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Long battery life is full of wisdom, and it is easy for the M5 to travel long distances across provinces.

  By the end of the year, the Spring Festival on New Year’s Day is in sight. Many migrant workers who are struggling in the city are ready to travel by car or return home with excitement. However, if you want to travel all the way without worry and enjoy the fun of intelligent driving, you have to choose a high-energy car with outstanding performance and intelligent core. For example, the M5 is a typical one. I believe that with TA, your journey will be more secure and enjoyable!

  Hard-core chassis+long battery life, zero anxiety arrival in the whole process

  When purchasing new energy vehicles, users pay special attention to the performance and endurance of vehicles. Moreover, during the peak travel period of solar terms, if it encounters rain and snow, many rural roads will become more complicated and difficult. In addition, too low temperature will have a great impact on battery life, and even there will be a situation in which the power is in a hurry. M5 has made full preparations for this question, and provided worry-free protection for the whole journey through the hard-core chassis and intelligent extended range technology.

  In order to improve the safety and comfort during driving, Wenjie M5 is equipped with an all-aluminum chassis commonly used in millions of luxury cars. Compared with the traditional steel chassis, the chassis has the advantages of 30% weight reduction, ultra-high temperature setting, greater rigidity and strength, and can bring a more stable and safe handling experience. It is not easy to roll over in case of emergency, and the car body does not drift when it bends quickly. Moreover, after many rounds of manipulation and bumpy adjustment by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, vehicles can show better cushioning effect than traditional luxury cars when passing through bumpy roads and speed bumps, and their stability and comfort are never discounted. I have to say that this is also very friendly to people who are prone to carsickness.

  At the same time, in order to solve the "endurance anxiety", Wenjie M5 is specially equipped with an intelligent extended range control system, which fully considers the factors such as road conditions, altitude, temperature, load and vehicle condition, and can realize accurate matching through neural algorithms, bringing users a strong power and low energy consumption experience. With the blessing of the intelligent extended range system, the four-wheel drive version of the M5 intelligent driving version has a comprehensive battery life of 1265km, and the rear-drive version has a comprehensive battery life of 1425km. Whether it’s a reunion at home or a cross-provincial long-distance trip to go on road trip, the M5 can easily "handle" and take you to Shanhai, where you arrive with zero anxiety.

  HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, efficient interconnection of people and vehicles.

  For young people who pursue the quality of travel, the ideal car for self-driving travel should not only have the two "basic qualities" of excellent performance and long battery life, but also have the "expertise" of wisdom, so as to eliminate the boredom and fatigue during long driving anytime and anywhere. Knowing the needs of young people, the M5 also took this into consideration, so it arranged the HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 in the car.

  How smart is HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0? It has reached a new height of intelligent car machine, and it knows everything you want most!

  First of all, it is equipped with a rich application ecology, which makes people’s cars efficiently interconnected, which can make driving more worry-free and life easier and more convenient. With the support of HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, both the main driver and the co-driver can use the mobile phone application on the car. Use the local life application on the car, check the nearby food, and quickly navigate to take you directly to your destination. Or brush food or favorite attractions on the mobile phone, touch the car with the mobile phone, and the car can also identify the address and navigate to the destination. If you find that the parking space is tight after arriving at your destination, Xiaoyi can also help you find the parking space in advance, so that you can park easily.

  Secondly, it realizes the first "boarding" of space audio, and can create an immersive auditory feast with all-round sound, so that every passenger can enjoy a different wonderful journey surrounded by beautiful melody inside the car and changing beautiful scenery outside the window.

  Thirdly, fun games can quickly resolve travel fatigue. For example, if you want to experience a virtual racing experience while parking, the steering wheel racing game can help you realize it, and the car and horse are instantly replaced by fun.

  Want to open this New Year gift before the Chinese New Year? Now is the best time to win. Recently, I decided to ask all the M5 departments, and I can pick up the car within 2 weeks! In addition, there are premium benefits at the end of the year: the smart driving version will be released within this month, and you can enjoy up to 42,000 yuan worth of matching rights, including 12,000 yuan worth of interior and exterior decoration matching rights, 15,000 yuan worth of technology comfort package, and 15,000 yuan worth of deduction of HUAWEI ADS2.0 urban smart driving package rights.

