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Its film arrangement is only 0.7%, but it is the most worth seeing in the near future.

Special feature of 1905 film network Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your memory disappeared one day?

We have seen too many movies, and we often meet people whose memories are fading away, and some incredible things have happened. Some people rely on their only remaining memories to find clues to solve crimes; Some people hit their heads and all their memories were restored; Some people can’t get their memories back all their lives.

The film officially released in the mainland cinema on February 23 rd once again took the memory as a knife. However, this time it is a little different.

1 What’s the difference between this film?

The main characters in the film "Love Before Memory Dies" are two old people. Ella Spencer played by helen mirren is a rebellious old girl, while John Spencer played by donald sutherland is a forgetful old warm man.

The old couple are both seriously ill. John has Alzheimer’s disease, which is what we often call Alzheimer’s disease. The disease makes his memory go wrong and slowly disappears. He needs to live in a nursing home, while Ella has cancer and needs to be admitted to the hospital. At this moment, the two will face eternal separation.

So, the two decided to take a trip in an RV. The English name of the film "The Leisure Seeker" is the name of this RV — — Leisure seekers. They walked all the way from Massachusetts to the south, recalling the experience of spending their holidays with their children. This time, their destination was Hemingway’s former residence in Sisuo Island.

I went to Hemingway’s former residence because John’s favorite writer was Hemingway. At the same time, John is also a teacher. His illness makes him forget the names of his wife and children, but he can easily say Hemingway’s works. Hemingway’s famous The Old Man and the Sea was finished here in Xisuo Island, and it is John’s favorite work.

Two old men "ran away from home" behind their children’s backs. John couldn’t drive because of illness, but during the journey, he drove the old car at a gallop. When Ella called the children, she told them, "Son, we won’t be long. There are some things that I must finish with your father.".

The film fills in the grief and sadness that Alzheimer’s disease would have brought to the family with a lot of jokes, making the whole film easy and interesting.

During the trip, John left his wife alone and drove away. When Ella got on a passerby’s motorcycle and caught up with John, John’s reaction was, "Why are you sitting on a motorcycle?" He has completely forgotten that his wife traveled by car with him.

Similarly, when he arrived in Pennsylvania, he asked Ella, "Where are we?" After Ella told him, he asked, "What are we doing in Pennsylvania?" He will forget his children, mistake his students, and forget the purpose of this trip.

However, he can’t forget English grammar. On the way, when they were forced to hand over the money by a sudden robber, he did not forget to correct the grammatical mistakes made by the robber. At this time, Ella scared away the robbers with a prepared shotgun.

"Love Before Memory Dies" is adapted from Michael Sadrian’s novel of the same name. As a road movie, it reveals the story of travel and uncovers an old story (not much to say, it will be spoiled if you talk too much! ), and behind this past, the focus is on marriage and old age.

In the last period of life, their attitude is not negative at all, and life is full of interest everywhere. Ella, played by helen mirren, painted her nails, wore a wig and put on lipstick. Even though she is not young, she is still a delicate woman. During the journey, the two will also look at old photos with slides.

From the preview, we can also see that the two spent a beautiful and romantic night in the hotel suite. John talked to ella to the fullest; "I can’t believe my wife is so beautiful", the gentleman invited her and they embraced and danced together. The couple who have been together for fifty years have a very funny and warm daily life, and their love is indestructible in the face of aging and death.

The two leading actors won numerous awards.

"Love Before Memory Disappears" was selected as the main competition unit of Venice Film Festival in 2017. After the premiere of the film festival, some media reporters praised helen mirren’s performance. Helen mirren won the Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival in 2006 for her film, and won the Oscar for Best Actress for The Queen the following year.

Helen mirren in The Queen is noble and solemn, but she is very conservative. When helen mirren portrays Elizabeth II after learning of Princess Diana’s death, she reminds herself by saying "I am the queen" every day. And her superb acting skills have been greatly affirmed.

In addition, helen mirren won the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival with and twice.

