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American aunt is humorous: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  China News August 17th According to Washington post, it is less than three months before the US election, and the "Wal-Mart Mom" from battleground states such as Ohio and Arizona has become the focus.

  "Wal-Mart mothers" refer to those mothers who have to work and take care of their children. They seek the balance between the workplace and the family, and pursue a frugal life while fulfilling their mission. These middle-aged women in their thirties and forties have different backgrounds and family incomes, which can generally reflect the living standards of local voters. However, their attitude towards the general election is not optimistic, and they also show resistance to the presidential candidates of the two major parties.

  These "Wal-Mart moms" generally said that the decision between Hillary and Trump made them afraid, painful and disappointed, and one of them even called the election "disgusting". According to surveys in Ohio and Phoenix, when they were asked about their biggest concern about voting for Hillary, four fifths called Hillary "untrustworthy" and thought she was cocky and duplicitous. For Trump, most people think that this business tycoon is impulsive, opinionated and lacking in humanity.

American aunt is humorous: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  "Wal-Mart mothers" refer to those mothers who have to work and take care of their children. They seek the balance between the workplace and the family, and pursue a frugal life while fulfilling their mission. (Source: WHIO)

  "Volvo Mom": I prefer lively Trump, but I agree that Hillary will be elected.

  Julie, an executive who works in Columbus, said: "I think they are all hypocritical, but I feel that she (Hillary) has more handles to catch." Linda, an entrepreneur from Phoenix, is tired of Hillary’s repeated whitewashing of the scandal. She said, "What she did in shattered glass, those things can’t be calmed down at all."

  Only a few people supported Hillary Clinton because she was moved by her original intention to run for office. Dana, a catering waitress in Columbus, is the mother of several girls. She thinks that Hillary’s election will be of great significance to women, which is the only benefit she sees.

  All kinds of criticisms against Trump are also more sweeping. In the eyes of women, he is a dictator and a racist. Di Anna, a housewife in Phoenix, called Trump just like a child, just like her two-year-old child. Connie, who lives in the same city, said: "What he is doing now can be described as shooting himself in the foot and will eventually be destroyed by himself."

  Among the women surveyed in Columbus, three tend to vote for Trump, two choose Hillary, and five are still looking for a "third option", such as choosing gary johnson, the nominee of the Liberal Party. In Phoenix, five people support Hillary, two favor Trump, and three have not yet made a decision. However, almost all the 20 women interviewed thought that Hillary would be elected in the end.

  As a middle voter, "Wal-Mart Mom" has always been an important group that can’t be ignored. They played a decisive role in the election of Obama’s re-election in 2008 and 2012 respectively. For this general election, 20 women who participated in the interview survey all said that the presidential candidates were busy attacking and belittling their competitors, but they did not pay enough attention to key issues such as medical care and economy. They said that although the country is on the right track economically, its political framework has been destroyed, so they are afraid of the rise of terrorism. In this regard, a woman said: "I don’t believe that Hillary has the ability to defend our country, and I think Trump will cause World War III."

  However, in private, these women seem to prefer Trump. When asked who he would invite to his home for a courtyard party, Trump won by an overwhelming margin.

  Donna, the manager of Columbus clinic, said: "I personally feel that Trump will be more active and interesting, unlike Hillary in a suit sitting next to me solemnly." The other two women also called Hillary "cold-blooded", "heartless" and "wearing a hard shell."

American aunt is humorous: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  Hillary VS. Trump (Source: Washington Post)

  American aunts collectively spoke strongly: Trump is suitable for swimming and Hillary is suitable for archery.

  On the occasion of the Rio Olympic Games, these women were also asked which sports were consistent with the temperament of the two candidates. They think Trump is suitable for swimming (his mouth is finally free), playing tennis (running around in front of people), archery (you can imagine that he can aim) and being the captain of a rowing boat (shouting "Keep rowing" at others).

  For Hillary, the answers are mostly golf (boring), archery (killed instantly), fencing (she will attack you from behind), and gymnastics (keep balance — — Try to make as many people as possible satisfied with her.

  The "Wal-Mart moms" were upset about the November election. They said that no matter who they chose, they were not willing, and they were tired of endless abuse, personal attacks and partisanship. Maria, a housewife, said, "I will tremble." Nicole, the postman, said, "Calm down and pray for it."

  However, Anita’s reaction to "President Donald Trump" is "funny", Di Anna thinks it is "grandstanding", and Amy, a therapist in Phoenix, will interrupt you before she finishes: "Wait … …” (Xue Ruimeng)

Long battery life is full of wisdom, and it is easy for the M5 to travel long distances across provinces.

  By the end of the year, the Spring Festival on New Year’s Day is in sight. Many migrant workers who are struggling in the city are ready to travel by car or return home with excitement. However, if you want to travel all the way without worry and enjoy the fun of intelligent driving, you have to choose a high-energy car with outstanding performance and intelligent core. For example, the M5 is a typical one. I believe that with TA, your journey will be more secure and enjoyable!

  Hard-core chassis+long battery life, zero anxiety arrival in the whole process

  When purchasing new energy vehicles, users pay special attention to the performance and endurance of vehicles. Moreover, during the peak travel period of solar terms, if it encounters rain and snow, many rural roads will become more complicated and difficult. In addition, too low temperature will have a great impact on battery life, and even there will be a situation in which the power is in a hurry. M5 has made full preparations for this question, and provided worry-free protection for the whole journey through the hard-core chassis and intelligent extended range technology.

  In order to improve the safety and comfort during driving, Wenjie M5 is equipped with an all-aluminum chassis commonly used in millions of luxury cars. Compared with the traditional steel chassis, the chassis has the advantages of 30% weight reduction, ultra-high temperature setting, greater rigidity and strength, and can bring a more stable and safe handling experience. It is not easy to roll over in case of emergency, and the car body does not drift when it bends quickly. Moreover, after many rounds of manipulation and bumpy adjustment by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, vehicles can show better cushioning effect than traditional luxury cars when passing through bumpy roads and speed bumps, and their stability and comfort are never discounted. I have to say that this is also very friendly to people who are prone to carsickness.

  At the same time, in order to solve the "endurance anxiety", Wenjie M5 is specially equipped with an intelligent extended range control system, which fully considers the factors such as road conditions, altitude, temperature, load and vehicle condition, and can realize accurate matching through neural algorithms, bringing users a strong power and low energy consumption experience. With the blessing of the intelligent extended range system, the four-wheel drive version of the M5 intelligent driving version has a comprehensive battery life of 1265km, and the rear-drive version has a comprehensive battery life of 1425km. Whether it’s a reunion at home or a cross-provincial long-distance trip to go on road trip, the M5 can easily "handle" and take you to Shanhai, where you arrive with zero anxiety.

  HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, efficient interconnection of people and vehicles.

  For young people who pursue the quality of travel, the ideal car for self-driving travel should not only have the two "basic qualities" of excellent performance and long battery life, but also have the "expertise" of wisdom, so as to eliminate the boredom and fatigue during long driving anytime and anywhere. Knowing the needs of young people, the M5 also took this into consideration, so it arranged the HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0 in the car.

  How smart is HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit 3.0? It has reached a new height of intelligent car machine, and it knows everything you want most!

  First of all, it is equipped with a rich application ecology, which makes people’s cars efficiently interconnected, which can make driving more worry-free and life easier and more convenient. With the support of HarmonyOS Intelligent Cockpit 3.0, both the main driver and the co-driver can use the mobile phone application on the car. Use the local life application on the car, check the nearby food, and quickly navigate to take you directly to your destination. Or brush food or favorite attractions on the mobile phone, touch the car with the mobile phone, and the car can also identify the address and navigate to the destination. If you find that the parking space is tight after arriving at your destination, Xiaoyi can also help you find the parking space in advance, so that you can park easily.

  Secondly, it realizes the first "boarding" of space audio, and can create an immersive auditory feast with all-round sound, so that every passenger can enjoy a different wonderful journey surrounded by beautiful melody inside the car and changing beautiful scenery outside the window.

