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AITO asks M7, an "all-around vehicle" that satisfies perfectionists.

"An idealist who is unconstrained and unconstrained, a painter who hopes to live in a fantasy land." Miss Ni, the owner of M7, described herself like this. "Choosing a car is difficult for a girl, not to mention that I am a perfectionist." As everyone knows, a person who is uninhibited and uninhibited when painting, in the face of real life problems, is difficult to choose.



In the middle of the year, the goddess of luck came to Miss Ni. Being in a first-tier city, she was happy to get the car purchase index, and fell into ecstasy after learning the news. But soon, Miss Ni was entangled again. "I want to buy a car that is perfect in all aspects, but I am afraid of disappointment. Being a perfectionist is too tired! " She vomited.


Bound mseven"Pentathlon" in the eyes of perfectionists


After a period of investigation and comparison, Miss Ni finally chose the M7 as her new car. Friends have expressed their incomprehension. Why did a little girl choose such a big 6-seat SUV? In the interview, Miss Ni told us the reasons for her decision to buy a new car with the confession of "perfectionist".



"For a car, my request is quite a lot. First of all, the space is big enough, and the car makes me feel insecure; Then there is that intelligent technology must be in place, and the configuration should be rich enough and intimate enough; Yan value and aesthetic online, this is also a must; There is also the hope of saving fuel. Now that the oil price is so high, it is better to take a taxi if you don’t save fuel! " In the eyes of a perfectionist like Miss Ni, even if she has a thousand choices, she must find the car that best matches her needs.


Fortunately, she still found M7 who meets the perfect standard of pentathlon.


"Large space represents security"


Regarding friends’ questions, Miss Ni has a unique and interesting point of view: "I hope the car can be bigger, not because I am greedy for more space, but because of a ‘ Big guy ’ Not only can it hold my little universe, but it also makes me feel safe ‘ Protection force field ’ 。”



Wenjie M7 has six large spaces with a body size of 5020x1945x1775mm and a wheelbase of 2820mm, and its longitudinal distance is superior to its peers. In addition, Wenjie M7 is equipped with the industry’s first commercial AITO zero-gravity seat, which opens the zero-pressure suspension with one button and ergonomically creates a first-class comfortable ride experience.



"In the uninspired night, go to a place where there is no one with your car and bid farewell to external disturbances. Lying in the chair, looking at the stars and the moon through the skylight, imagining the story between them, being unconstrained and isolated, and feeling safe. " Miss Ni shared it, and her eyes sparkled.


"Strong intelligence represents imagination"


In Miss Ni’s view, imagination is a gift from the world, which originates from the connection between people and the world. "The more nodes you connect, the more imagination you can get. Not only the connection with people, animals, music and history is the source of my imagination. Just like smart devices, asking the wisdom of M7 is even a better choice than imagination. "



The M7 is equipped with the HarmonyOS intelligent cockpit, which can provide car owners with an unimaginable intelligent travel experience anytime and anywhere. Super desktop, realizing seamless transfer of multiple devices to the car, and mobile applications can get on the bus at any time; Intelligent voice interaction, which can be said visually, has more intelligent reminding function to create a top-level interactive experience; The intelligent scene from HarmonyOS makes the interior environment more comfortable and the car machine knows the owner’s mind better.


"Multiple configurations represent vitality"


"At the peak of my creation, I want to get more and create more every day, and tossing is essential. Youth and vitality have nothing to do with age, but are determined by mentality. Although the environment and platform will decide a lot, whether it is there or not and whether it is wanted or not are two different things. There are more choices in life and more cars. I believe no one will refuse, but that is the vitality! "



The vitality of Miss Ni’s mouth is displayed in the rich configuration on the M7. Front seats come standard with seat massage and ventilation heating; Dual 40W wireless fast charging makes the mobile phone full of power at all times; Unit 19 HUAWEI SOUND sound system, luxury mobile concert hall; Studio-class soft light queen mirror, with soft light, can easily create beautiful makeup; 128-color ambient light and 3-slot fragrance system add more colors to life. Haopei is standard, and the world M7 builds an all-round technology cockpit with vitality.


