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Tongliang: 6000 acres of cherry blossoms.

At present, in Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District, 6,000 mu of cherry flowers have entered the full bloom stage, which not only attracts tourists, but also breeds new hopes for villagers to increase production and harvest this year.

Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 1
Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 2

Walking into Jianxin Village, Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District, looking around, patches of cherry flowers stretch from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, clusters and clusters, densely covered with branches, like white snow, beautiful. Visitors who come to enjoy the flowers stroll along the path among the flowers, breathing the fragrant fragrance and enjoying the beautiful scenery in spring.

Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 3
Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 4

Shuangshan Town, Tongliang District is known as the hometown of cherries, and it is a well-known "hometown of small fruits". In recent years, the local cherry and other fruits have been planted in an area of more than 10 thousand mu, among which Jianxin Village is the core area of cherry planting, with more than 10 varieties such as white cherry, cinnabar cherry, Chinese red cherry and black pearl cherry in the early, middle and late days, and the flower viewing period will last until the middle and late March. In recent years, with the flower viewing economy as the fulcrum, the local area has promoted the combination boxing of rural festivals, recommended double-mountain cherries and derivative products, promoted people’s income and helped rural revitalization.

Tongliang: 6,000 mu of cherry blossoms 5
Tongliang: 6,000 acres of cherry blossoms 6

(The first eye-Chongqing Radio and Television Special Reporter Wang Yang Zhou Zhenyu Editor Xiang Wei)

The 6th "Meikang Cup" Basketball League opens in Lhasa.

  On September 15th, the 6th "Meikang Cup" Basketball League in Lhasa, jointly organized by Lhasa Sports Bureau and Lhasa Basketball Association, opened. There are three groups in this competition: men’s five-a-side institutions, social groups and women’s five-a-side institutions. There are 56 teams from Lhasa counties (districts), functional parks, municipal units, enterprises and troops stationed in the city, the masses and social groups, and more than 800 people participated. The scale of the competition is the highest ever.

  At the opening ceremony, the organizer specially invited Jumping Soul, the only trampoline dunk performance team in Asia, to bring a passionate fancy trampoline dunk performance. It is reported that the team has boarded NBA, KBL, World Cup, CCTV Spring Festival Evening, CBA and other famous stadiums and stages.

  On the first day of the competition, in the opening match between Tibet Ruiqi Timber Team and Tibet Meikang Team, the athletes staged a wonderful confrontation, which attracted applause and screams from the audience. During the break, the passionate basketball baby cheerleaders showed their dynamic dances to the fans and audience at the scene, which attracted bursts of applause.

  La Zhen, deputy secretary and director of the Party Group of Lhasa Sports Bureau, said, "Lhasa Basketball League is a basic event to meet the diversified needs of the people’s sports and has been recognized by the masses. At present, the Sports Bureau of Lhasa is actively planning national fitness events in the second half of the year, for example, the Lhasa Farmers and Herdsmen Games held at the end of October. At the end of December, Ding Junhui, O ‘Sullivan and other famous athletes were invited to participate in the Lhasa Snooker Competition. In addition, we are planning the Skinracho Swim Experience Tournament. "

  This tournament lasted for 13 days, and after 118 fierce competitions, it will close on September 27th. The purpose of the competition is to build a basketball exchange platform, strengthen communication among basketball fans, strengthen national unity, enhance friendship, learn skills and improve together, so as to promote the development of sports in Lhasa.

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No renewal! CBA champion was swept out of the house and was a star of hope two years ago.

Fujian team is one of the most active teams in the offseason this year, and it is reinforced in a large area! Zou Yang, Zhao Yiming from Shenzhen team, Li Zhanglin from Shanxi team and Yang Ali from Beijing team were all very young players with great potential. Zou Yang is 1.98 meters tall, and his defense is good. His offensive end is mainly empty-cut, and his shooting is average, which is very similar to Zhai Xiaochuan’s style. Zhao Yiming scored 30+ in the league last summer, but he didn’t get any chances in Shenzhen. Li Zhanglin is the third overall pick in the CBA draft in 2021, a striker with a height of 2.03 meters. He used to be the scoring champion in CUBA history and didn’t get any chance in Shanxi team. Yang Ali is a small defender who dares to fight and fight, and he can’t get any chances in the Beijing team. I hope these young players can break out in Fujian next season.