  Thirdly, fun games can quickly resolve travel fatigue. For example, if you want to experience a virtual racing experience while parking, the steering wheel racing game can help you realize it, and the car and horse are instantly replaced by fun.

  Want to open this New Year gift before the Chinese New Year? Now is the best time to win. Recently, I decided to ask all the M5 departments, and I can pick up the car within 2 weeks! In addition, there are premium benefits at the end of the year: the smart driving version will be released within this month, and you can enjoy up to 42,000 yuan worth of matching rights, including 12,000 yuan worth of interior and exterior decoration matching rights, 15,000 yuan worth of technology comfort package, and 15,000 yuan worth of deduction of HUAWEI ADS2.0 urban smart driving package rights.

  Write it at the end

  Traveling thousands of miles in Wan Li by car is the best way to wash your mind; Driving home is everyone’s constant expectation. Wenjie M5 uses hardcore performance and long battery life to solve travel anxiety, and uses "high IQ" to unlock new travel fun, which fully meets the expectations of migrant workers for a high-energy car! Friends who want to buy a car may wish to pay attention to it ~

The "drama essence" company behind "Cang Lan Ji"

Author | Weinika

Editor | Li Chunhui

The drama powder of the three ancient dolls in the summer file fell into a heated debate about the ranking. But no matter what criteria you use,From the perspective of publicity, Freesia is the best and richest.

There are only 90 Weibo hot searches in the long broadcast cycle of 56 episodes of "Splendid Star"; Also divided into two parts, 59 episodes of "Aquilaria Resina", 116 hot searches in Weibo; But "Freesia Tactics" has not been broadcast yet, so far it has reached 131 hot searches in Weibo.

The image comes from the hot search engine, and the data ends on August 27th.

The gap in Tik Tok’s hot list is even wider. From the second day of its broadcast, Freesia has been on the hot list, with an average of 5 hot list topics per day and up to 10 hot list topics per day. And "brilliant star" has never been on a hot list. Although Aquilaria Resinatum is on the list almost every day, the number is small, 1-4, and not all of them are positive topics.

It is clear at a glance that the cost of the publication of Canglan strategics is plentiful. It is needless to say that its broadcasting platform, iQiyi, is now open source and thrifty, and its consistent announcement strategy. Why is the film so exciting? It has to be said that the magical company behind "Freesia", which was established only four years ago, suddenly became popular-stellar gravity.

The general impression it gives the people who eat melons is that the boss, Wang Yixi, is very skillful, and he always replies to fans or publishes small essays. For example, he cries on the high-speed rail when he hears that the heat is breaking through. The impression given to insiders is that they are rich and know nothing else.

Nowadays, because of the discussion of freesia, many drama fans begin to hope that the gravity of stars will inherit the mantle of ancient dolls. In their view, Tang people declined from brain drain, and Zhouyi declined from the break of capital chain. The stellar gravity found the behind-the-scenes team of the Tang people, and the boss was a rich second generation who was not short of money, so he completely filled the shortcomings.

Is this really the case?

A producer who knows rice circles better than "Yu Ma"

Wang Yixu, the boss of Stellar Gravitation, Yu Zheng, the boss of Entertainment Film and Television, Liu Ning, the vice president of Perfect World, and Yang Xiaopei, the boss of Xixi Film, were honored as "Four Fine Producers" by netizens for their frequent essays and responses to netizens.

But after careful study, Wang Yixu is actually different from other producers. Most producers are keen to tell about the difficulty of the production process in order to win the sympathy of the audience; Or a online celebrity posture that wants to make a debut and constantly expresses itself. For example, Zheng Zheng often takes his own selfie after losing weight successfully. However, Yu Zheng’s essays are not all self-expression. To be honest, he is sometimes regarded as a reasonable guest who exposes the situation of the industry.

And Weibo, who is in Wang Yixu’s list, mistakenly thinks that Hard Candy has clicked into some big powder Weibo.He doesn’t look much like a producer. He doesn’t have any self-expression, but more like a fan operator.

For a drama project, from shooting to broadcasting, he constantly released various photos taken without watermark, and constantly drew prizes for fans who forwarded photos, and often forwarded fans’ second-generation videos, comic books and so on. In addition to "Freesia Tactics", YCY and Ding Yuxi’s "Lucky at Seven o’clock", which has not yet been broadcast, are also being reprinted wildly by Wang Yixu.

This kind of high-frequency fan interaction has made the series warm up in the starring powder circle and the core drama powder circle before it started broadcasting. I have to say that Wang Yixu knows the way of rice circles and uses it for the promotion of dramas.

Esther Yu and Dylan were suspected of quarreling in the live broadcast of "Freesia", but neither side responded afterwards. However, Wang Yixu responded positively to fans that Wang Hedi had "coaxed" Esther Yu, and they often quarreled. As soon as this word came out, the cp powder in a group of plays could not stop hitting the real cp.

Even the drama attracted less investment, and Wang Yixu did not forget to affirm the efforts of fans. Wang Yizhen called "black spots" (black powder, I really didn’t see any producer directly use this kind of rice circle language) to make "Canglan tactic", which was not optimistic at first. Later, due to the efforts of fans, the data records of the same type of members of iQiyi were constantly refreshed.

Isn’t this the most familiar powder abuse routine for Xiufen? Telling the helpless story that the project is not optimistic creates an illusion that "my brother only has fans", thus enhancing the stickiness and initiative of fans.

In fact, Wang Yixu’s skillful marketing of rice circles was first applied to SNH48 whitehairpin, the star of the play, during the period of "Chasing the Ball", and he bought 1,000 numbers for whitehairpin to play the list and vote in the general election, but he failed to bring a red drama series successfully.

When the IP drama "Fox Demon Little Matchmaker" of Guoman was played, Wang Yizhen was even more perfect.Netizens’ first impressions of the play are: xx appeared on the Internet, xx denied it, and then Wang Yizhen personally refuted the rumor or responded ambiguously to the rumor.Obviously, it is not a super IP, but it gives the whole story of who will play the little dragon girl and who will play Lin Daiyu more than ten years ago.

Male starring candidates from JC-T, Li Xian, Chen Xiao, Cheng Yi to Liu Yuning, slipped through the first-line niche; Liu Shishi, Angelababy and Ni Ni were chosen as the leading actresses in Yang Mi.I slipped through 85 flowers, as if half the entertainment circle were competing for the role of the play.

Later, Yang Mi and Simon joined the group "The Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Moon Red", which was thought to be settled. Who knows that the rumors about Liu Shishi’s acting are still going on, and Wang Yixu replied to a private letter from netizens that there will be no change in the selection of Huaizhu. Although he didn’t name names, Liu Shishi, who was sealed by many fans, will still star in The Fox Demon Little Matchmaker Bamboo Industry.

A new generation of Tang people?

In Weibo, Wang Yixu mentioned that he had watched the dramas of the Tang Dynasty since he was a child, which immediately triggered many netizens’ discussion about using stellar gravity to mark the Tang Dynasty. So, does this young company, which is only 4 years old, really have the potential to inherit the mantle of the Tang Dynasty?

Judging from the layout of the original star gravity, it is obviously not focused on Xianxia ancient dolls.In 2018, the star gravity, which entered the industry for the first time, invested a lot of literary films.. Including "A Cloud Made of a Rain in the Wind" directed by Lou Ye, "The Poet" starring Song Jia and Zhu Yawen, and "Punch Mom" starring Tan Zhuo. These movies have a high probability of losing money.

Only the film "Get My Brother Away" which cooperated with Wanda made a small profit. However, in 2020, Stellar Gravity and Wanda still have a contract dispute lawsuit without public ruling, which shows that Stellar Gravity is not going well in the film field.

In 2019, the sand sculpture drama "Once upon a time, there was a Lingjian Mountain" was a small reputation and popularity, and the focus of stellar gravity seemed to turn to the field of TV dramas. The play of stellar gravity is no different from that of most film and television companies. From buying IP and hoarding IP to signing authors, screenwriters, directors and actors, it involves the development of the whole industry chain.