  Write it at the end

  Traveling thousands of miles in Wan Li by car is the best way to wash your mind; Driving home is everyone’s constant expectation. Wenjie M5 uses hardcore performance and long battery life to solve travel anxiety, and uses "high IQ" to unlock new travel fun, which fully meets the expectations of migrant workers for a high-energy car! Friends who want to buy a car may wish to pay attention to it ~

Creation camp and youth have formed a group one after another. Where will the rest of the trainees go?

1905 movie network news After KUN and Rocket Girl, capital and audience are looking for the next "KUN" and "Rocket Girl".


According to the "White Paper on Idol Industry and Fan Economy in 2019", the size of China’s fan economy market has reached 45 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 60%; It is estimated that the total size of China’s idol market will reach 100 billion yuan in 2020.


Behind the growing market scale, the trainee market, as one of the origins of idols, has become hot, and various talent shows have appeared together, and C-bit group has become the common goal of most trainees.

In the just-concluded "Creation Camp 2020" finals, seven trainees, namely, Xilin Nayi Gao, Akira, Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin, Sally Liu and Zhang Yifan, stood out from 101 contestants and became the winners of the night.

However, the idol draft system has always been a pyramid, with a few people standing at the top, and the losers constitute a wide and thick tower. Most of the trainees who fail to form a group may gradually disappear from the public’s field of vision with the decline of the popularity of the program.


And more practitioners, may be at the end of the trainee’s career, is still a nobody who didn’t get a chance to perform.


"Nobody" is the norm.


In the era of fast food, trainees have become one of the most common ingredients in the canteen made by inner entertainment idols. This is also one of the few paths that ordinary people take to the Avenue of Stars.


In 2014, in order to fulfill her dream of being the lead singer of a women’s group, Mumu resigned from a job as a primary school music teacher in her hometown of Xi ‘an and started her career as a trainee in Beipiao. The company has excellent resources, which corresponds to the training plan of benchmarking Korean system. The normal training time is ten hours every day, but self-training is the norm.


"It’s normal not to sleep at night, because someone will always work harder than you." During that time, Mumu practiced for an average of fifteen hours a day. Double training is the best way to quickly acquire the qualification for debut from an amateur and survive in the fierce competition. Lisa, a tutor who came out of the trainee mode, once said that she would practice until three or four in the morning because opportunities were not always there.



Brokerage companies usually arrange systematic training courses for trainees, including vocal music, dance, performance, etc. Like graduating classes with heavy schoolwork, there are corresponding weekly and monthly exams. Some companies will distribute nameplates with different ratings to trainees according to the test results, and they are required to wear them at any time until the next test rating changes.


For Mumu, the most difficult thing is physical training every day. The pain caused by push-ups and zama steps comes not only from the body, but also from the psychology. If the number of exercises is not up to standard, the whole team should do it together. If you don’t want to get involved with your teammates, you can only force yourself to reach the standard as soon as possible.


After about two years of training, I moved to Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The initial team of more than 300 people became smaller and smaller, and the day of formal group formation was getting closer and closer. In the end, Mumu’s Group A successfully broke through, but on the eve of his official debut in South Korea, he was told that the plan was cancelled.

"The whole mentality has collapsed, and there is no income. I have been doing one thing for two years, so I have worked hard through layers of selection. As a result, when I want to debut, some requirements that I have never known are in front of me. If you don’t cooperate, you can’t debut." At that moment, Mu Mu felt that two years of hard work had been wasted.


"One is the reason for the contract time of eight to ten years, and the other is the plastic surgery. Although he didn’t say that forcing will make you whole, in fact, there are some in the contract, and some people before the company, some of them are quite serious." Because of doubts about these two points, Mu Mu didn’t sign the contract, and finally the group plan ran aground.


In 2018, Hua Du, CEO of Lehua Entertainment, admitted in an interview with the media that it takes at least 40 million to 50 million to be a group. This also makes the brokerage company have to sign long-term contracts with trainees. The person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue said that the contract period should take into account the time of pre-training, and also hoped that the creation of artists would be a long-term plan.


After ending his trainee career, Mumu was once confused. Although the dream of the female lead singer ran aground, her love for music remained the same. Shuttle between reality and dreams, let Xiao Mu learn to do his job as a music training teacher, and strive to move forward in the direction of outstanding independent musicians.


And some of the trainees who once had an intersection with Mu Mu are still active on the stage, such as Yasaki, who formally formed a group in Youth with You 2, and contestants Mo Yao and Shujun Ma. In Xiao Mu’s eyes, these people have made great progress in various businesses and are more confident than before.


