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The Rockets want to return to the playoffs immediately. The media bluntly said that it is crucial to do five things well, and Wu Shuai can turn the stone into gold.

There are still more than two months before the start of the new NBA season. Of course, fans seem to be impatient. Especially on the Houston Rockets side, this summer, the management recruited people everywhere. Although they didn’t win the first-team super giant, the Rockets can’t be called the top strongmen, but in the past three years, the Rockets won only 59 games in total. Obviously, the team has no room for decline and they are likely to make progress in the new season.

Not to mention the final result, the Rockets definitely want to return to the playoff stage immediately, and it is crucial for the local media to do five things bluntly. This includes Amy Uduka’s coaching ability, overall defense of by going up one flight of stairs, experience advantages of new veterans, terrible bench depth and young players, which is expected.

As the new head coach of the Rockets, replacing Steve Silas with Amy Uduka may be the biggest promotion of the Rockets this summer. Amy Uduka led the Celtics back to the finals in her first year in office, which proved his strength. The media also believe that Wu Shuai can turn the stone into gold, truly make the talent of young Rockets players cash, and put the whole team on the right track.

Amy Uduka advocates defense and discipline. This summer, the management of the Rockets also found this type of player. From Fred Van Frith, Dillon Brooks, Amen Thompson to Jock Landale, plus jabari Smith, Jason Tate and Tarry Ethan who were originally in the Rockets, they may form a steel defense line in the new season.

The Rockets are free market this summer, and all the players they brought in are around 30 years old or above. What they have in common is that they have both fighting capacity and experience. Especially Fred Van Frith and Jeff Green, both of whom have championship experience, and Dillon Brooks and Jock Landale will also speak in the dressing room, and they can provide guidance and function for young players.

After the offseason reinforcement, the depth of the Rockets bench looks at the whole league, which may be outstanding. Kevin Porter Jr., Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore all have the potential to become the super sixth man. Of course, don’t forget Jessean Tate and Tarry Ethan. They may have relatively average data, but they are indispensable frontline engineers for the Rockets.

Finally, the two rookie rockets Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore are really exciting. Amen Thompson, in particular, can complement Jay Green perfectly, and his organizational and defensive abilities can come in handy immediately. Cam Whitmore was elected as the MVP award of the Summer League. Although the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, the Rockets can get a master of chaos in the 20th pick, and it is impossible to lose.

[A little information] The top 8 of the World Championships decided that four seats were born, two major tragedies, two world champions were eliminated, and China teenager 6.

On April 22nd, Beijing time, the 1/8 final of the Snooker World Championships continued. Yesterday, three competitions ended, resulting in two tragedies and a big upset. The two tragedies were Mark Allen’s 12-4 explosion of Bingham, O ‘Sullivan’s 13-2 massacre of Wafi, and the big cold was that Jack Jones, a dark horse, defeated Australian artillery Robertson 10-7 after the 1990s, so that the quarter-finals of this World Championships were decided. O ‘Sullivan and Jack Jones, two new world champions Bingham and Robertson were eliminated, and China teenager Si Jiahui temporarily led veteran Milkins 6-2!

This season’s hottest Mark Allen and World Championship champion Bingham met in a narrow way and staged a seed dialogue. As a result, the game turned into a one-sided massacre. With a 4-3 lead, Mark Allen then made a stormy attack and won the match point with a powerful attack wave that won eight games in a row. Bingham blasted a single shot to break the hundred in the sixteenth game and finally won a game to stop bleeding, but in the seventeenth game, Mark Allen made a shot. As a result, Bingham was blasted with 12-4. In this game, Mark Allen’s firepower was super fierce, and the audience blasted 13 shots with 50+. The powerful offensive directly smashed Bingham and created a tragedy!

Defending champion O ‘Sullivan faced WAFI who eliminated Ding Junhui. As a result, the match between the two men was full of fiery flavor. WAFI exploded and kicked off, which completely angered O ‘Sullivan. O ‘Sullivan also responded with strength. The fire was all on, and he won 6-2 in the first stage. In the second stage, he won 7 games in a row. He ended the battle ahead of schedule with a score of 13-2, and he was beaten hard to create this session.

