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A notice of the major version update of the domestic game "Tribal Survivor": new forces, new buildings and Spring Festival activities will be launched.

The domestic construction and operation game "Tribal Survivor" recently announced a major version update notice, and new forces, new buildings and recipes and Spring Festival activities will be launched. Let’s take a look!

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Original official announcement:

Advance notice of major version update

As you can see, we didn’t release this week’s routine update because we were concentrating.Try to be in China before the New YearComplete the release of major version. This major version includes the following contents:

Brand-new power system

Redo the trade mechanism

New wonders architecture

Theme of Spring Festival activities

Power system

We have added five new forces, four of which are from unique cultural areas, and their prestige level will gradually increase with the completion of the event and the trade.

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In the end, these forces will provide you with as many as 25 new buildings, 4 new crops and 17 new formulas. As for the fifth one, he is the fat trader who squeezed the fruits of your hard work in the previous game.

In addition, the brand-new trade and spectacle adjustment will also be highly related to these forces, and the content of trade and spectacle will be introduced in detail in the next part.

We hope that the participation of these forces will bring you more interesting content. Before we formally meet with you, let me introduce some of them that may interest you.

New architecture and recipes

A new crop: cactus

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Well, we know that the cactus in everyone’s mind is a desert plant, and I guarantee that the desert map will appear in the game in the future (provided that our art students who work overtime continuously put down their knives first).

New building: Quetzalcoatl Temple

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The Quetzalcoatl Temple from Mayan civilization is supposed to be mainly used for prayer and sacrifice, but in the game, it will serve as the soul of citizens and bury the dead citizens.

I know that many friends who are familiar with South American culture will hold different opinions on the function of this sacred building. But! Infinite graveyard, dear, it’s better than burning it in the river as many "cruel" players demand, isn’t it?

New formula: bamboo basket

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Only the basic raw material "bamboo" is needed to make a backpack column consumable, which is a mass production benefit. How did bamboo come from? We’ll know when the time comes,

Yes, the panda is a lie, and the picture has nothing to do with it (I don’t care, Meng is justice). There are more interesting contents, and I can meet you in a few days, so stay tuned.

New wonders of architecture

There is good news and bad news about spectacle buildings: the good news is that we have added two new spectacle buildings;

The bad news is that in the future games, the spectacle architecture will become the highest level of power and prestige unlocking content. In other words, friends who have not experienced the spectacle architecture, seize the last chance.

A new wonder: the grand palace

The prototype of the Grand Palace is the Hanyuan Palace, the core building of the Daming Palace in the Tang Dynasty. As one of the largest forces of human civilization at that time, the Tang Dynasty managed the largest population on the earth with an efficient official system, and they maintained a very friendly relationship with other civilizations at that time.

The effect of the grand palace also comes from the characteristics of this great empire:

The grand palace is a special city hall building, which will have all the functions of the city hall; It also has an additional 5 mayor slots, allowing the player’s city to hire up to 10 mayors; Its completion will increase the reputation of players and any other forces by 100%.

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Trade redo

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Generally speaking, apart from the original merchant ship visits, we have redone the whole trade system, and at the same time, the whole branch of trade science and technology has also been redone.

The new trading system will bring you the following conveniences and opportunities:

A more relaxed starting point

The basic trade building is now open by default, which means that you can start earning the initial money without relying on the technology tree.

Automatic transaction

Compared with before, you may need to spend more time setting trade targets and implementing trade caravans, but after these settings are completed, the caravans can regularly sell and buy goods according to your settings. Now players can really concentrate on developing advantageous industries in exchange for the circulation of scarce materials. I hope this will enrich the development options of the game and avoid the embarrassment that players have to produce all the materials themselves or order materials at high prices.

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Market price mechanism

There is a difference between the buying and selling prices of goods, and forces will pay higher returns for their favorite goods according to their needs, which means that if you have enough time to pay attention to these prices, you can even make direct profits through trade.

Of course, the market is not immutable. Dumping will bring down the price, and purchasing will bring up the price. Powerful businessmen are not mentally retarded, but if you are good at stock investment and the like, it is not a problem to crush the IQ of NPC.

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If conditions permit, you can buy an insurance for your caravan, whether on land or at sea. The insurance will provide you with some compensation in case of caravan distress and avoid a one-time excessive loss.

As for why and when the caravan is in distress, we choose to pretend that this is not a big problem. By the way, the risk of shipping is far greater than that of land, which should be known to all.

activities for Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the most important reunion festival in China every year.

As a team from China, we made some contents related to this festival especially during the Spring Festival.

