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World refitted car industry grand meeting: Counting ten cool car models of North American refitted car show.


    [Content at a glance]At this modified auto show, Volvo exhibited two high-performance modified Volvo S80 and C30, operated by Heico Sportiv, a famous German modified car manufacturer.
Heico’s modified C30 uses an upgraded T5 turbocharged engine.

    The 2007 North American Modified Auto Show (SEMA) was held in Las Vegas, USA from October 30th to November 2nd. After 31 years’ development, this annual modified auto show has become a grand event of the world’s modified car industry, attracting most of the world’s automobile manufacturers and hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts to gather in Las Vegas every November.

    So far, there are no manufacturers in China, but with the growth and prosperity of China’s automobile aftermarket, the world’s largest modified auto show is gradually entering the field of vision of China players. It doesn’t matter if you can’t come to the scene in person. Now, follow our reporter and take a look at the world’s most advanced automobile modification technology and products.

    Chevrolet Cobalt SS

    The 2008 Cobalt SS is equipped with the same 2.0-liter Opel and Ecotec 260hp turbine engines as Chevrolet HHR SS, Opel Astra OPC and Pontiac Solstice. The output power is 55 horsepower higher than that of the previous super-powered Cobalt SS, and the acceleration process from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 5.7 seconds.

    Volvo S80 and C30

    At this modified auto show, Volvo exhibited two high-performance modified Volvo S80 and C30, operated by Heico Sportiv, a famous German modified car manufacturer.

    The modified S80 high-performance concept car adopts T6 turbocharged bioethanol engine, which outputs 350 horsepower at 5500 rpm, with the maximum torque of 550Nm/1500~4000rpm and the acceleration time of 0~100 km/h of about 5.8 seconds.

    It is equipped with Volvo electric control all-wheel drive system with instant traction function, and also adopts specially developed sports suspension.

    Heico’s modified C30 uses an upgraded T5 turbocharged engine. The maximum output power is 300 HP at 5500 rpm, and the maximum output torque is 420 Nm at 3500 rpm. The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km/h is only 5.4 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 250 km/h (speed limit). The car also uses a specially developed sports suspension.

    Hyundai Elantra "Beach Cruiser" Concept Car

    The hatchback Elantra will be launched in 2008. At this SEMA Auto Show, it made its debut as the concept car of Elantra Touring "Beach Cruiser". This beach cruiser was modified by K-Daddyz Kustomz.

    The car body is painted in two colors, beautiful grape purple and tango orange, with beautiful patterns. The concept car is equipped with a huge panoramic skylight on the roof, and the interior is also made of two-tone high-grade leather. A specially installed 8-channel stereo is installed in the trunk, and high-end speaker components are hidden under the floor of plexiglass. There is no special investment in performance modification, except for the cold air intake system, balance bar and beautiful hood, as well as some small accessories.

    Suzuki SXForce concept car

    This is a brand-new concept car based on the SX4 sports car in 2008.

    Compared with the prototype, SXForce adopts a 5-speed manual transmission, a 2.0 turbocharged engine, the power is increased to 255 horsepower, and an adjustable NASCAR-style tail is added at the tail.

    You can even find a built-in data statistics system, which can help you analyze and download all the information of the engine in real time, and make you feel like you are in the competition.

    Cadillac CTS sports concept car

    At this auto show, Cadillac gave this CTS sports car a brand-new appearance through a series of modifications, including: adopting brand-new front and rear bumpers, improved hood, rear tail and 20-inch rims.

    Carbon fiber parts used in many parts of the car body, redesigned headlights, high-performance brakes with yellow calipers, LED brake lights and exhaust system were replaced with Corsa cat-back exhaust system with 3.5-inch exhaust pipe.

    Ford Roush P-51A mustang

    This car is equipped with Roush Stage3 suspension, powered by an improved ROUSH 4.6L V8 engine, with a maximum power of at least 510hp and a maximum torque of at least 691Nm, so the P-51A should be very competitive. Of course, the full set of Roush aerodynamic kit, upgraded wheels and tires, and upgraded braking system are all included in this upgrade package.

    Hummer H2 Safari

    This is a strong Hummer and a super convertible. The car has no back seat, and the purpose of modification is to use it for competition.

    This Hummer off-road concept car is equipped with a 6.2L V8 engine with 393 horsepower. In addition, the designer has improved the shape of the car, including customized air induction system, customized double exhaust pipe system, wheel flash, protective steel, high-performance brake pads and 20-inch wheels.

