Hua’s banquet that day, including two deputy mayors of Linshi Town, two staff members of the grassroots department of the Judicial Bureau, staff members of the Judicial Office of Linshi City and court staff of Linshi Town.

  The guests recalled that on the same day, Gao frequently toasted the guests during the dinner, and asked everyone to give their support in the work in the coming year. Many guests estimated that Gao had drunk more than six taels of liquor at that time.

  "He has a good capacity for drinking, and he can drink more than a catty at ordinary times." A guest said. They didn’t expect that something happened when they drank more than six taels that day. Another guest said that on that day, after drinking more than six taels of wine, he was dizzy and faltered.

  After the dinner, the guests left one after another. The next day, they received news that Gao was unfortunately drunk to death.

  The family claimed 380,000 yuan from the Justice Bureau.

  Yesterday afternoon, Xiong Yiping, director of the Fuling District Judicial Bureau, told reporters that after the incident, Gao’s family found the Judicial Bureau and thought that Gao died on business: Gao invited guests to dinner, not for himself, but for the legal service office, so Gao’s family claimed 380,000 yuan.

  Director Xiong said that the Bureau of Justice only provides business guidance to the legal service office, and the service office has nothing to do with the Bureau of Justice, whether it is personnel or business, so it is impossible to talk about death in the line of duty. However, considering that Gao’s child is only 14 years old and is in the second grade, the bureau decided to give relief to Gao’s family.

  On the evening of January 16th, with the active handling of the Judicial Bureau, Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association signed an agreement with its family to compensate for financial difficulties. It was revealed that the compensation was more than 200,000 yuan. The day before yesterday, Gao’s body was cremated.

  Director Xiong did not disclose the amount of compensation to reporters, but he did not deny the compensation. He said that compensation is being raised and will be paid to Gao’s family on January 23.

  (3) compensation by government departments

  According to reports, the government of Linshi Town, the district judicial bureau and the district court, where the guests who accepted the banquet on that day, will give certain compensation for difficulties.

  The person in charge of the legal service office of Linshi Town, surnamed Jiang, said that the Fuling Grassroots Legal Service Workers Association initiated more than 10 legal service offices in the district to donate money to Gao’s family: each office donated at most 5,000 yuan and at least 2,000 yuan. This sum will also be part of the difficult compensation.

  There is also a sum of compensation from 13 guests who attended the banquet that day. Director Xiong of the Justice Bureau said: Thirteen guests each donated 1,000 yuan as compensation for Gao’s family. According to the reporter’s understanding, last year, a unit in the district had a treat and a guest was drunk. The court decided to compensate the family members of the deceased according to the proportion of whether the guests participated in persuading or gambling on alcohol.

  Yesterday, a guest who had donated 1000 yuan said that Gao’s unfortunate death made him feel very uncomfortable, and he would drink less in the future. He believes that this is a tragedy caused by the "wine custom". The wine custom of "as long as the feelings are close, you should fall asleep when you drink to death" and "deep feelings and one mouthful stew" should be abandoned. (Nie Chao Teng Zhouhui)

Editor: wangxin

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon red warning.

  CCTV News:According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon red warning at 10: 00 on July 26th: the center of Typhoon DOKSURI (super typhoon level) No.5 this year was located at 8: 00 am on the 26th in the south of bashi channel, about 350 kilometers south of Eguanbi, Taiwan Province Province, China, which was 18.8 degrees north latitude and 121.3 degrees east longitude. The maximum wind force near the center was 17 (57. The lowest air pressure in the center is 925 hectopascals, the radius of the seventh-level wind circle is 300-450 kilometers, the radius of the tenth-level wind circle is 120-180 kilometers, and the radius of the twelfth-level wind circle is 90-120 kilometers.

  It is estimated that Du Surui will move to the northwest at a speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour, with little change in intensity. It will move into the northeastern part of the South China Sea from the night of 26th to the morning of 27th, and then gradually approach the coastal areas from Fuqing, Fujian to Huilai, Guangdong, and will land in the above coastal areas from the morning of 28th to the morning, with the maximum possibility of landing in Jinjiang, Fujian to the coastal areas at the junction of Fujian and Guangdong (strong typhoon level, 42-48m/s, 14-).