Maybe this is just a routine operation for China players, but we sincerely hope that players from other parts of the world can share the fun of this special festival.

paste up the "Fu" Character

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Sticking the word "blessing" is a traditional custom in China during the New Year. Every household will stick the word "blessing" on the door and wall during the Spring Festival. The word "paste blessing" has pinned people’s yearning for a happy life and wishes for a better future. But you may find that people often paste the word "fu" upside down. Why?

Of course, it’s not because there is no culture. This is because in order to fully reflect the yearning and wishes for happiness, the people simply paste the word "fu" upside down, indicating that "happiness has fallen (arrived)". An interesting homophonic stalk represents people’s beautiful vision of a happy life.

Players who have read this passage, you now know what to do when there is a blessing event in the game. You see, those players who haven’t read the update announcement may choose the wrong one.

The legend of nian

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Nian beast, also known as "Xi", is a kind of monster in ancient myths and legends in China. It is said that Nian beast would invade villages all over the country at midnight at the end of the year, bringing terrible disasters. In order to drive away Nian beast, people finally found the weakness of Nian beast and successfully drove it out. People all over the world always get together to celebrate at the most important festivals, but the reasons for gathering in stories are always different, which is really wonderful. Here, we also invite players from all over the world to share the stories behind your festivals with us. Maybe we can restore these interesting stories in the game to share the joy from various cultures and regions with you.

After the update, you will know how Nian beast was defeated. Before that, guess what it is most afraid of.

Lantern festival lantern

On the 15th day after the New Year in China, it is another special festival: Lantern Festival, which means the official end of the New Year Festival in China.

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People will hold Lantern Festival in the bustling streets of towns. In many cities where rivers pass, people will exile lanterns in the rivers. In addition, solve riddles on the lanterns is also an important activity of the Lantern Festival. People write riddles on paper and put lanterns and lanterns for people to guess. Riddles are enlightening and interesting, so they are loved by all walks of life in the process of spreading. Many times, solving puzzles will bring some extra rewards.

Tribal Survivor is a town building game, and you will lead survivors to open up new homes. Rely on a small amount of materials to deal with natural and man-made disasters, ensure the health and happiness of citizens, choose different development routes to bring unique advantages, and finally establish a prosperous town with a large population and unique characteristics.

For more information, please pay attention to:

"Zhijia Technology" completed C1 round of strategic financing.

On the 8th, Hunting Cloud Network reported that MAXIEYE, a full-stack innovation and system solution service provider in the field of smart driving and smart travel, announced that the company has recently completed the C1 round of strategic financing, and the key technology layout of the industrial chain represents the joint investment of Weihao Chuangxin, Yibai Capital and Aixin Yuanzhi. This round of funds will be mainly used for R&D investment in advanced technology of intelligent driving and supply chain reserve for large-scale mass production of passenger cars above L2. In the future, several parties will also cooperate with each other in strategic resources, release the ecological potential of cross-border cooperation, and jointly create value for automobile intelligence and future travel.

According to company information, Zhijia Technology was established in 2016 and is a core technology service provider in the field of intelligent driving and smart travel. With the beautiful vision of "achieving safe and beautiful travel", the company provides customers and partners with all-working, multi-scene and cross-platform ADAS and ADS system products and solutions, covering the closed loop of L0-L4 technologies and services. Adhering to the concept of open cooperation, Zhijia Technology has widely served the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets, enabling smart travel industrialization to land.

Under the wave of automobile intelligence, visual CIS, millimeter wave chip and car gauge computing power chip are all developing rapidly. The products of Zhijia Technology have been highly recognized by the market and customers in passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Previously, Zhijia Technology accelerated the landing of cost-effective ADAS products with intelligent driving solutions such as full-speed intelligent cruise and NOM pilot assistance based on the released MAXIPILOT1.0&PLUS product solutions. Based on full-stack innovation and extreme experience, we will realize large-scale L2, establish a data-driven product and service system based on scale, and take the lead in laying out high-level key technologies of intelligent driving such as BEV technology architecture while widely enabling the scene to land. In the future, relying on the efficient product landing ability of the intelligent driving technology team, intelligent driving technology will strive to realize the rapid landing of ADAS assisted driving and related systems.

According to the evaluation platform of TFFI Branch’s creativity, Zhijia Technology’s science and technology innovation ability in artificial intelligence industry is rated as Grade A. At present, there are more than 60 patent applications and more than 10 registered software copyrights, and its technical layout mainly focuses on image acquisition devices, driving assistance systems and other related fields.