Many people behind the scenes have a suffix of "Star Project" in the subtitle of "Freesia Tactics". This "Star Project" is a plan to train new people by stellar gravity, which means that many of these behind-the-scenes teams are self-trained. Including directors Yi Zheng and Qian Jingwu of Freesia, chief screenwriter Liu Xiaolin of the first draft, chief screenwriter Jinjin Bai of the final draft, screenwriter Zhang Li, co-screenwriter Cao Xiaotian, visual effects producer Ye Zi, music director Huang Yi, etc.

Looking through it, the "Star Project" also includes signed writers/screenwriters: Wuzai, Jiulu Feixiang, Taotao Round, Jane Dark, etc. Jiulu Feixiang also has two ancient puppet works "With the Phoenix" and "Protecting the Heart" adapted by other families. Artists’ brokerage is not outstanding. At present, Guo Xiaoting is a bit famous, and Ryan has a contract dispute lawsuit with Stellar Gravity.

In fact, most film and television companies with production ability have a set of their own training teams. The famous midday production system mostly comes from the "Shandong Gang" of Shandong film and television. A stable and efficient production team can reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

However, this kind of situation is rarely publicly marked like stellar gravity, and it has a title. The previous person who emphasized his own team was 500.

The arc alliance initiated by 500 includes director Wang Siyang, group B director Song Xiao, screenwriter Yu Xiaoqian, photography director Liu Yingjian, lighting director Sun Jingliang, action director Li Yinghui and so on. They will also add a suffix "A·L·U", which is the abbreviation of "ARC LIGHT UNION" in the subtitle display of "Black Storm".

This approach is equivalent to branding the production team.With the accumulation of word-of-mouth of subsequent works, it can not only cultivate mature behind-the-scenes personnel, but also increase brand value and social status.

However, whether the plan can be successful depends on whether there are successive successful works. Because they are satisfied with "Freesia", the audience who are expecting stellar gravity to inherit the mantle of the Tang Dynasty will have to wait patiently for the broadcast of the next ancient puppet by stellar gravity.

However, stellar gravity can still carry out such deep-pocketed marketing in the case of saving money in the whole industry, and Hard Sugar Jun is inevitably curious about its capital background.

where is the money to come from?

It is rumored in Jianghu that Wang Yixu is a rich second generation "idolize Big Brother".The first company he founded in 2015, Shanghai Renxiang Culture, is mainly engaged in star data analysis and provides fan data algorithm services for video websites.Therefore, it is not surprising that Wang Yixu knows the way of rice circles.

Wang Yixu’s other background can only be found that he attended the Ivy League University jointly founded by Tencent and cheung kong graduate school of business Chuangchuang Community, and studied Tencent’s business model and cultural and creative industries. Whether the "money" of stellar gravity comes from Wang Yixu or not, Hard Sugar Jun is skeptical.

According to Tianyancha information, Wang Yizhen’s financial situation in 2018-2019 may not be particularly optimistic. There were two cases in which the equity was pledged, and the pledgee was Bank of Beijing Shanghai Branch. Equity pledge refers to the act of pledging the company’s equity as a guarantee. Generally speaking, the major shareholder is short of money or the company is not well managed to pledge the equity.

Zhang Yucheng, another founder of the company, was also pledged in 2018. The biggest change in 2019 is that the investors of financial capital, Wang Zheng, Shi Bo and Tang Yizhen, successively withdrew from Zhang Yucheng’s Wuren film and television culture.

However, Hard Sugar Jun prefers that the "money" of stellar gravity comes from Zhang Yucheng.According to the data of Zhang Yucheng searched on the Internet, he studied in Shenzhen International Exchange College, a famous aristocratic school in Shenzhen. He is a full-time international high school authorized by many foreign institutions, which specializes in training students going abroad. The annual tuition fee is as high as 278,000.

Zhang Yu graduated from University College London with a bachelor’s degree in statistics, economics and finance, and graduated from Cambridge University with a master’s degree in economics and finance. From 2013 to 2015, he worked in the investment banking department of Huatai United Securities, which ranked in the top five in China.

He should have started his business in 2015 and caught up with Wang Yizhen. The capital operation of stellar gravity is probably handled by Zhang Yucheng. In 2018, there may be some situations in the capital behind the two. But soon in July 2019, stellar gravity introduced the investment of iQiyi.

In August, 2020, Star Gravitation cooperated with Zhongshi Mingda Culture Media to establish Quality Gravitation Culture Media Company. The controlling party behind Zhongshi Mingda Culture Media is Tik Tok’s Quantum Jump Technology.In other words, after the investment of long video investor iQiyi, Stellar Gravity introduced the capital of short video byte system.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Wang Jianjun, the mysterious director of Stellar Gravity. He has the employment information of directors, supervisors and legal persons of 62 companies, among which there are many companies with state-owned background, belonging to China Huadian Group, Jinneng Holding Group and Shanxi Financial Investment Holding Group.

It seems that stellar gravity is not only a long and short video, but also a director with such a background. It is not surprising that he has money. However, if you have money, you will have money. If the gravity of the stars can really stably output high-quality ancient dolls, it will benefit the younger generation of viewers. Of course, it is best not to rot.

After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

  BEIJING, Beijing, March 9 th: After 9 years, the Asian Youth Championship Group qualified! A light in the dark night of China football.

  Reporter Bian Liqun

  In the U20 Asian Cup group match, which ended on the evening of 9th Beijing time, the U20 national football team played Kyrgyzstan 1-1 and successfully qualified from the "group of death". This is the U20 national football team reaching the U20 Asian Cup knockout round again after 9 years.

  For China football in the valley, it is undoubtedly an invaluable light in the dark night.

  Competition progress

  This game is still quite thrilling. The opening ceremony of Kyrgyzstan U20 posed several threats. It wasn’t until the 19th minute of the game that China shot a slightly threatening shot, and Eiffel turned around and attacked the goal in the restricted area, slightly higher than the crossbar.

  In the 30th minute, Kyrgyzstan set the ball, but the close header in front of Brauzman didn’t reach it, so China dodged a bullet.

  Yi Bian fought again. In the 49th minute, Brauzman pushed the goal, but the offside goal was invalid.

  In the 59th minute, the passive China team took the lead in breaking the deadlock! China fought back, Buick Berdinov made an own goal in the process of clearance, and China led 1-0!

  In the 87th minute, China missed the goal in the counter-attack. In turn, Kyrgyzstan scored a quick counter-attack, and China scored 1-1 in Kyrgyzstan. In the end, this score was difficult to maintain until the end.

  Re-qualify after 9 years

  As Japanese U20 beat Saudi U20 2-1 in the same group, China scored 4 points in the group stage, with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and qualified as the second group. In the previous two group matches, the U20 national football team was reversed by Japan 1-2 and defeated Saudi Arabia 2-0.

  Whether it is the process or the result, this is a happy result. Since the U20 national football team, represented by Wei Shihao, reached the Asian Youth Championship (U20 Asian Cup) in 2014, the China team has not qualified for 2016 and 2018.

  In the 2020 Asian Youth Championship, China suffered the first missed trough in 25 years, but the Asian Youth Championship was later cancelled due to the epidemic.

  In this Asian Youth Championship, China stumbled through the preliminaries, but fell into the "death group" where Japan and Saudi Arabia were located, and its prospects became even more bleak.

  It is precisely these factors that make people feel extremely happy even if the U20 national football team is "only" qualified for the Asian Youth Championship, and it has successively made headlines and hot searches in major media.

  Of course, there are also different voices that this is an accidental event of "eating jiaozi", which is due to luck, and what’s more, it has come up with a cynical "traditional artistic ability".

  Then ask, isn’t one of the great charms of football accidental? Otherwise, why is Saudi Arabia still talking about winning Argentina in the World Cup? If you can’t be happy if you win or lose, what’s the point of football? Simply make a spittoon to abuse and vent?

  At present, the strength of China football is indeed limited, but it is worthy of applause to be the best under limited conditions, which is not limited to the U20 national football team, but also to the national football team and the women’s football team in China.

  Give a sample of China football.

