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Zray won the Best Performance Award for Newcomer of the Year, Bai Bing and Weng Hongxiu Xiang Shoulder.

Movie Network News (Text/Diao Zongruitu/Han Huawei) On the evening of March 23rd, the second China Huading Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. Nearly 100 celebrities from all walks of life, including Zhang Yimou, Song Zu Ying, Tang Guoqiang and Bai Yansong, were all dressed up to attend, which was a star-studded event. Twenty-five champion trophies called "People’s Word of Mouth Award" were also awarded in the evening.

China Newcomer of the Year Best Performance Actor Zray

Zray received the award.

Wang Baoqiang, the first in the public image survey of new actors in China.

New forces in Wang Baoqiang and Zray compete for favor.

At the ceremony, Wang Baoqiang was not the first one to arrive, but the first star to walk on the podium. Although after a series of role polishing, Wang Baoqiang is no longer a newcomer in the circle, when he received the award of the best public image of China’s new actor, Wang Baoqiang showed a straightforward smile. He said that he would continue to work hard. "Be a good person and do things well." The other newcomer award went to Zray, a little actor who was deeply loved by the audience because of his performances in TV dramas such as "Family with Children". With his naughty, bold, confident and witty personality advantages, he won the "Best Performance Actor of the Year in China" award. When delivering his acceptance speech, he also confidently said, "Strive for more awards to encourage me." At present, this post-90s actor is accumulating his own strength in singing, dancing and acting.

Tang Guoqiang

Tang Guoqiang said that if you want to play a good show, you should eat lunch boxes.

Compared with the naivety of Wang Baoqiang and Zray, the face of China veteran movie star Tang Guoqiang is full of boldness and atmosphere. For the honor of the best public image of China film and television actors given by the audience, Tang Guoqiang said indifferently: "I played some big people, as if standing in a very high position, but it’s not that I am tall, it’s that those people are tall, and I stand tall on the shoulders of giants." In addition, "eat more than 200 boxes of lunch a year and go to places that few people have experienced." It has also become the key to shooting men’s works in his heart. Tang Guoqiang also smiled and said, "If possible, I want to do it again."

Sun Honglei expressed emotion on the stage.

Sun Honglei became heartless under the stage.

Sun Honglei’s students on the stage feel that the audience has become ruthless

In terms of film performance of the year, Mei Lanfang, directed by Chen Kaige, edged out You Are the One and Painted Skin, winning the audience’s favorite. However, Chen Kaige was busy with the promotion of the film in South Korea, and was unable to attend the scene in person, so he specially recorded a VCR to thank the audience. That night, Sun Honglei, who accepted the award on his behalf, said in his speech: "There are still many unknown staff members in the crew of Mei Lanfang. This honor is given to all of them. Thank you to all those who gave us advice. Thank you."

In addition, Sun Honglei personally won the award of "China Public’s Best Performer’s Annual Satisfaction", and Sun Honglei couldn’t hide his excitement after receiving the trophy. He explained how it was not easy for him to enter the mainstream line of sight from a Chinese opera listener. And firmly said, "I have grown up and matured, and I should have a sense of mission." When the reporters at the scene wanted to interview him, Sun Honglei was expressionless and left in a hurry under the escort of security guards.

Song Zu Ying and Zhang Yimou presented awards to Liu Yan.

Zhang Yimou’s outstanding achievements were besieged by reporters.

Among all the guests present at the event, Zhang Yimou, who was halfway through, undoubtedly became the focus of attention. At the event site, he not only awarded the award of "Best Dancing Actress of the Year in China" together with Song Zu Ying, but also won the title of "China’s Most Outstanding Achievement of the Year" together with Song Zu Ying.

Facing Liu Yan in a wheelchair, Zhang Yimou gave the highest praise. He said, "The first person I need to be grateful for is Liu Yan. She dedicated everything to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. She is a hero. The price she paid for the opening ceremony is unmatched by everyone. Even under the cheers of the opening ceremony, her voice has always been in my heart. "

When talking about the awards he won, Zhang Yimou was very low-key. He said frankly, "First of all, I want to thank my team. It is the painstaking efforts of countless people. Perhaps for me, the Olympic Games was only once in China, but it left an infinite memory. I want to thank the Olympics, because the Olympics are great and the people of China are great. I just did my job. " Zhang Yimou’s remarks also made the whole scene applause.

Since Zhang Yimou has rarely appeared in public since the Olympic Games, and the news that he will start shooting a new play is endless during this period, when Zhang Yimou walked out of the award ceremony, he naturally became the target of media criticism. However, he laughed and ran and jumped to escape the interception of swarms, and almost fell down the stairs. Its "national treasure" charm is beyond doubt.

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Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. recalled some Chery Tiggo 8 PRO cars.

