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Does the untrustworthy executor who shows off his wealth and owes himself 600,000 yuan on Tik Tok have any money?

  Cctv newsHe refused to perform the effective judgment but frequently flaunted his wealth in Tik Tok. He was hospitalized in the name of twins. After being found by the executive judge, he was removed from the hospital and escaped in the middle of the night. After being found under the bed at home, he tried to cut himself with a knife, claiming that he had no money, but there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table … …

  Recently, the People’s Court of Pudong New Area in Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Pudong Court) executed a private loan dispute case with an iron fist, and imposed compulsory measures on the executed person Zhang for 15 days in judicial custody, and also transferred him to the public security organ for criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  Lost contact Lao Lai Tik Tok Xuanfu executive judge tracking

  Since July 2014, Zhang has repeatedly borrowed money from her friend Ms. Sun on the grounds of capital turnover needs, with a cumulative amount of 600,000 yuan, and issued a debit note to Ms. Sun. However, after the loan expired, no matter how urged by the other party, Zhang refused to pay back a penny. Ms. Sun had no choice but to appeal to the Shanghai Pudong Court and won the support.

  However, after the judgment came into effect, Zhang still failed to repay the loan, and Ms. Sun applied for enforcement. Zhao Lirui and Chen Zhe, the judges in charge, repeatedly notified Zhang to talk in court, but failed. They did not find any property clues under his name through the property inspection and control system, so they included him in the list of people who were executed in bad faith and issued a "height limit order".

  How to find Zhang has become a difficult problem for the executive judge. Until July 2019, according to the clues provided by Ms. Sun, Tik Tok’s last few "fancy show off wealth" videos caught Zhao Lirui’s attention. The publisher is a man named "Mirage". In the video, he basks in money and luxury cars for a while, just like a "rich man". The positioning display video was released in a hospital in Shanghai. Ms. Sun’s identification, this person is Zhang.

  According to the judge’s analysis, if the video is really recorded and released by Zhang, it obviously has sufficient performance ability. Although he avoids it, he may be found through the location on the video. At this time, it was 8 pm, and the executive judge decided to give up the rest time and go to the hospital to find out.

  Alias hospitalization is full of doubts. Face recognition distinguishes the truth.

  When I came to the inpatient department, the nurse said that there was no patient named Zhang in the hospital. The two judges didn’t give up, and they took their mobile phones one by one to verify. After visiting for a long time, someone finally recognized that the person in the video seems to be an inpatient in the west area on the fifth floor, but it is strange that his registered name is not Zhang.

  The judge quickly found the man and found that his appearance was very similar to that of Zhang, so he asked him to take out his ID card for verification. However, he said that he did not have the habit of carrying his ID card with him, and stressed that he was not Zhang, but his "twin" brother. According to the information held by the judge, although Zhang does have a brother, they are two or three years old and cannot be twins. The judge had a clever plan and asked him to call "Zhang" on the spot, but he said that he and his brother had not contacted for many years and did not know each other’s phone number.

  Coincidentally, the man just received a short message at this time, and the judge caught a glimpse of the message clearly written on the screen that the short message was the information of the change of Zhang’s provident fund account. In order to lock his identity, the judge immediately contacted the public security department to carry out joint execution, and the police quickly rushed to the scene with a face recognition instrument. The comparison results showed that this person was Zhang.

  Pulling out the tube overnight, trying to get away, panicking and hiding under the bed

  In the face of hard evidence, guilty Zhang began to refuse to answer all questions. The enforcement judge had intended to summon him to court to talk, but after communicating with the attending doctor, his body had not yet reached the discharge standard. For humanitarian reasons, the judge immediately gave an oral warning and issued an enforcement notice and a summons to let Zhang go to the court to explain the situation immediately after he recovered from hospital. However, Zhang, whose whereabouts were exposed, didn’t wait until his body recovered, so he hurriedly pulled out the instrument and needle and was discharged from the hospital overnight, and once again disappeared.