Donald sutherland, the actor, should be the most familiar Canadian in China. He is also quite powerful. He is the winner of the 90th Oscar Lifetime Achievement Award. Previously, he won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor twice for Citizen X and War Path.

Donald sutherland has appeared in many films, including series,,, and so on. It is worth noting that he once appeared in the works directed by Xiaogang Feng in 2001. His role is Taylor, the great Hollywood director who came to China to make a film.

It can be said that the performances of donald sutherland and helen mirren were impeccable. Many foreign media commented on "Love Before Memory Dies", although they were quite critical of the film’s plays, they still affirmed the performance of these two drama bones, saying that this is the most attractive part of the film, which is quite convincing. "Every wrinkle is a play, and every expression contains the most complicated emotions in the character’s heart."

3 Italian local teams shoot American films.

Paolo Virzì, the director of Love Before Memory Dies, has shot many Italian local comedies, and can be said to be one of the representative figures. His "My name is Tanino" has all been shortlisted for the Venice Film Festival. "Love Before Memory Dies" is the fourth time that he has been selected for the Venice Film Festival.

But his international fame is not very great. In the 74th Venice Film Festival, many famous directors gathered, and his works also received a lot of attention. Especially with the blessing of the two leading actors, the judges can feel the more delicate emotional expression.

Paolo Virzì never thought that he would make a film that had nothing to do with Italy. When he was invited by an American film producer, he decided that helen mirren and donald sutherland must play the roles.

He said: "When I was filming this film as an American director, I always reminded myself of my Italian identity. On the set, I felt the common feelings of human beings. I tried to look at this story from an Italian perspective, and I kept my own style: shooting this film with a story that is true, human, ironic and mixed with comedy and tragedy. "

Yes, this is the concept that Paolo Virzì has always adhered to: there is always tragedy in comedy, and only dramatic plots can make people laugh.

The foreign media "SSG Syndicate" described the film as a bittersweet and warm journey, and the excellent performance made this film. Film Journal International commented that although this film is a bit ordinary, it is very enjoyable in most cases.

When talking about this film, "CineVue" said: "Sorrow and sadness are often dangerous, but" Love Before Memory Dies "is not like this. Even if love comes to an end, they are still celebrating." The critics of RogerEbert.com even shed tears when watching it.

In addition, although the film was shot in the United States, most of the film’s creative team are Italian. Photographer Luca Bigazzi has worked with Italian director paolo sorrentino in many film and television dramas.

Musician Carlo Wizz and director Paolo Virzì are old partners, and he has participated in Osodo and My Name is Tanino.

Editor Jacob Quadri worked with the director on My Name is Tanino, but he is famous for working with Italian director bernardo bertolucci.

The internal competition pattern of China table tennis team has changed: strong male table tennis enemies surround women table tennis opponents.