China Quality News Network News According to the website of the General Administration of Market Supervision on May 12, a few days ago, Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the State Administration of Market Supervision according to the requirements of the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall and the Measures for the Implementation of the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall. It is decided to recall some Chery Tiggo 8 PRO cars produced from March 8, 2022 to August 18, 2022 from May 12, 2023, totaling 16,640 vehicles.

Due to the software problem of the integrated brake controller, when the intelligent headlight of the vehicle is in the "auto" position and the driver frequently switches the far and near lights and brakes, the integrated brake controller occasionally fails intermittently, which in extreme cases leads to hard braking and potential safety hazards. 

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. will check the software version of the integrated brake controller for the recalled vehicles, and upgrade the vehicles that need to be upgraded to the improved software version free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards. 

Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. will notify relevant users of the recall by telephone, SMS, registered letter and other forms. Users can call the customer service hotline of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. at 400-883-8888 or contact the authorized repair station of Chery to learn more about this recall. In addition, you can also visit www.dpac.org.cn, www.recall.org.cn, and follow the WeChat WeChat official account to learn more information and reflect the defect clues. 

Apple’s first folding screen is here! Not iPhone

Source: Lei Technology AI Hardware Group | Editor: Chongjia | Typesetting: Autumn

Nowadays, folding screens have long been an important segment of smart phones. This new form of product, which is different from the traditional straight board computer, is becoming a key weapon for major mobile phone manufacturers to seize the brand highland and impact the high-end market. In addition to mobile phones, the concepts and products of folding screen notebooks and folding screen tablets are gradually emerging.

Recently, Guo Ming, a well-known Apple whistleblower, revealed that the only Apple foldable product with clear development progress is the MacBook, which will be equipped with a 20.3-inch large screen.

Notebooks are naturally foldable, but the "folding" here means "closing the lid" to make the host fit the screen. What the "foldable notebook" says is that the screen of the notebook itself can be folded.

In fact, this is not a particularly novel concept. For example, ASUS launched Lingyao X Fold, which focuses on folding screen selling points.Specifically, this notebook is still the design idea of two-in-one product (notebook and tablet in one), and its physical keyboard part and screen are separated. At the same time, the screen part of Lingyao X Fold can be folded.

(Source: ASUS)

Lingyao X Fold uses a 17.3-inch OLED screen, which is the same as a normal notebook when unfolded. In the folded state, the screen size will become 12.5 inches, which can be used either as a tablet or as a 12.5-inch notebook with half for screen display and the other half as a virtual keyboard on the screen.

Lenovo, another PC giant, has also launched a folding screen notebook, and its representative product is ThinkPad X1 Fold. Its product form and design ideas are very similar to Lingyao X Fold, and it is also a variant of two-in-one products. ThinkPad X1 Fold uses a 16.3-inch OLED screen with a 12-inch display area when folded.

(Source: Lenovo)

Judging from the folding screen notebooks of these two brands, the corresponding technologies they adopted are actually relatively mature, basically upgrading the original 2-in-1 PC, and the screen part is an OLED+ hinge solution.

In the view of Lei Technology (ID: Leitech), the folding screen MacBook will adopt similar hardware design ideas. Compared with the folding screen mobile phone, a big problem on the folding screen notebook is the handling of the physical keyboard. In order to ensure the input efficiency, it is difficult to remove the physical keyboard directly from the folding screen notebook, so it can only be designed separately.

In fact, just like the folding screen mobile phone, the core problem solved by the folding screen notebook computer is the unity of "portability and large screen". Users want to go out with a big screen, but they don’t want it to occupy too much space, so "foldable" has become an ideal solution.

Compared with the Windows camp, Apple’s situation is somewhat special. At present, Apple has not launched a two-in-one MacBook product.If Apple wants to launch a 2-in-1 folding screen notebook, then the first estimation to be solved is the system and software problems.

Apple has always been resistant to notebook touch screens. Although iPadOS has been in macOS, and they are getting closer and closer, they are still two completely different operating systems, and the underlying interactive logic and software ecology are not the same thing.

Of course, in theory, Apple can insist on not providing touch interaction function for the screen of the folding screen MacBook. But in this way, the use of folding screen notebooks will be greatly limited. Originally, the detachable screen can be used independently in the form of a flat panel, which greatly increases the selling point of the folding screen notebook. If there is no touch function, then the selling point of the folding screen MacBook may only be the large screen, which will have limited appeal to users.

It is worth mentioning that Lei recently saw an interesting "invention" of Federico Viticci in an Apple community.He used the "decapitated" MacBook with no screen with the iPad, and turned the iPad into a wireless screen of the MacBook with Sidecar function. In this way, he got a DIY version of the two-in-one MacBook. The fly in the ointment is that the Sidecar function requires two devices to access the same LAN, so it is not convenient to use it when going out.

