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The folding screen mobile phone has been scolded again. Why can’t it be sold well?

Smart phone innovation is weak, and we once regarded folding screen mobile phone as a new breakthrough.

From Samsung’s Galaxy Fold to Huawei’s Mate X, as well as Motorola’s Razr, the folding screen mobile phone has gradually become a topic raised by major mobile phone manufacturers last year, and even revived the clamshell design that has been silent for many years.

▲ Image from: SlashGear

They are as radical as the outside world thinks, using a touch screen that can be folded or unfolded, so that the mobile phone can be turned into a flat plate while taking into account the original size, or the volume can be further reduced by using a folding structure.

However, looking back a year later, these mobile phones, which were claimed to be the future, failed to leave any deep impression on the mass users.

Not only because of the high pricing and low output, the folding screen mobile phone is destined to become a plaything for niche users, but more importantly, people have found many hidden dangers after using the real machine, which also makes the current folding screen mobile phone like a product of trial and error.

Razr released by Motorola at the end of last year also failed to escape the fate of being spit out. This folding screen phone basically retains the design language of Razr V3, such as the classic small chin and flip shape, but it uses a foldable screen inside, which shows a unique retro feeling.

The unique shape has also won a lot of praise from Motorola Razr. Many digital enthusiasts think that it is the best folding screen at present, and the flip shape can further reduce the size of the mobile phone, which is more acceptable to the public than Samsung Huawei’s idea of "turning the mobile phone into a tablet".

▲ Image from: CNET

Nevertheless, after the aircraft was put on the market, some foreign scientific and technological media gave mixed comments on it.

Among them, the author of Android Central said that although Razr has an amazing design, there is a certain compromise in durability and configuration. For example, after several days of use, the hinge of the machine will make a harsh "squeaking" sound every time it is opened and closed, which sounds very uncomfortable.

In addition, due to its small size, Razr’s experience in battery life and taking photos has not reached the flagship level. Considering its price of $1,500, people should ask for more, but it is obviously untenable to rely on a foldable screen.

▲ Under CNET’s turnover machine, Razr only persisted for more than 20,000 times before it broke down.

In addition, CNET used a self-made machine to flip Razr. As a result, after 27,000 consecutive flips, Razr had a hinge failure and could not close the screen normally. If it is calculated according to the average frequency of users unlocking their mobile phones every day, then a Razr mobile phone will be "broken" in just one year.

In fact, CNET used the same tool to test the Samsung Galaxy Fold before, and the machine insisted on 120,000 consecutive folds.

▲ Motorola’s official testing methods are obviously more moderate.

However, Motorola officials do not agree with this result. They said that CNET’s testing method can’t restore the situation of daily use well, but will further accelerate the wear and tear of parts.

Later, Motorola also released a video showing the correct testing methods, hoping to prove that the machine did not "lie" in its service life.

▲ There are many Motorola Razr that have been "played badly" in offline stores abroad.

The worst is yet to come. With the official listing of Razr, many damaged Razr display machines have appeared in major offline stores abroad. For example, Max Weinbach, the author of XDA website, saw a prototype whose screen was stripped off, which was obviously caused by human factors, but it also proved the fragility of the folding screen mobile phone from the side.

Some people also found green stripes on the store trial machine, or encountered the situation that the half screen continued to flicker, which was very similar to the problems encountered by the first batch of Samsung Galaxy Fold. The high probability was the failure of the display screen caused by frequent folding.

In any case, in this new product of Motorola, we still don’t see the possibility of mass production of folding screen mobile phones, but it will further dispel users’ desire to buy.

From the design point of view, there have been several forms of folding screen mobile phones, but at present there is no solution that can completely solve all the hidden dangers.

One is the durability problem, which is also the biggest obstacle for folding screen mobile phones to enter the mainstream market. Although several manufacturers claim that their products can withstand 100,000-200,000 times of opening and closing, screen folding is only one of the scenes in actual use, and people have to consider many factors such as falling resistance, scratch resistance, dustproof and waterproof.

▲ The difference between eversion and eversion structures also leads to different design choices.

The structural differences between eversion and eversion will also lead to different design choices. For example, Samsung Galaxy Fold uses two screens inside and outside, which can really protect the inner screen better. Although Huawei Mate X’s eversion design can balance the thickness and size, the screen is exposed all the year round, and it is difficult to avoid scratches.

On the other hand, because the folding screen mobile phone often adopts the structure of left and right or up and down, it also means that it is difficult to reuse the existing component layout of traditional mobile phones.

▲ Dual battery layout in Samsung Galaxy Fold fuselage

For example, at present, Samsung, Huawei and Motorola basically choose the "double battery power supply" scheme for folding screens. In fact, one battery is placed in the left and right or upper and lower parts of the folding screen mobile phone.

Due to the large size of Samsung and Huawei, the actual battery capacity of both exceeds 4000 mAh, while the small size design like Motorola can only guarantee 2500 mAh battery, and the battery life will naturally decline.

▲ Motorola Razr uses two dynamic brackets at the rotating shaft.

Hinge is also a technology that folding screen mobile phones have to ignore. When the screen is frequently folded and squeezed, it is not only the screen that is lost, but also the life of the mechanical hinge.

At present, Samsung and Huawei have adopted different hinge schemes for folding screen mobile phones, and the gap after folding can be controlled in a small range, but the disadvantage is that users have to use both hands to unfold the mobile phone into a flat state.

At this point, the design of Motorola Razr’s upper and lower flip covers is more humanized. With the help of the hollowed-out part left by the dynamic bracket, Razr solves the crease problem caused by the folding screen under large curvature, and the compact size also allows the user to open/close the flip cover with only one hand.

However, the new design also brings new problems. Because of the hollowing out, Razr’s screen is not closely attached to the mobile phone. The BBC showed a detail in the hands-on video, saying that users can easily lift the screen layer of Razr with only one nail hook. At this time, the internal components are completely open to the outside world, which will undoubtedly become the "hardest hit" for all kinds of dust and debris.

One of the reasons why mass consumers are not interested in folding screen mobile phones is the price. Judging from several folding screen mobile phones currently on sale, their official pricing has exceeded 10,000 yuan, which is much more expensive than many mobile phones with the same flagship positioning.