?Wang Yixiong, the top pick of Fujian team, has a two-year rookie contract expired. Now there are Wang Huadong, Zou Yang, Li Zhanglin, Zhao Yiming and others in the frontcourt of Fujian team. Wang Yixiong will not be renewed and will be swept out of the house.

Wang Yixiong was the No.1 in the CBA draft in 2021. At that time, Fujian team was full of expectations for Wang Yixiong and trained him as a star of hope. The rookie season hasn’t started yet. Just arrived in Fujian to report that Wang Yixiong was injured in training and only played 10 games last season. This season, Wang Yixiong is in good physical condition, basically playing the whole season, averaging 18 minutes, getting 4.1 points and 2.5 rebounds, shooting 39.7% from the field, 33% from three-pointers and 41% from free throws. Such data is really hard to get! As an inside player, his overall shooting percentage is 40%, and his free throw percentage is only 41%. His basic skills are too poor. Although Wang Yixiong is physically strong, his skills are rough and his finishing ability is poor.

Wang Yixiong and another No.1 scholar, Jun Xuan, both went to the United States to play in high school. Both of them are from California State University of NCAA, and it is precisely because of their experience in studying abroad that they became the No.1 scholar. Many players studying abroad participated in the CBA draft, except Wang Yixiong, Qu Junxuan and Sun Siyao, but they didn’t play, and they were on the verge of leaving CBA.

Desperate! Kane wants to leave? Old Tottenham general: I asked him that if he left Tottenham, he could only go to Manchester United.

After beating Bournemouth 1-0, Manchester United extended Liverpool’s points difference to 3 points, and the remaining 2 home games can be locked in the Champions League as long as they get 1 point. After losing to Brighton and West Ham in a row, to the recent two-game winning streak, it was not easy to win, but fortunately, it stabilized the situation and resisted Liverpool’s strong chasing momentum.

Compared with the excitement of Manchester United fans, Tottenham fans are once again in a depressed state. This round of Tottenham Hotspur was stung three times by the "Little Hornet" in the case of leading 1-0 at home, and ended the home journey of this season with a 1-3 defeat. In the game, Kane helped the team to score again, but Tottenham finally lost, which is already the standard template of Tottenham Battle Report.

Next, there is one away game left for Tottenham. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, because anyone can lose for this Tottenham. What is embarrassing is the current situation of Tottenham Hotspur. After losing this home game, their ranking fell to the eighth place. The most optimistic thing is to play in the UEFA, and they may not even qualify for the European War. Therefore, after the game, the media, fans, experts, celebrities and veterans once again talked about Kane’s future.

The old Tottenham general Crouch asked Kane for us, and that was before Tottenham played brentford. "I did ask him this question, and his answer was very tactful. I don’t think he even knew that he might be ambitious to go elsewhere and win a trophy, but it didn’t just depend on his own wishes. He still has a year left, and there is one person in the club (Levi) who doesn’t want to lose his star player. So what does it mean for fans to lose a player like Kane? Where can he go? Manchester City has now solved the problem. "

"Manchester United is the only real choice I can think of. He can’t go to Chelsea or Arsenal. Newcastle is a potential choice, but I think Newcastle is just a level transfer. Newcastle has great potential, but I think it is better to stay in Tottenham."

From Crouch’s words, we can also hear Kane’s complicated mood at present, and this is only before the game against brentford. At that time, as long as Tottenham wins, it is still possible to qualify for the Europa League, but after losing to brentford, the situation of Tottenham is very pessimistic. Therefore, if Crouch asked after the defeat of this game, Kane revealed that it might be more likely to leave the team.

After the defeat of Tottenham Hotspur, many fans said in the comment area that they called on Levi to let Kane leave, "Don’t delay Kane any more", "Kane deserves to go to a better team", and even fans said bluntly: "Kane is really stupid not to leave".