  With the deepening of the investigation, the executive judge also found new situations. According to Zhang’s marriage registration information, he had been married once before marrying his current wife Ni, and he was always married with his first wife. "This means that Zhang has formed a family with two women respectively, and both of them have registered their marriages. If one party sues, he may constitute bigamy and need to bear criminal responsibility." Chen Zhe said.

  According to the address record left by Zhang during his residence permit in Shanghai, the executive judge found the residence of Ni and went to find Zhang many times, and finally found him one night two months later.

  Hearing the intensive footsteps approaching in the corridor, Zhang, who was in a panic, had no way to escape, and even the lights were too late to turn off. He simply hid under the bed and was caught by the executive judge and the bailiff.

  Desperate, self-mutilation with a knife, criminal responsibility and consequences.

  Even so, Zhang was still unwilling. After climbing out of the bed, he quickly took out a fruit knife from his pocket and put it on his left wrist in an attempt to threaten to obstruct the execution. The judge immediately issued a solemn warning to him that if he intends to expand the situation by ending his life, he will only face more serious legal consequences. After nearly two hours of criticism and education, Zhang’s mood finally calmed down.

  Zhang, who frequently shows off his wealth on the Internet, claims that he is a poor man and really has no ability to pay back the money. However, the judge found several credit card machines at the scene. After checking the credit card records, he found that the amount of each transaction was not small, and there were many gold ornaments in the bedside table.

  It was already past 1: 00 in the morning, and the judge decided to bring Zhang back to talk, but he kept his mouth shut about his property and refused to repay the debts he owed. In view of his repeated refusal to appear in court without justifiable reasons, his ability to perform but his long-term refusal to perform the obligation of effective judgment, and his obstruction of execution in various ways, the court imposed compulsory measures on him in judicial custody for 15 days according to law, and transferred the case file materials to the public security organs to investigate his criminal responsibility for refusing to execute the judgment or ruling.

  A month later, in the Executive Board of Pudong District Court, Zhang Hailou met with Sun Mou, the applicant of this case, and the two sides reached an implementation settlement agreement. Zhang Hailou returned 10,000 yuan to Sun Mou, and the remaining loan will be repaid in stages after Zhang Hailou found a stable job.

Cultural self-confidence, spiritual strength is more high.

Source: People’s Daily Online-People’s Daily Overseas Edition

Traditional non-legacy relies on the short video "circle powder" for the younger generation; The Battle at Lake Changjin, The Awakeing Age and other main melody film and television works have aroused empathy among the whole people; Weekends in museums and grand theaters have become a lifestyle … In the past year, China’s cultural undertakings and cultural industries have flourished, and people’s sense of cultural acquisition and happiness has been continuously enhanced.

Culture makes the country prosperous and the nation strong. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee clearly put forward the long-term goal of building a cultural power by 2035. How to stimulate endogenous motivation with culture and condense the spiritual strength of forging ahead in a new journey? Our reporter interviewed a number of deputies.

Cultural undertakings flourish.

According to Yan Jingming, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, literary and artistic creation has flourished in recent years, and literature, movies, TV dramas and stage art have all made great achievements, which is gratifying. "China writers have provided a large number of excellent works to express real life, tell the story of China well and carry forward the main theme of the times; Excellent film and television dramas carry forward the spirit of the times and are full of feelings of home and country, which has aroused enthusiastic response among the broad masses of the people, especially young audiences, and fully embodies the power of culture. "

Cultural undertakings such as press and publication, radio, film and television, literature and art have flourished, further enriching the spiritual and cultural life of the people; Museums and city parks are open for free, and public cultural services are continuously upgraded, making it more convenient for people to enjoy cultural life.

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, by the end of 2020, there were 3,212 public libraries, 618 art galleries, 5,788 museums, 3,327 cultural centers, more than 40,000 cultural stations and 575,400 village-level comprehensive cultural service centers. All public libraries, cultural centers, cultural stations, art galleries and more than 90% museums are open free of charge, achieving "barrier-free, zero threshold".