    Jeep brings two concept cars.

    At this year’s SEMA Auto Show, Jeep exhibited two Jeep concept cars: Jeep Wrangler Ultimate and Jeep Wrangler JT.

    Wrangler Ultimate is based on Wrangler’s four-door non-limited edition model, equipped with 3-inch body lifting kit and 35-inch BF Goodrich mud tires, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, as well as a series of appearance upgrade kits, adding new entertainment systems. The engine adopts a powerful 392 Hemi engine.

    Jeep, on the other hand, is a JT made by removing the rear seat and installing a 5-foot-long cargo box on the basis of the four-door Wrangler non-limited edition. It is equipped with front and rear bumpers and spare tire placement equipment from Mopar, Warn 9500ti winch. (Zhou Weili)

Editor: Tian Shijia

"A trip to the cool capital in spring" —— Central media and Internet experts focus on Liupanshui

  CCTV News:On April 11th, public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online and the Propaganda Department of Liupanshui Municipal Committee co-sponsored the large-scale media gathering activity of "Kangyang Resort China Liangdu". Journalists and network celebrities from more than 20 central and local key news websites from all over the country walked into Liupanshui together. During the two-day interview, the central and local media and online celebrities conveyed Liupanshui’s experience and achievements in the "three changes" reform work to the outside world through pens and lenses in their hands.

  During the activity, the collecting group went deep into the front line of poverty alleviation and development, while watching the modern science and technology shed and thinking about where this happy life came from.

  Hu Kefei, a reporter from China Culture News, said: "This is the second time to come to Pugu Township and feel shocked. A year ago, it was still a construction site. Now it has developed into an eco-tourism resort with perfect format and good infrastructure. Resources have become assets, farmers have become shareholders, and Liupanshui has obvious advantages in catching up and catching up." "As the saying goes, if you want to build roads before you get rich, Liupanshui is now a highway connecting counties and counties, and the improvement of infrastructure will inevitably promote economic development. Liupanshui is based on ecology, and the two advantages of resources actively accelerate the introduction of going out and get rid of poverty and get rich. The people are blessed." Ma Qiang, director of the Public Welfare Communication Department of public opinion monitoring Office of People’s Daily Online, said. "The poverty alleviation work here is done very accurately, and the benefits are really falling on the people. It is in place, and every work is done very solidly. I didn’t expect such great changes in the depths of the mountains. We will take advantage of this rare opportunity to interpret the "three changes" of Niangniangshan through storytelling and new media means to promote Niangniangshan’s experience in poverty alleviation. " Wang Yanshen, a reporter from Farmers Daily, said with experience. "What deeply touches me is that a set of data shows that the per capita income of ordinary people in Pugu Township has increased from 700 yuan in 2012 to over 10,000 now, or even higher. This is the great effect of the" three changes "policy. We want to show the achievements of Liupanshui and Panxian to netizens with the expression of new media, so that everyone can pay attention to Guizhou.Pay attention to Liupanshui. " 

  Speaking of Liupanshui’s "three changes" to help the poor, we can’t ignore Tao Zhengxue. This farmer entrepreneur in the depths of the mountains, with his unique vision and hard-working spirit, has created a world of his own. Rich and not forgetting his folks, he returned to his hometown to start a business with hundreds of millions of property, leading the whole village to pull out the "poor roots" and run a well-off society.

  "I left my hometown to work when I was 16 years old, and I worked in lead-zinc mines, coal mines and coal washing plants … … One person is not rich when he is rich, and everyone is rich when he is rich. It is my responsibility to lead the villagers to get rich together. " It is under this belief that Tao Zhengxue embarked on the road of returning to his hometown to start a business.

  Returning to his hometown to start a business, Tao Zhengxue aimed at international positioning and determined to make Niangniang Mountain a high-quality, high-yield and efficient agricultural sightseeing park. Nowadays, the superposition effect of scale ecology, tourism, economy and culture has become more and more prominent.

