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World Cup Preview: Dancsics Retreated from Injury! The men’s basketball team won! America is beaten!

The World Cup starts in two weeks, and national teams

Are in full swing for running-in preparations.

China men’s basketball team ushered in an exciting victory.

Beat Cape Verde in Italy’s four-nation tournament.

In this game, Li Kaier did not participate in the battle.

But the men’s basketball team still plays high-quality organization and defense.

Especially Cui Yongxi’s domineering empty dunk in the second quarter.

It shows the indispensable vitality of the new generation men’s basketball team.

Constantly honed, with the in-depth understanding of tactical concepts

I am confident to see the men’s basketball team under the new system

Re-killing in the international arena responds to some heights.

In contrast, the American team seems to be not going well.

The newly formed "dream team" is like a "dream detachment"

At the beginning of joint training, the starting lineup of American men’s basketball team

Actually lost to the selection team who came to practice. …

Cunningham played like Dancsics in the selection team.

One-on-one hit, series from soup to nuts, leading the team to victory.

But Cole said that he was not worried about such a thing at all.

It is an old tradition for the American team to lose to the selection team.

It has happened in the past, and it will not delay the men’s basketball team to win the championship in the end.

At this moment, the real Dancsics is also having a hard time.

Last time we talked about Dancsics, who became the captain.

The first time I led the team, I lost to the Greek team without letters.

Even in the game, I was robbed and dunked by the letter brother.

Brother letter at that time, don’t mention how proud you are.

"Ha ha ha! Scared! Letters are all brothers in front of me! "

Holding my breath, Slovenia and Greece fought for the second time

It’s a pity that Dancsics’s team still lost this time.

Greece finally defeated Slovenia 88-77.

Moreover, Dancsics was injured in the second quarter.

Before the knee injury, he had just scored 18 points.

After the knee injury, Dancsics dropped out of the game directly.

In fact, the injury is not serious, but the knee is very important

For safety reasons, Dong Zi didn’t play in the second half.

But it does not prevent him from continuing to participate in the national team schedule.

The really bad news is that his national team-mates

Cancar, also unfortunately injured his knee in the game.

His injury is much more serious than Dancsics’s.

77 also prayed for the health of his teammates on social media.

But in a high probability, I didn’t run away without the World Cup.

Two consecutive defeats in the warm-up match, and I was slightly injured myself.

An important teammate almost reimbursed the race schedule.

Dancsics’s World Cup trip was not very smooth.

As the strongest player in the international arena at present,

How sure is he to lead the team to win the championship?

Desperate! Kane wants to leave? Old Tottenham general: I asked him that if he left Tottenham, he could only go to Manchester United.

After beating Bournemouth 1-0, Manchester United extended Liverpool’s points difference to 3 points, and the remaining 2 home games can be locked in the Champions League as long as they get 1 point. After losing to Brighton and West Ham in a row, to the recent two-game winning streak, it was not easy to win, but fortunately, it stabilized the situation and resisted Liverpool’s strong chasing momentum.

Compared with the excitement of Manchester United fans, Tottenham fans are once again in a depressed state. This round of Tottenham Hotspur was stung three times by the "Little Hornet" in the case of leading 1-0 at home, and ended the home journey of this season with a 1-3 defeat. In the game, Kane helped the team to score again, but Tottenham finally lost, which is already the standard template of Tottenham Battle Report.

Next, there is one away game left for Tottenham. It doesn’t matter who the opponent is, because anyone can lose for this Tottenham. What is embarrassing is the current situation of Tottenham Hotspur. After losing this home game, their ranking fell to the eighth place. The most optimistic thing is to play in the UEFA, and they may not even qualify for the European War. Therefore, after the game, the media, fans, experts, celebrities and veterans once again talked about Kane’s future.

The old Tottenham general Crouch asked Kane for us, and that was before Tottenham played brentford. "I did ask him this question, and his answer was very tactful. I don’t think he even knew that he might be ambitious to go elsewhere and win a trophy, but it didn’t just depend on his own wishes. He still has a year left, and there is one person in the club (Levi) who doesn’t want to lose his star player. So what does it mean for fans to lose a player like Kane? Where can he go? Manchester City has now solved the problem. "

"Manchester United is the only real choice I can think of. He can’t go to Chelsea or Arsenal. Newcastle is a potential choice, but I think Newcastle is just a level transfer. Newcastle has great potential, but I think it is better to stay in Tottenham."

From Crouch’s words, we can also hear Kane’s complicated mood at present, and this is only before the game against brentford. At that time, as long as Tottenham wins, it is still possible to qualify for the Europa League, but after losing to brentford, the situation of Tottenham is very pessimistic. Therefore, if Crouch asked after the defeat of this game, Kane revealed that it might be more likely to leave the team.