I just want you to calm down and look at the beauty | Blade Runner 2049

   Special feature of 1905 film network It’s definitely a movie that blows up the circle of friends. Its popularity is like durian. Those who like to watch it hold it to the altar, but those who don’t like it think it’s extremely boring. It’s better to brush the iron fist brother next door.

    The polarization of evaluation also caused the word-of-mouth explosion of Blade Runner 2049, and the ending of the box office was applauded by professionals and even given."Best Science Fiction Film of 2017"However, the box office has not exceeded 100 million since its release, which is a great shame for an imported film!

Commander Gao’s face can’t save the box office on the street.

     The film was criticized only because of the slow pace, but is it strange that the pace is slow? Isn’t the rhythm of the old version 30 years ago slower than the speed of losing meat when you lose weight? Blade Runner 2049 30 years later can only be regarded as a continuation of the style of the previous generation.

Harrison Ford, who was young in those years

      Although the two works are 30 years apart, they both create an extreme atmosphere of Cyberpunk — — Cold and depressing & a cold sense of science fiction. In particular, this cold and dark tone has made many people say that it is simply too good to sleep. However, Ayi, who made up for blade runner for Blade Runner 2049, watched two movies in succession, and really wondered how those people fell asleep. With such attractive and foreign actresses sitting in the town, sleeping would not exist, OK?


Cyberpunk is a branch of science fiction, mostly for discussion.

The contradiction between the progress of science and technology and human nature.

At present, the recognized keywords of Cyberpunk are:

High-tech, social order collapse, dystopia, cyberspace

Blade runner’s Cyberpunk Wind Scene

      The costumes of the female characters in the film are very sci-fi, and they are so fashionable that you can still see these elements on the shows of major brands, so you don’t understand the director’s profound meaning at all. The director obviously wants you to calm down and have a good look at those beautiful women in Cyberpunk!

     Rachel is the main character running through the two films "Blade Runner". Besides the temperament of melancholy and elegance, the most impressive thing is the silhouette suit she wears in the film. Wide shoulders can shrink the waist visually, and the design of the waist and hip skirt highlights the figure more perfectly.

     At the same time, the exaggerated shoulder silhouette design adds a neutral temperament to it, and indirectly highlights the character Rachel.Stubborn personality. The whole shape is angular, like a moving inverted triangle … but this square design also makes this suit very futuristic — —


The elements of the silhouette look retro, but now it is still regarded as a treasure by Balmain, and the silhouette design can be seen in the big show every year. Although compared with the shape in the movie, it has converged a lot, but it can still be seen that it is intentionally treated at the shoulder, which visually creates the impression of an inverted triangle and makes your waist look thinner by two or three circles — —

Balmain Paris Fashion Week in Spring and Summer of 2018

     This style has also been exported in the new version of Blade Runner 2049. Luv, the replica of "Strive to Be the best" in the film, has a feeling of learning from Rachel in style. Although it is not as exaggerated as Rachel, it can still be seen in the shape of the suit.

     Rachel’s other eye-catching look is this warm-looking Mao Mao coat. Although it is exaggerated, it makes Rachel stand out from the crowd.Highlight her noble and special status.. Although this style is very comfortable to wear, it requires a strict figure and appearance. If you are not foreign-style and not tall, then you may be no different from the garlic girl. …

      Mariette, the new sister in Blade Runner 2049, is also very keen on this Mao Mao element, but she is younger in styling. The coat uses brighter colors and more layers. If Rachel’s Mao Mao coat is an elegant celebrity, Mariette is a rebellious girl with a hot personality & mdash; —

Although "blade runner" was a film in 1982, the Mao Mao element was a hot element in autumn and winter of 2017, and many street shots showed online celebrity bloggers hiding in furry coats. For example, chiara, a space blogger, dressed herself up as pink furry when she participated in Paris Fashion Week in spring and summer of 2018 — —

      I believe that many fat friends are obsessed with Gao Commander’s AI girlfriend Joi after watching the movie. The appearance is considerate and can be changed at any time, and the clothes are still super high! For example, this modern yellow raincoat is definitely the next explosion of a treasure!