(Source: MacStories)

In Xiao Lei’s view, Apple can learn from this idea. Nowadays, all Macs have completed the migration to the ARM self-developed chip platform, and it is not difficult to get through macOS and iPadOS. After all, we can now use a large number of iPad and iPhone applications on the MacBook. Moreover, compared with the Windows camp, Apple has stronger control over its own M-series chips, and it also has advantages in heating and power consumption control, which is very suitable for products that require more space, such as folding notebooks.

Once Apple makes macOS support touch function, the playability of folding screen MacBook will be greatly increased.

Xiao Lei believes that the order of Apple’s folding products will be folding screen MacBook, folding screen iPad and folding screen iPhone. As we all know, Apple has always been more inclined to launch mature commercial products, and is not keen to release pioneering products with cutting-edge technologies but low maturity. Mobile phones are still Apple’s pillar business, and Apple will naturally have many concerns about using the iPhone to test water folding screen devices. On MacBook products, this concern will be much less.

Unlike mobile phones, the PC market itself has a small capacity. Moreover, in the PC industry, Apple’s shipment ranking is not high. In recent years, the operation of Mac business is not particularly ideal. In terms of Q1 financial report in fiscal year 2024, Apple’s Mac revenue was $7.78 billion, accounting for about 6.5% of the total revenue. In this way, Apple has more incentive to test the water folding screen technology on the MacBook.

We can find that the current mainstream folding screen notebook solution is essentially the same as the folding screen tablet. However, the folding screen notebook has an external physical keyboard than the folding screen tablet. Similarly, since Apple intends to release a folding screen MacBook, it is also a matter of course to launch a folding screen iPad.

Previously, there has been news in the supply chain that Apple’s MacBook and iPad product lines will gradually be OLED, which is naturally conducive to the subsequent emergence of corresponding folding screen devices. Apple’s current top-end flat-panel product, iPad Pro, has a maximum size of 12.9 inches. If the screen display area is to be further broken, it is an inevitable trend to move towards a folding screen form.

(Source: Apple)

As for the folding screen iPhone that everyone pays more attention to, there are also some news. At the end of last year, Korean media AlphaBiz reported that Apple executives revealed that the folding screen iPhone is expected to be released in 2026. However, this news has not been confirmed by other sources.

One of the two most critical technologies of folding screen mobile phone is the screen, and the other is the hinge. The former is not difficult for Apple, while the latter may need to accumulate experience through folding screen MacBook and folding screen iPad. At present, the proportion of shipments of folding screen mobile phones is still low, and there is still a long way to go before it is widely popularized. There are still certain opportunities for folding screen iPhone in the future.

(Source: CNET)

Of course, Xiao Lei also believes that Apple’s perennial smashing of iPhone products will affect the competitiveness of the folding screen iPhone. Now, all major manufacturers are competing for beauty in folding screen mobile phones, but the common product evolution direction is to continuously improve the basic skills on the basis of maintaining the special advantages of folding screens.

In other words, the advantage of the early folding screen is that it can be folded, but it lags behind the traditional straight flagship in terms of image, battery life, reliability and price.Now, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other head brands are constantly enhancing the image ability of folding screens and enhancing reliability through better hinge technology. Folding screen mobile phones are gradually changing from "tent-type" products to "bucket-type" products.

As a conventional flagship, iPhone has lagged behind Android models in terms of heat dissipation, signal, image and charging. For example, the problem of fever and poor battery life of the iPhone 15 Pro is largely due to the lack of progress in Apple’s heat dissipation design. If Apple Trade rashly launches a folding screen iPhone now, it will perform poorly in terms of image, signal and performance stability. Apple still has a lot of lessons to make up before making a good enough folding screen phone.

The basic form of smart phones has not changed since the release of the iPhone in early 2007. After the mobile phone manufacturers have exhausted the conventional means to increase the screen size, the new form of folding screen has become the evolution trend of the next generation of mobile phones.

For notebook products, it is much less necessary for them to evolve into folding screen form. After all, the screen size of the notebook itself is much larger than that of the mobile phone, and its requirements for portability are lower than that of the mobile phone. Therefore, Xiao Lei believes that folding screen notebooks will not become the mainstream form.

Of course, the PC industry behind the notebook itself is already facing the problem of saturated market capacity and lack of room for growth. The application of cutting-edge technologies such as folding screen and AI may inject some new hopes into this ancient product.

As for the folding screen MacBook, Xiao Lei thinks it may not be too innovative in product form. However, in terms of system and software, the integration of iPadOS and macOS is more worth looking forward to. Xiao Lei is looking forward to it. Apple can bring refreshing solutions to the industry in its own way on the system software of folding screen products. Apple is late in folding screen products, and Xiaolei will keep a close track of its products, so stay tuned.


Amy made a perfect curtain call. Game of Thrones and Vice President became winners.