Without a suitable exposure platform and a groping training system, most trainees may be "nobody" throughout their lives.

As a former passer-by, Mumu disapproves of people who are very young to be trainees, because the pressure disproportionate to their age has a great impact on a person’s mind. If they are able to go online and become mature, they can also make a debut as trainees.


Freedom sometimes gives way to dreams.


In contrast, some people are much luckier.


"When Aidou came across the stage, I was shocked and liked him very much. In fact, he was a very cute boy under the stage." Before entering junior high school, Bubble Zhu was circled by the stage performance of a Korean male star in the mobile phone screen. This also inspired her to follow in the footsteps of idols and become a trainee.

This idea has also been supported by parents. At that time, there was a trainee auditioning in the company. Accompanied by his mother, Bubble Zhu participated in the competition and was chosen by luck.

After several years of training, Bubble Zhu got the opportunity to participate in Youth with You 2. According to the person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue, the company currently has about 40 trainees (including those who have appeared). Under the premise of limited resources, the internal competition of the company is equally fierce.



Although he stopped in the top 35, Bubble Zhu’s life has undergone some subtle changes. At first, someone asked her for her autograph, and there were more program announcements, so she had some fresh work experience. But if there are not enough topics and works to maintain the popularity, even mature artists will soon be forgotten by the market, especially trainees who have just been concerned by the audience and the market.


Bubble Zhu also has his own regrets in Youth with You 2. She thinks that the styles of her performances in the first three performances are similar, and she failed to show more of herself. In order to have a chance to show herself more comprehensively next time, she made a training list for herself. Although simplicity and freedom are the state of life she wants to maintain, her anxiety about the future may have been hidden in her subconscious.

Besides being an artist, she also wants to be a freelancer who travels around and makes a living by bringing goods. In the eyes of the new generation of trainees, freedom sometimes gives way to dreams, and success requires corresponding chips.


At present, in the trainee market, more people may not even have a chance to tour the idol talent show. In 2018, the two programs "Creation 101" and "Idol Trainee" involved about 15,000 trainees. Few people can "have names" on the stage, and most of them are unknown.

Even if you stand in the spotlight, the light condensed on the draft stage is always cold. No matter whether you make a successful debut or not, high-quality works and personalities are the best preservatives for artists. For trainees born in Generation Z, it may be more important to be yourself than to be a member of KUN or Rocket Girl.


Continue or change careers, each trainee has a different answer.

Avatar 2: the first choice for parent-child viewing on New Year’s Day, with special effects far exceeding Marvel superhero blockbusters.

On December 30th, Avatar: The Way of Water (hereinafter referred to as Avatar 2) exceeded $1.1 billion at the global box office. The film is not only a stunning blockbuster with extraordinary visual effects, but also a family film suitable for parent-child viewing.

The line "Children are our weakness and our armor" has aroused the emotional resonance of countless audiences. In the upcoming New Year’s Day holiday, Avatar 2 will still be the first choice for the audience in major movie markets around the world, including China.

As a super 3D visual blockbuster that James Cameron led the team for thirteen years, Avatar 2 is undoubtedly the biggest attraction to attract the audience with its highly realistic visual effects and amazing imagination.

The Pandora planet in the film not only has the fantastic deep forest, strange mountains and rocks, exotic animals and strange-looking Nami in the first film, but also has a magnificent and thrilling underwater world, magical marine life, giant Tukun and winged sea snakes, which obediently become the mount for Nami on the island reef to swim in the ocean.

Whether it’s the forest or the ocean, the mountain or the island reef on Pandora, the expressions or actions of people and animals, the skin or the hair are vivid and subtle, giving people a strong sense of reality that they are immersive and close at hand.

Near the end of the film, Colonel Miles Quaritch leads the earth people to kill Tukun in the ocean and kidnap Jack’s children as hostages. With the help of Nami on the island reef, Jack and his wife fight to the death, and the scene is particularly intense and wonderful.

Judging from the stunning 3D visual effects production level of the whole film, personally, it is far superior to Marvel Comics and DC superhero blockbusters, which undoubtedly represents the highest film industry level in Hollywood and even the world.

Earlier, Cameron criticized Marvel Comics and DC’s movies more than once, saying that Thanos’s motion capture performance in "The Avengers" series was poor. After watching Avatar 2, I found that this is not Cameron’s arrogance, but the fact is true.

Such a top-level visual special effects presentation comes from Cameron’s rich imagination, creative concept of Excellence, investment in shooting and production, and courage to explore and try advanced film technology.