Considering the low yield of folding screen mobile phones and the need to redesign related components, it is understandable to set the price higher. However, if this is just a screen, it is obviously more harmful than good to sacrifice the original experience such as durability and thickness.

This is also why only a few manufacturers have decided to mass-produce folding screen mobile phones, while some other brands have also shown prototypes, but they have no plans to mass-produce them.

For example, Xiaomi’s MIX Alpha, although this product does not have a "folding" part, but it uses a large bending screen structure, it also needs to use similar technologies as folding screens.

In the original plan, Xiaomi MIX Alpha should have had a small-scale mass production at the end of December last year, but now there is no following. Until today, this mobile phone can only be packaged in the glass cabinet of Xiaomi House, and perhaps even Xiaomi himself is not at ease to hand over such a concept device to consumers.

Walking into 2020, the folding screen mobile phone is about to usher in its first iteration.

The fastest progress should still be Samsung. At today’s Oscar film awards ceremony, Samsung has announced a new generation of folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Z Filp in advance through TV advertisements.

Different from last year’s Fold, this time Samsung chose a clamshell design similar to Motorola Razr, which should get a better experience in a thinner volume.

At the same time, there are some rumors about the upgraded version of Huawei Mate X. It is reported that the aircraft will be equipped with a new Kirin 990 chip, but it will continue the everted structure.

Earlier, Gao Dongzhen, president of Samsung Mobile, also revealed in an interview with the media that the sales volume of Samsung Galaxy Fold should be around 400,000-500,000 units, while Huawei Mate X, which is only sold in China, shipped around 100,000 units in the first month after its launch.

There is no doubt that in the face of current pricing and product maturity, Samsung and Huawei will obviously not hold the sales target of millions of orders to produce folding screen mobile phones. At least until the hidden problems mentioned above are solved, the traditional flat mobile phone will still occupy the main position.

This is the same as the curved screen mobile phone of that year. If the folding screen mobile phone wants to become a new star product, it still needs to wait for the gradual iteration of screen and hinge technology and the cost reduction of the upstream supply chain when it develops to a more mature stage.

A similar development path can refer to Samsung’s curved screen technology. Although as early as 2013, Samsung has released the first mobile phone Galaxy Round with curved screen design, at this time, Samsung’s flagship is still a flat screen mobile phone.

It was not until the Galaxy S8 series in 2017 that Samsung really let the flat screen completely withdraw from the flagship camp and fully applied the dual curved surface screen to its flagship machine. In the past two years, with the decline of cost, Samsung is not the only mobile phone with curved screen design.

However, what is certain is that the folding screen will definitely not become a short-lived design like the lifting camera. After all, technology suppliers such as Samsung obviously value not only the category of smart phones, but the folding screen technology itself.

As the carrier of information, people are still obsessed with making the screen as thin as paper, and it can be rolled up and taken away like files and newspapers, which makes "folding" an inevitable stage in the development of screen technology.

Therefore, even if the folding screen mobile phone cannot become a decent business, the research and development related to folding screen will continue to progress.

As long as the material and structure constraints can be solved, the future display screen will not only appear on electronic products, but also be further extended to the surfaces of various objects, which is suitable for more equipment and scenes.

Title map source: Bloomberg

Selecting insiders and manipulating competitions … God knows what China sports has experienced in recent years.

  CCTV News:A few days ago, Fiona Fang magazine sponsored by Procuratorial Daily published an article entitled "Shocking Corruption at the Top of Sports in China". The article listed some relevant measures and some specific cases of anti-corruption in China sports since the 18th National Congress. How did China sports experience the pain of reform in the past five years? Xiaobian tells you through several stories.

  Twin sisters regret retiring.

  In May, 2017, twin sisters Hua Jiang Wenwen and Jiang Tingting returned to the stadium to win the gold medal at the award ceremony of the Flower Tour Double Event in the 13th National Games. Four years ago, because of a controversial referee’s score, the Wen Ting sisters, a world-famous flower swimming group, only achieved the third place in the National Games, ending their sports career with a bronze medal, while the host group Liaoning won the championship.

  The nearly perfect performance was awarded a low score by the referee. The score of the Liaoning team on the final day of the same set of competition actions was 2.2 points higher than that of the previous day’s preliminaries. All doubts pointed to Yu Li, then the head of synchronized swimming department of the General Administration of Sports, but after the game, Yu Li said in an interview: "The referee did not violate the relevant general rules and regulations in the scoring process, so the final score was determined to be effective and the original result was maintained."

  One year after the National Games in Liaoning, CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection made an all-round tour of the State Sports General Administration. After nearly one and a half months of inspection, the inspection results were announced, in which "the selection and selection of referees are not standardized, and the competition violates the principle of fairness and fraud" has become the focus of attention. On the third day after the announcement of the inspection results, the General Administration of Sports reported that an official was investigated for allegedly manipulating the competition and accepting improper bribes, and the person who was taken away was Yu Li, the former minister of the water polo department of the swimming center.

  According to authoritative media reports, in the 12th National Games, in order to "take care of" the host team’s "gold medal task", Yu Li, the former head of the National Flower Tour Team, accepted a bribe of 200,000 yuan from the director of Liaoning Swimming Center, resulting in a major scoring dispute in the flower tour project.

  In fact, the phenomenon of using authority to operate competitions like Yu Li is by no means a case in China sports, and it has even become a "hidden rule" in many projects. At the 10th National Games, Tian Liang, a famous diver, was suppressed because of his "bad relationship" with a leader of the China diving team. Before the game, in the referee’s lounge, a sports executive demanded that "no matter how well Tian Liang dances, he can only give 8.5 points at most". In the competition, after a perfect entry in Tian Liang, except one referee who gave a high score of 9.5 according to the standard, other referees really only gave 8.5 points. The referee who gave a high score finally lost the qualification of "best referee" and resigned soon after offending the leader.

  Although the official has not announced the exact reason why Yu Li was taken away, what is certain is that she can’t escape the common crime of accepting bribes or corruption. According to several media reports, although Yu Li and her husband Liu Fengyan, as cadres of the General Administration of Sports, obtained two houses allocated by the General Administration, Yu Li thought that their living conditions were not good enough, and then bought a 200-square-meter commercial house at a price of nearly 51,000 square meters, but the problem is that no one knows where the money came from.