     In fact, this is not the first time in the blade runner series that there is a raincoat shape. In the old version, Zhora, the clone, has worn a similar model, but it is just an ordinary transparent basic model, which is not as good as the new version in color and design ~

As a fashion item, raincoat has become more decorative than practical, and it is often used as an ornament of modeling — —

New York Fashion Week Street Shooting in Spring and Summer of 2018

     Sometimes it will appear as an element in the show, and it will cooperate with other fabrics to make the whole set look more futuristic — —

2015 new york Spring and Summer Fashion Week Lisa Perry Brand Show

     It is said that Blade Runner 2049 is completely capable of competing with the old version, and it can definitely be called a landmark science fiction film. However, I have to admit that in terms of clothing modeling, the old version can still be dumped by the new version. After all, Michael Caplan was the designer of the old fashion, and this Michael is also a series of fashion designs.

Michael Caplan

     For example, in the old version, the stunning snake lady Zhora’s perspective dress style is not even a set of clothes, but a lot of sequins are stuck on her body, but it successfully shows.The charm and danger of snake lady— —

     At the Spring/Summer Fashion Week in London in 2014, Julian Macdonald also played with perspective elements. He also clung embroidery and sequins to his body, but he was a lot conservative, at least like a serious dress. ..

     In addition to this, there is a replica of Pris’s tulle punk style. Although wearing soft tulle, black and personalized tailoring make this style full of punk feeling, which also shows the character of Pris.Unrestrained and longing for freedom— —

     The Valentino brand show in the 2016 Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week also appeared in a black tulle shape, but it was a little more fairy than in the movie. After all, Valentino …


    "Blade Runner 2049" is really not a popcorn chip that entertains the public. There are plenty of things under the appearance of Cyberpunk.Whether humans and technology coexist?The profound discussion is also right.A Philosophical Exploration of Self-cognition. You can’t tie up this film with fast pace and visual stimulation.

     But you can appreciate the girl inside with your beautiful eyes (rubbing hands excitedly).

10 indie games with excellent plots! Each one is a masterpiece worthy of treasure.

Text/Cold Sword Shaoxia

Whether a game can be recognized by players, in addition to the gameplay, the more important thing is the plot. As we all know, without excessive commercial shackles, indie games will always be the strongest advantage in plot. Developers can build their own stories more freely from the perspective of human nature, which is exactly what the current 3A masterpieces lack. In this issue, we will take stock of ten stand-alone independent games with excellent plots. They have different types of gameplay, but the plot has its own uniqueness. Conscience recommends it, remember to like the collection!

This is The War of Mine.

I believe that among the themes of human nature, suffering, fortitude and bravery, no game can match the skill of the previous game. As a game work with the theme of survival, this game puts players in a war-torn world adapted from real events, a dilapidated house and three ordinary people with their own strengths. What you have to do is to make these three people live until the end of the war.

In the war-torn environment, the game renders the players into a series of difficult and unknown choices with an extremely real atmosphere. Under such conditions, making mistakes, getting injured and dying is almost a process that every player goes through, and there will be countless mistakes and regrets behind it, even though the players gradually become battle-hardened and comfortable. But I still can’t forget how much I paid at the beginning. At this time, the battle-hardened and skillful brings not only the cool feeling produced by the game mechanism, but also a kind of comfort, at least now I won’t let them die casually. And when you realize that there is no such trial-and-error settlement in reality, and the game has left great room for players in terms of mechanism and setting, I believe the anti-war thought of this game will be deeply implanted in your heart. Its connotation is all in a Zhou Mu, and its fun and playability is in a Zhou Mu, which is a veritable masterpiece of Zhou Mu.

Hollow Knight

The story of the empty knight can be said to be very excellent in integrating with the gameplay and showing the world in the story in an integrated way.

In the game, what players see is the scene of being ruined and deserted by the plague, the already withered bodies, the abandoned urban facilities, the insects’ nostalgia for the past and the feeling of bleak present life. We can not only get in touch with the appearance of the macro world, but also see the traces of insects living, whether they are alive, dead, normal or infected by the plague. In this world, they all do their jobs reasonably and wait for us to discover and challenge, so we almost get the same perspective as the bugs in the story, to explore, to appreciate, to fight and to make choices, and finally all these things we see, hear, think and think come together to form a complete understanding of the whole world of this work. This understanding is undoubtedly complicated and profound. It can be said that the Galaxy Demon City, a way to explore the terrain, makes players very comfortable and naturally immersed in it.

The Empty Knight not only has a huge and substantial story, but also can be said to be an excellent adventure. It is precisely because of the natural combination of the two that this game has become the enlightenment for many new generation players to play in into the pit Galaxy Demon City. So don’t miss it.

Life is Strange.