Australian artillery Robertson faced Jack Jones, a dark horse born in the 1990s. As a result, Robertson lost the fiery state in the first round. He played very badly, and the whole audience felt very depressed. Jack Jones relied on winning six games in a row in the second stage, and finally defeated Robertson with a surprise of 13-7. Jack Jones only shot two shots and five shots and 50+ in the whole game, so that Jack Jones beat Carter and Robertson in succession.

China teenager Si Jiahui and 47-year-old veteran Milkins finished the first stage of the competition. Si Jiahui felt very hot. Facing Milkins, who was in a depressed state, he blew a shot to break 100 and a 4-shot 50+, and got a 6-2 lead. But then Si Jiahui must not be careless, beware of Milkins’ counterattack. His first round of 2-7 backwardness and shocking reversal of JoPerry is an example. We must resist his counterattack!

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Yongxiu, Jiangxi: More than 4,500 people run the "Migratory Bird Kingdom" at the start of the half marathon.

From: People’s Network-Jiangxi Channel

People’s Daily Online Yongxiu On April 22nd, the much-anticipated "an all-consuming love Dreaming of Wucheng" 2023 Jiangxi Yongxiu Half Marathon started in Wucheng, a migratory bird town in China. More than 4,500 Chinese and foreign racers raced in the hinterland of Poyang Lake, deeply enjoying the beautiful scenery of "World Wetland and Migratory Bird Kingdom" and experiencing the ecological charm of Yongxiu with running and speed.

Certified by China Athletics Association, this competition is co-sponsored by Yongxiu County People’s Government, Jiujiang Wenguang New Tourism Bureau, Jiujiang Sports Bureau and Jiujiang Forestry Bureau, and undertaken by Yongxiu County Wenguang New Tourism Bureau, Yongxiu County Education and Sports Bureau and Yongxiu County Forestry Bureau. A total of three events are set up: half marathon (21.0975km), national fitness running (7.5km) and party member model walking (7.5km). The routes are carefully planned by the organizing committee of the competition, accompanied by birds and flowers all the way, runners can enjoy the natural beauty of spring in Poyang Lake, and also enjoy the elegant demeanor of the migratory bird kingdom and the ancient town with thousands of years.

The contestants started from the tourist center of the migratory bird town in Wucheng, Yongxiu County, and passed through Wucheng scenic spots and landmarks such as Yongwu Highway, Poyang Lake Ecological Civilization Exhibition Center, Ji ‘an Hall, Huanzhen Highway, Wucheng Paigong Lane, which is known as the "most beautiful water highway", and walked through the Poyang Lake Nature Reserve, with birds singing in their ears from time to time, which perfectly integrated sports with nature.

Located in the core area of Poyang Lake ecological wetland, Wucheng is one of the four famous towns in Jiangxi history, a national 4A-level scenic spot and the first "China migratory bird town" in China, with pleasant climate, fresh air and beautiful scenery, which provides an excellent place for all kinds of leisure sports and competitive competitions.

In the end, after fierce competition, China track and field athlete Peng Jianhua won the men’s championship in 1 hour, 07 minutes and 20 seconds. MelkamAlemayehuTassew from Ethiopia won the women’s championship in 1 hour, 12 minutes and 42 seconds. "This is my second visit to Yongxiu. I feel that people here are very enthusiastic and the track is the most beautiful track I have ever seen!" Peng Jianhua said happily at the half marathon award ceremony.

"Take the scene as the medium and make friends with the game. We organically combine sports, characteristic tourism and other advantageous resources to provide a good platform for the holding of sports events. At the same time, this will greatly enhance the popularity of scenic spots in Yongxiu and stimulate the development of local tourism. " The relevant person in charge of the Wenguang New Tourism Bureau of Yongxiu County said that next, Yongxiu will hold many wonderful activities such as cultural festivals, music festivals, cross-country rally races, lobster festivals, etc., to cultivate new highlights of tourism consumption, continue to polish the global tourism brands, and boost the high-quality development of the county’s tourism industry. (Shi Yu, Zheng Wenbin, Li Panpan)