"High face value represents creativity"


For almost all girls, Yan value is definitely the highest weight in the process of car selection, and so is Miss Ni. But her judgment on car design is not limited to face value. "High face value is not only important, but also the source of my creativity. If it is a conservative car, it will make me feel boring. But if it is too angular, it will make me feel that creativity is bound. "



The M7 continues the ultimate, simple and pure design concept of the series of models. The visual appearance is luxurious, calm and extremely symmetrical, and the interior design style is people-oriented and experience first. Through exquisite design techniques, the M7 combines attractive classic symbols with luxurious body elements to create a high-value luxury smart car that is more suitable for modern people’s aesthetics, so that more consumers can take the car as the origin and stimulate the creativity of their beautiful peers.


"Low energy consumption represents execution"


Because she got the fuel vehicle index, Miss Ni didn’t consider the pure electric vehicle, and she didn’t want those uncontrollable and constrained conditions. The extended-range hybrid of M7 is different from traditional energy sources, which not only has long battery life, but also has low fuel consumption. The unique characteristics of the world give her a sense of deja vu and old friends.



Thanks to the intelligent platform of pure electric drive, Wenjie M7 can provide Miss Ni with a comprehensive battery life of 1,220 kilometers for a tank of oil, a four-second acceleration of 100 kilometers and a fuel consumption as low as 5.8L. Based on the excellent chassis and suspension adjustment, the driving quality of the M7 is both maneuverable and comfortable. With 6 driving modes and 3 energy consumption modes, this freedom-loving girl can enjoy more driving pleasure at lower travel cost.



"Quiet and powerful, I appreciate the character of being able to work hard in a place that others can’t see, with execution but not exposed." Miss Ni commented on the new car like this.


In Miss Ni’s eyes, the M7 is an "all-round model" that makes perfectionists satisfied. She smiled and said, "I know there must be a perfect product in the world, but the process of finding it is always difficult and painful." Fortunately, I didn’t give up my initial intention and standards, which is another inspiration that I chose to ask M7. "

On October 25, the news inventory.

  The three major indexes of A-shares were mixed: more than 4,000 stocks rose and the infrastructure sector strengthened.

  Up 0.4%,Up by 0.47%,It fell by 0.9%. The turnover exceeded 870 billion,, engineering consulting,Large infrastructure sectors, such as steel, led the gains.The medical sector was among the top losers. View the original > > >

  Can trillions of special government bonds "ignite" A shares? Four times in history, they all walked out of the high point.

  On the evening of October 24, Xinhua News Agency reported that the central finance will be in the fourth quarter of this year.In 2023, the national debt will be 1,000 billion yuan, and all the additional national debt will be arranged to local governments through transfer payment. The purpose of this issuance of special treasury bonds is to concentrate on supporting post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, making up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, and improving China’s ability to resist natural disasters as a whole. View the original > > >

  Lee Ka Chiu John: Hong Kong will reduce the stamp duty on stock transactions from 0.13% to 0.1%.

  Lee Ka Chiu John, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said today (25th) that Hong Kong will reduce the stamp duty on stocks from the current 0.13% to 0.1%, with the aim of completing the legislative process before the end of November. View the original > > >

  The marginal improvement signal of A-share market frequently appears in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.One-day "sucking gold" is nearly 4.6 billion yuan.

  The data shows that on October 23, the total funds of stock ETFs in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets4.592 billion yuan. As of October 23, the management scale of 792 stock ETFs (stock ETFs and cross-border ETFs) in the whole market was nearly 1.60 trillion yuan. View the original > > >

  Zhang Kun, Xiao Nan, Liu Geming, Fu Youxing, etc.The manager’s heavy stock is released.