I believe Kane will have a good talk with Levi about his future after the season. He has done everything he can for Tottenham Hotspur. Regardless of the ups and downs of the team and who the coach is, Kane has always contributed one goal after another in his position. He has scored about 30 goals for nine consecutive seasons, and his performance is worthy of the evaluation of the top three centers in football and the name of the first center in Britain, but Tottenham’s performance year after year is not worthy of BIG6′ seat.

It is very rare for a striker like Kane to rank among the top scorers in history, who can hit Alan Shearer’s goal record and win the championship at zero. Azar’s example of 7 goals and 8 crowns shows that choice is more important than hard work, so it is time for Kane, who is about to enter his thirties, to make a choice for himself. This has nothing to do with loyalty. His love for Tottenham is obvious to all. Otherwise, he would not have signed a six-year contract as soon as he signed it, and almost left his golden career at Tottenham.

And this summer is the last chance. As Crouch said, Manchester City has got Harland, and Kane missed the best choice. Chelsea and Arsenal are deadly enemies in London. It can be ruled out that Newcastle’s platform is not attractive enough, and it is doubtful whether it can compete for the championship. And Manchester United have won the championship this season, and the summer window will continue to strengthen the lineup. Tenghage will definitely buy a center this summer, and Kane can basically announce that he has no chance to stay with Manchester United if he chooses to stay for another year.

Therefore, Kane’s example also proves the importance of a good agent, who can help players plan their future more reasonably. After leaving Tottenham Hotspur, Kane can not only get a bigger contract, but also many champions may have been written in the honor book, such as Manchester City two years ago.

Brief introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The development history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be traced back to 1950s. The following are the main stages of the development history of AI:

  1. Logical reasoning and problem solving (1950s-early 1960s): The early AI system was based on symbolic logic, and solved problems through logical reasoning of facts and rules. However, this method has limitations, and it is difficult to deal with a large number of uncertain and fuzzy information.
  2. Machine learning and pattern recognition (1960s-1980s): The research of AI began to turn to machine learning and pattern recognition. Machine learning is a method to learn and optimize algorithms by training data, while pattern recognition is a method to realize intelligence by identifying and classifying patterns. These methods have been widely used in image recognition, speech recognition and natural language processing.
  3. Expert system and knowledge representation (1980s-1990s): AI research began to pay attention to expert system and knowledge representation. Expert system is an intelligent system based on expert knowledge and inference rules, which can simulate the decision-making process of human experts. Knowledge representation is a method to organize knowledge and information into a form that can be processed by computer, and it is an important foundation to realize AI.
  4. Statistical learning and deep learning (1990s-2010s): With the continuous development of computer hardware and algorithms, AI research began to pay attention to statistical learning and deep learning. Statistical learning is a machine learning method based on statistical model and data analysis, which can handle a large number of data and complex nonlinear relationships. Deep learning is a machine learning method based on neural network, which can handle more complex and high-dimensional data.
  5. Self-learning and multi-modal AI(2010 to present): AI system is gradually realizing the ability of self-learning and self-optimization, and can continuously improve its own model and algorithm according to feedback and data. Multi-modal AI is an AI technology that can handle a variety of data types and perceptual information, including images, voices, texts, etc., and can realize more comprehensive and intelligent human-computer interaction.

Important events:

  • In 1956, the concept of artificial intelligence was put forward at Dartmouth Conference, which marked the birth of AI.
  • In 1962, Arthur Samuel developed a self-learning program, which was an early application of machine learning.
  • In 1969, Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert published Perceptrons, which revealed the limitations of single-layer neural networks and promoted the development of neural networks.
  • In 1975, John Holland developed genetic algorithm, which is an optimization algorithm that imitates the process of biological evolution.
  • In 1981, Japan launched the first commercial robot WABOT-1.
  • In 1997, IBM’s deep blue supercomputer defeated Kasparov, the world champion of chess, indicating that computers can surpass human intelligence in some fields.
  • In 2011, IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence system defeated human players in the program "Dangerous Edge".
  • In 2016, AlphaGo defeated Li Shishi, the world champion in the Go competition, marking an important step in the application of artificial intelligence in complex games.
  • In 2018, the GPT-2 model developed by OpenAI made a major breakthrough in the field of natural language processing, which can generate high-quality natural language texts.