In 2022, the China table tennis team spent the first full season of the Paris Olympic cycle, won many laurels including the team world table tennis championships, and still stood at the top of the world table tennis world with the momentum of breaking bamboo. However, although the "teacher of the king" has made outstanding achievements, it is an indisputable fact that strong enemies are surrounded, especially the men’s table tennis crisis. While Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen, two veterans, are gradually fading out, the internal competition pattern of table tennis is also changing quietly.
The third man of the men’s team surfaced.
Wang Chuqin is the player who shines in table tennis this season. In the six high-level events that the main team played, the 22-year-old Beijing team won the singles four times.
After winning the first men’s singles championship in international competitions in 2019, Wang Chuqin once encountered a bottleneck in singles events. This season, he broke through himself, winning the WTT (World Table Tennis Professional League) Macau Competition at the beginning of the year, and winning the WTT Budapest Star Challenge in July. After helping the team dominate the Chengdu Team World Table Tennis Championships by "full attendance" in the knockout round, Wang Chuqin "sublimated" from technique and tactics to ideology, and then won the WTT Macau Championship and WTT World Cup again, and the world ranking rose to the third highest in his career.
Although there was no gain in the subsequent national championships and the Asian Cup in Bangkok, there is no doubt that Wang Chu Qin has made a leap this season and has gradually secured the position of the "third man" in men’s table tennis. In the singles competition, he defeated Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin, Lin Gaoyuan and many other major opponents of foreign associations throughout the year, and scored 3 wins and 1 loss against Malone. As a left-handed player, the former World Table Tennis Championship men’s doubles champion also won three mixed doubles championships and one men’s doubles championship with different players. If it can make a difference in next year’s individual World Table Tennis Championships, there should be no doubt that it will be included in the Paris Olympic lineup.
In addition to Wang Chuqin, two other non-Olympic champions in the main team of the men’s team, who are both "Mesozoic", have also won many foreign competition opportunities this season, but their performance is inferior. They not only won less than the main team of table tennis, but also lost foreign wars several times. Among them, Liang Jingkun, who will be 26 years old, once ranked third in the world, but only one WTT routine challenge singles champion was recorded, and he was banned by the Chinese Table Tennis Association at the end of the season for misconduct.
The 27-year-old Lin Gaoyuan continued the "champion shortage" for more than three years. After losing to his teammates twice at the beginning of the year and winning the runner-up, he wasted six match points in the final of WTT Budapest Championship in July, failing to seize the opportunity of meritorious service when his teammates were defeated. Although she won 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals at the end of the season, and narrowly won the men’s team final against Fan Zhendong by 17-15, she still failed to show convincing performance in the international arena.
The performance of the two main players of "Long Pang" this season is remarkable. Although veteran Malone only won a runner-up, he also lost only one off-court battle. Fan Zhendong, the world’s No.1, won one championship and one Asian in the absence of the European Summer Series, but it was defeated by both Chinese and foreign strong players.
In terms of opponents, compared with the Tokyo Olympic cycle, there are more rising stars in the Eurasian team in the new cycle, and the China men’s table tennis team, which has been hit hard in the international arena, is facing greater challenges. In almost every high-level competition, the China men’s team has lost the main foreign war. In the two WTT high-level events held in Budapest in July, Guoping was "delayed" by the men’s team. Among them, Korean men’s doubles "new and old combination" Zhao Dacheng/Li Shangzhu, Lian Ke, Wang Chuqin/Malone, Liang Jingkun/Lin Gaoyuan won the Star Challenge. In the subsequent singles championship, China men’s table tennis four without Fan Zhendong were all eliminated by foreign association players, which sounded the alarm for preparing for the Olympic Games.
Healthy competition of four "golden flowers" for women’s teams
Compared with the men’s team, the performance of China women’s table tennis in the world is still strong, and its "Jianghu status" is impregnable. Not only that, with the birth of Wang Yidi, healthy competition has also formed within the women’s team, and four "golden flowers" compete with each other and promote each other.
The 25-year-old Wang Yidi has a strong upward trend in the new cycle, and broke into the semi-finals in the World Championships last year. This season, she has won many successes in high-level events and impacted the "three main players", which proves that it is no accident that she ranks among the top four in the World Championships with stable performance. In March’s WTT Grand Slam and October’s World Cup, she reached the semi-finals. In July’s WTT European Summer Series, Sun Yingsha was a "double kill", winning 1 crown and 1 Asian. In the two events at the end of the season, Wang Yidi first won the women’s team and the women’s singles in the all-round championship, among which she narrowly beat Manyu Wang to reach the top for the first time in the singles final, and then reversed Ito Meicheng’s first seal in the Asian Cup. Next year’s individual World Championships will be the "outpost" of the Paris Olympic Games. If this season’s momentum can be continued, Wang Yidi’s impact on the Olympic lineup is by no means empty talk.
However, judging from the lineup of this year’s World Table Tennis Championships, the position of the "trio" who won the team championship of the Tokyo Olympic Games for women’s table tennis has not wavered for the time being. As a "big sister", Chen Meng, 28, has made it clear that her sword refers to Paris. This year, she won 1 crown and 1 Asian in the international arena, and her performance is still stable. The two "new generations" won two championships and one Asian respectively. Among them, Sun Yingsha won two championships in the "China season" in October, and continued her unbeaten performance in foreign wars. Manyu Wang, the champion of the World Table Tennis Championships, topped the WTT Macau Tournament in January and the Budapest Championship in July, and won the mixed doubles champion and runner-up in the women’s singles in the all-round championship, with a stable record throughout the year.
Chen Xingtong, the same age as Wang Yidi and selected for the team World Table Tennis Championships, has not yet withdrawn from the competition, but his position has become marginal. Its performance in the competition fluctuated and did not pose a threat to the four main players.
Looking around the world, China women’s table tennis, with fierce internal competition, is strong, even stronger in the new cycle, not only rarely losing foreign wars, but also winning the championship, runner-up and even the semi-finals. At the World Table Tennis Championships in Chengdu in October, China defended its title by crushing its opponents, without losing a set in eight games, only losing two sets. In the ——WTT Macau Championship, the only high-level event with frequent "accidents", Manyu Wang and Chen Meng lost to European players in the first two rounds, but Chen Xingtong and Sun Yingsha still joined forces in the final, which fully reflected the strength and thickness, and also made major rivals such as Ito Meicheng feel the despair of "pressing the gourd to float the ladle".
In addition, Manyu Wang and Sun Yingsha’s women’s doubles team beat Miki Ito/Hayata Hina in the final of high-level events twice this year after last year’s World Championships, almost beating their opponents over. Both singles and doubles have a "fault" strength advantage, so it is difficult for China women’s table tennis to defend its title in the Paris Olympic Games.
Reporter Wang Xiaoxiao
(Source: Beijing Daily)