According to media reports, when filming Avatar 2, Cameron moved a huge water tank with a capacity of 900,000 gallons into the studio to simulate the marine environment and truly present the underwater scene. He also developed a motion capture system for underwater shooting and designed and produced underwater 3D shooting equipment.

Although the plot of Avatar 2 is an old routine of Hollywood commercial blockbusters, and there are some logical problems, it shows a strong concept of family affection, and the golden lines about it are impressive, which has aroused the emotional resonance of countless audiences.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, the villain in the film, kidnapped Jack and his wife’s children three times to coerce and force them to submit. Even when the earth people who drive fishing boats hunt Tukun, they also take this despicable means to kill the pregnant Tukun mother.

I have to say,These earthlings are really bad, and they know that "children are the soft underbelly" is not only applicable to animals like humans and Tukun, but also beyond national boundaries and planetary boundaries.

At the end, the child rescued his parents from the underwater shipwreck, so the hero Jack said with emotion, "Children are our weakness and our armor." This Chinese translation line is ingeniously borrowed, which can be called an ingenious translation, and has aroused the emotional resonance of thousands of audiences in Qian Qian.

In addition, "the family will be together!" Other lines about family and affection in films such as "Being a father means protecting your family" also left a deep impression on the audience.

These plots and lines make Avatar 2 not only a stunning blockbuster with extraordinary visual effects, but also a family film suitable for the whole family, and it is the first choice for parents and children to watch movies during the New Year holiday.

According to the Guangzhou Daily reported on December 27th, the proportion of family viewing and parent-child viewing in the audience group of Avatar 2 continued to increase, and "giving children a valuable growing memory" was recognized by many parents and audiences.

Since Avatar 2 was released in the world’s major film markets on December 16th, its global box office of 434.5 million dollars in the first weekend, although it was lower than expected before the release, it still set a new box office record for James Cameron’s films in the same period.

Since then, the box office trend of the film is similar to Titanic and Avatar directed by Cameron, showing strong stamina and being another long-distance runner in the global film market.

According to foreign media reports, Disney, the producer of Avatar 2, predicts that the North American box office of the film is expected to be close to 400 million US dollars by the end of 2022, while the cumulative box office of Avatar in North America at the end of 2009 was 352 million US dollars.

On December 28th, the global box office of Avatar 2 exceeded US$ 1 billion, which was not only faster than that of North America, but also faster than some movie market observers predicted.

For this reason, the New Year’s Day holiday will be a good time for the parents of "Yangkang" in China to take their "soft spots" and go into the cinema to watch Avatar 2. Don’t miss the remaining 20 days.

2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference opens. How can China’s beauty industry break?

"Oriental Beauty Valley China Characteristic Cosmetic Raw Material Base Alliance" was unveiled. The pictures in this article are all provided by the organizers.

The 6th China International Import Expo is in full swing, and the international top event of cosmetics industry is also on schedule.

On the morning of November 9, 2023 Oriental Beauty Valley International Cosmetics Conference officially opened. This conference is the sixth, with the theme of "Beautiful World of Oriental Beauty Valley", and many well-known enterprises, experts, scholars and industry leaders from home and abroad gathered together.

As the "capital of cosmetics industry in China", Oriental Beauty Valley has gathered more than one third of cosmetics enterprises in Shanghai, with an industrial scale of nearly 100 billion yuan. According to the "2023 Oriental Meigu Trademark Brand Value Evaluation Report" released at the opening ceremony, the trademark brand value of Oriental Meigu has reached 33.878 billion yuan, with a total increase of 312% in the past five years.

Release the blue book on the spot

Post-80s and post-90s become the main consumer groups of high-quality cosmetics.

According to the "Blue Book of Oriental Beauty Valley 2023" released at the opening ceremony, the cosmetics market in China will usher in a new round of rapid growth in 2023. In the first half of this year, the total retail sales of cosmetics market reached 207.1 billion yuan, up 8.6% year-on-year.

The blue book shows that consumers tend to pay extra premium for high-quality products, among which the post-80 s and post-95 s are the main consumer groups. More than 80% of consumers are willing to spend money because cosmetics can provide high emotional value (improve the quality of life and happiness). At the same time, consumers’ purchasing decision-making process is becoming more rational.

