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Defender Debate: Why did China Men’s Basketball Team miss Guo Ailun’s capable hand?

Guo Ailun, a high-profile player, unexpectedly failed to make the final list in the defence battle of China men’s basketball team. This defender has made great contributions to the national team in the past games with his excellent skills and breakthrough ability. However, in the selection of Djordevich, Guo Ailun was not recognized. The selection criteria of Djordevich caused controversy, which made the China men’s basketball team look a little weak in the guard lineup, and made people question his selection decision. Guo Ailun is a highly anticipated defender. He has excellent technology and agile breakthrough ability, and often shows extraordinary personal ability in competitions. In the past games, he scored key points for China national team many times and made great contributions to the team’s important victory.

Therefore, fans have high expectations for Guo Ailun’s inclusion in the final list. However, Guo Ailun was not selected as expected in the selection process of Djordevich. Obviously, the selection criteria of players in Djordevich are related to other factors. He may pay more attention to the players’ physical condition, tactical adaptability and teamwork spirit. This preference may lead to Guo Ailun’s failure to gain recognition in the eyes of Ciorjevic. Of course, Guo Ailun’s failure to make the final list may also be influenced by other factors. Injury is a possible factor. In sports competition, injuries are inevitable, which may affect the state and performance of players.

If Guo Ailun is recovering from injury at the time of selection, then his condition may not be ideal, which also affects his chances of being included in the list. In addition, the fierce competition in the position of defender is also a factor worthy of consideration. China men’s basketball team has many excellent defenders, and the competition is fierce. In the selection process of Djordevich, other players may perform better in some aspects, thus occupying the position in the defender lineup, which led to Guo Ailun’s failure to enter the final list. Whatever the reason, Guo Ailun failed to make the final list of China men’s basketball team, which made the team look a little weak in the defender lineup. In competitive sports, every position needs excellent players to ensure the team’s tactical diversity and ability to deal with emergencies.

Guo Ailun’s absence may have a certain impact on the overall strength of the China men’s basketball team in the guard position. The outside world began to question the selection decision of Jorjevich. Fans, media and experts expressed their dissatisfaction with Guo Ailun’s failure to make the list. To some extent, these doubts reflect the public’s concern and expectation for the China men’s basketball team. As a coach, Jorjevich must face the pressure and challenges from all sides. He needs to make decisions to balance the advantages and disadvantages among players and ensure the best performance of the team on the field. Although Guo Ailun didn’t make the final list, it may not be without reason that Djordevich made the decision.

As fans and spectators, we hope that the China Men’s Basketball Team can perform well, but at the same time, we also believe that the decision of the coaching staff is well thought out. We expect China men’s basketball team to achieve better results in future competitions. No matter who stands on the court, they will go all out to win honor for the national team.

Goodbye Embiid, leonard needs you more! 76 ers, Clippers discuss 1-for-1 deal Harden?

The Philadelphia 76ers have played very well so far this season. They entered the playoffs with the third place in the East in the regular season, and swept the Nets 4-0 in the first round of the series to advance to the second round. Embiid is expected to win the first regular season MVP in his career, while Harden won the assists title with 10.8 assists per game. Under the leadership of these two superstars, the 76ers are getting closer and closer to the championship goal. However, the intensity of the playoffs can’t be mentioned in the same breath as that of the regular season. Athletes’ physical consumption is very high. Embiid was absent because of knee injury, and Harden’s hamstring has always been hidden. They all have no experience in winning the championship, so it is inevitable that they will be weak when facing more powerful opponents in the playoffs. If there is no big accident, the 76ers will face the stronger Celtics in the second round of series. As we all know, the Celtics broke into the NBA finals last season. Under the leadership of Shuang Tanhua, they played very hard at both ends of the offense and defense. It is very difficult for the 76ers to break through the Celtics.

Once the 76ers stop in the second round, Harden is likely to choose to leave. After all, he sacrificed his position as the team leader and high salary in order to win the championship. Harden’s performance in the first round of the playoffs is not satisfactory, and the management of the 76 ers may not meet his five-year salary renewal demand. At the same time, Harden’s old club, the Rockets, launched a strong pursuit for him. On the one hand, it was the temptation to go home and the hard-to-refuse top salary. On the other hand, it was blindly asking for it, ignoring his emotions. Harden’s choice would hardly be in suspense. However, the management of the 76ers didn’t want to send Harden away for nothing, which would make them lose the chance to continue to attack the championship, so a deal of signing first and then changing came into being. According to James Pearcey, a reporter from the US media bleachers, the 76ers and Clippers plan to make a 1-for-1 swap deal this summer. If the negotiation goes well, Paul George will go to Philadelphia to assist the great Embiid. The specific transaction plan is: the 76ers will send James Harden to get Paul George of the Clippers.

The prerequisite for this deal is that Harden agrees to a deal plan of signing first and then exchanging. L.A. is Harden’s birthplace, leonard is a super league, and the Clippers have his favorite head coach Tyrone Lu and a group of outstanding role players. Harden has no reason to refuse another chance to compete for the championship. Although the Rockets are his potential next home, today’s Rockets are a team composed of young players. No one doubts that Harden’s return can help the team improve its record quickly. But in the long run, there is a huge age gap between Harden and the young players in the team. When young players such as Jay Green, jabari Smith and Shen Jing grow up, Harden estimates that he has entered the twilight of his career, and his top salary contract may become an obstacle to the continued development of the Rockets. The combination of the two may lead to double losses, so for Harden, joining the Clippers is far more attractive than returning to the Rockets.