  The third quarterly report of the fund shows that Zhang Kun has adjusted the allocation structure of industries such as consumption and medicine, and Xiao Nan has increased the rightAnd Fu Youxing reduced his holdings of electronic stocks and increased his holdings of chemicals, home appliances and other stocks. View the original > > >

  Xie zhiyu jiacang(of investors) reduce one’s shares in a listed company Zhu Shaoxing reduced its holdings.(of investors) increase one’s shares in a listed company

  According to the latest data, several products managed by Xie Zhiyu of Xingzheng Global mainly reduced their holdings in the A-share market in the third quarter., increasedIn terms of Hong Kong stocks, the positions of such stocks have mainly increased.The position, such as reducing the stock. Besides,Zhu Shaoxing, mainly reduced in the third quarter,, increased.And other stocks. View the original > > >

  The third quarterly report of Gelan was released: overweight,For this fund, the position is large.

  In the third quarter, Glen stepped down as the fund manager of several funds. By the end of September, the accumulated scale of the three funds currently under management was about 63.8 billion yuan, which was nearly 13 billion yuan lower than the 76.7 billion yuan at the end of the second quarter. With the continuous disclosure of the fund’s third quarterly report, the latest positions of the three funds currently managed by Gulen also surfaced. Every time the reporter noticed, the allocation of two medical theme funds was mainly reduced., added,,Positions of such stocks; On the other hand, in the new starting point of China-Europe Mingrui, the positions have been greatly adjusted, and seven of the top ten awkward positions have been changed, making it the largest awkward position. View the original > > >

  Fu Pengbo and Zhu Yi of Ruiyuan Fund increased their positions against the trend in the third quarter.And photovoltaic stocks

  The "unique foundation" managed by Fu Pengbo, a well-known fund manager of Ruiyuan Fund-Ruiyuan Growth Value disclosed the third quarterly report of 2023. According to the third quarterly report, as of the end of the third quarter, the size of the fund was 23.377 billion yuan, a decrease of 2.052 billion yuan compared with the end of the second quarter, and the stock position dropped slightly to 9.120%. In addition, on August 28th, Ruiyuan Fund increased its share of A by 22,943,800. View the original > > >

  The latest investment trends such as Liu Yanchun, Zhu Shaoxing and Xie Zhiyu were exposed.

  Judging from the position adjustment in the third quarter, Liu Yanchun reduced his holdings.、; Liu Geyu stuck to his existing positions and did not make major structural adjustments; Zhang Kun has adjusted the allocation structure of industries such as consumption and medicine, and Zhu Shaoxing will turn over more "stones" in the future. In view of the current situation, some fund managers call "Rome wasn’t built in a day". Looking forward to the market outlook, many fund managers said that after the decline in the third quarter, the overall valuation attractiveness of the equity market has been further enhanced, and they are firmly optimistic about the prospects of stock assets, full of hope for the market outlook, and believe that the market will eventually return to rationality. View the original > > >

  The third quarterly report reveals the emergence of long-term capital layout path one after another. Fund andPosition exposure

  As of October 23, more than 500 A-share listed companies have disclosed the third quarterly report of 2023. Among the companies that have disclosed the third quarterly report,Such as companies with large market value held by social security funds,QFII is a company with a large market value. View the original > > >

  Asked about the popularity of the new M7: 5,000 units were "blindly ordered" in 17 days, and the car delivery was scheduled for February next year.

  On October 25th, AITO released the latest "blind subscription" report card of M9, which has exceeded 15,000 units so far. This achievement is only 17 days after Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei’s smart car solution BU, said that "10,450 orders were blindly booked and 8,040 orders were accumulated". View the original > > >

  Heavy! Add 1 trillion national debt to water conservancy infrastructure or stand on the wind!

  Among the eight major aspects of the key use of 1 trillion yuan of national debt, four are related to water conservancy, including key flood control projects, other key flood control projects, irrigation area construction and renovation, key soil erosion control projects, and urban drainage and waterlogging prevention capacity improvement actions. View the original > > >

  : the central government adds leverage to show its determination to stabilize growth.