  The table tennis player ran away angrily.

  Donna entered the national youth team at the age of 13 and won the national youth championship at the age of 16. She was called a "genius" of table tennis by the outside world, but she never participated in the world championships and the Olympic Games in the national team. Later, she changed her nationality and went to South Korea to play. After that, she won 10 games in the Korean Table Tennis Championships, ranking first in the women’s singles.

  "The Chinese Table Tennis Association does not pass the trials, but designates potential players in advance for centralized cultivation." According to media reports, Donna even said that South Korea is her motherland and hoped to enter the Olympic Games on behalf of South Korea, which caused great controversy.

  According to titan sports, Yu Li was not taken alone to assist in the investigation. She was also taken with an ace coach of the weightlifting team. It is mentioned in the article that this involves an ugly drama of China weightlifting team in the 2012 London Olympic Games. At that time, Zhou Jun, a 53kg Hubei native who represented China team, failed in snatch three times, creating the worst result of China women’s volleyball since she participated in the Olympic Games in 2000, and Zhou Jun’s qualification for the Olympic Games was also the result of the struggle of local interests.

  The similar shady selection is not a case. Take the national football team as an example. The list of players of each national team is full of disputes. As early as 2014, CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also published the article "What can the professional reform do to save the" deflated football "for more than 20 years? Named the phenomenon of chaotic football management in China.

  In this paper, the expressions such as "the examination and approval of the competition and the selection and appointment of athletes and referees are not standardized, open and transparent", "the competition violates the principle of fairness, practices fraud", "the development and operation of the competition are chaotic" and "the power of the units directly under the General Administration is highly concentrated" have aroused strong repercussions from netizens, especially the majority of football fans, and China football has once again been pushed to the forefront.

  According to insiders, although the strength is the first in competitive sports, the selection of national team athletes has become a matter of great interest in many absolutely superior events, and it is easier to trigger some private power and money transactions.

  The incident of Yu Li caused an uproar among the public, and also opened the tip of the iceberg of China sports corruption. On June 25th, 2015, official website, the Supervision Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, announced that Xiao Tian, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, was suspected of serious violation of discipline and law and was currently under investigation. From July 2014 to July 2015, more than 10 officials were investigated in the State Sports General Administration, sports project management centers and provincial and municipal local sports bureaus in one year.

  On March 21st, 2017, CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection launched a new round of inspection of the General Administration of Sport. According to the website of CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, this patrol will achieve full coverage for 22 subordinate units of the State Sports General Administration, and "keeping an eye on key people, key matters and key issues" has become an important direction of this patrol. A series of chaos in the selection of athletes highlights the grim situation of corruption in sports, and it is urgent to crack down on the corruption of sports industry officials.

  China men’s basketball team is struggling.

  With the retirement of Yao Ming, Wang Zhizhi and other veterans, the performance of China men’s basketball team in the international arena plummeted. In addition to the reasons for the lack of success, there are deeper reasons for the fall of China men’s basketball team.

  "It is inconceivable that even a company holding a three-person basketball game needs the approval of the Basketball Association. Internationally, the Olympic Games, NBA and other events are organized by non-governmental organizations and operated in a market-oriented manner. There is no official approval at all. "

  According to Qiao Xinsheng, dean of the Institute of Integrity of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, this is a disguised form of "power rent-seeking". The General Administration of Sports and the local sports authorities have formed a huge "interest chain" and turned it into a tool to gain the gray interests of the department.

  This point was also mentioned by Yao Ming, a basketball star and member of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, in the "National Conference". He believes that at the current stage of development, there is no inevitable reason for the approval of sports events.

  Yao Ming pointed out that competition management and approval fees are often collected by the management centers of various sports, and the standards vary widely, which is easy to breed corruption; However, the sports management department interfered with the allocation of resources that could have been allocated by the market with the administrative hand, and also formed a monopoly objectively, which seriously hindered the enthusiasm of social forces for running sports and caused the fact of artificially setting a "threshold" for running competitions.

  Yao Ming’s proposal was adopted in the government work report of that year. However, people in the industry believe that sports departments at all levels have implemented the examination and approval of sports events for many years, and it will be difficult to remove this "cake of interests" from internal reform.

  In fact, it was not until the Central Inspection Team pointed out that "the examination and approval of sports events was irregular and opaque, highlighting the interests of departments" that the General Administration of Sports was forced to rectify its position, "canceling the examination and approval of commercial and mass sports events, and all other sports events were not required except national comprehensive sports events such as the National Games, the National Winter Games and the National Youth Games, and a few special types of sports events involving national security, politics, military affairs and diplomacy".

  Facts have proved that the cumbersome examination and approval process can not provide positive energy for the management and operation of sports events itself except for breeding the soil of "power rent-seeking". In November 2016, the new director of the General Administration of Sports, Gou Zhongwen, took office, and several major reforms and anti-corruption measures were successively introduced: from February to May this year, various forms of anti-corruption special meetings and anti-corruption inspections were held for four consecutive months, and 15 subordinate units were inspected as of May 28, and more than 180 problems were pointed out; In addition, Yao Ming, Lang Ping and other professionals are allowed to settle in trade associations to lead the reform in related fields … … The effect of this series of measures can only be tested by waiting for future events and achievements. (Text/Cheng Xiang)