  "The reform of the origin of a prefecture-level city alarmed the province and the central government — — On November 27th, 2015, Liupanshui, the capital of China, made the "three changes" in deepening rural reform, which was first mentioned by the General Secretary at the Central Poverty Alleviation Work Conference. This achievement cannot be separated from ‘ Tao Zhengxue ’ Efforts. " Economic Voice reporter Zhang Li said with emotion. "Niangniangshan’s precise poverty alleviation is impressive, and party building is the key. The mechanism of the Party Committee of Liancun advocated by Tao Zhengxue is the best example. Poverty alleviation and development cannot be separated from the demonstration and guidance of party organizations. Party building is used to promote the ideological construction of the masses. From ideological poverty alleviation to industrial poverty alleviation, the exploration of Pugu Township is meaningful. " China News Service reporter Zhou Jiajia said. "The environment here is very good, which may be subject to publicity. It is suggested to make better use of the Internet and new media to publicize our beauty here." Lao Xu, a famous media person, commented.

  The reporters who participated in this theme interview activity said that the ecological environment and natural scenery of Liupanshui are desirable. I believe that in Liupanshui, we can not only appreciate the hardships and achievements of poverty alleviation, but also appreciate Liupanshui’s hard work, enthusiasm and pragmatic style.

  It is understood that in recent years, Liupanshui has adopted the method of changing ideas, paths and methods to promote the "three changes" reform of changing resources into assets, changing funds into shares, and changing farmers into shareholders. Sleeping resources and scattered resources have been confirmed and evaluated, and they have participated in certain business entities in the form of assets, and the scattered funds have been integrated and quantified into shares and entered into business entities. Then organize and guide farmers to become shareholders through land participation, technology participation, resources participation, housing participation, labor participation, etc. First, integrate farmers into professional cooperatives, and then participate in new business entities in the form of cooperatives. The "three changes" reform takes industry as the platform and equity as the link, centralizes thousands of households on the platform, funds from all parties on the platform, and regional resources on the platform, forming a platform economy, increasing the income of economic entities, collective income and mass income. The masses participated in the industrial development as shareholders, operated and cooperated equally, and changed from bystanders to participants.

Without Li Jiaqi and Viya, which beauty brands are better off?

Reporter | Chen Qirui

Editor | Lou Qinqin

Not all beauty brands rely on head anchors.

On July 13th, the local beauty brand Polaiya said at the investor exchange meeting that in 2021, the head anchor delivery accounted for a small single digit in the total sales of product live broadcast. On Tik Tok, nearly 60% of Polaiya’s live broadcast activities are self-broadcast by the brand. At present, Polaiya mainly broadcasts live on Tmall, Tik Tok and JD.COM platforms.

During the "6.18" period in 2022, Polaiya ranked fifth in the Tmall beauty sales list; Its make-up brand Caitang ranks ninth in Tmall’s make-up sales list. In the future, Polaiya will continue to broadcast live, and this year, it will open a second official account in Tik Tok, mainly to promote popular items such as the essence of double antibodies.

According to the report of Qingyan, the information media in the beauty industry, Lin Qingxuan’s self-broadcast accounted for 60% during the "6.18" period in 2022, and the master anchor accounted for 40%. Shanghai jahwa Group, which owns brands such as herborist and Yuze, started the construction of the live broadcast center in December 2021, saying that 70% of the self-broadcast content will be completed by the internal team in 2021, and the store self-broadcast GMV will increase by more than 300% year-on-year.

According to the research report of CITIC Securities, in 2021, Li Jiaqi and Viya will account for about 10% of the live broadcast sales of Polaiya. Li Jiaqi and Viya accounted for about 25% of the live broadcast sales in shanghai jahwa, mainly in Yuze and herborist. According to the report, most A-share cosmetics listed companies are not highly dependent on the head anchor.

With the rise of anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Viya, live broadcast has become an important channel for beauty brands to promote online sales growth.

In this process, the head anchor promoted the sales growth of high-end overseas brands such as Lancome and Estee Lauder, and also made new domestic brands such as Perfect Diary and Flower Xizi come out of the circle, while local brands such as Polaiya and Yuze, which have been established for many years, also made a second spring through live broadcast.

However, the problem that some brands rely too much on the head anchor soon appears. The head anchor has a stronger voice, and the pit fee is more expensive. Beauty brands entering the live broadcast room of the head anchor sometimes lose money and earn traffic. Previously, the dispute between Li Jiaqi and L ‘Oré al also showed that the head anchor’s price requirements risked disrupting the brand price order.

Recently, after anchors such as Li Jiaqi and Viya stopped broadcasting one after another, some brands also realized that over-reliance on head anchors would increase the uncertainty of development. During "June 18th" in 2022, Li Jiaqi suddenly stopped broadcasting, which once caused a large inventory backlog of brands.