  It is pointed out that according to Xinhua news agency, the central government will issue 1 trillion yuan of special treasury bonds in the fourth quarter of this year, which will be used to support post-disaster recovery and reconstruction and make up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief. The central government’s leverage has demonstrated the determination of the central government to stabilize growth. Considering that the issuance and delivery of bonds will take time, we slightly increase the fourth quarter and the whole year of 2023.The growth rate is predicted to be 5.6% and 5.3% respectively, and the annual growth rate of infrastructure investment may be above 8%, and it is expected that the policy effect will be more reflected in 2024. Fiscal policy overweight in the fourth quarter is expected to stabilize economic growth in the fourth quarter and even next year.Economic entities expect that further economic stabilization is expected. Looking forward to next year, it is expected that the proportion of the central government in the new deficit will continue to increase, and there is still room for the central government to increase leverage. View the original > > >

  Looking forward to the fourth quarter, it is generally judged that "positive factors are accumulating" and technological growth is still the main line in the medium term.

  Entering the fourth quarter, market volatility intensified. Recently, brokers have intensively released research reports, focusing on market hotspots such as A-share investment timing, trends and industry allocation. It is worth mentioning that a number of brokers have recently discussed the establishment of a "stabilization fund" (a fund established by the government in a legal way through a specific institution to smooth out irrational and violent fluctuations in the stock market by operating against the market index). View the original > > >

  "foreign shipments are almost the same!" Public offering: strong and weak roles or swaps of US stocks and A shares.

  DuojiaThe strategy report released this week shows that the biggest drag on the market in the near future is the outflow of funds from the north. Considering that many institutions have started to raise their expectations for the domestic economy, the outflow of foreign capital may be coming to an end. It is expected that the market with a-share and Hong Kong stock valuations greatly revised will have more valuable opportunities for bargain-hunting. Many fund companies emphasized that industries with low institutional investors and valuations at the bottom of history are significantly more resilient. View the original > > >

  Zhang Kun, the top flow fund manager, slightly reduced his scale in the third quarter.Is not the ultimate reward.

  In the third quarterly report, Zhang Kun said that fundamental investors often spend a lot of energy on analyzing and judging the future net profit level of enterprises, but net profit is not the ultimate return. Zhang Kun also stressed that we should not only pay attention to the profitability of enterprises, but also pay attention to the quality of prudent investment. View the original > > >

  : double eleven preheating on Pay attention to bibcock and emerging categories.

  The securities research report pointed out that this time, all platforms were urged to increase subsidies to make a cost-effective layout and lower consumers’ purchase threshold. Under the background of more active platform drainage and realization, the traffic will be further dispersed. In this case, the leading enterprises in the brand side are more likely to have competitive advantages because of their multi-channel operation ability, and some enterprises with differentiated operation advantages will also benefit potentially. View the original > > >

Xiaomi Group-W (01810. HK): In the fourth quarter of 2023, the revenue of smartphone business was 44.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20.6%.

On the evening of March 19th, 2024, Xiaomi Group -W(01810.HK) reported that the revenue of smartphone business in 2023 was RMB 157.5 billion, and the global smartphone shipments were 146 million units. In the fourth quarter of 2023, the revenue of smartphone business was RMB 44.2 billion, up by 20.6% year-on-year, and returned to year-on-year growth after seven consecutive quarters of year-on-year decline. In the fourth quarter, global smartphone shipments reached 40.5 million units, up 23.9% year-on-year, significantly exceeding the growth rate of the global market.

"A trip to the cool capital in spring" —— Central media and Internet experts focus on Liupanshui

  CCTV News:On April 11th, public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online and the Propaganda Department of Liupanshui Municipal Committee co-sponsored the large-scale media gathering activity of "Kangyang Resort China Liangdu". Journalists and network celebrities from more than 20 central and local key news websites from all over the country walked into Liupanshui together. During the two-day interview, the central and local media and online celebrities conveyed Liupanshui’s experience and achievements in the "three changes" reform work to the outside world through pens and lenses in their hands.

  During the activity, the collecting group went deep into the front line of poverty alleviation and development, while watching the modern science and technology shed and thinking about where this happy life came from.