Beware! Five kinds of experiences on the first day of work

No matter how long you have worked in your previous company, you will be a "newcomer" after you quit to a new company; No matter how beautiful you are in college, you will still "start from scratch" after you graduate and enter a company. What can you foresee or what will happen on your first day at work? Do you still remember what impressed you on your first day in the company?
On the Worry-Free Future Forum (bbs.51job.com), many netizens were deeply impressed by what they encountered on their first day at work, and they all told their stories about the N kinds of experiences they encountered on their first day at work. If you are preparing to work in a new company, you should be on guard against the different events that happened to the following five people in the workplace, so as not to spoil the good memories you should have on your first day at work.
Encounter 1: I accidentally found that there was no one in the office.
Narrator: Bella
Position: Administrative Commissioner
On the first day of work, in order to make a good impression on my boss, I came to the company more than half an hour early. Aunt cleaning saw me and said with a smile, "It’s so early." I nodded: "Yes, I have to live up to my expectations on my first day at work."
Later, I found myself really early enough. The company stipulated to start work at 9 o’clock, but by 9 o’clock, I was alone. At the same time, I was particularly nervous because I was about to meet my new colleagues. At 9: 30, only a few people appeared. I even wondered if I was in the wrong company … At 10 o’clock, my new colleagues came to the company one after another. Afterwards, I learned from my colleagues that the original company implemented a flexible working system, which nominally stipulated to go to work at 9 o’clock, but in fact, it only took eight hours to complete the workload in one day, and you can come to work at any time.
Now, accustomed to the flexible working system, I gradually start to go to work late and get off work late, so that I can make my own decisions on my own time, which can also make my life easier!
Future comments: No matter whether the company implements a fixed working system or a flexible working system, it should be a basic criterion not to be late for work when the newcomers are unclear. Of course, as far as working hours are concerned, newcomers can ask clearly when they join the job or even interview. However, even if it is known that the company implements flexible working hours, newcomers should not be late on the first day of work, because in case all colleagues in the department are on time, the "lateness" of newcomers will easily make those colleagues who are on time psychologically unhappy.
Encounter 2: being left out by colleagues
Narrator: Saleisha
Position: Marketing Assistant
On the first day of work, my seat was assigned between two girls. I thought it would be much easier for everyone to get along with girls, but I didn’t expect to be on pins and needles after only half a day at work. The reason is that these two girls are very close friends, and they will chat and share snacks in their spare time. Maybe they are used to the situation that there is no one in the middle, and adding me in has not affected them at all. It can be seen that these two girls must have treated me as an invisible man.
I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. When they chat, they don’t care about my existence at all. Private topics are also said in front of me unscrupulously. When I want to talk, they don’t care about me at all. I can only silently bear the drool pouring in from both sides of me. In addition, they often eat snacks together, and call colleagues who pass by them to eat together, but they never call me. I really don’t know if they are afraid of life or deliberately ignore my existence. Therefore, I didn’t stand or sit on my first day in the company.
Because it was my first day at work, and the specific work was not assigned, I could only watch them make out and stare blankly, and the first day was spent in such embarrassment.
Future comments: the old people ignore the new people, and the new people can take the initiative to talk to the old people; Old people don’t divide what new people eat, and new people can divide what old people eat on their own initiative. There are no invincible old people, only new people who don’t work hard. When a newcomer adapts to the environment of a new company or department, the old man should also adapt to the existence of a new colleague. In order to let the old people get familiar with the new people faster, and also to let the new people better integrate into the work, on the first day of work, the new people can take the initiative, bring some small gifts, make an interesting self-introduction, take the initiative to strike up a conversation, and actively integrate into the new department.
Encounter 3: being unfamiliar with the work content and being "professional"
Narrator: lust
Position: text entry clerk
On my first day at work, my supervisor assigned me a task. Because I am doing relatively simple text entry work, the supervisor gave me a little training and let me operate on the computer independently. When the supervisor explained it to me, I still thought it was quite easy, but in practice, it was still difficult. When I met something I didn’t understand, I asked my colleagues. Although my colleagues enthusiastically answered my questions, I couldn’t understand a series of technical terms he said at all. As a result, when the day’s work was over, I only finished half of the original workload.
I was very depressed at that time, and I didn’t know if I was qualified for this job. However, I am a strong person. I started to work harder the next day and finally got the first place in the department.
Future Comments: Getting started with your job as soon as possible is what every new person should do when entering the company. Although most companies will not force newcomers to do things as skillfully as old employees on their first day at work, newcomers can at least do some homework in advance to avoid being caught off guard, such as knowing the business scope and work content in advance. If the new students’ previous homework can’t be applied to practical work, they should at least show an active and studious state.
Encounter 4: Sitting at your desk doing nothing.
Narrator: Hui Jun
Position: Network Editor
The first day at work was extremely painful. I came to the company early, and after my colleagues in the personnel department signed a contract with me and introduced some company rules and regulations, I was arranged to sit in the right place. Because it was my first day in the company, I was not familiar with the business of the department. When the department manager saw me, he only provided some magazines and newspapers for me to read, so I turned over and over those sheets of paper all day.
At the end of the day, I spent it in such an extremely depressed and boring state. My colleagues around me are busy with their work, while I have nothing to do. Idle, I even unconsciously had an illusion of wasting my time and having no future in sight.
Therefore, for me, the first day of work is really on pins and needles, and the days are like years!
Comments on the future: Newcomers often face an idle situation on their first day at work. This is because most companies will familiarize them with the office environment on the first day. Newcomers may wish to take the initiative before receiving the specific work, such as observing what other colleagues are doing and offering help to their colleagues. After all, when they come to the company, they always need to pay labor. Even if they bring tea and water to their colleagues, it is better than sitting in a daze. Because doing so can at least let the old employees know that the new employees are enthusiastic. Why not do it?
Encounter 5: leaders don’t leave work, and they don’t dare to leave work.
Narrator: Jacky
Position: Salesman
I just jumped to work in this private enterprise a few months ago. On the first day of work, I found a very strange phenomenon in the company. Although the company stipulated that it was 5: 30 p.m., none of the department colleagues left work on time, especially the department head, who kept calling at the end of work time, which made me feel pressure and didn’t dare to be the first "activist" to get off work, so I waited until after 7: 00 p.m. that day, and I didn’t leave until the head got off work.
Slowly, I learned that the supervisor is a workaholic, and if he is on a whim, he may extend his working hours "indefinitely" after work. Even if everyone had finished the day’s work at that time, the supervisor wouldn’t leave, and colleagues in the department wouldn’t dare to leave work in order to have a good performance in front of the supervisor. After all, no one wants to leave a reputation of "not working hard enough".
Future Comments: The Worry-Free Future Forum (bbs.51job.com) once launched a survey on the question "Will people in the workplace leave work on time when they see their colleagues working overtime?" The results show that 63% of the netizens who participated in the survey said that their colleagues working overtime would make them feel very stressed and had to "go with the flow" because of the environmental impact. It can be seen that it is not uncommon for colleagues to work overtime, which makes them afraid to leave work easily. Especially for newcomers who don’t know the truth, they dare not "act rashly" on the first day of work. However, the author believes that the practice of not daring to leave work because other colleagues don’t leave work is one of the immature performances of people in the workplace. As long as the quality of work is guaranteed, the rest of the "fake diligence" is not worth promoting.