Wu Weishan, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and director of China Art Museum, has a deep understanding of the people’s high cultural enthusiasm. Since the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the number of people making appointments for China Art Museum is 1,800 per day, and tickets are often booked out several days in advance, especially on weekends. "This reflects the public’s demand for beauty and culture." Wu Weishan said that the China Art Museum also responded to the public’s voice by holding online exhibitions and other ways. In his view, it is necessary to strengthen the aesthetic education of the whole people, enrich and cultivate the social and cultural atmosphere with the idea, spirit, behavior and creation of beauty, improve the aesthetic and humanistic quality of the whole people and enhance cultural self-confidence with aesthetic education and cultural people.

Cultural self-confidence is constantly increasing.

Only by establishing a high degree of cultural self-confidence, can a country and a nation forge the determination to persist, the courage to work hard and the vitality of innovation and creation, and let the spiritual building of the country and the nation stand tall. At this year’s two sessions, the deputies generally felt that with the continuous development of China’s cultural undertakings and cultural industries, people’s spiritual and cultural life has been continuously enriched and cultural self-confidence has been continuously enhanced.

"In the process of China opera going out, we won applause and recognition from the world audience, which greatly enhanced the cultural confidence of our opera people. We are increasingly aware that only national ones are the world’s. " Li Shujian, deputy to the National People’s Congress and vice chairman of the Chinese Dramatists Association, said. In recent years, he has led Henan Yu Theatre to perform in more than 30 countries and regions, including Broadway in the United States and Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. "Especially after the performance of Henan Opera" Cheng Ying Saving the Orphan "in the United States, local stars enthusiastically took photos with us, and many foreign audiences met me backstage and said that we told a good story." Li Shujian said. In order to facilitate the understanding of foreign audiences, "Saving the Orphan in Cheng Ying" has subtitles in seven languages.

It is not only a traditional opera, but also the original opera’s going out to sea has let the world see the new atmosphere of China culture.

Ke Jun, deputy to the National People’s Congress and general manager of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, said that the original operas such as River of Transportation, Jian Zhen’s East Crossing and Rabe’s Diary used the concept of integration and innovation to tell the story of China in an international language, and promoted the exchange of civilizations and mutual learning. Among them, "Jian Zhen’s Journey to the East" and "Rabe’s Diary" toured in Los Angeles, new york, Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna respectively in 2019, and were appraised by Chinese and foreign media as "China’s original opera with high standard, high quality, deep connotation, phenomenal level and world level".

"These achievements have enabled us to see the new atmosphere of a cultural power and greatly enhanced our cultural self-confidence. The creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture is promising. " Ke Jun said.

Building a strong cultural country

This year is the second year of implementing the 14th Five-Year Plan. How to better promote the construction of a strong cultural country is also a topic of concern to the deputies.

The success of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics showed the world the strength of digital technology in China and the charm of China culture. With the help of new technologies such as 5G, ultra-high-definition video and free viewing angle, the audience has gained a better sense of immersion and presence, which are the cultural and scientific achievements of the deep integration of cultural industries and new technologies.

This year’s government work report puts forward, "promote the digitalization of public culture, promote the optimization of the layout of grassroots cultural facilities and resource sharing, and expand the supply of high-quality cultural products and services." In this regard, Ma Huateng, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman and CEO of Tencent’s board of directors, believes that the integration of cultural science and technology is the cross-cutting field of the two strategies of strengthening the country by culture and technology, and the special project of "cross-border application" of cultural scientific and technological achievements should be deployed to promote the value spillover for other industries, further enhance the independent innovation capability of science and technology, and at the same time deploy the special project of "deep application" of cultural scientific and technological achievements to promote the high-quality development of cultural industries.