The latest development trend:

  1. Self-learning: AI system is gradually realizing the ability of self-learning and self-optimization, and can continuously improve its own model and algorithm according to feedback and data.
  2. Deep learning: Deep learning is a machine learning method based on neural network, which can handle a large number of data and complex nonlinear relationships, and is one of the main trends of current AI development.
  3. Artificial intelligence chip: Artificial intelligence chip is a chip specially designed for AI application, which can realize efficient calculation and data processing and is an important technical support for AI popularization and application.
  4. Multi-modal AI: Multi-modal AI is an AI technology that can handle a variety of data types and perceptual information, including images, voices, texts, etc., and can realize more comprehensive and intelligent human-computer interaction.
  5. AI and Internet of Things: The combination of AI and Internet of Things can realize more intelligent and efficient automatic production and management, including intelligent energy, intelligent transportation, smart home and other fields.
  6. AI Ethics and Law: With the continuous development and application of AI technology, AI ethics and legal issues have attracted more and more attention, including privacy protection, data security, and responsibility distribution.

In short, the development trend of AI technology is diverse, involving algorithms, chips, data and applications. In the future, AI technology will continue to develop and apply in depth, bringing more convenience and innovation to mankind.

No Messi? Mbappé went too far, and the fans shouted: The pattern is too small, and Messi hurried away.

Paris Saint-Germain has just been out of the Champions League, missed the quarter-finals for two consecutive seasons, and immediately ushered in the 27th round of Ligue 1, and went to the away game against relegation team brest. In this game, Paris didn’t finish the winner until the 90th minute, and narrowly missed 3 points. However, Mbappé’s forced shooting made Messi very unhappy, and fans shouted that Messi should not renew his contract, so let’s go in the summer window.

There is a huge gap between the two teams’ paper strength, and Paris Saint-Germain mainly forms a siege. In the 37th minute, Mbappé’s powerful shot outside the restricted area was saved, and Sohler succeeded in making up the shot. However, before the end of the half-time, there was a serious loophole in the defense of Greater Paris, and Ramos watched Aunola equalize.

In the 62nd minute, there was a controversial scene. At that time, Fabian Ruiz made a direct pass to the restricted area, Messi took advantage of the situation to make the ball, and Mbappé rubbed his right foot and kicked the ball out of bounds. It is not difficult to see from the slow motion that Messi was speechless and bowed his head and left directly.

Why is Messi disappointed? The reason is very simple. We can easily see that Messi was in an unguarded state when Mbappé kicked off. If Mbappé chooses to cross, the high probability will turn into a goal.

Although a good striker is fed by bullets, it is understandable that Mbappé is unique as a striker. But Messi has no one to defend and doesn’t pass the ball. It’s really too much.

This season, Mbappé signed a super contract, and he also has the power to surpass the players. When a teammate doesn’t pass the ball to him, Mbappé will express his displeasure in public. However, when Mbappé has a chance to kick, his eyes are often only on the goal, and he will not pass the ball to Messi and Neymar most of the time.

In the 90th minute, in the backcourt of Paris, the ball was broken to fight back. Messi put his leg in place and sent a precise straight plug to assist Mbappé to score a goal, which was the 300th assist in Messi’s club career.

There is no harm without comparison, and many fans feel unworthy for Messi. A fan said: "Mbappé only has himself and data in his eyes. What is the difference with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo?" There are also fans who commented: "The pattern of Mbappé is too small, and I don’t know how to reciprocate at all. It will be difficult to achieve great things in the future."

As we all know, Messi has previously rejected the salary reduction and contract renewal in Paris, and he is likely to leave the team this summer. Therefore, some fans said that as long as Mbappé stays in the team, no matter how strong Messi is, he is just a tool for director Tim to brush data and compete for the Golden Globe Award. In this case, it is better to leave early, and there is no need to continue to suffer indignities!