Shenzhen, the global fashion capital, is the fourth! Global Fashion City Index released →

Source: [Read Special]

Shenzhen beats Tokyo, ranking fourth in the fashion capital of the world. At the 8th China (Shenzhen) International Fashion Festival held on December 23rd, the Global Fashion City Index was released in Shenzhen for the sixth time. The index was jointly developed by Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, China Textile and Apparel Education Society and Shenzhen European Textile and Apparel Research Institute.

The global fashion landscape has become "both East and West"

The Global Fashion City Index is the first digital tool in the industry to judge and study the global regional fashion capacity building. On the basis of the previous five sessions, this fashion city index has more detailed data, more professional research and more scientific tools, showing the global city fashion industry coordinates in a panoramic and three-dimensional way.

This global fashion city index has established a number of index systems such as industrial quality index, international image index, fashion environment index, public service index and innovation vitality index in terms of compilation principles, generation path, algorithm system and index selection. Guided by the evaluation and analysis model of fashion city index, it deeply collects the annual index data of global fashion cities and forms a systematic evaluation result. Finally, 20 shortlisted cities were selected for evaluation in the global scope, covering 5 continents and 15 countries and regions in terms of spatial distribution. These 20 city samples basically represent the fashion development in different regions around the world.

Ni Yangsheng, president of China Textile and Apparel Education Society, read out the ranking of 2022 Global Fashion City Index.

The short-listed cities are Paris, new york, London, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Milan, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Beijing, Berlin, Toronto, Rome, Seoul, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Among them, Shenzhen ranks fourth, which indicates that the international status of Shenzhen as a global fashion city has been continuously consolidated.

The release of this index also shows that more changes have taken place in the global fashion landscape, which is changing from "the west wind is spreading eastward, Europe and the United States are dominant" to "the east and the west are equally important, each leading the way". Relying on the complete industrial chain foundation, the huge consumer market, the expression of excellent traditional culture in the new era, and the self-confidence of the younger generation, the Chinese-style fashion city and the traditional international fashion city stand side by side and become a new landmark landscape of the global fashion map.

Shenzhen has become a global fashion "public opinion field"

The release of the global fashion city index reveals several phenomena-

First, the global fashion pattern presents greater uncertainty, multi-polarization and seamless intensification, and the butterfly effect is more generalized.Scientific and technological innovation, digital economy and green development are changing the industrial structure and ecology at an unprecedented speed, scale and scope. From the new manufacturing industry represented by intelligent manufacturing and additive manufacturing, to the new material industry represented by high-performance fibers and biomaterials, and then to the digital creative industry represented by digital cultural creation and meta-universe, innovation has become the key to industrial ecological evolution and value upgrading. Global fashion cities are creating new values in the fashion industry with the sensitivity of fashion perception era, the openness of integration with diversity, the drive of design and the originality of creating beauty and innovation.

Second, the fashion industry has entered a new consolidation period, breaking and reconstructing, subverting and reconstructing, giving fashion laggards unprecedented opportunities.The blessing of digitalization and intelligence endows the fashion industry with an inclusive and diversified cultural context, and also brings more vitality to the backward fashion cities including China. In the diversified industries and market tracks, the self with core advantages is determined, and the ability to create customer value and social value is constantly improved. The rise of the new generation of fashion is unstoppable.

Third, the fashion community has become a global fashion language, and the fashion concept of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance has gradually become a global consensus.The global fashion industry has entered a new era of integration. Fashion is interconnected, everything can be woven, too many scenes are waiting to be excavated, and endless user experiences need to be iterated. Every fashion city, whether active or passive, has become the builder of this new fashion pattern, and cross-border innovation and integration innovation have promoted the continuous extension of industrial values and scene boundaries. In the integration with new fields such as digital economy, bio-economy and green economy, fashion cities have recreated new self-values.

Zhou Shikang, president of Shenzhen Fashion Designers Association, said that the Global Fashion City Index is committed to building a fashion community of equality, mutual learning, dialogue and tolerance. The global fashion city launch was held in Shenzhen for six consecutive times, and Shenzhen is becoming a global fashion public opinion field, which is also an important symbol of China’s standing at the home of global fashion. In the index ranking, the overall rise of China’s fashion city is gratifying. Behind it are the vigorous growth of designers and brands who pay attention to Chinese cultural connotation and life aesthetics. I believe that China’s fashion city will accelerate the remodeling of oriental cultural connotation and life aesthetics, build a Chinese fashion discourse and narrative system, create a fashion ecology with China characteristics, world influence and times characteristics, and enhance the creativity and leading power of China’s fashion culture.

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(Original title "Shenzhen is the fourth global fashion city index release")

Editor Li Bin reviewed Liu Chunsheng’s second trial, Xu Jiayi’s third trial, Zhan Wanrong

(Author: Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Wu Dequn)

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10 indie games with excellent plots! Each one is a masterpiece worthy of treasure.

Text/Cold Sword Shaoxia

Whether a game can be recognized by players, in addition to the gameplay, the more important thing is the plot. As we all know, without excessive commercial shackles, indie games will always be the strongest advantage in plot. Developers can build their own stories more freely from the perspective of human nature, which is exactly what the current 3A masterpieces lack. In this issue, we will take stock of ten stand-alone independent games with excellent plots. They have different types of gameplay, but the plot has its own uniqueness. Conscience recommends it, remember to like the collection!

This is The War of Mine.

I believe that among the themes of human nature, suffering, fortitude and bravery, no game can match the skill of the previous game. As a game work with the theme of survival, this game puts players in a war-torn world adapted from real events, a dilapidated house and three ordinary people with their own strengths. What you have to do is to make these three people live until the end of the war.