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The meaning of travel lies in ordinary life.

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Tibet, as a distant place where countless people can sleep at night.

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In this life, I will come to Tibet anyway!

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1. What should I pay attention to when entering Tibet?

2. What must-see attractions are there in Tibet in summer?

3. When is the best time to go to Tibet in a year?

4. What is the best route to travel to Tibet?

Xiaobian answers for you one by one!

Photographer/Zhang Jing

How to solve the problem of high rebellion?

1, chest tightness, chest like a blocked general, is a typical reaction to hypoxia.

Effective treatment methods:Take oxygen and rest, and avoid strenuous exercise.

2, shortness of breath, accelerated and thickened respiratory rate,

Effective treatment methods:Keep quiet or stop other actions and wait for the breathing rhythm to be smooth.

3,There is a phenomenon of hyperreflexia, which is nosebleed, mostly in men. First of all, it is caused by the dry climate in the plateau, which ruptures the blood vessels in the nasal mucosa.

Effective treatment methods:1. Apply a little erythromycin ointment and drink as much water as possible to prevent dryness. 2. Eat more fruits and drink more water to promote metabolism.

4, headache, nausea, this altitude sickness is relatively persistent, in general, it can be recovered after a few days of adaptation,

Effective treatment methods:Self-adjustment If it aggravates or causes extreme physical discomfort, as long as conditions permit, stop the trip immediately and choose to see a doctor nearby.

What do you usually take with you when you enter Tibet?

No matter what season (people seldom go in winter), thermal underwear, jackets (rain and wind) or thick coats and trousers (jackets) must be brought. Generally speaking, it is ok to change two sets (including shoes) and use a raincoat without a jacket.

PS: At the hottest time in Tibet, there will be rain and snow when crossing some passes.

It is best to equip special quick-drying clothes in summer to facilitate washing (dry after washing), and sunscreen is also very important.

What is the reservation time of return air ticket and train ticket?

It’s recommended to advance about 4 to 5 days. If the journey is too long, the situation on the road may change due to external reasons, so don’t advance too early. If you want to book tickets in advance, please arrange enough time.