Although the movie trend of games has become well-known and popular under the exclusive implementation of Sony. But after all, this cinematography can only be regarded as a technique, which itself is still serving the main body of the game. This makes most cinematic games and movies get closer and closer, but there is still a clear and deep gap when we look closely. However, the strange life has really challenged the core of the film, which makes us think that when a game has a story that is really not lost to high-quality movies, high-quality and distinctive characters, and gives a very high proportion of narrative, plus a certain amount of gameplay bonus, whether the experience it creates can really replace movies. Especially when its game design is still around the story narrative, it perfectly answers to the player or the audience, "What if the protagonist makes another choice in a story?" This question.

Yes, it is true that there are many works that add branches to the plot, and there is even a plot that was popular in previous years to the game works. However, this is still the best independent game that has both cinematic performance and profound discussion and reflection on the theme of story cause and effect. I hope you can get your own thoughts in the final dilemma of the story.

Dead Cells

As an action pigeon game, this game emphasizes the concept of "rebirth" in the process and story of the game, which easily inspires our association: Who are we? What is that mass of things attached to our bodies? Why does NPC talk so meaningfully? The game mechanism, the picture performance and the fragmented plot all encourage us to strengthen our desire to explore, and at the end of this story, whether it is the development of the situation, the identity of the protagonist or the behavior of an NPC, there is a great reversal. In this story full of reincarnation and time backtracking settings, the game has brought an excellent game experience and told an excellent story with exquisite design.

Undertale ()

If a game, it can’t provide you with excellent pictures, and it can’t bring you large-scale shock, then thought will be its only winning weapon. Undertale is such a game. The theme of the game is simple, kindness and cruelty, courage and determination. In order to make players willing to sit down and think about these problems independently, developers use everything available, such as players’ inertial thinking about RPG games and the system mechanism of the game. It can be said that from the beginning, this is not a work that only provides players with substitution in the story dimension, but it is very formal, serious and sincere in talking to players through games, and at the same time guiding players. So when the player doesn’t hide behind the role he plays,

Facing all kinds of NPC with humanity in the underground world, the interaction with them and the choices made against them will be so tense and infectious. Finally, under the principle of no spoiler, I want to say that this is a game with great spiritual strength and the script itself is also very witty and humorous. I believe that when you suddenly realize the thinking made by the developer in the story, you can also gain incomparable comfort and happiness.

Go to the moon.

Old people, last wish, romance, love. These keywords constitute the biggest suspense and story theme of this book. This is a delicate and exquisite plot work. First, in the early stage of the story, the old man’s wish to go to the moon was taken as a suspense. However, in order to realize this wish, the company that can modify the memory must understand the cause and effect. Therefore, the hero and heroine sent by the company enter the memory of the elderly through instruments and instruments, and pieced together the truth of the event in different times. Because the memory is gradually explored from near to far, it is a flashback story from the player’s perspective. We know the results first and then see the process and reasons for many events. Under the careful arrangement, the curiosity of the players is fully mobilized. With beautiful music, it gradually goes deep into the core of the story. If you want to experience the purest love, you must try this book.

Fireworks (fireworks)

The horror game rooted in folk culture, the newcomer police who unexpectedly acquired psychic ability, cracked the story of the truth of the Tianjia massacre that happened many years ago with the dead female ghost. The positive side of folk custom is traditional culture, but its negative side contains feudal ignorance. All the causes of this work show us a series of tragedies caused by people’s wrong awe of the unknown and mysterious under the limited cognition and common cultural accomplishment in the past years. With a strong sense of fatalism and persuasiveness, combined with the excellent shaping of the terrorist atmosphere, we can fully realize the helplessness of the tragedies that belong to the past in a large range in modern society. Among them, many montage techniques and interactive design used in the game also add a lot of color to this story. Because of its deep restraint, it is even more arresting. Recommended!

The Binding of Isaac.

For children who are just sensible, the room and parents are probably the whole of his world and the beginning of everything. However, when this "all" and "beginning" are too narrow, too dark and too desperate. Then children who don’t have a higher and wider cognitive range can only do their best to think and judge with the little situation they have only been exposed to. This is often the beginning of a series of long or short tragedies, and Isaac’s combination is to tell such a story. Young Isaac can’t really understand his mother’s behavior, his father’s behavior, his desire for love and his simple and simple desire. He can only use his small and limited thoughts to understand the reasons for the violence his mother inflicted on him, and finally he will come to a tragic end.

As a meat pigeon game, the game puts many details that should have been elaborated in the plot into props, such as divorce agreement, knife, wallet and so on. The changes and reactions of Isaac’s body after obtaining these props touched the players and caused associations. These details confirmed each other and finally pieced together all Isaac’s experiences. I hope that in this dark and horrible story, its unique reality and sociality can give you some correct and positive thinking.