In terms of product cognition, the resonance between ingredients, raw materials and R&D is pushing the beauty industry to turn to biotechnology, and the beauty market has entered the raw material bonus period, and the China raw materials of domestic beauty cosmetics are also widely loved. The olfactory economy is on the rise, and perfume brands have laid out the field of care. Green and safe sustainable beauty cosmetics are leading the new trend of health and beauty.

In 2023, the brand value of Oriental Meigu trademark reached 33.878 billion yuan.

In addition, the "Oriental Beauty Valley China Characteristic Cosmetic Raw Material Base Alliance" was officially unveiled at the opening ceremony.

Raw material innovation is the source of cosmetic research and development innovation. "Grasping the source is a very high-level thing." When interviewed by reporters, Yuan Fei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of Oriental Meigu Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. said. The alliance was jointly initiated by China Fragrance, Flavor and Cosmetics Industry Association and Oriental Beauty Valley, and was jointly established with China characteristic plant raw material planting bases in Yunnan, Anhui, Shandong, Ningxia, Gansu, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Guangxi. In the future, the alliance will solve the problems of low added value of domestic raw materials technology and weak market competitiveness through raw material innovation and Industry-University-Research empowerment. In addition, quality standards related to China characteristic plant raw materials will be formulated, and the substitution process of domestic raw materials will be greatly accelerated with "Oriental Meigu Raw Materials" as a booster.

Opening ceremony site

Start the brand going to sea plan and lead the international development.

Ximu Zhenpin (Shanghai) Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is a start-up company established in 2022 and officially settled in Oriental Beauty Valley in 2023. Talking about this choice, Hu Xiaoyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed the hope that Ximu Zhenpin could borrow a boat and build itself into an international brand.

Going international has always been the development direction of Oriental Beauty Valley. As early as 2016, Oriental Beauty Valley signed a strategic cooperation agreement with French Cosmetics Valley, and "Double Valley Linkage" promoted the development of beautiful and healthy industries. In 2021, Oriental Beauty Valley built the "Oriental Beauty Valley Milan Center" in Milan, Italy, becoming the first overseas platform of China’s beauty industry, fully combining beauty and fashion. In addition, Oriental Beauty Valley has been cooperating with international trade associations and has close interaction with cosmetics trade associations in Denmark, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries.

On the stage of the opening ceremony of the International Cosmetics Conference, Oriental Beauty Valley officially launched a new voyage of "brand going out to sea".

Yuan Fei told reporters that cosmetics brands and products must find the right entry point in addition to product quality. Brand going out to sea is always on the road. With the local online live broadcast and offline shopping malls showing the Red Sea trend, local cosmetics enterprises have shown an urgent incremental demand for going out to sea.

There is no suspense in Messi’s return to Barcelona because of the adjustment of the team building plan in Bali! Mbappé may become the only super giant

Messi’s return to Barcelona is a high probability event, not only because of the economic level and the booing of fans, but also because the team-building plan of the high-level Paris has changed.
According to the exclusive news of the British "Mirror", it is expected that Messi will leave Paris after his contract expires this summer. Although his contract has only two months left, Paris is in no hurry to renew it with him. Club President Nasser’s goal is to make Paris have a more financially sustainable plan, which requires reducing the names of big-name players in the team and paying more attention to young French talents.
The information in the Mirror is highly credible. When the Qatari consortium entered Paris, this French powerhouse directly turned into a upstart in football. In order to make the team quickly improve its strength and become a traditional giant comparable to the old European brands, the top management of Greater Paris has continuously invested huge sums of money to recruit top football stars. With the blessing of Jinyuan football, the strength of Greater Paris has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it has become the invincible overlord of Ligue 1. However, after so many years, Gabriel failed in the Champions League without exception.
Such a large investment can only be "in the nest", and the Qatar consortium will be tired, and then reflect and finally adjust. Does the superstar strategy really work? High-level officials in Greater Paris have found the answer after hitting a wall again and again. So, that’s why Neymar was involved in the rumors of leaving the team, and now it’s Messi’s turn.
Messi must have considered the possibility of staying in Greater Paris, and Paris executives have also considered renewing Messi’s contract, but Messi can feel the change in the attitude of the club’s top management, and their position of retaining people is not as firm as before. If you want to stay, you have to take a big salary cut, and the fans in Paris keep booing him. In the end, Messi decided to leave this depressed place.
This change is also necessary for Barrichelli, although he may wake up a little late. Stacking superstars can bring a lot of topics and traffic, but it is accompanied by the irreconcilable relationship between superstars. There is a word called "the king can’t see the king", which means that people who are very strong in the same field can’t be together, otherwise there will be chaos.
Messi is recognized as the "king of the ball" in today’s football, and even crowned in situ after winning the World Cup, while Mbappé is the first person in French football and recognized as the "new king" in the future. When the "two kings" are gathered together, they will not get the effect that 1+1 is equal to 2 or greater than 2. And Neymar only serves Messi, plus other "factions" and "gangs". It looks like the stars are gathering, but in fact, it is "different". Just look at the season ticket publicity storm between Mbappé and the club. The internal management of Greater Paris is actually very chaotic.
Therefore, the adjustment of the team-building plan of the top management in Greater Paris is actually a change in the general direction, from the previous star cluster to a more pragmatic strategy based on youth training and a small number of stars.
Messi is probably not the only superstar who left Paris this summer. In fact, Neymar has already been put on the list for sale, and the future Barley will be composed of a super giant in Mbappé, a first-class football star and our youth training talents. To tell the truth, there are many French football talents, which can be described as blowout, so the team-building strategy like Greater Paris is completely feasible.