In fact, some beauty brands have already begun to reduce their investment in the head anchor, mainly by adding more stores to broadcast themselves. As early as the early outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, some beauty brands such as Lancome began to gradually increase their investment in self-broadcasting in order to reduce the losses caused by the closure of stores.

With the rise of short video platforms such as Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker, beauty brands have gradually extended their self-broadcasting channels from Taobao. In addition to beauty brands, the practice of self-broadcasting is also used by shopping malls such as Yintai, and counter clerks can broadcast live in shopping malls after training. Yintai’s self-broadcasting in shopping malls has established its own system.

Since the previously popular head anchor has gradually faded out, whether it is willing or not, it has become an inevitable trend for beauty brands to reduce their dependence on the head anchor. But not all brands can achieve sales growth through self-broadcasting.

At present, the successful self-broadcast beauty brands have usually developed in the market for a long time, and have a large number of sales points in offline channels. They have a considerable budget to build a live broadcast base, which can be broadcast by their own teams on Tmall and Tik Tok, and also gain exposure in the live broadcast of comprehensive shopping malls such as Yintai.

For those start-up brands, it is usually difficult to get traffic attention by choosing self-broadcasting, and entering the live broadcast room of the head anchor is often a key step for them to enter the mass market. In 2022, the "6.18" Tmall beauty and make-up sales list also showed that, without the support of the head anchor, the number of start-up local brands on the list had been greatly reduced, and overseas brands that had been suppressed once again dominated the list.

The excessive concentration of resources by the head anchor leads to the inequality of the right to speak between the anchor and the brand, but also because of the concentration of resources, the head anchor can bring rare traffic to small brands that lack exposure. In the current period when the field of head anchor is still green and yellow, start-up brands and small brands may face more challenges.

The Rockets want to return to the playoffs immediately. The media bluntly said that it is crucial to do five things well, and Wu Shuai can turn the stone into gold.

There are still more than two months before the start of the new NBA season. Of course, fans seem to be impatient. Especially on the Houston Rockets side, this summer, the management recruited people everywhere. Although they didn’t win the first-team super giant, the Rockets can’t be called the top strongmen, but in the past three years, the Rockets won only 59 games in total. Obviously, the team has no room for decline and they are likely to make progress in the new season.

Not to mention the final result, the Rockets definitely want to return to the playoff stage immediately, and it is crucial for the local media to do five things bluntly. This includes Amy Uduka’s coaching ability, overall defense of by going up one flight of stairs, experience advantages of new veterans, terrible bench depth and young players, which is expected.

As the new head coach of the Rockets, replacing Steve Silas with Amy Uduka may be the biggest promotion of the Rockets this summer. Amy Uduka led the Celtics back to the finals in her first year in office, which proved his strength. The media also believe that Wu Shuai can turn the stone into gold, truly make the talent of young Rockets players cash, and put the whole team on the right track.

Amy Uduka advocates defense and discipline. This summer, the management of the Rockets also found this type of player. From Fred Van Frith, Dillon Brooks, Amen Thompson to Jock Landale, plus jabari Smith, Jason Tate and Tarry Ethan who were originally in the Rockets, they may form a steel defense line in the new season.

The Rockets are free market this summer, and all the players they brought in are around 30 years old or above. What they have in common is that they have both fighting capacity and experience. Especially Fred Van Frith and Jeff Green, both of whom have championship experience, and Dillon Brooks and Jock Landale will also speak in the dressing room, and they can provide guidance and function for young players.

After the offseason reinforcement, the depth of the Rockets bench looks at the whole league, which may be outstanding. Kevin Porter Jr., Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore all have the potential to become the super sixth man. Of course, don’t forget Jessean Tate and Tarry Ethan. They may have relatively average data, but they are indispensable frontline engineers for the Rockets.

Finally, the two rookie rockets Amen Thompson and Cam Whitmore are really exciting. Amen Thompson, in particular, can complement Jay Green perfectly, and his organizational and defensive abilities can come in handy immediately. Cam Whitmore was elected as the MVP award of the Summer League. Although the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, the Rockets can get a master of chaos in the 20th pick, and it is impossible to lose.

Jiangnan Sports: Robben visited Bayern for training, and tuchel invited him to play in this round of league matches.