  Gale forecast:From 14: 00 on the 26th to 14: 00 on the 27th, there will be 6-8 winds and 9-10 gusts in bashi channel, the east of Taiwan Province, the northeastern and southern seas of the South China Sea, the Taiwan Province Strait, the southern part of the East China Sea, Taiwan Province Island and its coastal areas and Fujian coastal areas. Among them, the winds in bashi channel, the waters east of the northeastern South China Sea, the waters south of the Taiwan Province Strait and the southern coastal areas of Taiwan Province Island can reach 9-12 and the gusts are 13-15.

  Precipitation forecast:From 14: 00 on the 26th to 14: 00 on the 27th, there were heavy rainstorms in parts of eastern Zhejiang and Taiwan Province Island, among which there were heavy rainstorms (100-150 mm) in parts of southeastern coastal areas of Zhejiang and heavy rainstorms (250-400 mm) in parts of eastern and southern Taiwan Province Island.

  Defense guide:

  1. The government and relevant departments shall, in accordance with their duties, do a good job in typhoon prevention and emergency rescue.

  2. Water operations and passing ships in relevant waters should return to Hong Kong to take shelter from the wind, strengthen port facilities, and prevent ships from anchoring, grounding and collision.

  3. Stop large-scale indoor and outdoor gatherings and dangerous outdoor operations such as high altitude.

  4. Reinforce or dismantle structures that are easy to be blown by the wind. Personnel should not go out at will. They should stay in windproof and safe places as far as possible, so as to ensure that the elderly and children stay in the safest place at home, and the dangerous people will be transferred in time. When the typhoon center passes by, the wind will decrease or stay still for a period of time. Remember that the strong wind will suddenly blow, and you should continue to stay in a safe place to avoid the wind, and the dangerous people will be transferred in time.

  5. Relevant areas should pay attention to prevent flash floods and geological disasters that may be caused by heavy precipitation.

Without Li Jiaqi and Viya, which beauty brands are better off?

Reporter | Chen Qirui

Editor | Lou Qinqin

Not all beauty brands rely on head anchors.

On July 13th, the local beauty brand Polaiya said at the investor exchange meeting that in 2021, the head anchor delivery accounted for a small single digit in the total sales of product live broadcast. On Tik Tok, nearly 60% of Polaiya’s live broadcast activities are self-broadcast by the brand. At present, Polaiya mainly broadcasts live on Tmall, Tik Tok and JD.COM platforms.

During the "6.18" period in 2022, Polaiya ranked fifth in the Tmall beauty sales list; Its make-up brand Caitang ranks ninth in Tmall’s make-up sales list. In the future, Polaiya will continue to broadcast live, and this year, it will open a second official account in Tik Tok, mainly to promote popular items such as the essence of double antibodies.

According to the report of Qingyan, the information media in the beauty industry, Lin Qingxuan’s self-broadcast accounted for 60% during the "6.18" period in 2022, and the master anchor accounted for 40%. Shanghai jahwa Group, which owns brands such as herborist and Yuze, started the construction of the live broadcast center in December 2021, saying that 70% of the self-broadcast content will be completed by the internal team in 2021, and the store self-broadcast GMV will increase by more than 300% year-on-year.

According to the research report of CITIC Securities, in 2021, Li Jiaqi and Viya will account for about 10% of the live broadcast sales of Polaiya. Li Jiaqi and Viya accounted for about 25% of the live broadcast sales in shanghai jahwa, mainly in Yuze and herborist. According to the report, most A-share cosmetics listed companies are not highly dependent on the head anchor.

With the rise of anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Viya, live broadcast has become an important channel for beauty brands to promote online sales growth.

In this process, the head anchor promoted the sales growth of high-end overseas brands such as Lancome and Estee Lauder, and also made new domestic brands such as Perfect Diary and Flower Xizi come out of the circle, while local brands such as Polaiya and Yuze, which have been established for many years, also made a second spring through live broadcast.

However, the problem that some brands rely too much on the head anchor soon appears. The head anchor has a stronger voice, and the pit fee is more expensive. Beauty brands entering the live broadcast room of the head anchor sometimes lose money and earn traffic. Previously, the dispute between Li Jiaqi and L ‘Oré al also showed that the head anchor’s price requirements risked disrupting the brand price order.