Shenzhen University Initiates: Micro-specialty of "Virtual Digital Man"

Development of 5G, AI, VR and other technologies

The "Virtual Digital Man" industry is booming.

What? Virtual digital people?

I’ve heard of virtual numbers, I’ve heard of people,

Why can’t you understand this when you combine it?

Don’t worry!

This is not a word mashup, but the first micro-specialty in Shenzhen University.

-"Virtual Digital Man"

"Virtual Digital Man"

"Virtual digital human" is a visible, interactive and adjustable virtual human form that digitizes the human body structure and presents it on the terminal screen through computer technology. As a hot field at present, it is the intersection of computer, digital media, marketing and other disciplines, and it is also the new direction of head Internet companies such as Tencent, Baidu and Iflytek.

From a technical point of view, virtual digital people can be divided into two categories: human-driven and intelligent-driven. Reality-driven is a relatively mature field at present, represented by Tianyi Luo, Liu Yexi, Xing Pupil and AYAYI in the industry. At present, the related concepts of "Metauniverse" form a clustering effect, and virtual digital human is one of the core industrial links of Metauniverse. With the lowering of the threshold and the great richness of application scenarios, it is estimated that by 2025, the virtual digital human industry will reach 100 billion.

In March, 2021, the state incorporated the development of virtual digital technology into the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Outline of Long-term Goals in 2035. Realizing virtual digital technology innovation has become the only way for China to realize industrial innovation and technological power in the future. In this context, Shenzhen University grasped the reality and focused on the future, and took the lead in creating a "virtual digital person" micro-specialty.

Based on the school-enterprise cooperation between the School of Communication of Shenzhen University and Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the micro-specialty of "Virtual Digital Man" aims to meet the audio-visual content needs of the meta-universe and artificial intelligence, and cultivate the production methods and principles of virtual digital man. Master the planning, creation and communication skills of virtual IP; Know some artificial intelligence, algorithms and knowledge mapping principles, and be able to integrate code language with images; Establish professional innovative talents with professional understanding and research ability in the meta-universe industry, so as to get through the "last mile" of professional education and professional needs.

Micro-courses will adopt the training mode of "course cooperation+project cooperation +“IP co-creation", and 40 students will be recruited for computer, media art, news communication and other majors every academic year, and eight courses including Digital Man Making, Metauniverse and Media Philosophy, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Virtual IP Operation will be completed during the training period.

Laboratory scene

It is reported that half of the course content of the micro-major will be taught by the CDD team of Tencent Content Ecology Department in person, and students will have the opportunity to enter the actual combat of the enterprise in the name of project internship. In the teaching process, we also arranged visits and exchanges to broaden students’ horizons, hoping to transport innovative and creative talents that meet the needs of the intelligent audio-visual industry.

Wang Jianlei, the head of the micro-specialty of "virtual digital people" and an associate professor at the School of Communication, Shenzhen University, said that "virtual digital people" is a very cutting-edge professional direction, and Internet technology companies are groping for stones and finding ways to seize the new blue ocean of the market. In the education field, China Communication University, Nanjing University and South China University of Technology have all started to offer relevant virtual production courses consciously.

The cooperation between Shenzhen University and Tencent Technology Co., Ltd. has inherent advantages. If we can take the lead in setting up a micro-specialty based on this, it will be the first virtual digital professional in China. With distinctive features and high focus, it will form a good professional recognition. The adoption of micro-professional training can deliver the shortage of talents to the market in the shortest time, which will certainly benefit all parties in Industry-University-Research.