  Of course, over-belittling and over-flattering are not conducive to the current football in China. At this stage, we still need to be rational and pragmatic. This U20 under Antonio also fully embodies this point.

  Although the tactic of "swinging the bus" was adopted and the ball was handed over to the opponent, it was not for the sake of swinging the bus.

  We can see the adjustment of the defensive level and formation, the aggressiveness in the rush, the routine of counterattack, including the design of the set-pieces, and we can still see some skills. It is already very successful to achieve such an effect under the existing team.

  Coupled with the vigor, the players carried out the tactics well. Whether against Japan or Saudi Arabia, which is stronger than themselves, the boys of the China team always fought and were not defeated.

  This has also set a good example for China football. In the face of strong players in the international arena, it is not just passive beatings. We can find a way that suits us and compete to a certain extent.

  In addition, Eiffel, Mutalifu and Hu Hetao, who performed well in this U20 national football team, also showed the importance of the league. They all made progress under the struggle of the Super League last season. Can withstand the critical moment in the U20 national football team.

  After entering the knockout stage, on the evening of 12th, Beijing time, the U20 national football team will play against South Korea. The opponents had previously drawn U20 in Oman, Jordan and Tajikistan at 4:0, 2:0 and 0:0 respectively.

  Fight hard, catch up, China boys continue to refuel! (End)

Apple’s first folding screen is here! Not iPhone

Source: Lei Technology AI Hardware Group | Editor: Chongjia | Typesetting: Autumn

Nowadays, folding screens have long been an important segment of smart phones. This new form of product, which is different from the traditional straight board computer, is becoming a key weapon for major mobile phone manufacturers to seize the brand highland and impact the high-end market. In addition to mobile phones, the concepts and products of folding screen notebooks and folding screen tablets are gradually emerging.

Recently, Guo Ming, a well-known Apple whistleblower, revealed that the only Apple foldable product with clear development progress is the MacBook, which will be equipped with a 20.3-inch large screen.

Notebooks are naturally foldable, but the "folding" here means "closing the lid" to make the host fit the screen. What the "foldable notebook" says is that the screen of the notebook itself can be folded.

In fact, this is not a particularly novel concept. For example, ASUS launched Lingyao X Fold, which focuses on folding screen selling points.Specifically, this notebook is still the design idea of two-in-one product (notebook and tablet in one), and its physical keyboard part and screen are separated. At the same time, the screen part of Lingyao X Fold can be folded.

(Source: ASUS)

Lingyao X Fold uses a 17.3-inch OLED screen, which is the same as a normal notebook when unfolded. In the folded state, the screen size will become 12.5 inches, which can be used either as a tablet or as a 12.5-inch notebook with half for screen display and the other half as a virtual keyboard on the screen.

Lenovo, another PC giant, has also launched a folding screen notebook, and its representative product is ThinkPad X1 Fold. Its product form and design ideas are very similar to Lingyao X Fold, and it is also a variant of two-in-one products. ThinkPad X1 Fold uses a 16.3-inch OLED screen with a 12-inch display area when folded.

(Source: Lenovo)

Judging from the folding screen notebooks of these two brands, the corresponding technologies they adopted are actually relatively mature, basically upgrading the original 2-in-1 PC, and the screen part is an OLED+ hinge solution.

In the view of Lei Technology (ID: Leitech), the folding screen MacBook will adopt similar hardware design ideas. Compared with the folding screen mobile phone, a big problem on the folding screen notebook is the handling of the physical keyboard. In order to ensure the input efficiency, it is difficult to remove the physical keyboard directly from the folding screen notebook, so it can only be designed separately.

In fact, just like the folding screen mobile phone, the core problem solved by the folding screen notebook computer is the unity of "portability and large screen". Users want to go out with a big screen, but they don’t want it to occupy too much space, so "foldable" has become an ideal solution.

Compared with the Windows camp, Apple’s situation is somewhat special. At present, Apple has not launched a two-in-one MacBook product.If Apple wants to launch a 2-in-1 folding screen notebook, then the first estimation to be solved is the system and software problems.

Apple has always been resistant to notebook touch screens. Although iPadOS has been in macOS, and they are getting closer and closer, they are still two completely different operating systems, and the underlying interactive logic and software ecology are not the same thing.

Of course, in theory, Apple can insist on not providing touch interaction function for the screen of the folding screen MacBook. But in this way, the use of folding screen notebooks will be greatly limited. Originally, the detachable screen can be used independently in the form of a flat panel, which greatly increases the selling point of the folding screen notebook. If there is no touch function, then the selling point of the folding screen MacBook may only be the large screen, which will have limited appeal to users.

It is worth mentioning that Lei recently saw an interesting "invention" of Federico Viticci in an Apple community.He used the "decapitated" MacBook with no screen with the iPad, and turned the iPad into a wireless screen of the MacBook with Sidecar function. In this way, he got a DIY version of the two-in-one MacBook. The fly in the ointment is that the Sidecar function requires two devices to access the same LAN, so it is not convenient to use it when going out.

(Source: MacStories)

In Xiao Lei’s view, Apple can learn from this idea. Nowadays, all Macs have completed the migration to the ARM self-developed chip platform, and it is not difficult to get through macOS and iPadOS. After all, we can now use a large number of iPad and iPhone applications on the MacBook. Moreover, compared with the Windows camp, Apple has stronger control over its own M-series chips, and it also has advantages in heating and power consumption control, which is very suitable for products that require more space, such as folding notebooks.

Once Apple makes macOS support touch function, the playability of folding screen MacBook will be greatly increased.

Xiao Lei believes that the order of Apple’s folding products will be folding screen MacBook, folding screen iPad and folding screen iPhone. As we all know, Apple has always been more inclined to launch mature commercial products, and is not keen to release pioneering products with cutting-edge technologies but low maturity. Mobile phones are still Apple’s pillar business, and Apple will naturally have many concerns about using the iPhone to test water folding screen devices. On MacBook products, this concern will be much less.

Unlike mobile phones, the PC market itself has a small capacity. Moreover, in the PC industry, Apple’s shipment ranking is not high. In recent years, the operation of Mac business is not particularly ideal. In terms of Q1 financial report in fiscal year 2024, Apple’s Mac revenue was $7.78 billion, accounting for about 6.5% of the total revenue. In this way, Apple has more incentive to test the water folding screen technology on the MacBook.

We can find that the current mainstream folding screen notebook solution is essentially the same as the folding screen tablet. However, the folding screen notebook has an external physical keyboard than the folding screen tablet. Similarly, since Apple intends to release a folding screen MacBook, it is also a matter of course to launch a folding screen iPad.

Previously, there has been news in the supply chain that Apple’s MacBook and iPad product lines will gradually be OLED, which is naturally conducive to the subsequent emergence of corresponding folding screen devices. Apple’s current top-end flat-panel product, iPad Pro, has a maximum size of 12.9 inches. If the screen display area is to be further broken, it is an inevitable trend to move towards a folding screen form.

(Source: Apple)

As for the folding screen iPhone that everyone pays more attention to, there are also some news. At the end of last year, Korean media AlphaBiz reported that Apple executives revealed that the folding screen iPhone is expected to be released in 2026. However, this news has not been confirmed by other sources.

One of the two most critical technologies of folding screen mobile phone is the screen, and the other is the hinge. The former is not difficult for Apple, while the latter may need to accumulate experience through folding screen MacBook and folding screen iPad. At present, the proportion of shipments of folding screen mobile phones is still low, and there is still a long way to go before it is widely popularized. There are still certain opportunities for folding screen iPhone in the future.

(Source: CNET)

Of course, Xiao Lei also believes that Apple’s perennial smashing of iPhone products will affect the competitiveness of the folding screen iPhone. Now, all major manufacturers are competing for beauty in folding screen mobile phones, but the common product evolution direction is to continuously improve the basic skills on the basis of maintaining the special advantages of folding screens.

In other words, the advantage of the early folding screen is that it can be folded, but it lags behind the traditional straight flagship in terms of image, battery life, reliability and price.Now, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and other head brands are constantly enhancing the image ability of folding screens and enhancing reliability through better hinge technology. Folding screen mobile phones are gradually changing from "tent-type" products to "bucket-type" products.