Recently, after anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Viya stopped broadcasting one after another, some brands also realized that over-reliance on head anchors would increase the uncertainty of development. During "June 18th" in 2022, Li Jiaqi suddenly stopped broadcasting, which once caused a large inventory backlog of brands.

In fact, some beauty brands have already begun to reduce their investment in the head anchor, mainly by adding more stores to broadcast themselves. As early as the early outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, some beauty brands such as Lancome began to gradually increase their investment in self-broadcasting in order to reduce the losses caused by the closure of stores.

With the rise of short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, beauty brands have gradually extended their self-broadcasting channels from Taobao. In addition to beauty brands, the practice of self-broadcasting is also used by shopping malls such as Yintai, and counter clerks can broadcast live in shopping malls after training. Yintai’s self-broadcasting in shopping malls has established its own system.

Since the previously popular head anchor has gradually faded out, whether it is willing or not, it has become an inevitable trend for beauty brands to reduce their dependence on the head anchor. But not all brands can achieve sales growth through self-broadcasting.

At present, the successful self-broadcast beauty brands have usually developed in the market for a long time, and have a large number of sales points in offline channels. They have a considerable budget to build a live broadcast base, which can be broadcast by their own teams on Tmall and Tik Tok, and also gain exposure in the live broadcast of comprehensive shopping malls such as Yintai.

For those start-up brands, it is usually difficult to get traffic attention by choosing self-broadcasting, and entering the live broadcast room of the head anchor is often a key step for them to enter the mass market. In 2022, the "6.18" Tmall beauty and make-up sales list also showed that, without the support of the head anchor, the number of start-up local brands on the list had been greatly reduced, and overseas brands that had been suppressed once again dominated the list.

The excessive concentration of resources by the head anchor leads to the inequality of the right to speak between the anchor and the brand, but also because of the concentration of resources, the head anchor can bring rare traffic to small brands that lack exposure. In the current period when the field of head anchor is still green and yellow, start-up brands and small brands may face more challenges.

Still want to fight the Lakers? Tommy Tam talks about James again. The Rockets are ready and have the Splash Brothers.

This year’s offseason, the Lakers and Suns are the most active teams, and their lineups have been reinforced. Therefore, many fans believe that the western part of the new season will be a situation in which the Nuggets, Lakers and Suns are the top three. But in fact, there is still a team that we have neglected, that is, the Houston Rockets. In the past, there were three fewer Thunder and six fewer Rockets. They were Smith, Shen Jing, Ethan, Green, Amen and Whitmore. The Rockets are all talented and have too much potential to tap. For example, Whitmore, who is the MVP of the Summer League, was only the 20th overall pick in the draft. In fact, in terms of real strength, he is not worse than anyone in the top five overall picks.

It is not enough to rely only on young people. The Rockets understand this truth very well, so they also made two operations. First, they laid off Silas and hired Uduka. Last year, the Green Army reached the finals, which was led by Uduka. Uduka attached great importance to defense and was also good at tapping the potential of players. He was very suitable for coaching a team like the Rockets. Look at this year’s Green Army. After Uduka’s class, the Green Army’s defense could not be seen, and it was easily smashed by the Heat. Secondly, the Rockets also signed four veterans, namely Van Frith, Tommy Tam, Landale and Jeff Green. The joining of veterans can help young people grow up quickly.

After the end of the first round of G2 this year, Tommy Tam talked about James. At that time, he said, "I won’t respect James unless he cuts 40 points on my head." Tommy Tam’s remarks have caused a lot of controversy. Some people think that Tommy Tam is just a buffoon. James has been in the league for 20 years and is used to all kinds of storms. Tommy Tam’s behavior is just a trick in his eyes. But not long ago, Tommy Tam was interviewed. He talked about the Lakers again. Tommy Tam said: "I want to see my best self in Houston. I want to be better than last season and pay more. I am eager to play against the Lakers again. I don’t care how the outside world evaluates me. I want to beat the Lakers and LeBron (James). That’s it."