  Hu Kefei, a reporter from China Culture News, said: "This is the second time to come to Pugu Township and feel shocked. A year ago, it was still a construction site. Now it has developed into an eco-tourism resort with perfect format and good infrastructure. Resources have become assets, farmers have become shareholders, and Liupanshui has obvious advantages in catching up and catching up." "As the saying goes, if you want to build roads before you get rich, Liupanshui is now a highway connecting counties and counties, and the improvement of infrastructure will inevitably promote economic development. Liupanshui is based on ecology, and the two advantages of resources actively accelerate the introduction of going out and get rid of poverty and get rich. The people are blessed." Ma Qiang, director of the Public Welfare Communication Department of public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online, said. "The poverty alleviation work here is done very accurately, and the benefits are really falling on the people. It is in place, and every work is done very solidly. I didn’t expect such great changes in the depths of the mountains. We will take advantage of this rare opportunity to interpret the "three changes" of Niangniangshan through storytelling and new media means to promote Niangniangshan’s experience in poverty alleviation. " Wang Yanshen, a reporter from Farmers Daily, said with experience. "What deeply touches me is that a set of data shows that the per capita income of ordinary people in Pugu Township has increased from 700 yuan in 2012 to over 10,000 now, or even higher. This is the great effect of the" three changes "policy. We want to show the achievements of Liupanshui and Panxian to netizens with the expression of new media, so that everyone can pay attention to Guizhou.Pay attention to Liupanshui. " 

  Speaking of Liupanshui’s "three changes" to help the poor, we can’t ignore Tao Zhengxue. This farmer entrepreneur in the depths of the mountains, with his unique vision and hard-working spirit, has created a world of his own. Rich and not forgetting his folks, he returned to his hometown to start a business with hundreds of millions of property, leading the whole village to pull out the "poor roots" and run a well-off society.

  "I left my hometown to work when I was 16 years old, and I worked in lead-zinc mines, coal mines and coal washing plants … … One person is not rich when he is rich, and everyone is rich when he is rich. It is my responsibility to lead the villagers to get rich together. " It is under this belief that Tao Zhengxue embarked on the road of returning to his hometown to start a business.

  Returning to his hometown to start a business, Tao Zhengxue aimed at international positioning and determined to make Niangniang Mountain a high-quality, high-yield and efficient agricultural sightseeing park. Nowadays, the superposition effect of scale ecology, tourism, economy and culture has become more and more prominent.

  "The reform of the origin of a prefecture-level city alarmed the province and the central government — — On November 27th, 2015, Liupanshui, the capital of China, made the "three changes" in deepening rural reform, which was first mentioned by the General Secretary at the Central Poverty Alleviation Work Conference. This achievement cannot be separated from ‘ Tao Zhengxue ’ Efforts. " Economic Voice reporter Zhang Li said with emotion. "Niangniangshan’s precise poverty alleviation is impressive, and party building is the key. The mechanism of the Party Committee of Liancun advocated by Tao Zhengxue is the best example. Poverty alleviation and development cannot be separated from the demonstration and guidance of party organizations. Party building is used to promote the ideological construction of the masses. From ideological poverty alleviation to industrial poverty alleviation, the exploration of Pugu Township is meaningful. " China News Service reporter Zhou Jiajia said. "The environment here is very good, which may be subject to publicity. It is suggested to make better use of the Internet and new media to publicize our beauty here." Lao Xu, a famous media person, commented.

  The reporters who participated in this theme interview activity said that the ecological environment and natural scenery of Liupanshui are desirable. I believe that in Liupanshui, we can not only appreciate the hardships and achievements of poverty alleviation, but also appreciate Liupanshui’s hard work, enthusiasm and pragmatic style.