Summer is the most suitable season to go to Tibet. There is no biting cold wind or hay everywhere, and the temperature is just right. All the mountains and lakes gradually show their green colors. At the hottest time, the temperature is only 20 degrees, which is the most suitable for summer roaming.

Hope after Rain: Nangarbawa Peak

Source: Linzhi Tourism Bureau

Many people will choose to go to Nangarbawa Peak in winter or in the non-rainy season.

But I prefer to choose the rainy season and go to Nangarbawa Peak.

Standing at the entrance of Sejila Mountain, I hope I can see the true content of Nangarbawa Peak after the fog clears.

If you really see the true face of Nanga Bawa Peak, which is not seen for ten people.

I will have tears in my eyes, which is the expected response.

It also means that the canoe will sail through Chung Shan Man next.

Play suggestion:

1. The pass is very high above sea level, so don’t run and shout loudly to avoid causing high reaction.

2. It is windy and the temperature is very low. It is recommended to wear more clothes to avoid catching cold.

3. There are small shops on the pass where you can buy food and water.

The best camera position in Nangarbawa:

1. Gongzundem Beach: You can photograph the reflection in the water of Nangarbawa Peak.

2. Suosong Village: navigate to the entrance of Dakongli B&B.

3. Dalin Village: navigate Dalin Village or Songzan.

4. Sedila Mountain Observation Deck

5. Baifengtai

6. Tunbai Village

7. Yarlung Zangbo River Valley: It takes half an hour to reach the river on foot, and the photos are beautiful.

The realistic version of the Wizard of Oz: Lulang Linhai

Zhang Jing/photo

Lulang Linhai has unique beauty in every season, but I don’t think anyone can refuse Lulang Linhai’s summer. Riding a white horse in Lulang Linhai’s pasture, drizzling, lifting your face and blowing the gentlest wind on the plateau, what is the summer heat wave here?

Tickets:80 yuan

Punching in scenic spots:Sedila Mountain, Zhaxigang Village and Lulang Town

Tips:If you plan to travel in depth, you need to prepare waterproof clothes, medicines, sleeping bags, etc. in advance.

Primitive forest: spruce forest

Source: Bomi Tourism Bureau

Every tree in Gangspruce Forest has a primitive flavor, and it has been rated as one of the top ten most beautiful forests in China by chinese national geography. Walking in Gangspruce Forest in summer, there are soft sawdust and pine needles at the foot, as well as streams hidden in Palong.

Tickets:90 yuan/person in peak season and 45 yuan/person in low season.

Play time:Walk for 2-3 hours.


1. The road to the scenic spot is muddy, so it is recommended to drive an off-road vehicle.

2. Bomigang Township Nature Reserve covers a total area of 4,600 hectares, with an altitude of about 3,000 meters. They are all virgin forests, so don’t worry about rebellion.

3. Others: At present, there are almost no (or few) tour groups, so you need to drive or charter.

Wild and delicate: Naqu alpine grassland

Mi Zangda Wa/photo

Naqu, which means "Heihe" in Tibetan, is one of the colder places in Tibet in four seasons. The Naqu alpine grassland was rated as one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China and one of the five largest pastures in China by chinese national geography. The Qiangtang grassland in full of green is more like a gift from heaven, with a cool breeze blowing at 20 degrees and low adobe houses, which aggravated the ancient nomadic habitat here.


Opening hours:whole day

Traffic guide:be self-drive

Play punch recommended:

1. Riding a horse on the grassland is completely different from the usual experience of riding a horse in a scenic spot. Friends who can’t ride a horse can let the herdsmen lead them.

2. Occasionally, herders come to sell dried yak meat, and you can taste authentic plateau air-dried yak meat on the spot.

Natural Oxygen Bar: Lebugou

When it comes to Shannan, people think of "Yangzhuo Yongcuo", but the coolness of Shannan is more than Yangzhuo Yongcuo. Lebugou is located in Cuona County, Shannan City, and is called "China Natural Oxygen Bar". Lebugou, which means "a good place" in Tibetan, is 2920 meters above sea level, which is similar to Medog in Linzhi, so it is also called Little Medog.