Tommy Tam’s meaning is obvious. First of all, he thinks that joining the Rockets is an opportunity for him, and he will have an explosion in the new season. Secondly, Tommy Tam is still unconvinced. He still wants to fight against the Lakers and James. He has to say that Tommy Tam really dares to say that he has been aiming at defeating the Lakers and James. It seems that losing to the Lakers this year has made Tommy Tam’s fighting spirit even higher, which is a good thing for the Rockets. In addition, Tommy Tam later praised Smith. He said: "I can’t wait to play with jabari (Smith). Our game styles are very complementary. I also talked with jabari for a while, and he can’t wait to start working. Our goal is the same."

Judging from Tommy Tam’s remarks, he is full of confidence in the Rockets in the new season. Tommy Tam believes that the Rockets will make great achievements in the new season, and he can also help the team make progress. In addition, Tommy Tam admired Smith Jr. very much. It is a good thing to have self-confidence, which is what the Rockets need most. In fact, in terms of lineup, the Rockets do have unlimited possibilities, such as Van Frith+Green, who are the splash brothers of the Rockets. Smith played well in the league this summer, and will only play better in Uduka’s hands in the new season. Shen Jing is known as "Little Jokic", with comprehensive ability and Ethan’s offensive and defensive integration. There is also Amen. His style is steady and mature, and his attack, defense and organization are impeccable. Whitmore is an underestimated rookie.

This rocket is really not simple. I dare not say that they can make it to the playoffs, but the possibility of getting a playoff place is extremely high. Don’t underestimate the fighting spirit of young people. At the same time, it is not difficult to lead the rocket to take off with Uduka’s coaching ability. Uduka was interviewed before. He said: "We have talked with all our players, and we have reached a common goal. We must cultivate the habit of winning."

AC Milan’s midfield configuration has fatal shortcomings, and it is necessary to reinforce the confrontation-capable experts this summer.

Competing for the Champions League next season will be the number one goal of AC Milan in the rest of this season. No matter for the future development of the team or the club’s financial income, the Champions League seat is an indispensable part. Moreover, this will greatly affect the investment and signings of management Maldini and Ma Sala in the transfer market this summer.

Compared with the front line and the backcourt, the position of the midfield is the most criticized by the Rossoneri this season. With the club’s current investment strategy and development vision, it is difficult to ask for both winning and beautiful scenes. Although the team can have some representative performances in the strong dialogue this season, it can’t control the situation frequently because of insufficient lineup reserves in the face of weak teams.

The combination of Ben Nasser, Tonali, krunic and Diaz in the middle is always in a state of ups and downs, and the confrontation ability often suffers losses on the court, which can’t cause enough trouble for opponents. If we can have a player who can fight and take on the dirty work, it will be a great boost to the Rossoneri’s midfield strength to liberate the strengths of Ben Nasser or Tonali.

Tonali is the most indispensable midfielder in Pioli’s team at present, who can attack and retreat, while others have certain shortcomings. Ben Nasser needs to be absent for a long time after being seriously injured, and his state is unknown. When he played with Diaz, because neither of them had an advantage, he was often regarded as the key target of attack by his opponent.

Although krunic, a tiger balm, can provide tactical functions in some cases, he can constantly make up for the position and coordinate defense in the backcourt, but once he needs to press forward or take on more offensive responsibilities, he can’t do anything about it. Combing and passing is not his strong point, and he can only contact his teammates through short-distance cross passes and return safe balls. The strength of players is obviously only suitable for the role positioning of rotation.

It may be the most appropriate solution to form an all-round balanced trio, so as to increase the personnel reserve and thickness of the lineup, and let head coach Pioli have more candidates with different tactical styles on the bench, and adopt different tactical arrangements according to different opponents to pursue further achievements.

The ultimate chat computer chats and finds that it has surpassed human beings. What will the future world be like?

Recently, there is a very hot thing called ChatGPT (Chinese is called chat generation pre-training transformation model). In fact, it is an AI artificial intelligence chat robot program.

It was born as hot as a supernova explosion, surpassing Apple, Google and Tesla. . .

So I also tried to chat with it for a day, looking for all kinds of questions and soul torture to see how this artificial intelligence is different from the previous one.