As a conventional flagship, iPhone has lagged behind Android models in terms of heat dissipation, signal, image and charging. For example, the problem of fever and poor battery life of the iPhone 15 Pro is largely due to the lack of progress in Apple’s heat dissipation design. If Apple Trade rashly launches a folding screen iPhone now, it will perform poorly in terms of image, signal and performance stability. Apple still has a lot of lessons to make up before making a good enough folding screen phone.

The basic form of smart phones has not changed since the release of the iPhone in early 2007. After the mobile phone manufacturers have exhausted the conventional means to increase the screen size, the new form of folding screen has become the evolution trend of the next generation of mobile phones.

For notebook products, it is much less necessary for them to evolve into folding screen form. After all, the screen size of the notebook itself is much larger than that of the mobile phone, and its requirements for portability are lower than that of the mobile phone. Therefore, Xiao Lei believes that folding screen notebooks will not become the mainstream form.

Of course, the PC industry behind the notebook itself is already facing the problem of saturated market capacity and lack of room for growth. The application of cutting-edge technologies such as folding screen and AI may inject some new hopes into this ancient product.

As for the folding screen MacBook, Xiao Lei thinks it may not be too innovative in product form. However, in terms of system and software, the integration of iPadOS and macOS is more worth looking forward to. Xiao Lei is looking forward to it. Apple can bring refreshing solutions to the industry in its own way on the system software of folding screen products. Apple is late in folding screen products, and Xiaolei will keep a close track of its products, so stay tuned.


"Fang’s Unique Skill" —— Song Yulin’s Talk on Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Paintings

  Editor’s Note: The official WeChat platform of Song Wenzhi Art Research Center has opened the book "Youyuan — — Since the column "Essays on Tibetan Fan by the Owner of Shiyanzhai", it has been deeply loved by art lovers and collectors. Previously, Mr. Song Yulin had published "Yuyuan" and "Mo Yuan", and "Dream Yuan" was his "three-edge" work. The three books are not only independent books, but also interrelated and coordinated, involving more than 200 ancient and modern calligraphers and painters, and more than 230 articles, which are very precious. The author introduces the artist’s artistic experience, the style characteristics of his works and his love for calligraphy and painting with the collection.

  Among contemporary Lingnan painters, Fang Chuxiong is an excellent flower-and-bird painter. His animal paintings are unique and praised as "a unique skill of Fang". I am often attracted by the cordial and warm atmosphere in his paintings. I remember a philosopher once said: brilliant, will be attributed to plain. I think it is appropriate to describe Chuxiong’s paintings as brilliant and plain. I can’t remember when and where I met Brother Chuxiong. Maybe we didn’t have much communication at that time, so the impression was not deep. A few years ago, Brother Chuxiong heard from a friend that I liked his works, so he called me and said that he would give me one, which made me quite embarrassed, but I appreciated his kindness.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s Map of Rats and Cows in 2006.

  Fang Chuxiong is a native of Puning, Guangdong Province. He was born in Shantou in 1950, so he is also from Chaoshan. Because of this, several of my artists in Shantou are very familiar with Brother Chuxiong, and Brother Zhang Yingping is one of them. In 2006, my son got married, and the two new people belonged to a cow and a mouse. Therefore, Brother Ping specially invited Brother Chuxiong to draw a picture of a mouse and a cow as a gift, and the young couple got this gift, be in heaven. In 2014, it was a good opportunity for Ying Pingdi to help me find 12 frames of animal albums painted by Brother Chuxiong, in which there were two dogs, ducklings, young tigers, two sheep, fairy mice, pigs, jade rabbits, octopuses (cats and butterflies), chickens, monkeys, koalas, buffaloes, etc., with accurate pictures.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s "Animal Album" and "Two Dogs" in 2014

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s "Animal Album" and "Blessed Pig" in 2014

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Koala in Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album in 2014.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album, Jade Rabbit, 2014

  A painter’s style of painting mostly comes from his nature. Brother Chuxiong loves the truth and plainness of nature, and is especially good at using animals common in mountains and farmhouses as his creative materials. My brother has lived in Lingnan for a long time, so it is self-evident that the painting style of Lingnan painting school has both form and spirit, gorgeous colors and appeal to both refined and popular tastes. Gao Jianfu and Gao Qifeng Kunzhong are both masters of animal painting, but Chuxiong’s animal painting is different from theirs. There is a difference between them. The former wins with atmosphere and momentum, while Chuxiong is restrained and quiet, which is mainly related to Chuxiong’s temperament.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s "Animal Album" and "Young Tiger" in 2014

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album, You Chicken, 2014

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album, Double Sheep, 2014

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album, Octopus (Cat Butterfly), 2014

  Brother Chuxiong entered the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1975, stayed there to teach after graduation in 1978, and was sent to Beijing and Tianjin to study. Li Keran, Li Kuchan, Cui Zifan and Sun Qifeng all taught him. However, I feel that Mr. Wang Lanruo (1911— 2015) seems more important to him. If Wang Lan is from Jieyang, Guangdong Province, Jieyang also belongs to Chaoshan area. In those days, Chaoshan businessmen were very close to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai because of their business, so most of the nave and screen strips hung in their homes were made by famous marine artists. Therefore, the influence of Shanghai-style art in Lingdong area is enormous. It is said that there are more than 60 Chaoshan people who have studied in Shanghai Art College (including Mr. Xie Haiyan and Mr. Chen Dayu who later worked in Nanjing Art College). Mr. Wang Lanruo studied painting with Zhu Wenyun in Shanghai in his early years, and then he was admitted to Shanghai Fine Arts College. After graduating in 1935, he returned to his hometown to serve as a middle school teacher for a long time. When Fang Chuxiong was 6 years old, he became a teacher with Mr. Wang Lanruo. This special relationship between Wang Lanruo and Shanghai style painting also profoundly influenced the artistic path of Brother Chuxiong after his death. In fact, pushing forward, Sun Peigu (1891— 1944) is also a painting predecessor who combines Lingnan painting school and Shanghai painting school, and Wang Lanruo is from Sun Peigu’s door. From Sun Peigu to Wang Lanruo and then to Fang Chuxiong, we can clearly feel the existence of Lingnan and sea painting style in their works.Naturally, Brother Chuxiong’s paintings can’t be si

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fairy Mouse of Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album in 2014.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Fang Chuxiong’s "Two Monkeys" in Animal Album in 2014.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Ducklings in Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album in 2014.

"Dream" column on Fang Chuxiong's animal paintings

Buffalo in Fang Chuxiong’s Animal Album in 2014

The taste of autumn

Text/Xi Bo
I like autumn, like the colorful colors in autumn, like the rich fruits in autumn, like the gloomy temperament in autumn, and prefer the mature taste in autumn.
As a result, as soon as autumn arrives, my mood is flying with the autumn clouds, flowing freely and unconstrained style; So, as soon as autumn comes, I run to the wild from time to time, looking for the taste of autumn all over the mountains.
The taste of autumn is quiet, especially after the washing of autumn rain. The sky is vast, spotless, the air is crisp, and you can smell the white clouds when you look at the blue sky from afar. Different from the new green taste of the grass in spring, the grass in autumn exudes a light fragrance, which is a mature taste. It seems to have a memory of time, clear and faint, which makes you feel a boundless yearning.
The smell of autumn is fragrant. On the ground, beside the ditch, wild flowers are everywhere, some are delicate, some are pure, some are fragrant, and some are elegant … The scattered, dense and overlapping wild chrysanthemums that spread all over the mountain embankment have openly vented their golden colors into rivers and waterfalls, and the amber-like medicinal incense has gathered like clouds and fog without reservation, emitting mature and wild.
The taste of autumn is sweet, which comes from the fresh fragrance of melons and fruits and is a gift from nature. Eat a red date, crisp, sweet and memorable; Bite an apple, the juice is as sweet as honey … In the field, persimmons are covered with branches, and the red little persimmon is like red lanterns and pink smiling faces. Pick a ripe persimmon, soft and soft, bite a mouth, suck it with your mouth, and the persimmon meat with honey juice slides into your stomach, which is extremely sweet and wonderful, just like sucking mellow wine. The sweetness of persimmons hanging on trees is clearer, richer and more mellow after the autumn frost. This seems to imply the character of autumn. After the accumulation and fermentation in spring and summer, the thick and plump autumn is mature and more flavorful.
The taste of autumn is rich, just like pomegranate seeds as red as agate and as white as crystal, some are as sweet as honey, and some are sweet and sour. Just like the red jujube, such as pearls and jade, there is sweetness in the acid and acidity in the sweetness … The taste of autumn is so rich, so mature and so rich in connotation. This kind of taste not only makes you feel the joy of harvest, but also makes you feel the sweetness of life, and also makes you think about the life situation.
…… ……
What’s the smell of autumn?
It is a quiet and natural taste, a plump and thick taste, and a colorful taste …
After all, the taste of autumn is the taste of maturity.
News clue reporting channel: download the "Qilu Yidian" APP in the application market, or search for the WeChat applet "Qilu Yidian", and 600 reporters in the province will wait for you to report online!