In the war-torn environment, the game renders the players into a series of difficult and unknown choices with an extremely real atmosphere. Under such conditions, making mistakes, getting injured and dying is almost a process that every player goes through, and there will be countless mistakes and regrets behind it, even though the players gradually become battle-hardened and comfortable. But I still can’t forget how much I paid at the beginning. At this time, the battle-hardened and skillful brings not only the cool feeling produced by the game mechanism, but also a kind of comfort, at least now I won’t let them die casually. And when you realize that there is no such trial-and-error settlement in reality, and the game has left great room for players in terms of mechanism and setting, I believe the anti-war thought of this game will be deeply implanted in your heart. Its connotation is all in a Zhou Mu, and its fun and playability is in a Zhou Mu, which is a veritable masterpiece of Zhou Mu.

Hollow Knight

The story of the empty knight can be said to be very excellent in integrating with the gameplay and showing the world in the story in an integrated way.

In the game, what players see is the scene of being ruined and deserted by the plague, the already withered bodies, the abandoned urban facilities, the insects’ nostalgia for the past and the feeling of bleak present life. We can not only get in touch with the appearance of the macro world, but also see the traces of insects living, whether they are alive, dead, normal or infected by the plague. In this world, they all do their jobs reasonably and wait for us to discover and challenge, so we almost get the same perspective as the bugs in the story, to explore, to appreciate, to fight and to make choices, and finally all these things we see, hear, think and think come together to form a complete understanding of the whole world of this work. This understanding is undoubtedly complicated and profound. It can be said that the Galaxy Demon City, a way to explore the terrain, makes players very comfortable and naturally immersed in it.

The Empty Knight not only has a huge and substantial story, but also can be said to be an excellent adventure. It is precisely because of the natural combination of the two that this game has become the enlightenment for many new generation players to play in into the pit Galaxy Demon City. So don’t miss it.

Life is Strange.

Although the movie trend of games has become well-known and popular under the exclusive implementation of Sony. But after all, this cinematography can only be regarded as a technique, which itself is still serving the main body of the game. This makes most cinematic games and movies get closer and closer, but there is still a clear and deep gap when we look closely. However, the strange life has really challenged the core of the film, which makes us think that when a game has a story that is really not lost to high-quality movies, high-quality and distinctive characters, and gives a very high proportion of narrative, plus a certain amount of gameplay bonus, whether the experience it creates can really replace movies. Especially when its game design is still around the story narrative, it perfectly answers to the player or the audience, "What if the protagonist makes another choice in a story?" This question.

Yes, it is true that there are many works that add branches to the plot, and there is even a plot that was popular in previous years to the game works. However, this is still the best independent game that has both cinematic performance and profound discussion and reflection on the theme of story cause and effect. I hope you can get your own thoughts in the final dilemma of the story.

Dead Cells

As an action pigeon game, this game emphasizes the concept of "rebirth" in the process and story of the game, which easily inspires our association: Who are we? What is that mass of things attached to our bodies? Why does NPC talk so meaningfully? The game mechanism, the picture performance and the fragmented plot all encourage us to strengthen our desire to explore, and at the end of this story, whether it is the development of the situation, the identity of the protagonist or the behavior of an NPC, there is a great reversal. In this story full of reincarnation and time backtracking settings, the game has brought an excellent game experience and told an excellent story with exquisite design.

Undertale ()

If a game, it can’t provide you with excellent pictures, and it can’t bring you large-scale shock, then thought will be its only winning weapon. Undertale is such a game. The theme of the game is simple, kindness and cruelty, courage and determination. In order to make players willing to sit down and think about these problems independently, developers use everything available, such as players’ inertial thinking about RPG games and the system mechanism of the game. It can be said that from the beginning, this is not a work that only provides players with substitution in the story dimension, but it is very formal, serious and sincere in talking to players through games, and at the same time guiding players. So when the player doesn’t hide behind the role he plays,

Facing all kinds of NPC with humanity in the underground world, the interaction with them and the choices made against them will be so tense and infectious. Finally, under the principle of no spoiler, I want to say that this is a game with great spiritual strength and the script itself is also very witty and humorous. I believe that when you suddenly realize the thinking made by the developer in the story, you can also gain incomparable comfort and happiness.

Go to the moon.

Old people, last wish, romance, love. These keywords constitute the biggest suspense and story theme of this book. This is a delicate and exquisite plot work. First, in the early stage of the story, the old man’s wish to go to the moon was taken as a suspense. However, in order to realize this wish, the company that can modify the memory must understand the cause and effect. Therefore, the hero and heroine sent by the company enter the memory of the elderly through instruments and instruments, and pieced together the truth of the event in different times. Because the memory is gradually explored from near to far, it is a flashback story from the player’s perspective. We know the results first and then see the process and reasons for many events. Under the careful arrangement, the curiosity of the players is fully mobilized. With beautiful music, it gradually goes deep into the core of the story. If you want to experience the purest love, you must try this book.

Fireworks (fireworks)

The horror game rooted in folk culture, the newcomer police who unexpectedly acquired psychic ability, cracked the story of the truth of the Tianjia massacre that happened many years ago with the dead female ghost. The positive side of folk custom is traditional culture, but its negative side contains feudal ignorance. All the causes of this work show us a series of tragedies caused by people’s wrong awe of the unknown and mysterious under the limited cognition and common cultural accomplishment in the past years. With a strong sense of fatalism and persuasiveness, combined with the excellent shaping of the terrorist atmosphere, we can fully realize the helplessness of the tragedies that belong to the past in a large range in modern society. Among them, many montage techniques and interactive design used in the game also add a lot of color to this story. Because of its deep restraint, it is even more arresting. Recommended!

The Binding of Isaac.

For children who are just sensible, the room and parents are probably the whole of his world and the beginning of everything. However, when this "all" and "beginning" are too narrow, too dark and too desperate. Then children who don’t have a higher and wider cognitive range can only do their best to think and judge with the little situation they have only been exposed to. This is often the beginning of a series of long or short tragedies, and Isaac’s combination is to tell such a story. Young Isaac can’t really understand his mother’s behavior, his father’s behavior, his desire for love and his simple and simple desire. He can only use his small and limited thoughts to understand the reasons for the violence his mother inflicted on him, and finally he will come to a tragic end.

As a meat pigeon game, the game puts many details that should have been elaborated in the plot into props, such as divorce agreement, knife, wallet and so on. The changes and reactions of Isaac’s body after obtaining these props touched the players and caused associations. These details confirmed each other and finally pieced together all Isaac’s experiences. I hope that in this dark and horrible story, its unique reality and sociality can give you some correct and positive thinking.