Bones: Skul: The Hero Slayer

As one of the "helpers" of the once "joint overlord". Bones: The heroic killer gains various abilities by changing his head, which is impressive. As a meat pigeon action game launched by a Korean company, this game tells a story full of anti-routines. At the beginning of the story, the positions of the brave man and the devil are exchanged. The human beings led by the brave man kidnapped the devil and transformed his subordinates to make them loyal to mankind. Players will control Bones to save the demon king, but the enemies they encounter are all in their own camp. Breaking the magic crystal that controls them can’t get rid of human control, but it will detonate the bomb on them. It has completely become a consumable that human beings fall into the hands of someone in the human camp. So what is the reason for human beings to do this kind of thing, and what is their purpose? Please set foot on the journey to find the answer yourself. I believe that all kinds of people you meet during this journey will bring you different feelings.

Rust lake: Rusty Lake: Roots.

It is not difficult to tell a horror story, but it is also good to tell a grand horror story. However, telling a grand and bizarre horror story full of calm and restraint is a test of the author’s basic skills, and rust lake: The Roots has been achieved very calmly through a series of ingenious decryption levels.

As a work called "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by many players, I prefer to understand the decryption process of the game as a separate link of observation, collection, association and interaction, because it is true that we are decrypting in the game, but every step of the so-called decryption points to an ultimate goal: narration. When all narratives are presented by the player’s decryption interaction, the player in God’s perspective is not just an irrelevant existence. Through action, the substitution of all role perspectives is seamlessly completed. So as to fully realize that there is no lack of disappointment in the strangeness of the family in the story. I believe this game can make you feel the game experience that begins with decryption and is higher than decryption. Do not miss it.

So that’s all the contents of this inventory. If you have any good games you want to share, you can leave a message in the comment area. We will inventory some classic good games with high scores for you every week. Conscience recommendation, see you next time ~


Pay attention to the "Twitter Workshop", share good games every day, and bid farewell to the game shortage!

There is no suspense in Messi’s return to Barcelona because of the adjustment of the team building plan in Bali! Mbappé may become the only super giant

Messi’s return to Barcelona is a high probability event, not only because of the economic level and the booing of fans, but also because the team-building plan of the high-level Paris has changed.
According to the exclusive news of the British "Mirror", it is expected that Messi will leave Paris after his contract expires this summer. Although his contract has only two months left, Paris is in no hurry to renew it with him. Club President Nasser’s goal is to make Paris have a more financially sustainable plan, which requires reducing the names of big-name players in the team and paying more attention to young French talents.
The information in the Mirror is highly credible. When the Qatari consortium entered Paris, this French powerhouse directly turned into a upstart in football. In order to make the team quickly improve its strength and become a traditional giant comparable to the old European brands, the top management of Greater Paris has continuously invested huge sums of money to recruit top football stars. With the blessing of Jinyuan football, the strength of Greater Paris has advanced by leaps and bounds, and it has become the invincible overlord of Ligue 1. However, after so many years, Gabriel failed in the Champions League without exception.
Such a large investment can only be "in the nest", and the Qatar consortium will be tired, and then reflect and finally adjust. Does the superstar strategy really work? High-level officials in Greater Paris have found the answer after hitting a wall again and again. So, that’s why Neymar was involved in the rumors of leaving the team, and now it’s Messi’s turn.
Messi must have considered the possibility of staying in Greater Paris, and Paris executives have also considered renewing Messi’s contract, but Messi can feel the change in the attitude of the club’s top management, and their position of retaining people is not as firm as before. If you want to stay, you have to take a big salary cut, and the fans in Paris keep booing him. In the end, Messi decided to leave this depressed place.
This change is also necessary for Barrichelli, although he may wake up a little late. Stacking superstars can bring a lot of topics and traffic, but it is accompanied by the irreconcilable relationship between superstars. There is a word called "the king can’t see the king", which means that people who are very strong in the same field can’t be together, otherwise there will be chaos.
Messi is recognized as the "king of the ball" in today’s football, and even crowned in situ after winning the World Cup, while Mbappé is the first person in French football and recognized as the "new king" in the future. When the "two kings" are gathered together, they will not get the effect that 1+1 is equal to 2 or greater than 2. And Neymar only serves Messi, plus other "factions" and "gangs". It looks like the stars are gathering, but in fact, it is "different". Just look at the season ticket publicity storm between Mbappé and the club. The internal management of Greater Paris is actually very chaotic.
Therefore, the adjustment of the team-building plan of the top management in Greater Paris is actually a change in the general direction, from the previous star cluster to a more pragmatic strategy based on youth training and a small number of stars.
Messi is probably not the only superstar who left Paris this summer. In fact, Neymar has already been put on the list for sale, and the future Barley will be composed of a super giant in Mbappé, a first-class football star and our youth training talents. To tell the truth, there are many French football talents, which can be described as blowout, so the team-building strategy like Greater Paris is completely feasible.