Han Yongjin, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of the National Library Council, believes that it is necessary to strengthen the theoretical research of cultural power, especially the research on the index system of cultural power; At the same time, we should pay attention to giving full play to the power of literature classics to make the words in them come alive. "Literature classics are engraved with the spirit of China and the soul of the nation, bearing the historical memory, ideological wisdom and knowledge system of the Chinese nation, and are the driving force and source for us to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." Han Yongjin said that the most fundamental thing to make the words in the classics come alive is to guide everyone to read. This year, national reading has appeared in the government work report for the ninth time.

Embracing the future is also the aspiration of the representatives of the literary and art circles. Ji Wei, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and vice chairman of the Chinese Quyi Artists Association, believes that the COVID-19 epidemic has changed the performance mode of traditional Quyi. "In the Internet age, traditional folk art cannot be absent. Every literary and art troupe must adapt to the new situation in which online and offline performance methods coexist and communication methods change, and give full play to the role of literary light cavalry. " Ji Wei said, "As long as the’ soul’ of traditional folk art is still there, it will certainly attract the attention of young people."

The latest situation of table tennis World Cup: Olympic runner-up led the team to win, Germany, South Korea 8

On the evening of December 7th, Beijing time, the Chengdu Table Tennis Mixed Team World Cup continued, and four teams came on stage again for two matchups, namely, South Korea VS Sweden and Germany VS China Taipei. Among them, the second-seeded German team won 8-2 under the leadership of Olympic runner-up Shan Xiaona, ending the losing streak.

As for Sweden, which played inextricably with Japanese players not long ago, the performance was poor this time. In the end, the fourth seed South Korea won 8-2, and it was not an upset-please see below for details.

The battle between South Korea and Sweden is quite interesting. Although the overall strength of the former is obviously stronger, it is mainly the female players who are stronger. As for the male athletes, they have little advantage over Sweden. However, after the start of the competition, the Korean mixed doubles team Zhang Yuzhen/Tian Zhixi took the lead, losing 1-2 to Carlson/C Carlberg (10-12, 11-6, 6-11), and the Swedish team successfully gained the lead.

However, in the second set, South Korea quickly succeeded in counterattack. As a marginal main force, Li Shiwen quickly won 11-9, 11-9 and 11-8 in a row, sweeping Sweden’s top player Berg Sterlon. This shows the great strength gap between the two teams of female athletes.

The third set was the battle of focus. South Korean Lin Zhongxun played against Swedish men’s singles No.1 Carlberg. Not long ago, Carlberg almost overturned Zhang Benzhi and lost 2 points in the deciding game. However, this time, he lost 7-11, 8-11 and 8-11, and the Swedish team was forced into a desperate situation.

In the fourth set of men’s doubles, the former world number one and now world number two Korean team Zhang Yuzhen/Lin Zhongxun played Karlsson/A Carlberg. As a result, the first two ended the battle with 11-7, and the total score of South Korea beat Sweden 8-2.

Germany is the second seed in this competition. However, Shan Xiaona, the Olympic runner-up, is the only core player. Bohr, Ochalov, Francesca, Qiu Dang, Han Ying and Mittham are absent one after another. In terms of strength, they are not even in the top four. They have lost to Sweden and France in succession before, but the China Taipei team they met this time is not at its peak.

Like Germany, the China Taipei team did not have the top three athletes Lin Yunru, Chuan Chih Yuan and Zheng Yijing, so the group stage was almost eliminated. Chen Siyu, the number one player in the quarter-finals, kept resting, and it was not realistic to win Germany.

In the first set of mixed doubles, German meissner/Winter played against China Taipei’s Yang Jiaan/Li Yuhuang. In the first set, the first two players lost 3-11, but then they won two 11-7 turnovers in a row, successfully gaining a 2-1 lead in the total score.

The second set was the battle of focus, in which Shan Xiaona and Chen Siyu, the strongest main players of the two teams, played against each other. Although Shan Xiaona is 40 years old, but the fast break is still powerful, he won the first prize with 11-7, but he was defeated by 8-11 in the second game. In the deciding game, Shan Xiaona rallied and finally ended the battle with 11-7, helping the German team to expand its advantage.