  It is understood that in recent years, Liupanshui has adopted the method of changing ideas, paths and methods to promote the "three changes" reform of changing resources into assets, changing funds into shares, and changing farmers into shareholders. Sleeping resources and scattered resources have been confirmed and evaluated, and they have participated in certain business entities in the form of assets, and the scattered funds have been integrated and quantified into shares and entered into business entities. Then organize and guide farmers to become shareholders through land participation, technology participation, resources participation, housing participation, labor participation, etc. First, integrate farmers into professional cooperatives, and then participate in new business entities in the form of cooperatives. The "three changes" reform takes industry as the platform and equity as the link, centralizes thousands of households on the platform, funds from all parties on the platform, and regional resources on the platform, forming a platform economy, increasing the income of economic entities, collective income and mass income. The masses participated in the industrial development as shareholders, operated and cooperated equally, and changed from bystanders to participants.

The Best 20 Sega 32X Games Recommended

On November 21st, 1994, Sega 32X was released in North America. Like Sega Mega-CD, it is an additional component of Mega Drive. Sega 32X initially had a retail price of $159, but ended its life at a shameful price of $19.95. The release of Sega Saturn made all players stop paying attention to it, and only sold more than 800,000 units in its life, which became a difficult commercial failure for Sega.

But who would have thought? Twenty-eight years later, with the rise of retro nostalgia, Sega 32X has become a highly sought-after collection. Although there are only 40 games in it, and many of them are improved versions of old games, we have summarized 20 of the best Sega 32X games for your convenience in nostalgia (archaeology? ) save some time in the process.

At that time, the game won the longest game name award in history (later defeated by brain exercise), which was translated as follows: Golf Magazine: 36 big holes of Fred Kapos (not knowing golf terms). The game got mixed reviews, but it was often mentioned because of 32X.

Cosmic Carnage is a "cosmic massacre", which is essentially a real-life fight in space. It has the strangest character design in human history. This game was launched as the first game, because it was so bad that even Sega pretended that it didn’t exist.

The 32X platform of Beat Boy is one of the games with the best pictures. The gameplay includes constantly exploring each level to find hidden things, and attacking the enemy with various jumping actions. Although they are all traditional platform action games, they lack the rhythm and expressiveness in the name.

The imitator of Violent Motorcycle, the picture is a bit rough, but the gameplay itself is not that bad. The game has 12 drivers and 12 routes. Players punch and kick their opponents while avoiding obstacles and jumping over hills. Multiplayer is very interesting, but it can’t reach the level of some two-person racing games in MD games.

Kolibri, which means "Hummingbird", is an amazing game, which is called 32X "The Adventures of Dolphins". Like Tempo, Hummingbird Adventures ranks among the best 32X games because of its graphics rather than its gameplay.

Also known as "Stellar Assault", "Shadow Squadron" is a very similarStar Wars 3D air combat game, there are few comments about it on the Internet, and there is nothing to say about it.

Amazing spider-man: Warnet was released exclusively on Sega 32X that year, and it is a must-have for Marvel Comics fans. This game is much better than people think, although sadly, most people in the world no longer care about 32X. It is not surprising that the game was released after Sega announced that it would stop production for 32X.

Spider-Man is not the only Marvel hero in this game, but also Daredevil, who repelled Hydra and other evil forces in the Marvel universe in this wall-climbing and horizontal scroll game. Unfortunately, this game didn’t get the praise it deserved at that time.

WWF Wrestling Mania: Arcade Edition is called one of the best and most unique wrestling games on home consoles. Why is it so unique? For beginners, it is more like a fighting game than a wrestling game. For those who are familiar with WWF, there are many famous wrestlers in it, which is equivalent to WWF’s all-star fight.

Pacific Rim-style mecha are fighting in the city streets. One of the many first-person cockpit perspective games on 32X is Armored Steel Head (personal translation). This is one of the first games of 32X. The game focuses on the first-person cockpit perspective and can switch the third-person perspective. It is a visually beautiful game. At the beginning of each level, a commander from the role armed forces will appear to explain the background story and cheer for the upcoming battle.

This is a classic horizontal scroll game with smooth frame rate and smooth animation.Looking at it now, "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the Treasure"It’s like a mysterious sea in 2D. And Sega 32X Edition "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the TreasureIt looks like the best version of Windows 95 at that time. However, the 32X version plays at 30fps, which is half that of the Windows version.