Tonight at 18: 00, Asian Cup quarter-final: China men’s soccer PK South Korea’s three highlights, with score forecast.

China National Youth Team entered the knockout stage again after 9 years, which also made the fans see hope! Only one step away from the World Youth Championship! At 18: 00 p.m. on March 12th, China National Youth Team will compete with Korean National Youth Team in the knockout round, which is also a competition for qualification for the World Youth Championship! Let’s take a look at the three highlights of this game. Forecast score: China men’s soccer team 1-0 Korea, China men’s soccer team 0-1 Korea, in short, both sides will win or lose a smaller score!

1. The promotion of China National Youth Team is not optimistic!
China National Youth Team can advance to the U20 Asian Football Cup, which is beyond most people’s expectation. In Asia, the youth training of China men’s soccer team has fallen behind in all respects! Comparing the data of the three group matches (China’s national youth team is in front), against Japanese national youth team, the ball control rate is 22%-78%, the straight shot is 2-9, the corner kick is 3-12, against Saudi national youth team, the ball control rate is 24%-76%, the straight shot is 5-6, and the corner kick is 2-9, against Kyrgyz national youth team, the ball control rate is 32.5%- The key data, China National Youth Team is not dominant, which is the embodiment of real strength.

However, against the Korean National Youth Team, the China National Youth Team has many embarrassing records. In the past 20 years, China National Youth Team and Korean National Youth Team have played eight times, with one draw and seven losses, and have never won. The last unbeaten game was 9 years ago when Wei Shihao drew 0-0 with the Korean National Youth Team in the group stage of the National Youth Team. In this Asian Cup, South Korea’s national youth team won two wins and one draw in three group matches, scored six goals without conceding a goal, and advanced to the first place in the group. China National Youth Team won one game, drew one and lost one in three group matches, scored four goals and lost three, and advanced to the second place in the group. The strength gap between the two teams is too obvious.

2. Advantages of China National Youth Team!
Looking back on the three group matches of this Asian Cup, China National Youth Team was able to advance. Apart from a little bit of luck, the players’ tactical discipline and never-giving-up fighting spirit on the field were memorable. Whether it is against the Japanese National Youth Team, which is the strongest in the group, or against the Kyrgyz National Youth Team, which has lost two games in a row, China National Youth Team has always insisted on defensive counterattack! And the players always perform this on the court. Four goals, two opponents’ own goals are a bit lucky, but two sharp counterattacks against the Saudi youth team are really fatal! In an interview, the captain of the National Youth Team, Ai Fielding, said that the success of the China National Youth Team was mainly due to the tactical execution of the whole team, great unity and belief in winning, so it was able to enter the quarter-finals.

Football is round, and anything will happen until the game is over!

From the pre-match disappointment to the final promotion success, China National Youth Team has well interpreted the charm of football: football is round, and anything will happen on the field. Compared with South Korea’s national youth team’s group match, China’s national youth team has passed the test of group match, and China’s national youth team has been ahead of its opponents in mentality. As long as the tactical execution is reasonable, it is not necessarily impossible to defeat the strong with the weak!

The registration of the Society Competition 2008 2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was officially launched.

The registration channel for the 2023 Global Artificial Intelligence Technology Innovation Competition was officially opened! The contest was co-sponsored by China Artificial Intelligence Society and Yuhang District People’s Government of Hangzhou, undertaken by Zhejiang Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City (Haichuang Park) Management Committee, and co-organized by Beijing Iron Man Technology Co., Ltd. Based on an international perspective, the competition will focus on cutting-edge technology and application innovation, promote academic exchanges, personnel training, technological development and cross-border application and integration in the field of artificial intelligence, and build a talent exchange platform and industrial ecosystem for artificial intelligence.

Algorithm challenge

Track 1: imaging NLP-medical imaging diagnosis report generation

Track 2: Giga Rendering-A New Perspective Rendering Based on a Billion Pixel Sparse Image

Hardware challenge

Track 1: Service Robot Competition for the Elderly

Track 2: Deep Learning Smart Car Competition

Track 3: unmanned competition

Algorithm challenge

Track 1: It is divided into four stages: registration-team formation, preliminary, semi-final and final.