In the third set of men’s singles, Walther, a German player, played against Ye Zhiwei of China Taipei Team. The former’s offensive quality was obviously higher, and he soon ended the battle with 11-9, 11-8 and 11-5. In the fourth set, German women’s doubles team Shan Xiaona/Winter made persistent efforts and finally defeated Chen Siyu/Huang Yihua 11-6, thus defeating China Taipei 8-2 with a total score, ending the previous losing streak.

In this way, after losing in a row, Germany finally saved the face of the second seed, so what kind of ranking and achievements will they finally achieve? Let’s continue to wait and see!

Yao only scored 9 points in the fund game! The strongest surface 175 is not as good as Fang Shuo, and now even CBA can’t be played.

Thomas Jr., who was neglected in the NBA last season, was once reported to have joined the T1 League in Taiwan Province, China. However, due to a series of unreasonable demands put forward to the team (to stay in a five-star hotel, the food, clothing, housing and transportation of relatives and friends must also be paid by the team), he finally did not appear in the Baodao League. Thomas Jr., who is 34 years old, is far less competitive and physically functional than when he was a Celtic. In this Yao Fund Charity Tournament, Thomas Jr. is the absolute big name of the international star team, and his performance has really attracted everyone’s attention.

After the CBA has completely opened the home and away system, Thomas Jr., a star with a certain popularity, is indeed a potential target of CBA teams. However, given that he has no ball to play in the past season, his competitive state is still worrying, so this Yao Fund Charity Tournament may also be an important indicator for some CBA teams interested in signing him.

However, after the whole game, Thomas Jr. scored only 9 points, even worse than Fang Shuo (16 points). The offensive end relied too much on outside projection and was limited by his height. It was almost difficult for Thomas Jr. to score in the restricted area through breakthrough. Although Thomas Jr. won the full support of the fans at the game break or after the game, CBA is a stage that needs to speak with strength after all. If Thomas Jr. can only play the role of "selling tickets" like Jeremy Lin, I’m afraid most teams will flinch from him.

With the approaching of the new season, many CBA teams have signed their own foreign aid one after another, and only two teams, Kenya and Sichuan, have not yet confirmed their small foreign aid. Sichuan had previously been in contact with Gordon, who played for Beijing Control last season, so the only team that could sign Thomas Jr. was Kenya. However, at present, we don’t even know where to put the home court of the new season, and even the core players like Wu Guanxi and Zhao Lingzhou have given up. It is estimated that it is impossible for Kenya to spend a lot of money to sign Thomas Jr.

Of course, it is not ruled out that Thomas Jr. will sign other CBA teams as a third foreign aid later, but if he refuses to put down his posture, or comes to CBA to "collect and fight", he is bound to be a passer-by in CBA. In fact, in recent years, there have been many small foreign AIDS in CBA, such as Pierre Jackson and Feld, who have proved themselves in CBA.

Malanville, who played in Sichuan last season, Brandon Taylor, who played in Ningbo, and Brandon Jefferson, who played in Tianjin, although their strength was limited, they dared to play the game and were recognized by the fans. If little Thomas really wants to play in CBA, I hope he can keep a humble attitude. If he is a condescending and arrogant attitude, even if he was the strongest 175 on the surface, he is destined to be eliminated by CBA soon.

Xinhe county holds primary and secondary school track and field games and inter-class exercises competition

In order to further promote the nationwide fitness campaign, on April 18th, Xinhe County held the 2023 track and field sports meeting for primary and secondary school students and the inter-class exercise competition in the stadium.

It is understood that 25 teams and more than 5,000 students participated in this competition from 25 primary and secondary schools in the county. During the competition, the neat pace, standard movements, dashing and bright smiles of all participating teams became a beautiful scene, which fully demonstrated the confident, lively, positive and enthusiastic spirit of all primary and secondary school students, as well as the indomitable spirit of the times, and further promoted the in-depth development of sunshine sports.

In the end, 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes were selected, and the participating guests presented medals to the winning teams. (Xinhe Education)