    1905 movie network news The 67th American TV Emmy Awards were announced at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles this morning, Beijing time. Hosted by Andy Samberg, the star of "Detective Bewilder", the award ceremony opened happily. This year’s Emmy Award won three awards: Best Drama, Director and Screenplay, while jon hamm, the male actor, finally ended his seven-year running with him and was honored as Emperor. Viola davis won the Best Actress in Drama. In comedy, it broke the myth of Lian Zhuang and won the best drama series. At the same time, it also included four important awards: best actress, best male actor and best screenwriter. Comedy upstart won the best actor and best director awards in comedy category.

    In the limited drama (original "mini drama")/TV movie, he won the best TV movie award by winning six awards, including the best limited drama.

[Drama] "Game of Thrones" won three awards. Joe Hamm ended his seven years of running with him.

    This year’s Amy is not as strong as last year’s, but the competition is still very fierce. "Game of Thrones" was attacked by the dark horse and other popular dramas, and finally won Amy’s favor, winning the three awards of best drama, director and screenwriter. After being nominated for the fifth time in a row, "Little Devil" Peter Dinklage won the best supporting actor award for the second time. It seems that the death of "Jiong Nuo" in the fifth season is not a serious injury, but the best bargaining chip for its Emmy award this year.

    Mad Men, which had never won a performance award before, finally won a sigh of relief for the best male actor. jon hamm ended his seven-year running with him and won the title of Emperor at the end of the season, which was the best curtain call for the era drama Mad Men. This year’s new drama made viola davis get the first Emmy nomination in her life, and finally won the best actress in drama, becoming the first African-American best actress in Emmy history. Taraji P hansen, the heroine of Hip-Hop Empire who keeps pace with her, regretted losing the election.

    Last year, uzo aduba, who won the best guest actress in comedy, was once again recognized for her slightly neurotic performance in the drama and won the best supporting actress in drama. 

[Comedy] Modern Family ended the best comedy throne of Lian Zhuang myth "Vice President"

    In this year’s comedy competition, surprise gift, Modern Family finally fell out of favor with the academy, and the Lian Zhuang record was broken. Instead, Vice President won the best comedy series. Julia Louis Dreyfus, the star of "Vice President", won the Best Actress in Emmy Comedy for the fourth time. In addition, the play won four awards, including Best Screenplay and Best Actor, which made it a big winner in this comedy category. However, my poehler in the movie finally passed Amy and ended her trip to Amy. 

    The transparent family, which focuses on "transgender" hot topics, has become the upstart comedy this year. Everyone’s beloved "Sheldon" didn’t make the shortlist for this year’s Emmy, and it was almost universally expected that Jeffrey Tambor won this year’s Emmy comedy. Previously, Jeffrey was nominated by Emmy for six times, but he didn’t win any prizes. This time, in Transparent Family, he portrayed the image of a transgendered father vividly. The play also won the best director in comedy.

    Allison janney won the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. This year, she played steadily in "The Best Mom", and she had already been nominated for the Golden Globe Award as a female companion, and also won the TV Critics’ Choice Award. There is no suspense for Jenny to win this award.

[Limited drama/TV movie category] olive kitteridge won six important awards.

    This year’s limited drama competition is particularly fierce, and "olive kitteridge" reflect the current hot issues in American society. However, it is obvious that Olive kittredge’s description of ordinary people’s lives is more appetizing for Emmy Awards, and it won six awards in one fell swoop: Best Limited Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor and Best Male Supporting. Telling the legendary life of a female blues singer won the best TV movie award.

    David oyelowo lost to olive kitteridge richard jenkins. , missed the best actor in the limited drama. There seems to be no doubt that the award for defining the best actress belongs to Frances McDormand, and her vitriolic female image in the play is impressive. And bill murray won the best male match with his consummate acting skills.

    Although there are three actors bring up the rear from "American Fear", among them, sarah paulson, the "Banana Sister", has a very high voice, but regina king broke through the tight encirclement with "American Serious Crime" and won the best supporting actress in a limited drama/TV movie category, and finally "American Fear" returned empty-handed at this year’s Emmy Awards.

award prize winner Drama awards Best drama series best actor

Jon Hamm

best actress Viola Davis Best Supporting Actor

Peter Dinklage 

Best supporting actress Uzo Aduba Best guest actor Reg e. cass  Best guest actress Margo Martindale best director

David Nutter

The best playwright David Benioff  Comedy awards Best drama series best actor Jeffrey Tambor  best actress

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Best Supporting Actor Tony Hale  Best supporting actress Allison Janney Best guest actor Bradley whitford Best guest actress Joan cusack’s Shameless Family best director Jill Soloway  The best playwright Armando Iannucci Limited drama/TV movie/drama special program award Best limited drama Best TV movie best actor

Richard Jenkins

best actress Frances McDormand  Best Supporting Actor

Bill Murray

Best supporting actress

Regina King

best director

Lisa crowden 


Jean Anderson

Reality show awards  Best competition reality show Best organized reality show Winner of ingenuity Best unorganized reality show Deadly hunting Best host Jane Lynch Variety awards  Best variety talk show Best sketch variety show best director Chuck O’Neil  The best playwright Elliott Kalan

Gudong outdoor running

Gudong outdoor running is a running fitness APP used by 200 million people. There are professional fitness guides, detailed health exercise instructions and accurate exercise records, which cover the national sports communities all over the world and give you the most perfect fitness experience, as well as the latest cycling step-by-step data and a large number of professional domestic sports equipment recommendations. Come and download the experience! ! !