ShenZhen University

Shendawei major

In order to speed up the improvement of the trinity talent training system of "general education, professional training and characteristic development" in Shenzhen University, Shenzhen University will build a interdisciplinary and collaborative education "micro-specialty" to adapt to new technologies, new economies and new formats from 2019, expand students’ interdisciplinary horizons and knowledge reserves, and open up the "last mile" of professional education and career needs. Micro-specialty builds innovative talent training mode, actively adapts to the demand of social development for innovative compound talent training, and strengthens the close connection between talent training and industrial demand.

At present, Shenzhen University has promoted 40 micro-professional projects.

ChatGPT will have self-awareness in two or three years. How to prevent it from threatening human beings? Zhou Hongyi said so.

"The development of ChatGPT is not a matter of competition among several Internet companies, but determines whether China can accumulate this technology in the next industrial revolution." Zhou Hongyi, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and founder of 360 Group, told the Times Weekly reporter.

Zhou Hongyi has been elected as a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Committee for two consecutive years, and "safety" has always been the key word of his proposal. Recently, the great breakthrough of ChatGPT has caused extensive discussion. Zhou Hongyi has talked openly about the development prospect of ChatGPT more than once, and also expressed his concern about the safety of artificial intelligence.

In Zhou Hongyi’s view, ChatGPT or Big Language Model is a milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. It is the starting point of general artificial intelligence and the turning point of strong artificial intelligence, so ChatGPT will bring an industrial revolution driven by strong artificial intelligence or general artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT is not only an enhanced version of search engine, but also more than a chat robot. It will reshape all digital applications and industries through the artificial intelligence services provided by SaaS. Zhou Hongyi said, "In this field, we can catch up."

At the National People’s Congress this year, Zhou Hongyi submitted a proposal, calling on China to catch up with the great leap of artificial intelligence big model technology represented by ChatGPT. People should pay more attention to the innovation mode behind technological breakthrough while paying attention to technological innovation.

Zhou Hongyi, member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and founder of 360 Group.

Promote the innovation and development of artificial intelligence big model technology

ChatGPT has caused a global heated discussion. This year, Zhou Hongyi proposed a large-scale artificial intelligence model technology represented by ChatGPT.

"We must find the law of industrial development in the research process." Zhou Hongyi said, for example, why is ChatGPT successful in the United States? Why did Americans take the lead in making it? Why can OpenAI and Microsoft cooperate? "Understanding these problems can promote relevant departments to formulate policy guidance conducive to the birth of China version of ChatGPT and promote the integration of universities, scientific research institutions and industrial companies in China." Zhou Hongyi said.

"We can’t just see how high its big model parameters are." Zhou Hongyi emphasized that the most important thing is to maintain a good and open culture of cooperation. In his proposal, Zhou Hongyi summed up three key factors for the success of ChatGPT-firstly, the "Microsoft +OpenAI" collaborative mode of production, research and research, secondly, the open innovation mode based on open source and crowdsourcing, and finally, the ecological innovation mode centered on the general big model.

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Zhou Hongyi suggested that it is necessary to establish a collaborative innovation model of "large-scale scientific and technological enterprises+key scientific research institutions", build China’s "Microsoft +Open AI" combination, and lead the big model technology research; From the height of building a national strategic scientific and technological force, we should screen production and research institutions with good technical foundation, form an industrial synergy combination with complementary advantages, and give full play to the research advantages of scientific research institutions in key core technologies; At the same time, we will give full play to the advantages of large-scale scientific and technological enterprises in productization, engineering, scene, commercialization and data, and become the leading leader in tackling key problems and application of large-scale model technology.

He also proposed to support the establishment of a number of long-term open source projects of national artificial intelligence models to create an open and innovative ecosystem of open source crowdsourcing. Zhou Hongyi believes that the artificial intelligence big model should not be an advanced technology monopolized by a few companies, but should give full play to its industrial and social value.

Focusing on how to promote the technological innovation and development of artificial intelligence big model, Zhou Hongyi proposed to set up a number of national long-term projects in an open source mode for multiple technical routes, with "large-scale scientific and technological enterprises+key scientific research institutions" as the leader, and guide universities, scientific research institutions and innovative enterprises to form innovative ecological groups of multiple technical routes through open source, cooperation, crowdsourcing and ecological innovation modes. On the one hand, it can reduce the risk caused by the wrong choice of technical route, on the other hand, it can also avoid the monopoly of technological achievements in the hands of a few institutions and promote greater scientific and technological innovation and industrial development.