On Friday morning, local time, legendary Bayern Munich star Arjan Robben unexpectedly appeared at Bayern Munich training ground in Sebenne Street.

At 11: 13 in the morning, when Robben returned to his familiar venue, he was all smiles! His sons Luca and Kay also followed the former Wembley hero to the training ground to meet their former teammates and friends warmly!

Robben was also warmly embraced by head coach Thomas tuchel. After the meeting, tuchel joked at the press conference on Friday afternoon: "I tried to persuade him to play with us tomorrow. He is not the problem. The problem is DFL! He is not registered. We will talk to Kathleen Krüger seriously about whether we can find any loopholes … "

Tuchel’s words caused a burst of laughter. In addition, tuchel commented on Robben: "He represents the highest level of football! I’m glad he’s here. He has a halo, personality and spiritual strength, and has been constantly providing a high level and keeping hungry! These are so impressive! "

Robben also chatted with his Dutch compatriots Driget, Blind and Gravenberger, and warmly embraced his old teammate Thomas Muller for many years. They also took a group photo as a souvenir.

Tuchel said: "He is very popular, and we hope that he can visit us again and again. Everyone, every player and every football player can learn a lesson from Robben! This is very clear. "

Sun Minghui 23 points+key three points! Guangsha team eliminated Guangdong team 2-1 and entered the semi-finals, while Zhao Rui was 3 out of 14.

On the evening of April 23rd, the CBA made it into 4G3 in the playoffs, and Guangdong played against Guangsha. In the end, Guangsha beat Guangdong 101-96 and eliminated Guangdong 2-1 in the series, making it into the top four! Sun Minghui hit a key three points in the fourth quarter (23 points contributed by the audience), while Zhao Rui scored 3 out of 14 in the audience.

In the first two games, the two teams tied 1-1, and G3 became the final game! In the first quarter, Sun Minghui took the lead in scoring free throws, Zhao Jiaren threw, Zhao Rui and Du Runwang scored 7 points in a row, Wilzhe made a layup to stop bleeding, and Zhu Junlong equalized with three points. Ma Shang broke through the layup, Zhao Yanhao stormed successfully, Du Runwang and Zhao Rui scored three points in a row, and the two teams failed to score for a long time. Zhu Junlong scored another three-pointer, Hamilton scored a free cut, and Hu Jinqiu hit the defensive score. In the first quarter, Guangsha led by 1 point 19-18.

In the second quarter, Du Runwang continued to score three points, Ma Shang continued to hit the board, Wilhelm scored three points to stop bleeding, Hu Mingxuan broke through the basket, Zhao Jiaren hit three points, and Ma Shang was light and enterprising. Hu Jinqiu split the buckle with one hand, and Jeff scored a three-pointer into the net. The scores of the two teams were very seesaw, and the Guangdong team then overtook. Guangsha scored 5-0, Hamilton made two free throws, Wells made a shot, and Hamilton made up the basket. Wells scored easily, Zhao Rui made progress against it, and Hu Mingxuan scored three points on the whistle. After half-time, Guangdong scored three points.

In the third quarter, Guangsha team regained the lead with a wave of offensives. Jeff ate cakes at the basket, Zhu Junlong scored at the basket, and Ma Shang made a layup of 2+1. Guangsha team then stopped Guangdong team, leading by 5 points. After the suspension, the Guangsha team led by a wave of offensives to double digits. However, the Guangdong team blew a wave of 10-0. After three quarters, Guangsha led by 2 points.

In the fourth quarter, Hu Jinqiu scored a layup, Du Runwang scored a three-pointer in the open space, Sun Minghui quickly retaliated, and the score continued to be tied. Guangsha team still maintained a certain advantage, leading the Guangdong team by 7 points. Wang Xingkai caused a three-point foul and a free throw to stop bleeding, but Guangsha continued to suppress it. Sun Minghui hit a key three-pointer, which helped Guangsha win narrowly and beat Guangdong.

Guangdong starting: Hu Mingxuan, Ma Shang, Zhao Rui, Du Runwang, Yi Jianlian.

Guangsha starting: Sun Minghui, Zhao Yanhao, Zhao Jiaren, Wei Zhe, Hu Jinqiu.

Starring brunson, Randall pulled his crotch again, but I didn’t expect the knight to be a soft persimmon.