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Gudong outdoor running 1

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4. Take photos of the scenery along the way, and you can also feel the surrounding scenery during exercise;

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Analysis of the whole chain of private domain operation in beauty industry

With the in-depth development and expansion of channels, beauty consumer groups promote the rapid development of beauty industry, and multiple factors affect the development of beauty industry. How should the beauty industry seize the private dividend and promote its better development? The author summarizes some methods, hoping to help you.

With the diversification and in-depth development of sales channels, the consumer groups of beauty brands continue to expand, and multiple factors jointly promote the sustained and rapid development of the beauty industry. As a beauty brand with the highest degree of private domain matching, how to seize the private domain development dividend, break through the growth bottleneck and realize rapid growth?

Now, the beauty industry faces many problems and challenges in private domain operation. Merchants will face three stages in the process of private domain operation: construction stage, growth stage and maturity stage, and each stage will encounter relatively core problems.

First of all, during the construction period, there is a lack of standard operating tools and operating methodology.

Brand is in the exploration period of private domain construction, and it is in the acceptance and learning stage for concepts such as applet, community operation and data management. Secondly, there are many kinds of private domain tools in the market, and merchants are dazzled when choosing, so it is difficult to choose tools that suit their own brands.

Secondly, in the growth period, private domain operations are separated from each other, making it difficult to form a benign closed loop.

Brand private domain has many contacts, such as small program mall, enterprise micro, community, offline shopping guide and store mall, but they can’t get through and cooperate effectively.

Finally, in the mature period, there is a bottleneck in the stock operation, and it is difficult to tap the effective increment.

The brand has successfully accumulated some effective experience, but with the decline of incremental dividends, the traffic is gradually lacking, and the "extensive operation" has a growth bottleneck.

Turning to the current private domain development trend of the beauty industry, it mainly presents the following points:

According to the data compiled by EROMONITOR Prospective Industry Research Institute, among the changes in the proportion of major sales channels in China cosmetics industry (unit%) from 2015 to 2021, the proportion of e-commerce channels has increased rapidly year by year.

In the penetration rate of Tmall TOP100 beauty brand applet mall, 79% of beauty brands have their own applet malls.

Several well-known brands: Maybelline gradually withdrew from the Shangchao department store channel in 2018, only retaining brand boutiques and developing in parallel with online channels; In August, 2020, Vichy built the first O+O (online and offline integration channel) operation center in China. After consumers completed skin testing and product trial in the store, they placed orders in small programs. All major beauty brands in the industry began to increase their efforts to lay out online channels in 2020.

It can be seen that the brand is not only trying a new integration of online and offline, but also trying to expand more attempts including private domain.

According to the brand database data of Quest Mobile Truth Brand in September, 2021, compared with typical consumer industries such as food and beverage, household appliances, mother and baby, the scale of private users in the beauty industry after weight reduction still ranks first.

In the investigation of Tmall Top100 beauty brands in the growth black box in 2020, we can see that there are over 20% beauty brands, and their private domain sales account for nearly 25% of the total e-commerce volume (the proportion of private domain sales of beauty = private domain sales/omni-channel sales of e-commerce).

Therefore, beauty brands should pay attention to the development of private domain while developing their business, and at the same time pay attention to the potential and opportunities of customers’ deep exploration.

In fact, the brand private domain is not an additional single sales channel, but a secondary undertaking of the brand’s existing global channel passenger flow and advertising traffic. On the basis of not raising the marketing cost, it can effectively undertake the brand global channels and users reached by advertisements, and realize the precipitation and long-term transformation of user assets and brand data assets.

In the initial stage, the private domain investment of the brand is small, and the input-output is not obvious. With the introduction of drainage and fission, the scale of private domain grows rapidly and its complexity increases. At this time, the brand is exploring a suitable private domain model, and the net income (output MINUS input) presents a high negative value.

However, with the maturity of brand private domain operation, the scale of private domain has entered a stable period, the cost of innovation and operation has begun to decrease, and the customer repurchase rate (the average monthly repurchase rate in the beauty industry is 10-15%) and LTV(life time value Life Cycle Value) are also increasing. The net income is gradually improved, moving towards breakeven and creating long-term compound interest.

Therefore, by settling the private domain of brands, brands can get higher profits, and users can also get a more direct and better shopping experience.