After the defeat of Tottenham Hotspur, many fans said in the comment area that they called on Levi to let Kane leave, "Don’t delay Kane any more", "Kane deserves to go to a better team", and even fans said bluntly: "Kane is really stupid not to leave".

I believe Kane will have a good talk with Levi about his future after the season. He has done everything he can for Tottenham Hotspur. Regardless of the ups and downs of the team and who the coach is, Kane has always contributed one goal after another in his position. He has scored about 30 goals for nine consecutive seasons, and his performance is worthy of the evaluation of the top three centers in football and the name of the first center in Britain, but Tottenham’s performance year after year is not worthy of BIG6′ seat.

It is very rare for a striker like Kane to rank among the top scorers in history, who can hit Alan Shearer’s goal record and win the championship at zero. Azar’s example of 7 goals and 8 crowns shows that choice is more important than hard work, so it is time for Kane, who is about to enter his thirties, to make a choice for himself. This has nothing to do with loyalty. His love for Tottenham is obvious to all. Otherwise, he would not have signed a six-year contract as soon as he signed it, and almost left his golden career at Tottenham.

And this summer is the last chance. As Crouch said, Manchester City has got Harland, and Kane missed the best choice. Chelsea and Arsenal are deadly enemies in London. It can be ruled out that Newcastle’s platform is not attractive enough, and it is doubtful whether it can compete for the championship. And Manchester United have won the championship this season, and the summer window will continue to strengthen the lineup. Tenghage will definitely buy a center this summer, and Kane can basically announce that he has no chance to stay with Manchester United if he chooses to stay for another year.

Therefore, Kane’s example also proves the importance of a good agent, who can help players plan their future more reasonably. After leaving Tottenham Hotspur, Kane can not only get a bigger contract, but also many champions may have been written in the honor book, such as Manchester City two years ago.

Xinhe county holds primary and secondary school track and field games and inter-class exercises competition

In order to further promote the nationwide fitness campaign, on April 18th, Xinhe County held the 2023 track and field sports meeting for primary and secondary school students and the inter-class exercise competition in the stadium.

It is understood that 25 teams and more than 5,000 students participated in this competition from 25 primary and secondary schools in the county. During the competition, the neat pace, standard movements, dashing and bright smiles of all participating teams became a beautiful scene, which fully demonstrated the confident, lively, positive and enthusiastic spirit of all primary and secondary school students, as well as the indomitable spirit of the times, and further promoted the in-depth development of sunshine sports.

In the end, 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 6 third prizes were selected, and the participating guests presented medals to the winning teams. (Xinhe Education)

If you can restore your dreams, will you!

This is a very interesting topic about using AI painting to restore people’s dreams. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, more and more application scenarios have been discovered, including the field of artistic creation.

In the past, people often needed to rely on their own imagination and hand painting skills to restore the pictures in their dreams. However, this method is often limited by personal experience and skills, and it is difficult to achieve perfect results. Now, with the help of AI technology, we can restore the picture in the dream more accurately and let people feel the beauty of the dream more truly.

First of all, we need to understand the principle of AI painting technology. AI painting is a technology based on deep learning, which can generate new images by learning a lot of image data. When using AI painting technology to restore dreams, we need to input the images of dreams into the AI painting model, so that the model can learn and generate new images.

However, because dreams are a very subjective and personal experience, different people will have different dreams, so it is very challenging to use AI painting technology to restore dreams. In order to solve this problem, we need to adopt some special techniques and algorithms to process dream images, such as using convolutional neural network to extract the features of dream images, using generating confrontation network to generate more realistic dream images and so on.

When using AI painting technology to restore dreams, we also need to consider some ethical and legal issues. For example, if dreams involve personal privacy or sensitive information, we need to protect this information from being leaked. In addition, we also need to abide by the relevant intellectual property laws to ensure that the image data we use is legal.

Specifically, the process of restoring dreams by using AI painting can be roughly divided into the following steps:

First, we need to collect information about dreams. This includes scenes, people, objects and so on in dreams. This information can be obtained by manual recording or using speech recognition technology.

Then, this information needs to be input into the AI system. The AI system will generate some basic images and models based on this information.

Then, these basic images and models need to be optimized and adjusted to achieve a more realistic effect. This process needs the help of deep learning and image processing technology in artificial intelligence technology.

Finally, the optimized image and model are output to generate the final dream-restored image.

Of course, some technical details and implementation difficulties need to be considered in this process, such as how to deal with ambiguity and deformation in dreams. However, in general, using AI painting to restore dreams is a very promising technology, which can help us understand the mystery of dreams more deeply and bring more possibilities for artistic creation.

In a word, using AI painting technology to restore dreams is a very challenging and innovative work. Through continuous research and exploration, we believe that this technology will be more widely used in the future.