Primitive wrathThere is SFC version.Pseudo-3d style fighting game, with only four ancient animals as optional protagonists.You can carry out cruel ending actions and bloody attacks. It can enter the top ten simply because Europeans and Americans like real people to fight quickly, love me, love my dog.

Arcade transplant works, you can play the original version in the small game of "Dragon 0". There is also an MD version, but the 32X version is closer to the original arcade game, and the better picture makes it more interesting to play.

In 94-95, a Star Wars game saved 32X. Without this game, no one will be interested in 32X and many players will turn to Nintendo’s platform, which is Star Wars: Arcade Edition. The game looks incredible on 32X, which proves that 32X is not useless. There are only three levels in this game, so the replay is low. But whether it’s shooting down a Star Destroyer or completing the famous Death Star Run and blowing the space station to pieces, this game can make the dream of Star Wars fans come true.

md vs 32x

Virtua Racing Deluxe has won both the arcade and the console. The 32X version really enhanced the picture, which transplanted the arcade well. The enhanced visual effect made the game look better, the outline of the car and the road were clearer, and the texture in the background was more pleasant. The MD version of "VR Racing Car" renders 9000 polygons per second, thanks to the Sega Virtua processing chip in the cassette, which is far beyond the processing capacity of MD.

At that time, the works of Blizzard were still excellent, and Black Thorn was one of them. The game played like a mixture of Demon City and Prince of Persia. SFC version and Mac version only have 17 levels and 4 worlds, while 32X version is more valuable, with an extra area, with a total of 5 worlds, which can be said to be the best of all versions!

As the ancestor of 3D fighting and fighting games,VR Warrior doesn’t need a real introduction, especially for Sega players and fighting gamers.

As we all know, the 32X version of Doom is basically the same as the PC version, andThe 32X version is one of the first games ever to get the "adult level" rating of M for Mature, because of its bloodiness and Satan worship. Although it is not the best version, it is still worth experiencing.

Although the SFC version is more popular, the 32X version of "Real Play 2" is one of the 32X essential games, which is highly respected in Europe and America, but the author has no feeling about this kind of game that emphasizes functional stimulation and curiosity.

The only hedgehog Sonik series game on Sega 32X. The protagonist of this game is Knuckles the Echidna, with a new "combination system", which allows players to use two characters at a time. In the eyes of many people, this game sucks. But I don’t agree. I think this game is Sega trying something new. I like the new combination system. It feels very much like what Nintendo will do. Just because it is different doesn’t mean it is not good! Unless we are talking about the whole 32X, it is.

NBA Jam T.E is a wonderful game. The 32X version is the most accurate arcade transplant version, and it has a lot of exciting new features, including hidden eggs, new players, better music and other modes.This game is not only the first in our list, but also the "first" in many other aspects. It is the first NBA carnival game in the series, and it is also the first game to use authorized players. It also created a record of $1 billion in arcade for the first time!

Yao only scored 9 points in the fund game! The strongest surface 175 is not as good as Fang Shuo, and now even CBA can’t be played.

Thomas Jr., who was neglected in the NBA last season, was once reported to have joined the T1 League in Taiwan Province, China. However, due to a series of unreasonable demands put forward to the team (to stay in a five-star hotel, the food, clothing, housing and transportation of relatives and friends must also be paid by the team), he finally did not appear in the Baodao League. Thomas Jr., who is 34 years old, is far less competitive and physically functional than when he was a Celtic. In this Yao Fund Charity Tournament, Thomas Jr. is the absolute big name of the international star team, and his performance has really attracted everyone’s attention.

After the CBA has completely opened the home and away system, Thomas Jr., a star with a certain popularity, is indeed a potential target of CBA teams. However, given that he has no ball to play in the past season, his competitive state is still worrying, so this Yao Fund Charity Tournament may also be an important indicator for some CBA teams interested in signing him.