With the development of private domain operation in beauty industry, six typical private domain operation models can be sorted out.

1. Multi-positioning promotion type: a number of small programs with different positioning, with sales promotion as the main operating mode.

Representative brands: Perfect Diary, Polaiya, Ou Shiman, etc.

Taking Perfect Diary as an example, the brand has 20+ WeChat official account with different positioning and 10+ small program malls with different positioning, which cooperate with the daily member day +bigday activities to achieve continuous promotion and transformation.

Representative brands: Lin Qingxuan, herborist and Estee Lauder.

Take Lin Qingxuan as an example, get through every contact of WeChat Ecology to drain the live broadcast room and insist on daily broadcast. By constantly trying various links and ways to transform live drainage, we found the most suitable mode for Lin Qingxuan. Moreover, the store shopping guide resources are fully mobilized, and the 3000+ store community shares the live video number.

Representative brands: Guanxia, Huaxizi, HFP, etc.

Seize the beauty component party as the core user of the brand, constantly polish the content of WeChat official account, and finally achieve the reading volume of 600,000-100,000 articles. At the same time, the brand community is operated in the applet, and users are guided to participate in sharing through official topics and activities.

Pay attention to the brand experience of users in the private domain, and guide users to complete the continuous punching of the first purchase and cultivate the habit of re-purchase through the combination boxing of exclusive gifts for newcomers, members’ trial use, sign-in courtesy (customized periphery) and limited spike by members.

Representative brands: shanghai jahwa, etc.

From the offline ordering mode to the online cloud store ordering, the efficiency of goods circulation has been greatly improved; And through policy planning, training and teaching, we will make every effort to build a benchmark store, effectively improve the sales of dealers’ cloud stores, realize the annual sales rate in ninety-seven percent, and at the same time, the headquarters will empower dealers to operate cloud stores and transform live broadcasts.

Representative brands: Sephora, Afu and so on.

Taking Sephora as an example, the SmartBA project was launched in June 2020, which systematically promoted BA from top to bottom. Through corporate WeChat, consumers are guided to enter the private domain of brands, and every "beauty consultant" is empowered by numbers. With their professionalism and aesthetic vision, they will continue to provide consumers with professional 1V1 personalized services and online extension services in the private domain community, which will eventually drive online and offline business growth.

6. Feedback to the public domain: the mall not only carries the purpose of sales transformation, but also uses user research and data analysis to guide product development in the opposite direction.

Representative brands: L ‘Oré al, Elizabeth, Ya Dun, etc.

Taking L ‘Oré al as an example, in 2018, it has started to build technical applications such as SCRM and CDP. The brand uses the accumulated data for user value analysis, and adapts and develops products according to different people and regions. L ‘Oré al is the first brand in the industry to achieve C2B innovation. It took 59 days to tap the demands of thousands of consumers aged 18-30 for "ideal cream", and quickly put into research and development and launched a zero-point cream, which sold 100,000 pieces on the day of listing.

Self-test operation mode interactive test

First of all, if you are a newly created beauty brand or want to try to upgrade the brand and expand the beauty private domain business, then the first step is to think about the private domain organizational structure and operation team building.

Regarding the organizational structure of private domain and the construction of operation team, there are generally the following four modes. Brand merchants can choose which organizational structure to build according to the comprehensive evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Secondly, when preparing for private domain operation after the team is formed, it is necessary to consider the whole link process from traffic to retention and then to sales.

The first step is to plant grass in the commons. Establish brand awareness in the public domain through explosive products, and then conduct global drainage to the private domain through e-commerce/live broadcast, store activities /BA live code, and small red book planting.

The second step is to raise grass in private areas. In the private domain, we will deepen users’ three-dimensional cognition and preference for the brand through various operating means such as enterprise micro-customer service, WeChat official account, community and video number.

The third step is to pull weeds in private areas. Finally, private domain can be realized through mall+live broadcast+member marketing.

What needs to be emphasized here is that the beauty industry has a very typical marketing model: live broadcast with goods. This interactive marketing model with goods is a growth weapon for beauty businesses. According to C2CC Media’s "Private Domain Operation & Status of Beauty Live E-commerce", 70.9% of beauty companies have chosen live broadcast to bring goods.

With the advent of the "self-broadcasting era" of merchants, the live broadcast of video number based on WeChat ecology combined with enterprise WeChat can break the traditional live broadcast barrier and connect the live broadcast with community, WeChat official account, applets and other links in series. In the whole process before, during and after the live broadcast, a complete closed-loop transaction of drainage-conversion-repurchase is constructed to carry out refined operation, thus helping beauty brands to sell goods in private domain and realize sales growth.