The first round match between Knicks and Cavaliers has reached a score of 2-1. The Knicks are currently in a leading position, which is unexpected. Not long ago, the Knicks also won a big victory at home, which is absolutely impressive compared with the season before the Knicks entered the playoffs. However, for Knicks, the main core performance is just like that season, and Randall is right.

In a recent game, Randall scored 11 points and 8 rebounds, but the efficiency of 3-for-15 shooting was pitiful, but the performance of brunson and other teammates helped Randall, otherwise he once became the biggest culprit of the team. Randall’s play in this battle was really weak. Ten of the 15 shots in the audience came from outside the three-point line. In the face of the Cavaliers’ inside towers, Randall was once again in a state of chaos.

So far, Randall can only get the data of 17.3 points and 8.7 rebounds per game, and his shooting percentage is only 32.7%. This efficiency can be described as horrible for an insider, perhaps because the Cavaliers’ Twin Towers have relatively large restrictions on Randall. After all, mobley is the contender for the best defensive player this season. Fortunately, the Knicks’ main player this season is brunson, otherwise it will be miserable for Randall.

Randall’s skill is rough, and his projection ability is unstable. This playoff performance is also expected, but the biggest problem is that the Cavaliers are actually a soft persimmon. Under Randall’s poor performance, they were led by the Knicks and may even be eliminated by the Knicks. I am afraid that this lineup of the Cavaliers will be disappointing again. The Cavaliers, that is, Mitchell’s play is relatively stable, and others are still inexperienced.

The playoffs are the stage to test the quality of the stars. Randall played the all-star level again in the regular season, but after the playoffs, hip-pulling became the norm. The Knicks bought 120 million stars who can only play in the regular season in these four years, but the price seems to be not a loss. After all, the prices of the stars who can play in the playoffs now are not generally high. Of course, brunson still makes the Knicks feel the value.

Every season, many young players make a name for themselves in the playoffs. Now, I’m afraid the young Cavaliers are not playoff players, or they need some time to grow up.

The upsurge of artificial intelligence trainer talent incubation project has arrived. Have you come to inspect the project?

"Mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is the strongest voice in the 21st century. Entrepreneurship is the eternal driving force for national development and social progress, while artificial intelligence is an important development strategy in China. As a basic key link in the development of artificial intelligence, data labeling industry is a new opportunity for entrepreneurs/teams to transform and expand their projects.

With the inexorable warming of the weather, the talent training program of artificial intelligence trainer is also in full swing. Every day, bosses from all over the world come to see the project and understand the actual operational situation.

During the project inspection, our project manager also listed the innovative mode of data labeling talent incubation project and the possible problems in the field landing process, and gave relevant suggestions and opinions.

It is worth mentioning that during the conversation, some partners shared their merits, and our project leaders also shared them, so as to make every customer who came to see the project and understand it gain a lot.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give you a service news after the cooperation, that is our partner, Mr. Huang. After studying in the operation department, the project department and the system as a whole, his team has already taken the initiative to register students and the data marking project is too busy. It can be said that it is as busy as a bee.

Win-win cooperation has achieved remarkable results, and quality service promotes value-added. Mr. Huang’s success is inseparable from his own efforts, and also from the efforts of our service partners. Here, I would also like to give a big compliment to our friends in the operation department.

If you also want to have endless data annotation resources.

If you are also in the data labeling industry,

If you are still worried about unprofitable projects, broken files and other issues.

Then, consider joining forces.

Come and visit us.

Epic CEO: Commercial AI should not use works for training without the author’s permission.

Epic Games is not only the game and technology, but also the parent company of ArtStation, a platform for hosting commercial artists’ works. In a recent interview, Tim sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said that he hoped the company would strike a balance between the protection of works of art and the participation of creators in new technologies such as AI image generation.

A few months ago, ArtStation created a label called "noAI" because of the protests of many artists, and the tagged works will be banned from being used by the AI system on its platform.

Sweeney said: "We support many game developers. Some of them will use artificial intelligence, and some people will hate artificial intelligence. We hope to be a reliable neutral intermediary that does not hinder the development of the industry, but we will not deliberately collect data on everyone’s works. "

During the interview, he also explained that if it is for commercial use, the AI system should never use their works without the unification of artists.

He added: "They grab people’s works of art on the Internet and then use it without their explicit consent."

"A company should not do such a thing, right? Maybe it is within the scope of research and study (no problem), but when you sell it for making commercial works of art and commercial products, you should not do so. "