However, after the whole game, Thomas Jr. scored only 9 points, even worse than Fang Shuo (16 points). The offensive end relied too much on outside projection and was limited by his height. It was almost difficult for Thomas Jr. to score in the restricted area through breakthrough. Although Thomas Jr. won the full support of the fans at the game break or after the game, CBA is a stage that needs to speak with strength after all. If Thomas Jr. can only play the role of "selling tickets" like Jeremy Lin, I’m afraid most teams will flinch from him.

With the approaching of the new season, many CBA teams have signed their own foreign aid one after another, and only two teams, Kenya and Sichuan, have not yet confirmed their small foreign aid. Sichuan had previously been in contact with Gordon, who played for Beijing Control last season, so the only team that could sign Thomas Jr. was Kenya. However, at present, we don’t even know where to put the home court of the new season, and even the core players like Wu Guanxi and Zhao Lingzhou have given up. It is estimated that it is impossible for Kenya to spend a lot of money to sign Thomas Jr.

Of course, it is not ruled out that Thomas Jr. will sign other CBA teams as a third foreign aid later, but if he refuses to put down his posture, or comes to CBA to "collect and fight", he is bound to be a passer-by in CBA. In fact, in recent years, there have been many small foreign AIDS in CBA, such as Pierre Jackson and Feld, who have proved themselves in CBA.

Malanville, who played in Sichuan last season, Brandon Taylor, who played in Ningbo, and Brandon Jefferson, who played in Tianjin, although their strength was limited, they dared to play the game and were recognized by the fans. If little Thomas really wants to play in CBA, I hope he can keep a humble attitude. If he is a condescending and arrogant attitude, even if he was the strongest 175 on the surface, he is destined to be eliminated by CBA soon.

Football enters the era of big data. China sports should practice the basic skills of the new era.

  Football enters the era of big data (Dazhao Review)

  Three days ago, Shandong Luneng Taishan professional football club management information system based on big data entered a new stage of version 3.0, and once again took the lead in football management concepts and innovations in the new era.

  Since 2015, Shandong Luneng Taishan Club has extensively learned from the research results in the field of global football big data, and continuously improved the level of data mining, analysis and application. Through more than two years of efforts, it has established an information management system including 10 modules including teams, players, competitions, training, medical care and public opinion.

  At the same time, China Football Association has also made plans for the construction of information management system and accelerated its implementation. This is an important measure to change the backward appearance of football in China and meet the needs of the public for football development.

  Today’s society has entered the era of knowledge economy with information technology as the core, and informatization has become a booster to promote national economic and social development. To improve the overall level of football and sports in China in many aspects, it is necessary to be good at obtaining data, analyzing data and using data. Football managers at all levels should also strengthen their study, understand big data, make good use of big data, enhance their ability to use data to promote training and management, improve the efficiency of talent training, and reduce the blindness and deviation of football market operation.

  Although the concept of big data has been put forward for nearly 10 years, it is still a new thing to become a new stage of information development. China football’s understanding and cognition of this is still in the initial state. It is very gratifying that Shandong Luneng Taishan Club has taken the lead, and it will certainly benefit more than one club. The strategic significance of big data technology is not to master huge data information, but to professionally process these data and realize the "value-added" of data through "processing". It is a means to develop the cause and improve the level. Information system can’t directly improve the level of football in China, but ignoring information or staying in the old view of the role of information can’t meet the new needs of football development.

  Objective data and scientific analysis are the key functions and values of information systems. On the other hand, if the data is untrue and the analysis is unscientific, then the misleading disaster may be very terrible. Football is originally a highly socialized sport, and big data is the product of the open era. Any idea of being closed and exclusive is incomprehensible to big data. The management information system of Shandong Luneng Taishan Club was established with the cooperation of many domestic and foreign partners.

  Please cherish this scientific and technological progress and major breakthrough. Football in China has caught up with the new era. In the face of this new topic in the field of football, even if it is slightly behind, it is much smaller than the gap in football competition, and the confidence in catching up with and surpassing the advanced level in the world should be much greater.