Taking the live broadcast of "Lin Qingxuan" private domain video number as an example, with the help of video number operation+mall operation+community operation+advertising operation, the GMV of the live broadcast increased by 570% in four months. The highlights of its live broadcast operation are as follows:

With the help of friends’ circle advertising, the live broadcast is drained, and the big data orientation ability of WeChat advertising is used to lock the brand target customers, effectively shortening the grass planting path and introducing traffic to the live broadcast room.

Fully mobilize Lin Qingxuan’s shopping guide resources, and warm up the live broadcast room by sending skin care knowledge, giving coupons by interactive question and answer, and interacting with red envelopes.

In the live broadcast, on the one hand, by setting up an order lottery activity, the interaction enthusiasm of users in the live broadcast room is enhanced, and the length of stay of users in the live broadcast room is increased; In addition, in the product selection strategy, focus on mature female customers aged 30 -50, and cooperate with drainage products to comprehensively improve GMV.

With the higher offline costs and the fading of the e-commerce dividend period, the beauty industry has moved from "flow" to "retention". For the beauty industry where quality and experience are paramount, private domain operation plays a vital role in the brand omni-channel strategy. It is the key to improve the performance growth to realize the refined operation of users and enhance the loyalty of users through the layout of private domains.

Based on the increasingly mature and diversified private domain gameplay, beauty brands can control traffic, user assets and transactions in "private land", maximize the full-time global advantages of public-private domain linkage, and finally promote the brand and benefit with a complete and efficient private domain marketing closed loop.

This article was originally published by @ Xiao Y’s operating notes. Everyone is a product manager. Reprinting is prohibited without permission.

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[See you at 8: 00] China men’s basketball team missed the top 16 of the World Cup.

  At 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.


  ● The Ministry of Finance announced the national lottery in 2018, and the overdue prize money exceeded 2.5 billion yuan.

  ● Many provinces signed letters of responsibility to strive to reduce the myopia rate of children and adolescents by 0.5% every year.

  ● The Ministry of Ecology and Environment issues relevant annual reports, showing that mobile sources such as motor vehicles have become an important source of air pollution.

  ● Because the user privacy agreement of "ZAO”App is not standardized, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conducted an inquiry interview with the relevant person in charge of Beijing Momo Technology Co., Ltd..

  ● The reporter learned from the People’s Bank of China on the 4th that P2P online lending institutions, whether in operation or out of operation, will be fully connected to the credit information system.

  ● Hetao Irrigation District in Inner Mongolia and Qianjinbei in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province were included in the World Irrigation Project Heritage List in 2019 (the sixth batch).

  ● Beijing Daxing International Airport will have the official sailing conditions before September 15th.

  ● Hainan Province will include "unreasonable low-cost travel" in the category of public interest litigation.

  ● The China Tobacco Control Association released the survey results of 10 counties/towns in 8 cities, and nearly 60% of the cigarette outlets did not have signs prohibiting the sale of minors.

  ● Ma Hongjun, former deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Yunnan Forestry Vocational and Technical College, was expelled from party membership and public office.

  ● In the final match of Group A of the 2019 Basketball World Cup held on the 4th, the China men’s basketball team lost to the Venezuelan team by 59:72, ranking third in the group with a record of 1 win and 2 losses, and missed the top 16.


  ● On September 4th, a New Zealand tourist bus rolled over, killing five tourists from China.

  ● On the 4th local time, an explosion occurred in a fireworks factory in India, and the death toll has risen to 19.

  ● The U.S. government intends to speed up the execution procedure of death penalty to punish the criminals of mass murder.

  ● The US-European satellite insurance collided, and the US company argued that the communication failure caused it to "do nothing".

  ● Iranian President Rouhani said on the 4th that Iran will further suspend the implementation of the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

  ● Due to the defection of some Members of Parliament, the British Prime Minister suffered a major setback in Parliament, or a general election will be held in advance.

  ● The South Korean Foreign Ministry said that the Rising Sun Flag is a symbol of militarism and should not appear in the Japanese Olympic Games.

  ● A formalin leakage accident occurred in a middle school in South Korea, and 51 students were sent to hospital.

  ● Scientists have warned that the melting amount of Greenland ice sheet in 2019 may set a historical record.

  ● A teenager in Britain only eats French fries, potato chips and white bread for a long time, and his eyes are blind due to nutritional imbalance.

  [hundred States]

  ● The trial of the man’s wife-killing case in Thailand ended, and the defendant refused to plead guilty. The case will be pronounced on November 8.

  ● The family members of the deceased in the Lijiang anti-killing case said that if the other party was sentenced to justifiable defense, they would not appeal.

  ● Due to the spontaneous combustion in the passenger’s charging treasure cabin, a flight of Eastern Airlines returned after taking off, and the police intervened in the investigation.

  ● Shanxi high-speed traffic police responded that "the police colluded with the car" and the police involved had been suspended.

  ● On the 4th, a crowded event occurred in the opening promotion of a shopping mall in Bazhong, Sichuan, which has injured 16 people.