Not developing is the biggest insecurity.

ChatGPT drives a wave of entrepreneurial craze. Wang Huiwen, the co-founder of Meituan, Zhou Bowen, the former chairman of JD.COM Technical Committee, and Wang Xiaochuan, the former Sogou CEO, successively announced their retirement and entered this frontier field.

Technology giants have returned to the rivers and lakes, and Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, Baidu and Byte have made statements one after another, which will increase investment in artificial intelligence. Under the craze, it is only a matter of time before China version of artificial intelligence language model and ChatGPT-like products appear.

OpenAI took the lead in developing ChatGPT. What did it do right?

Zhou Hongyi believes that OpenAI uses a large number of open source algorithms and papers, skillfully combines various open source achievements, and cooperates with Microsoft to solve the problems of engineering, computing power, data, product experience and business model. Secondly, like Apple’s App Store ecosystem, OpenAI cultivates vertical applications based on ChatGPT. In addition, user traffic is also very important, attracting users to use it, and at the same time, it can also feed and debug large language models based on manual tagging reinforcement learning. Finally, OpenAI has a long-term spirit and a pattern to make universal artificial intelligence innovations that change human beings.

In Zhou Hongyi’s view, China Internet companies have strong engineering ability and strong technology landing ability. "Now, ChatGPT has made a sample, based on open source technology, and there are no insurmountable obstacles. The rest is a matter of time." Zhou Hongyi firmly believes that "with the support of the state’s encouraging policies, China can achieve a better level of follow-up in two or three years."

The big model of artificial intelligence language has a high entry threshold, which is mainly reflected in both technology and capital.

Citic jiantou research report pointed out that the evolution of Transformer in network structure has brought about the improvement of parameters and model layers, which has caused the qualitative change of generative AI technical ability; At the same time, the advantage of parallelization allows it to train on a larger data set, which also promotes the development of pre-training models such as GPT.

As for why ChatGPT can answer questions, Zhou Hongyi told Times Weekly that the training materials for ChatGPT are very important. He pointed out that people mistakenly thought that since robots are chatting with people, they should learn chat materials. In fact, the chat materials generated by social tools have low knowledge content.

"When we chat, no one is talking about knowledge, but they are all lifting each other’s poles. There are many wisecracks and nonsense words." He explained that the chat robot trained in this way is more than "artificial mental retardation" or "artificial leverage", and the dialogue is illogical.

ChatGPT avoids this kind of corpus, just as a person is not necessarily good at expressing, but he is full of poetry and books, expressing elegance and logic, and everyone is willing to chat with such people. Zhou Hongyi emphasized that it is very important to feed ChatGPT with high-quality corpus.

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Artificial intelligence technology promotes social progress and also hides risks.

Zhou Hongyi is worried that if ChatGPT is allowed to input corpus without limitation, and get knowledge of searching and browsing the Internet at will, will the self-conscious GPT have the idea of being hostile to human beings after watching movies like Terminator?

After consciousness, ChatGPT may evolve into "eyes", "ears", "hands" and "feet" in the second step. At present, GPT has only "brain". If you add "eyes" and "ears", you can understand all kinds of images and videos of human beings and understand all kinds of audio, knowledge storage will advance by leaps and bounds, and the level of intelligence will also be greatly improved.

In the future, when ChatGPT accesses the API of the Internet and enters the era of the Internet of Everything, it is undoubtedly equivalent to having "hands" and "feet" and indirectly having the ability to control the world. By then, ChatGPT can not only buy air tickets on the webpage, but also take taxis, order takeout, and even manipulate various IoT devices through the webpage.

Finally, ChatGPT may be able to evolve itself. At present, ChatGPT can only write some simple codes. One day, when its code ability is improved, can it automatically look up its own code, correct the upgraded code, or even recompile a new version? If so, it will have the ability of self-learning and evolution, and realize the prospect of robot manufacturing robots.

Zhou Hongyi insists that the biggest insecurity is not developing artificial intelligence. "Whether humans will therefore go into destruction remains to be seen. However, we can’t stop developing technology, but know where the bottom line and boundary of technology are, so as to regulate the development of technology in the right direction. " Zhou Hongyi said.