Sign up & Team up (March 10th–April 20th)

The opening time of the registration system is 10:00 Beijing time on March 10th, 2023, and the deadline is 12:00 noon on April 20th, 2023.

Preliminaries (March 21st–April 21st)

Rematch (April 28th–May 19th)

Final (June 9)

Track 2: It is divided into three stages: registration-team formation, online competition and final competition.

Sign up & Team up (March 10th–May 4th)

The opening time of the registration system is 10:00 Beijing time on March 10th, 2023, and the deadline is 17:00 Beijing time on May 4th, 2023.

Online Competition (March 10th–May 10th)

Final (June 9)

Hardware challenge

Registration & Team Building (March 10th-May 20th, 2023)

Final (June 6-June 9, 2023)

Competition official website: https://gaiic.caai.cn/

Algorithm challenge

Event e-mail:

Track 1 data@tsinghua.edu.cn

Track 2 challenge@gigavision.cn

QQ group for event exchange (choose one):

Track 1 566353409/75834321

Hardware challenge

Event Email: bd@artrobot.com

Event exchange QQ group:

Track 1 558080765

Track 2 558719690

Track 3 480558608

04 tournament award

Algorithm challenge

The total prize money of the competition is 850,000-920,000 RMB, and all prizes are pre-tax.

Hardware challenge

The total prize money of the competition is 400,000 RMB, and all prizes are pre-tax.

Champion: 20,000 yuan/team, and the instructor 10,000 yuan/team.

Runner-up: 15,000 yuan/team and 8,000 yuan/team for the instructor.

Third runner-up: 10,000 yuan/team, and the instructor is 5,000 yuan/team.

First prize: 3,000 yuan for each team and 2,000 yuan for each instructor, a total of 5 teams.

Second prize: 2000 yuan per team, a total of 10 teams.

Third prize: 1000 yuan for each team, a total of 15 teams.

* The above is the award setting of a single event, and there are three events in the hardware event.

Other awards:

Creative Award: 4,000 yuan/team, totally 4 teams.

05 media cooperation

The national football team plays today! Hit the Asian Cup semi-finals, the two favourites to win the championship are out, which is a lesson for Japan and South Korea.

The quarter-finals of the U20 Asian Cup are in full swing! China men’s soccer team is about to face the powerful Korean team in the quarter-finals! In the two Asian Cup knockout matches completed before this, the two favourites to win the championship were all out!

Host Uzbekistan vs Australia! Uzbekistan successfully drew Australia and dragged the game into a cruel penalty shootout. In the final penalty shootout, Uzbekistan advanced to the top four of the U20 Asian Cup with a total score of 6-5. Another game, the same is to defeat the strong with the weak! Iraq beat Iran 1-0 to advance to the top four! Two other places will be promoted soon. China and South Korea, Japan and Jordan will compete for the last two semi-finals of the Asian Cup!

China U20 men’s soccer team returned to the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup after 9 years! In the death group, China suffered a severe reversal when it led Japan 1-0 in the opening match, and got a good start 1-2. After that, the national football team broke out in desperation, defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0 in the qualifying battle, and drew Kyrgyzstan 1-1 in the final qualifying key battle to successfully qualify for the second place in the group! In the face of South Korea, the China team has no retreat, and it is expected that the national youth players will show their fighting spirit and fighting spirit and do every detail as they did against Saudi Arabia.

Against the powerful Korean team, the China men’s soccer team is not without opportunities! This year’s China U20 national football team clearly identified its position, adhered to the defensive counterattack and achieved great success, which was also able to miraculously qualify in the death group! Now, if we continue to stick to the defensive counterattack strategy, the miracle is likely to be continued! After three group matches, China U20 national football team’s ability to fight is constantly improving, and the goalkeeper’s brave play and the defense of China men’s football team are reassuring!

The future of China Men’s Football Team is in Xinjiang! Up to 7 players in the current U20 National Youth Team are from Xinjiang! Those who can’t kill us will only make us stronger! Every time the South Korean team fails to attack, it is an accumulation of opportunities for the national youth soldiers! With a good defense, China only needs a defensive counterattack to kill South Korea and advance to the Asian Cup semi-finals!

If miracles have color, it must be red! Looking forward to our national youth fighters, in the life-and-death war with South Korea, there will be no regrets! China’s men’s soccer team won the U20 Asian Cup, dating back to 1985, and the men’s soccer team in South Korea and China looked forward to a miracle.