  ● A public security bureau chief in Yunnan lost his horse and angered his mother. He cried in court when he was tried.

  ● Anhui cracked a huge network superstition fraud case, involving more than 50 million yuan.

  ● Huazhong University of Science and Technology responded to the suicide of Chen Zemin, a graduate student in 2016: it is fully cooperating with the public security organs to investigate and assisting the families of the students involved in handling the aftermath.

  ● A teacher of an off-campus cram school in Nanjing was arrested for allegedly molesting a female student.

  ● Nanning Customs cracked a major smuggling case of dried peppers from India and seized 620 tons of dried peppers involved.

  ● Hubei has launched a smart school bus. If a student is forgotten in the bus, the system will automatically call the police.

  ● According to astronomical experts, on the evening of the 6th of this month, Tianyu will stage "Jupiter and the Moon".

  Visual sense

  ● Recently, a brigade of the Air Force Aviation in the northern theater conducted ultra-low altitude valley flight training, and the pilot was clearly visible in the cabin.

  ● Rice in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou Province turns yellow one after another, and autumn is getting stronger.

  ● FIFA announced the emblem of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022, which looks like a white trophy from a distance.


  ● If you complain about your work, if you feel wronged in your heart, first look at the picture below. 30,000 people support the safety of 7 million people.

  — — On the 4th, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s wife, Jing He, forwarded a post in the official discussion forum of the Major League of Police Support on her personal Facebook page, supporting the Hong Kong police.


  ● Brown rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which is suitable for people with three highs.

  — — Weibo, the official of Gree Electric, responded that "Dong Mingzhu claimed to make rice cookers for the three high crowds".


  ● Mr. Tielang Dai, director and screenwriter of the animated film "Sheriff Black Cat", died at 19: 25 on the 4th due to illness at the age of 89.

  ● Recently, in Taizhou, Zhejiang, eight young "prospective doctors" worked together to save a suicidal woman who wanted to jump off a bridge on the way to the hospital for internship.

  ●78-year-old American writer Andrew • Kaplan is about to become the first "AndyBot" and realize "eternal life" on the cloud.

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

  Editor: Xiao Xiao Cai Chunlin

[A little information] Western media: Real Madrid will look to Manchester City striker Julian.

In the second leg of the semi-final of the Champions League, Real Madrid was defeated by Manchester City 4-0. This game also proves Manchester City’s leading edge in the depth of the lineup. Alvarez has attracted the attention of Real Madrid, and they hope to strengthen themselves and attack the Champions League champion again next season.

Tottenham are out of the Champions League. Who will succeed Kong Di, tuchel or Pochettino?

Tottenham went out of the Champions League, and it was AC Milan who eliminated them, so coach Kong Di could not escape the blame. In addition, when the contract expires this summer, it seems inevitable to change coaches.

According to The Sun, Tottenham want tuchel to be their next manager. Of course, Pochettino, who is popular with fans, is also one of the alternatives.

Tuchel has been promoted to the first-line manager since he led Chelsea to win the Champions League, so even after being fired by Burleigh at the beginning of the season, he didn’t join any team hastily, and he is still waiting for the call of the Premier League giants.

Although Tottenham Hotspur is the worst in Big6, it is finally a quasi-giant team, so it can barely enter the eyes of tuchel.

Of course, Tottenham is not without competition.

Although there is no possibility for Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool to change coaches.

However, Eddie Howe of Newcastle has been coaching for almost a year and a half. If he fails to qualify for the Champions League this season, it is possible to change coaches.

And Real Madrid in La Liga, if Ancelotti retires, tuchel will have a great chance to win Raul.

However, if the position of head coach is bound to be vacant in summer, then Tottenham’s advantage is still very large.

As for Pochettino, it feels that Levi won’t go back to the grass so easily unless there are no more famous coaches at home in the market, no matter how much fans miss Uncle Bo.

Epic CEO: Commercial AI should not use works for training without the author’s permission.

Epic Games is not only the game and technology, but also the parent company of ArtStation, a platform for hosting commercial artists’ works. In a recent interview, Tim sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, said that he hoped the company would strike a balance between the protection of works of art and the participation of creators in new technologies such as AI image generation.

A few months ago, ArtStation created a label called "noAI" because of the protests of many artists, and the tagged works will be banned from being used by the AI system on its platform.

Sweeney said: "We support many game developers. Some of them will use artificial intelligence, and some people will hate artificial intelligence. We hope to be a reliable neutral intermediary that does not hinder the development of the industry, but we will not deliberately collect data on everyone’s works. "

During the interview, he also explained that if it is for commercial use, the AI system should never use their works without the unification of artists.

He added: "They grab people’s works of art on the Internet and then use it without their explicit consent."

"A company should not do such a thing, right? Maybe it is within the scope of research and study (no problem), but when you sell it for making commercial works of art and commercial products, you should not do so. "