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has made it clear that local governments should study the "list" of real estate projects and accurately support reasonable financing needs.

After the two ministries and commissions issued a document clarifying that "the coordination mechanism of real estate financing should be established in cities across the country", the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held a meeting on the 26th to clearly speed up the implementation of the aforementioned coordination mechanism. All localities, taking projects as the object, promptly studied and put forward a list of real estate projects that can be given financing support, and established an information platform for urban real estate financing coordination mechanism projects at the national level.
On the morning of 26th, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development held a deployment meeting for the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing. Relevant responsible comrades of housing and urban-rural construction departments (commissions) of various provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and responsible comrades in charge of people’s governments of 35 key cities attended the meeting. Ni Hong, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, made it clear at the meeting that accelerating the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing is effective, supporting the development and construction of real estate projects, meeting the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership equally, and promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.
In early January, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the General Administration of Financial Supervision jointly issued the "Notice on Establishing a Coordination Mechanism for Urban Real Estate Financing". According to the notice, the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing is established by cities at or above the local level, with the responsible comrades of the city government in charge of housing and urban-rural construction as the team leader, and the local housing and urban-rural construction departments and the agencies dispatched by the General Administration of Financial Supervision as the member units.
According to the development and construction of real estate projects and the qualifications, credit and finance of project development enterprises, the coordination mechanism puts forward a list of real estate projects that can be given financing support in accordance with the principle of fairness and justice, and pushes it to financial institutions within their respective administrative areas. Financial institutions evaluate the supporting objects pushed by the coordination mechanism according to the principles of marketization and rule of law.
Different from the previous white list of housing enterprises, the innovation of coordination mechanism lies in that the object of financing support is projects rather than enterprises. According to the aforementioned notice, financial institutions should not blindly lend, cut off or suppress loans for projects that encounter temporary difficulties in development and construction, but should support them by extending existing loans, adjusting repayment arrangements and adding new loans.
At that time, Chai Qiang, president of China Real Estate Appraiser and Real Estate Brokers Association, publicly stated that the debt risk of real estate enterprise groups does not mean that all its real estate projects are risky. Providing financing support with the project as the carrier avoids financial institutions from "one size fits all" all projects of debt default housing enterprises.
The meeting further emphasized that the orderly development and construction of the project is the basis for the stable and healthy operation of the real estate market and is related to the vital interests of the people. In view of the current financing problems of some real estate projects, all localities should focus on projects, study and put forward a list of real estate projects that can be given financing support, coordinate the issuance of loans by financial institutions within their respective administrative regions, and accurately and effectively support reasonable financing needs.
"Loans are the relationship between banks and housing enterprises. After the establishment of the financial coordination mechanism, the government can bridge the gap in the middle, establish a platform for dialogue and exchange, and better coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems existing in real estate financing. " Feng Bo, vice president of Chengdu Urban Construction and Development Research Institute, told the First Financial Reporter.
Feng Bo said that although some financial institutions have established some white list systems before, some financial institutions may confuse the debt risk of real estate group companies with the development and operation risk of project companies because they may not have a comprehensive and accurate grasp of the project development risks and operation risks of development enterprises.
"Bank credit approval should fully consider the business level, mortgage guarantee, repayment ability and other related risk factors. If there is a big risk, it will take hedging measures. Because project loans are often large, once they are formed, they will have a certain impact on the bank’s operating indicators and all aspects of loan management. " An industry insider told reporters.
However, Feng Bo also suggested that under the new coordination mechanism, the city government will take the lead in coordinating and guiding the financial institutions within their respective administrative areas to connect with real estate projects within their respective administrative areas, which will enhance the accuracy, continuity and coordination of real estate financial support policies, which will help to reverse the current hedging behavior of some bank financial institutions against real estate enterprises, more accurately support and better meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate projects, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of buyers.
The meeting also made it clear that the role of "people’s governments in cities at or above the prefecture level" is to take the lead in coordination, quickly establish and operate this important mechanism, timely judge the local real estate market situation and real estate financing needs, strengthen overall planning, refine policies and measures, and build a communication platform between government, banks and enterprises.
Although both the new real estate model and the new coordination mechanism emphasize the full autonomy of urban real estate regulation and control, there are also people in the industry who are worried about the different auditing standards, progress and supervision standards for the white list of projects.
The meeting put forward detailed requirements from the regulatory level: credit funds should be guaranteed to be closed and used in compliance, and misappropriation should be resolutely prevented. At the provincial level, it is necessary to track and monitor the implementation and strengthen supervision and guidance. At the national level, an information platform for urban real estate financing coordination mechanism projects will be established, and weekly scheduling and monthly notification will be implemented.
It is worth noting that at the press conference of the State Council Office held on the 25th, Xiao Yuanqi, deputy director of the State Financial Supervision and Administration, also said that accelerating the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing was effective.
Li Yujia, chief researcher of Guangdong Housing Policy Research Center, said that the financing coordination mechanism is an important guarantee for the real estate support policy to take effect. In the next step, the financial management department should promote the reengineering of the business system and risk control system of financial institutions, and the real estate management department should do a good job in the integrity management and compliance of business management of real estate enterprises.

The earliest tea unearthed in the world has promoted the tea affair in China for 300 years, and tea culture is exquisite.

Original literature and history Jun Haoran literature and history

There are two boys serving tea in the front of (part of) Yan Yin Tu in Tang Dynasty.

An archaeological report published by the archaeological team of Shandong University officially announced the discovery of the world’s earliest tea in the ruins of the ancient city of Guo in Zoucheng, Jining, Shandong. Prior to this, the earliest tea in the world was found in the burial pit of Yangling, Emperor Liu Qi of the Han Dynasty. This discovery of Shandong University directly pushed the historical upper limit of tea drinking in China for more than 300 years. Tea, as a kind of drink, has entered the daily life of China people for a long time. With the development of history, not only tea itself and its related material forms have been developed, but also tea has entered the spiritual world of China people and become a sustenance of the elegant people. When the tea inscription meets the ancient paintings, those long-gone tea events are vividly presented in front of us. Let’s follow these ancient paintings to see the tea events in China!

Tea found in the ruins of the ancient city of Guo in Zoucheng, Jining, Shandong Province

I. Tea Affairs in Tang and Song Dynasties

China people’s acceptance of tea is a gradual process. Legend has it that tea originated from Emperor Yan Shennong, but at this time it was used as a medicinal drink. In the Warring States period, people in China had drunk tea. In the Han Dynasty, tea was still used as a medicine or food to participate in people’s lives.

The earliest and most reliable record of tea can be found in "Tong Yue" written by Wang Bao of Sichuan in the Western Han Dynasty. It records what a servant should do every day, and one of them is "brew tea does everything … Wuyang buys tea". Later, tea pots engraved with the word "tea" in the Eastern Han Dynasty were unearthed in Zhejiang and other places. This shows that tea has been quite popular in the Han Dynasty.