Chinese is an abstruse language, especially ancient Chinese, which is difficult for ordinary people to understand, let alone create.

So I gave GPT a question with reading+creation. The GPT answers as follows:

Preface to Linjiangxian-Tengwang Pavilion

The mountains and rivers here are also wonderful. The prosperity of the river table is beautiful! People who are on the outside are more lovely. If you don’t believe me, look at the height of this pavilion. There are clouds under the sky, and the water of the Yangtze River and the beach of white sand stones are fascinating. The people on the pavilion are so intoxicated that in the middle of the night, it seems that they can go straight to the sky, board the heavens and see the four seas.

However, I feel this way. As soon as I get here, I have deeply felt the culture of the river table, and its depth is as deep as the sea. Scholars, poets and singers, all have their own character and stand out from the rest of the world. Not only Huan Yi, Yang Zun and others, but also Shao Minghuang’s talents, Jin Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, all of them took advantage of this piece of land and became famous all over the world.

I have been admiring it for a long time since I lived here. Every desire to cultivate Tao Zhu, keep humble, in order to achieve. And repeatedly in the middle of the night, intoxicated with the joy of literati, listening to the talents of the group, quite emotional. Today, thanks to a visit, I paid a visit to this pavilion with reverence and opened a new chapter.

Linjiangxian, the name of the immortal, came here this time, like a fairy tour. Looking through your literature and listening to the words of literati, my heart is happy and I can’t help myself. The ink in the pen, unexpectedly from the initial sloppy, gradually to the magnificence, profound meaning, magnificent. It’s not surprising that it’s a one-step show.

Is to give it, spare time, come here. It’s not an insult to visit, nor is it a superficial move. If you want to talk about it, you can only encourage everyone with the origin of culture and the culture of Jiangnan. I hope that in the future, we can learn from each other and make progress together in cultural exchanges, so as to inherit the aspirations of our ancestors and achieve the great cause of Chinese civilization.

No typos or grammatical mistakes were found in the whole passage. The level has surpassed that of human (me) [covering my face]. . .

I found a math problem in the college entrance examination online, and GPT quickly gave an answer. . . I don’t know if there is anything wrong [covering my face] because I don’t understand anything except Chinese.

ChatGPT’s development company, OpenAI, has another professional AI painting program, Stable Diffusion, but it only supports inputting English prompts. If English is not good, there will be many difficulties in creation.

But now that I have GPT, I chat with it and tell it my own painting idea. Then I ask it for hints, and copy the hints into the stable difference, resulting in the following works. . .

There’s a dialogue in the 139th sentence of the comic book "The Demon Discharger at the End", which is a bit difficult. I’ll test it.

At the same time, compared with other translation software, GPT not only translated the literal meaning, but also showed the meaning it understood. . . Moreover, the dialog box of AI has no word limit, and it can translate an article, a contract or even a book.


GPT can also be programmed directly. I tell it the idea, and then it starts to "create" a game for me.

I wrote a large piece of code "beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. So the first game I created was born. . .

After a night of testing, I found that this GPT has existed in different dimensions compared with the previous artificial intelligence software (siri and the like) [stunned]

In fact, there are many things GPT can do, such as reading contracts, generating contracts, making PPT of tabular data, writing articles and writing scripts. . . Too much, too much. . .

ChatGPT was born only three months ago, and it is still evolving. Every question and answer is training and learning for GPT.In this regard, Google has issued a CODE RED alert, which is the first time in Google’s history, which is equivalent to a country being threatened by nuclear weapons. Major technology companies have said that they want to release their own AI products. . .

If a new scientific and technological revolution is coming, it must be an artificial intelligence revolution. I don’t know what the world will become in the future. I just hope that artificial intelligence can help human civilization evolve at a higher speed. (End)

Football News: Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang are basically locked in the three towns.

Live broadcast on March 11th, according to Lu Mi, a reporter from Football News, three Guangzhou players, Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang, were basically confirmed in the three towns of Wuhan, which showed enough sincerity in the process. After a long negotiation and waiting, three players were finally confirmed to join the team, which made the team more competitive. Under the current downward football market, the stable investment of the three towns and the AFC Champions League still have certain appeal to the players.