Bones: Skul: The Hero Slayer

As one of the "helpers" of the once "joint overlord". Bones: The heroic killer gains various abilities by changing his head, which is impressive. As a meat pigeon action game launched by a Korean company, this game tells a story full of anti-routines. At the beginning of the story, the positions of the brave man and the devil are exchanged. The human beings led by the brave man kidnapped the devil and transformed his subordinates to make them loyal to mankind. Players will control Bones to save the demon king, but the enemies they encounter are all in their own camp. Breaking the magic crystal that controls them can’t get rid of human control, but it will detonate the bomb on them. It has completely become a consumable that human beings fall into the hands of someone in the human camp. So what is the reason for human beings to do this kind of thing, and what is their purpose? Please set foot on the journey to find the answer yourself. I believe that all kinds of people you meet during this journey will bring you different feelings.

Rust lake: Rusty Lake: Roots.

It is not difficult to tell a horror story, but it is also good to tell a grand horror story. However, telling a grand and bizarre horror story full of calm and restraint is a test of the author’s basic skills, and rust lake: The Roots has been achieved very calmly through a series of ingenious decryption levels.

As a work called "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by many players, I prefer to understand the decryption process of the game as a separate link of observation, collection, association and interaction, because it is true that we are decrypting in the game, but every step of the so-called decryption points to an ultimate goal: narration. When all narratives are presented by the player’s decryption interaction, the player in God’s perspective is not just an irrelevant existence. Through action, the substitution of all role perspectives is seamlessly completed. So as to fully realize that there is no lack of disappointment in the strangeness of the family in the story. I believe this game can make you feel the game experience that begins with decryption and is higher than decryption. Do not miss it.

So that’s all the contents of this inventory. If you have any good games you want to share, you can leave a message in the comment area. We will inventory some classic good games with high scores for you every week. Conscience recommendation, see you next time ~


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An open letter to parents in the city to take the lead in implementing the prohibition of minors from entering entertainment places

An open letter to parents in the city to take the lead in implementing the prohibition of minors from entering entertainment places

Dear parents,

Minors are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation and the new force to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. In China, minors refer to citizens under the age of 18. According to the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors, Regulations on the Administration of Entertainment Places, Regulations on the Administration of Internet Service Business Places and other laws and regulations, minors are not allowed to enter the following places:

A, song and dance entertainment places (such as KTV, disco, slow roll bar, etc.);

2. Internet service business premises (Internet cafes, e-sports hotels, etc.);

Three, the electronic game equipment set up in the game entertainment places (except for national statutory holidays, shall not be provided to minors, winter and summer holidays do not belong to national statutory holidays);

Four, the script entertainment places (except for national statutory holidays, rest days and summer holidays, not to provide script entertainment to minors).

The operation mode and content of the above-mentioned places do not conform to the physiological and psychological characteristics of minors, which will have a negative impact on their physical and mental health. In recent years, there have also been criminal cases in song and dance entertainment places in our city due to the acceptance of minors. It is the common responsibility of schools, families and society to prohibit minors from entering relevant cultural and entertainment places. Parents are children’s first teachers, and family is the first line of defense to protect children. Parents should set an example for their children with correct thoughts, noble personality and good words and deeds, establish a good family style, establish a harmonious family, and create a family environment conducive to children’s growth. However, in the cultural law enforcement inspection, it is found that individual parents do not know enough, and even take their children to family gatherings in song and dance entertainment places, and organize birthday parties for their children in song and dance entertainment places.

Winter vacation and Spring Festival are coming. Parents are requested to correctly guide and enrich their children’s holiday activities, play an exemplary role, and do not violate laws and regulations to bring their children into entertainment places. It is necessary to keep abreast of children’s holiday activities, know whether children have entered Internet cafes, KTV, electronic game business places, etc., guide children to recognize the harm caused by bad online games, evil cartoons, bad novels, internet gambling, etc., and enhance students’ awareness of self-discipline. If found, they should be stopped and educated in time.

To protect minors, we need legal constraints, parental care and multi-party cooperation to build a "guardian alliance". Here, we urge parents to further shoulder the responsibility of educating and supervising their children, pay close attention to the growing environment of minors and protect their healthy growth. If you find that the above-mentioned places in our city accept minors, you can call 12345 to report it, and Pingliang cultural law enforcement department will investigate and deal with it in time.

? ? ? ? ?Pingliang culture market comprehensive administration supervision lochus

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?November 27, 2023? ? ? ??

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Source: Pingliang Cultural Law Enforcement Team

Editor: Information Statistics Section of Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

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NBA transparent screen: how to display real-time data and statistical information? Technology, principle and application

NBA transparent screen is a new technology application, which combines transparent display technology with basketball games and brings fans a brand-new experience of watching games.

This transparent screen can be installed on the sideline of the basketball court, so that the audience can see the game in the court through the screen, and at the same time, it can display some real-time data and statistical information about the game.

The traditional way of watching the game is to watch the game through the big screen in the audience, but this way of watching will be blocked by other spectators in the audience, which will affect the watching experience.

The appearance of transparent screen solves this problem, and the audience can directly see the game situation in the field through the screen, which is no longer interfered by other audiences and provides a clearer vision.

In the course of the game, the transparent screen can display the real-time data of the game, such as scores, rebounds and assists, so that the audience can understand the progress of the game more intuitively.

At the same time, the transparent screen can also display the player’s personal data and statistical information, such as hit rate and three-point hit rate, so that the audience can understand the player’s performance more comprehensively.

The audience can participate in the competition through the transparent screen, such as voting for the MVP through the buttons on the screen, or participating in the competition through the interactive games on the screen.

This interactive experience can increase the audience’s sense of participation and entertainment, and enhance the fun of watching the game.

First of all, the manufacturing and installation cost of transparent screen is high, which requires a lot of capital and technical support.

Secondly, the reliability and stability of the transparent screen is also a problem, and it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the screen and free from external interference.

In addition, the use of transparent screen also needs to consider the privacy and safety of the audience, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and influence on the audience.