Although there were sporadic records about tea in Wei and Jin Dynasties, the tea culture at this time was still in a hazy period. Tea culture gradually surfaced, not only in ancient paintings, but also in systematic records, starting from the Tang Dynasty. The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu, a native of Tang Dynasty, is the first monograph on tea culture in the history of China, while The Orchid Pavilion of Xiao Yi is the first ancient painting with brew tea in the history of our country.

The Song Dynasty’s Copy of Xiao Yi Earning Lan Ting Tu, which was anonymous in Tang Dynasty.

The popularity of tea in the Tang dynasty was recorded in detail in the sealed "Feng’s Experience". It is said that during the Kaiyuan period, a monk in Lingyan Temple in Taishan forgot to eat and sleep in order to study Zen, and he relied on drinking tea to eliminate his fatigue and hunger. After the news spread, it became a custom to follow suit. From Shandong to Chang ‘an, the then capital city, and Chasiying Street, the world could beg for a cup of tea as long as it invested money.

After the publication of Lu Yu’s Tea Classics in Tang Suzong, tea culture gradually became an art, which was favored by ministers and nobles. "When the tea ceremony is popular, all princes and courtiers will drink.".

"Wu Mei Niang Legend" Tea tasting in upper class

A picture of Gong Le Tu in the Tang Dynasty depicts twelve beautiful women playing music around the table. They are holding pipa, guzheng, sheng and other musical instruments. There is a big tea basin on the table, and a maid-in-waiting is taking tea from the tea basin and giving it to everyone. A beautiful woman is making a drink, which shows that tea has become an essential thing for these princes and nobles to have fun every day.

Gong le tu in Tang dynasty

According to Lu Yu’s Book of Tea, people in the Tang Dynasty can be divided into boiled tea, nunnery tea and tea. In the Tang dynasty, people also called boiling tea fried tea. Although their names are different, their methods are generally the same. Use a "tea pot" or "tea kettle" for "boiling tea". After the tea is cooked, you need to use a tea spoon to take it to other places. The "fried tea" uses "tea pan", and after the tea is cooked, it can flow directly from the spout to the container.

Temple tea is now brewed directly with boiling water, while tea is special. In the Tang Dynasty, people mixed tea and porridge into a kind of tea porridge, and this drinking method was called "porridge".

"Xiao Yi Earns Lanting Map" Part

The painting "Xiao Yi Earns Lanting Map" tells the story of Xiao Yi defrauding Lanting Preface from the debating machine for Emperor Taizong. In the lower left corner of the painting, there is a stove boiling tea, and an old man is squatting on the ground, holding a bamboo pod and stirring the tea powder in the tea pot. The old man is on his back, his nostrils are enlarged, and he seems to appreciate the rich tea fragrance. While another teenager is holding a black lacquer lamp holder and a white porcelain bowl, leaning over and waiting to pick up the tea that is about to be fried. The instrument used by the old people to cook tea is a tea jar. After the tea is cooked, it can be poured directly into the tea cup offered by the young people. This way of frying tea was a common way in the Tang Dynasty. Besides, we can also see tea-making tools such as saucer, tea mill and tea combination in this painting.

The image expressed in "Xiao Yi Earns Lanting Map" itself is that guests come to cook tea, which inadvertently reflects the skills and related tools of tea cooking in Tang Dynasty, and shows that the method of tea cooking in Tang Dynasty has reached maturity and entered people’s daily life. It is in line with Lu Yu’s sentence: "When you are immersed in the customs, it is prosperous in the country, and the two capitals are between Jing and Yu, thinking that it is better than drinking in the house."

The maid on the left side of Tang Zhou Fang’s "Tune the piano and compose the tea" serves tea.

Song people are better at tea than Tang people, but they have the habits of Song people. Tea was divided into "piece tea" and "loose tea" by Song people. "Piece tea" is a cake that has been squeezed into cakes, while "loose tea" is tea that has not been squeezed. However, Song people like tea powder, that is, grinding tea into powder, so whether it is "piece tea" or "loose tea", it is actually tea powder.

Because of the different forms of tea, the way of drinking tea in Song Dynasty was different from that in Tang Dynasty. Tang people like to "make tea", while Song people like to "order tea". The so-called "tea-ordering" means putting the tea powder in a tea cup, adding soup to it with a tea bottle, and finally stirring the tea powder. "Ordering" also means drip. This process seems simple, but it is actually very learned. The appearance of ordering tea, a way of drinking tea, also led to the emergence of a competition about tea cooking in Song Dynasty-fighting tea.

Prepare tea map

Tea fighting, also known as "tea fighting", has several processes. At first, it is necessary to iron the tea cup, and then "paste mixing", that is, pour the tea powder into the tea cup. The most important process is to pour boiling water and stir the tea leaves with teaspoons and tea baskets. Especially when mixing with a tea basket, we should pay attention to the priorities. After mixing a bowl of good tea soup, the foam floating on the surface should be evenly spread and the foam should be close to the tea cup, which is called "biting the cup". However, if the foamed camellia is not evenly spread to reveal a gap, then the mixing fails, which is called "cloud foot scattering" or "water foot scattering".

In the Song Dynasty, we can see several people in folk costumes squatting and fighting for tea, which is a good picture of folk fighting for tea.

Song dynasty’s anonymous "dou cha tu"

Generally speaking, not all tea leaves will use tea in this way. Song Wangguan said in "Learning Forest" that "the best of tea is to sip it; Those who fry and sip it are all common ",that is to say, good tea will use the way of ordering tea, and ordinary tea will still be used to fry tea." But in fact, almost everyone in the Song Dynasty used some tea when drinking tea.

Song people like tea, from the emperor or the public to the common people. Song Huizong once painted a picture of Wen Hui Tu, which was about the literati’s elegant collection of tea. The lower part of the painting depicts several waiters waiting for soup and ordering tea, showing the literati’s love for ordering tea at that time. In addition, in order to meet their own demand for tea, the royal family in the Northern Song Dynasty specially sent a transshipment ambassador to Beiyuan, Fujian Province to make tribute tea, with the name "Dragon and Phoenix Tuancha". Song Huizong once praised it as "Dragon and Phoenix Tuancha, which is famous in the world", and even wrote "Daguan Tea Theory" himself, becoming the only emperor in China history who personally wrote the tea theory.

Wen Hui Tu by Song Huizong in Northern Song Dynasty (partial)

In the masterpiece The Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, we can find tea shops everywhere in the bustling Bianjing street, which became the most important place to meet the material and spiritual needs of the citizens in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Song Zhang Zeduan’s Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (partial)

Second, tea affairs in Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties

The Yuan Dynasty was a dynasty established by Mongolian ethnic minorities. Because of the difference in diet, the Mongols were not very interested in drinking tea. In addition, the country of the Yuan Dynasty was not very long, so the drinking habits of the Yuan Dynasty basically followed the way of drinking tea in the Song Dynasty. However, the Yuan Dynasty was a transitional stage. At that time, there was a tea-making method of "soaking soup to remove smoke and decocting it with soup" in the south, which was basically consistent with the tea-drinking method in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Yuan mural Dao Tong

By the Ming Dynasty, there had been another great change in the way of drinking tea in China. Because the manufacturing process of tea powder is complicated, Ming Taizu officially abolished the tribute tea in Fujian in the Song Dynasty in the 24th year of Hongwu, and changed the tea powder to make tea. The form of tea was formally changed from group tea and cake tea to loose tea, which led to the general way of making tea now. Tea powder was abandoned, and the method of ordering tea was naturally abandoned. Over time, people in the Ming Dynasty did not know what the method of ordering tea was.

Xu Cishu, a Ming Dynasty man, recorded the way of making tea in Tea and Vegetables Cooking Point: "First, hold tea in your hand, once the soup is put into the pot, throw the tea soup at hand, and cover it with a lid. When you breathe three times, you will pour it into the pot again." Although the Ming people still pay attention to the first tea soup for washing tea and the second for drinking, this way of making tea has been much simpler than the tea frying method in Tang Dynasty and the tea ordering method in Song Dynasty.