Lebugou is more like an accident in Shannan city with a temperate arid climate. It is the summer in Lebugou when you fall asleep with the sound of waves and wake up with the sound of birds. Walking on the road, you may encounter Himalayan impala and white-cheeked macaque. There are many natural forms such as snow-capped mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls and virgin forests, and it is one of the main inhabited areas of ethnic minorities in China.

Tickets:80 yuan


1. The most important point is that Lebugou is located at the southern border of Shannan, and it is necessary to apply for a border defense certificate in advance.

2. The air humidity in the ditch is high, and it may rain at any time. Take rain gear.

3. The weather in the ditch changes rapidly, so it is necessary to prepare warm clothes.

4. Sometimes you will meet monkeys in scenic spots or on the road. You can prepare some food in advance and protect your personal belongings to avoid being robbed by monkeys.

Garden behind Mount Everest: Jilonggou

Qian Xiaoyu QIAN/ photo

Jilonggou is located in Jilong County, Shigatse, Tibet, in the deep Himalayan mountains bordering Nepal. It is a little-known place with a different style from the plateau and is called "the back garden of Mount Everest". The canyon is covered with trees and flowers, and the leaves are slim and graceful. Spruce with long leaves has straight stems and slender branches like weeping willows. The quiet village is surrounded by green trees, and the looming snow-capped mountains can be clearly seen not far away. Standing on the top of the mountain is like standing on a cloud, overlooking the whole town.

Tips:Jilonggou is located on the border between China and Nepal, and it is necessary to apply for a border defense certificate in advance.

Must-see attractions:

1. Kongtangram Pass, Geelong County, Geelong Town, Paba Temple, Naixia Village, Jeep Village,

2. The ID card shall be mortgaged at Tiesuoqiao and returned when it is returned.

Everyone goes to Tibet for different reasons and feels different, so the author is only responsible for making suggestions. Please choose your favorite season according to the facts. In fact, March to October is suitable, and the rest of the time is snowy and icy, and the climate is complex, so it is easy to encounter dangers and accidents.

If you want to see Linzhi peach blossoms, late March and early April are more suitable (note the arrival time).

I want to see the frozen Namco, preferably before May. Watching yangzhuo yongcuo can be done most of the time.

If you want to experience the ice and snow on the way to Tibet, all the year round, and it is not very dangerous, it is best to go from March to May.

June-August is the rainy season, with more rain (wet at night and dry during the day). Everything has grown to a certain season and the scenery is extremely beautiful.

September-October is the best season, with fallen leaves flying and golden mountains.

Tips: Tibet’s high-altitude scenic spots are still very cold in summer, so you need to bring winter clothes to keep warm.

South Sichuan-Tibet line:

The first paragraph: Litang-Batang-Ba Long-Mangkang.

The second paragraph: Mangkang-Zuogong-Bangda-Basu

The third paragraph: Basu-Ranwu-Bomi

The fourth paragraph: Bomi-Tongmai-Linzhi

The fifth paragraph: Linzhi-Gongbujiangda-Mozhugongka-Dazi-Lhasa

Northern Sichuan-Tibet Line:

The first paragraph: Dege-Jiangda-Changdu

The second paragraph: Changdu-Leiwuqi-Ding Qing

The third paragraph: Ding Qing-Ba Qing

The fourth paragraph: Baqing-Suoxian-Naqu

Ancient Tang-Zhu Road:

The first paragraph: Yushu-Nangqian-Leiwuqi

The second paragraph: Leiwuqi-Dingqing-Baqing-Suoxian County

The third paragraph: Suoxian-Naqu-Dangxiong

The fourth paragraph: Dangxiong-Lhasa-

The fifth paragraph: Lhasa-Gyangze-Xigaze

Paragraph 6: Shigatse-Sakya-Fixed date

Paragraph 7: Dingri-Jilong

When I shed my shackles, I know that I am who I am today.