Generally speaking, the transparent screen of NBA is an innovative technical application, which brings a brand-new experience for watching basketball games. It can provide a clear view of the game, display real-time data and statistics, and provide a rich interactive experience.

However, the manufacturing and installation cost of transparent screen is high, and the reliability and stability are also a problem, so it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors to promote its further development and application.

Warriors! West Ham fans singled out dozens of football hooligans to protect their stands.

On May 20th, Beijing time, the British media "Mirror" reported that Fonal, who scored the goal, was not the only Hammer hero on the night when West Ham advanced to the UEFA final. Because after the game, the West Ham fans who played away from home were attacked by the fans of the home team, and then a fan bravely fought with dozens of extreme fans to protect his own fans.

That night, Fonal scored a winner in the 94th minute of the game, helping the Hammers win 1-0 away, with a total score of 3-1 to advance to the UEFA final, which is also their entry into the European final after 47 years. However, due to the ugly incident in the stadium, the celebration of the team was interrupted, and friends and family members of West Ham United players also became the targets of extreme fans in Alkmar.

Previously, the railing separating the fans of the two teams was removed, and those extreme fans dressed in black and black hats attacked the visiting fans, but West Ham fans would never sit idly by. In fact, a fan bravely repelled dozens of football hooligans and protected his fans. There is a photo circulating on social media, in which a man named "Knollsy" stands at the forefront of the conflict, trying to stop extremists who want to attack visiting fans, and he protects the weaker fans behind him. Although his coat was torn by his opponent, he did not hesitate to confront his opponent wearing a balaclava hat.

Another man in the crowd was very appreciative of these brave moves. He posted a photo on social media with the caption: "Knollsy, a legend. Stopped the home fans from attacking the players’ families. Give him a final ticket. "

Many Dutch fans also praised Knollsy as a hero, and felt contempt for the behavior of extreme fans in Alkmar. He wrote in social media: "I am ashamed of the unbearable attacks of Alkmar fans. What they have done is disgusting."

Other fans also praised Knollsy’s selfless behavior and "paid tribute to him". In fact, Knollsy was known to West Ham United as early as 2021, when he was struggling with illness. Then West Ham United player Rice posted a video on social media and said, "I just want to extend my best wishes to you and everyone in West Ham. We are all fighting for you, man."

In the clash on Thursday night, many West Ham players also wanted to take part because they wanted to protect their families and friends. UEFA has confirmed that disciplinary action will be taken against Alkmar and his fans after the full report is released.

[A little information] The first European war in team history is coming! Ferguson’s double-ring gross scored Brighton 3

At 21: 00 pm on May 21st, Beijing time, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Brighton, who was competing for six, played against the relegated Southampton at home.

In the first half, Ferguson scored twice, mcallister and Mitsuki Kaoru sent assists, Mitsuki Kaoru hit the post with a single knife, and Brighton led 2-0 at halftime; In the second half, prowse assisted El Yunusi to pull back a city, and colville assisted Gross to seal the victory.

In the end, Brighton beat Southampton 3-1. Brighton led Aston Villa by 3 points and scored 16 goals on goal difference. In fact, it has locked in the top six of the Premier League, and the first European war in the history of Seagulls is coming.

Strength crushing! Brighton 3-1 Southampton, locked the top six in the Premier League 2 rounds ahead of schedule, and the first European game in team history came!

Brighton, who is unkind, is a strong team in the Premier League this season. Brighton has a great advantage against Southampton, which has been relegated early at home. If it weren’t for his poor shooting skills and bad luck, Brighton would have beaten the saints in the first half. Ferguson scored twice, and McCarthy Park Jung Su and Sam Kun Xun sent assists. Southampton was assisted by prowse and El Yunusi pulled back a city, and Gross scored a goal to seal the victory. In the end, Brighton beat Southampton 3-1 at home.

Brighton led Villa by 3 points in one game, with 20 goal difference and 4 goal difference, which means that Brighton has locked in the top six of the Premier League even if it lost all the last two rounds, as long as it is not a tragedy. At the end of the Premier League, Brighton played against Villa. In fact, Villa had to compete with Tottenham for the seventh place in the UEFA. Not surprisingly, Brighton will have the first European game in the team’s history.This season, the three flying beasts in the Premier League took off. First, the magpies competed for four, second, the seagulls competed for six, and third, the bees ranked ninth..

The tendency of crushing,Brighton’s possession rate was 62.3%, and there were 26 shots, 8 of which were right. Southampton made five shots, one of which was right..

Milan are ready to help Leo pay Portuguese compensation, and it is getting closer and closer to renewing Leo’s contract.

Earlier, "Gazzetta dello Sport" reported that the asking price for the renewal of the contract was 7.5 million euros annual salary+2 million euros signing fee+bonus. According to all market reports, the Champions League has been successfully promoted, but Milan are ready to pay compensation to Portuguese sports for Leo and promote the renewal of Leo’s contract.

According to reports, Milan’s successful promotion to the quarter-finals of the Champions League has brought at least 20 million euros to the club and will also change the future of Leo.

Leo wants Milan to help pay the compensation for itself and Portugal. Now, Milan is prepared to pay this part indirectly, which may be a turning point for Leo’s contract renewal. Milan is getting closer and closer to the successful contract renewal.

According to Milan News, mesias was injured in the biceps femoris of his right thigh.

It is reported that mesias had a muscle problem in the match against Tottenham Hotspur. This morning, he underwent an injury examination, and the results showed that his biceps femoris was injured in his right thigh.

Milan will continue to pay attention to mesias’s condition, and will check the affected area again in about 10 days.

Milan circle

Milan club Scaroni talked about the construction plan of the new stadium, saying that it is very important for Milan club to improve its international competitiveness.

Scaroni first said: "People can have new experiences at the new stadium in Tottenham, just like many stadiums in the United States, which makes us understand the potential and opportunities that modern stadiums can provide for a city, a world-class club and its fans. We need to speed up the design of new stadiums, which is a key factor in our growth process. If we want to compete in the international arena, this is crucial. "

At present, the Milan club is ready to build a new stadium in other areas. Scaroni said: "The old San Siro stadium is indeed full of memories, but we have the responsibility to look forward to the future of the club and bring new success and unforgettable experiences to all fans."