Ming anonymous "tea tasting map"

In Wen Zhiming’s Tea Tasting Map, we can see a grass hiding under a tree, two people sitting opposite each other in the cottage, a teapot and two white porcelain teacups on the middle desk, and a boy cooking water in the side room. Tea drinking is born with a quiet temperament. Drinking tea in downtown is lively, but in such an environment as painting, tea drinking pays attention to quietness, and it is the most desirable way for scholars in Ming Dynasty to discuss tea in quietness. Zhang Yuan, a Ming Dynasty scholar, said in Tea Record: "Drinking tea with few guests is more expensive, but many guests are noisy, and noisy is lacking in elegance." It can be seen that the tea drinking of Ming scholars is a static word, which also gives a different sustenance to tea tasting.

Tea Tasting Map by Wen Zhiming in Ming Dynasty (partial)

When we compare this picture with the Song Dynasty’s "Dou Cha Tu" mentioned before, we will find that with the disappearance of tea powder and tea ordering, tea sets have been simplified, and the tools needed for drinking tea in the Song Dynasty, such as tea grinders, teaspoons and tea baskets, are no longer popular, so that scholars in the middle and late Ming Dynasty will be confused when they read the tea baskets written by Song people.

Tea basket

Although the procedures for drinking tea and tea sets have been simplified, the quality of life of the literati in Ming and Qing dynasties has not decreased at all. They have played new tricks on the remaining teapots, teacups and tea cans, and the tea sets in the Ming and Qing dynasties are more exquisite and exquisite.

Teapots in the two dynasties were made of purple clay pots, and Wen Zhenheng, a Ming dynasty, said in "Chronicles of Long Stories" that "the teapot is made of sand, and the cover is neither fragrant nor cooked." Ming people also prefer small pots, it is best to have a small pot for each person at the elegant meeting, so as to enjoy themselves.

Porcelain firing in Ming and Qing Dynasties reached its peak, which was reflected in tea ware’s style. Most of tea ware are exquisite, but the style is according to the emperor’s preference. Yong Zhengdi in Qing Dynasty likes elegance, while tea sets in Yongzheng Dynasty are mostly simple in shape, fresh and elegant in style, giving people a pleasing feeling. For example, in Yongzheng period, there were two Yixing Kiln Zisha tea pots, one of which was hexagonal, with the word "before the rain" engraved on the lid, while the other was round and round, with the word "Zhulan" engraved on the lid.

Objects in Yongzheng period

However, Emperor Qianlong advocated magnificence, so the style of tea set in Qianlong Dynasty was warm and gorgeous, and glaze and other techniques were widely used, with bright colors and diverse patterns, with the intention of highlighting the weather of a prosperous generation. For example, in the Qianlong Dynasty, a sapphire Sanqing tea poem covered the bowl. The sapphire was transparent, covered with gold patterns, and the bowl was exquisitely carved with poems. But this is also generally speaking, there were gorgeous tea sets in Yongzheng Dynasty, and there were also elegant tea sets in Qianlong Dynasty.

Qianlong period artifacts

It is worth mentioning that the rulers of the Qing Dynasty kept their own tea culture-milk tea when they accepted the tea culture of the Han nationality. According to records, Manchu people still kept the habit of drinking milk tea after entering the customs, and the palace also set up a special institution to provide milk tea. The Qing emperor liked to have a cup of milk tea before eating, and the milk tea and other drinks in the court were also distributed according to the quantity. The rulers of the Qing dynasty loved milk tea, and even when they went hunting, they didn’t forget to have a drink.

Ranz Ning’s Hongli Hunting Dinner in Qing Dynasty (partial)

Wen Shijun said

The origin of tea culture in China is very early, and ancient ancestors have already recognized the medicinal function of tea. With the development of history, tea has increasingly entered people’s daily lives, and the fragrance of tea can be smelled in the deep gardens of the palace, in the streets of the streets and in the barren hills and wild forests. The rise of tea culture has led to the change of the material form of tea drinking, and also enriched the spiritual life of the ancient people, and tea tasting has been given a different spiritual sustenance by the ancient people. Therefore, China’s tea culture includes both material and spiritual aspects.

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(Author: Haoran literature and history Jingsu)

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The theme forum "High-quality Development of Hainan Free Trade Port Film Industry" was held.

  Everything is born in the sea, and light and shadow are new forces. On December 17th, the theme forum of "High-quality Development of Hainan Free Trade Port Film Industry" was held in Sanya. Based on the advantages and characteristics of Hainan Free Trade Port, the forum is committed to promoting the development of China’s film industry and promoting exchanges and cooperation between filmmakers at home and abroad.

  The forum consists of keynote speeches and round-table forums. Industry leaders and experts and scholars from home and abroad, such as Huayi Brothers, Zhejiang Film and Television Group, Qingdao Oriental Film Capital, Communication University of China, and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, discussed how to learn from international experience in terms of copyright trading, cultural cooperation, culture going out to sea and talent training, and effectively stimulated the innovation vitality and market potential of the film industry, which opened up a broader vision, a higher pattern and a broader imagination space for Hainan’s film industry.

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  Zhang Xiaohui, chairman and general manager of Zhejiang Film and Television Group, put forward the vision of "inter-provincial cooperation and linkage" in his keynote speech. "I hope that by taking this opportunity, we can make a deep integration of the film and television service shooting resources of Zhejiang and Hainan provinces, and help the two provinces to make an alliance in film and television shooting." Through the cooperation between the two provinces, information sharing and resource complementarity can be realized, and homogenization competition and resource waste can be avoided.

  In the round-table forum, government leaders, industry leaders, experts and scholars discussed how to combine Hainan Free Trade Port with the national macroeconomic strategy, thus effectively stimulating the innovation vitality and market potential of the film industry.

  "If Hainan is to be a center leading the film industry, it needs to upgrade from hardware to software. This is a great challenge. Although the subsidy policy is costly, it is a very good start." Abdul Dalagudi, deputy director of the Research Institute of Multinational Corporations of the Ministry of Commerce of China and founder of Xiamen BRICS Economic and Cultural Research Service Center, said.

  Yaning, president of iQiyi Film, said, "Hainan has a policy advantage. In the future, it depends on how the policy is implemented and the shooting cost of the crew is really reduced, so as to attract more directors and production companies."

  Zhang Qiyan, deputy director of the Art Department of Hainan Provincial Tourism Department and former associate researcher of the State Council Development Research Center, believes that "one of Hainan’s great advantages is its tourism. When we discuss Hainan’s film and television industry, we can raise our horizons to a higher level and think about this issue across industries. In the future, Hainan will introduce new policies to closely integrate the film and tourism industries to seek new breakthroughs. "

  Huang Yichuan, a researcher at the China Film Art Research Center and the president and editor-in-chief of Contemporary Film magazine, said, "Hainan has sea, rainforest and hardworking people. Our advantage is not only tourism, but marine culture will definitely be a particularly important culture in the future." He suggested that it is not based on the relevant policy support of the free trade port, but should aim at excavating multi-level cultural manifestations in marine culture.

  Sun Hengqin, president of Qingdao Oriental Film Capital Industry Holding Group, said that Hainan’s advantages in personal income tax concessions, population exchanges and import procedures in the free trade zone need to be well grasped.

  Natasha Deville, a veteran filmmaker, called for responsibility for Hainan’s ecological environment in combination with her shooting experience in Hainan. She believes that the premise of attracting more films and crews to come to Hainan for filming is to protect Hainan’s environment and undeveloped areas.

  Huang Fei, general manager of Hainan Film Co., Ltd. and vice president of Hainan Film Association, said that he has cooperated with China Film Research Institute to set up a special technology joint laboratory in Sanya and is about to enter the stage of achievement transformation. The next step is to rely on the "Hainan International Media Port" project, give full play to the advantages of Hainan’s digital industry, introduce top technical teams at home and abroad, realize the comprehensive empowerment of science and technology, and promote the digital, industrialized and innovative development of Hainan’s film industry.