Come to Tibet to find yourself.

In this restless summer!

Editor: Zidan Zhuo Ma

[Editor: Tan Qilu, Editor: Tsedan Zhuo Ma]

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What should I do if medical resources are tight? The National Health and Health Commission has taken four measures.

Source: CCTV news client

Recently, public opinion has reported that some places are short of medical resources and people have difficulty in seeking medical treatment. On December 14th, the State Council Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference, and Jiao Yahui, Director of the Department of Medical Administration of the National Health and Wellness Commission, responded to the relevant situation.

Jiao Yahui introduced that in recent years, the demand for diagnosis and treatment of fever clinics has increased rapidly, and the contradiction between supply and demand is more prominent. However, the growth rate of medical service demand for general outpatient and inpatient services is relatively slow, and the utilization rate of corresponding medical resources is now in a safe and controllable range. The National Health and Health Commission has also taken a series of measures in view of the prominent demand for diagnosis and treatment of fever clinics and the rapid growth.

First, further expand the supply of medical resources and medical services. We require all hospitals above the second level and primary medical and health institutions to open fever clinics or fever clinics, and we have been vigorously promoting this matter recently. According to statistics, as of 12: 00 on December 14th, there were more than 14,000 fever clinics in hospitals above the second level in China, and more than 33,000 fever clinics or consultation rooms were set up in primary medical and health institutions. While increasing the number of fever clinics or fever clinics, we also further simplify the flow of fever clinics. The vast majority of patients go to the fever clinic mainly to prescribe drugs to treat COVID-19’s related symptoms, and many places have also set up simple clinics for fever clinics to further improve service efficiency. According to statistics in some places, the average time to see a fever clinic has been shortened from more than 4 hours at the beginning to less than 40 minutes. In addition, medical institutions in various places are also increasing the expansion and transformation of critical care resources in designated hospitals, sub-designated hospitals, and hospitals above the second level, as well as the increase of critical care beds in tertiary hospitals, the provision of equipment, the training of medical personnel, and the expansion and transformation of convertible ICU, all of which are in full swing. All 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in China have formulated corresponding plans and arranged funds. These tasks are also in the process of promotion and implementation.

The second measure is to promote graded diagnosis and treatment. On the one hand, in cities, medical associations are used as carriers, and in rural areas, county medical associations are used as carriers to promote the graded diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 and other medical services. Let the urban and rural tertiary networks and medical institutions implement their respective functional positioning. Health monitoring is mainly implemented at the grassroots level, especially the health monitoring and health management of key populations; Secondary hospitals provide technical support in all aspects of technology and manpower to meet the needs of general diagnosis and treatment; Tertiary hospitals focus on meeting the needs of diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients. Through graded diagnosis and treatment, we build a reasonable and orderly medical order.

The third measure is to vigorously promote Internet medical services. Through Internet medical treatment, according to the diagnosis and treatment plan and the guide of home treatment, we will prescribe corresponding prescriptions for patients with COVID-19’s symptoms, and provide corresponding drugs through offline third-party distribution. At the same time, we also require medical institutions to provide 24-hour online consultation and medication guidance, as well as time-sharing appointment services. In this way, the instantaneous peak of medical institutions can be reduced, the gathering of people can be reduced, and the risk of cross-infection when people go to the hospital offline can be reduced.

Fourth, continuously optimize the process of fever clinic, general clinic and hospitalization. By optimizing the medical treatment process, it will provide greater convenience for the broad masses of people to go to medical institutions for medical treatment.

Jiao Yahui said that in the next step, we will further guide medical institutions at all levels in various places to continuously implement relevant measures, and use various methods and measures to expand the supply of medical resources and medical services to better meet the needs of the people for medical treatment.

(CCTV reporter Shi Yingchun and Huang Zhenglong)