For the 76ers, Maxi’s rapid growth provided them with the confidence to send Harden away. At least from the performance in the playoffs, Maxi’s role seems to be more prominent. The 76ers have always lacked a star with strong comprehensive strength in the front line. Harris is good at attacking and PJ- Tucker is good at defending, but they all have their own shortcomings and are easy to be used by opponents. Paul George is one of the few offensive and defensive players in the league. He not only has a variety of offensive means, but also has various ways to send the ball to the basket, and he can also be the best defender of the team on the outside. The 76ers’ acquisition of George can make the overall lineup structure more balanced, which will help them to continue to attack the championship.

145 pages of enterprise digital transformation Big Data Lake project construction and operation comprehensive solution WORD

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The application, management and display of data lake are integrated, providing standard services, data interfaces and report presentation methods. The data of data lake adopts efficient and reliable storage architecture. The enterprise business data migration plan is formulated, and the core data stored in ERP system, data acquisition system, OA system, video monitoring system and cloud business system are migrated to the data lake as a whole, and the inelastic resources are deployed locally. For the elastic computing function, it is necessary to cooperate with the algorithm data lake. So as to realize the controllability of core data and eliminate security problems and potential unknown risks. Support visual modeling, and support mouse dragging for artificial intelligence algorithm modeling. Including data preprocessing, feature engineering, algorithm model, model evaluation and deployment, etc., it supports many types of algorithm applications in the field of fast-selling business, including logistic regression, K nearest neighbor, random forest, naive Bayes, K-means clustering, linear regression, GBDT binary classification, GBDT regression and other algorithm models, and also supports artificial intelligence training models such as deep learning. The presentation layer displays the operation status and resource usage of various business systems in a multi-dimensional and dynamic way through unified business BI report components. And support the periodic or temporary generation of business situations, decision data display, fault analysis and mining and other business scenarios.

X x data lake architecture diagram

Document center:

It is mainly used to store files in various formats, including video files, video and audio files, PDF files, Office files and other types of files, and provides file-level full-text retrieval, document publishing, file sharing, file extraction and other functions. Provide file rights management, version management, version history recovery and other management functions.

The file content in the file center can exchange fusion data with the log center and data center through ETL process, and participate in data processing, data mining, machine learning, image analysis and so on.

Log center:

Collect all kinds of log data, IOT data and other real-time data, and the data will be processed in real time by the stream processing engine to ensure that the data will be analyzed and processed in the first time, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and real-time alarm.

The processed real-time data can be integrated with the data in the file center and data center to participate in data analysis.

Structured data center:

Real-time (or batch) access to structured data in databases or other media, and efficient processing of all kinds of data with the help of powerful processing capabilities such as Hadoop/Spark.

Effectively combine the data in file center and log center to participate in data analysis and data mining.

Support tens of billions of data Cube to achieve sub-second multi-dimensional query of massive data.

Standard SQL output interface, supporting the needs of continuous upgrading and secondary development.

Schematic diagram of unified interface of data lake interface

Data access principle

1. Give priority to the application-driven construction of high-value digital twin projects;

2. The data entering the lake must be certified by the data management department, and the corresponding data asset standards shall be issued to match the corresponding data responsible person;

3. The principle of data modeling is standardized step by step with original data, clean and integrated data, three normal forms structure and service wide table;

4. The overall platform shall conform to the principle of high availability and parallel expansion, and conform to the data planning of the business for 3-5 years.

Real-time data synchronization supports most real-time database synchronization requirements. Support data synchronization across WAN and receiver clustering. Build a unified, standard, easy to copy and maintain data real-time synchronization platform, and at the same time complete the technical specifications and strategies of data real-time synchronization. Realize data synchronization monitoring system, and build a continuous and reliable real-time monitoring system for data update. Complete the integration mechanism of one-time rapid data import and incremental data import-trickle replication. The Full Dump module is used to realize the encryption of data warehousing, and the HiveSQL interface is provided based on Data Handle, at the same time, the decryption of data warehousing is completed. Control of data access rights through customization of Application Adapter.

L The scheme of keeping the original database for business systems that frequently read and write data, ERP system, data acquisition system, OA system, video monitoring system and cloud business system. Business data should be synchronized to the data lake, and the consistency between local data lake and business system data should be verified periodically during the parallel operation.

L receive real-time incremental data and store the data in the local data lake according to the predetermined architecture. Real-time production data is accessed in real time and reliably transmitted to the company’s database cluster. The data access amount is about 110TB/ day, and the historical data is 40000TB.

Logical architecture diagram of data migration

L Data lake operations are divided into two categories: inelastic and elastic. For inelastic operations, operations are performed in the local data lake. For operations that consume large resources and need elastic calculation, collaborative calculation is adopted with the enterprise cloud, and data is not saved in the enterprise cloud data lake. After the operation calculation is completed, the process and result data are sent back to the local data lake for storage. Interface service supports publish-subscribe mode, cross-data lake and cross-system call, HDFS, Hive, HBase and other systems.

A) interface type

Bulk data encapsulation

A large number of data are extracted according to certain conditions and packaged into data resources. Batch data packaging must be carried out through the system, not manually.

Data request interface encapsulation

The data is encapsulated as an access interface by restful interface, so that the accessor can access the data through remote call.

B) interface security

configuration management

Configure the content of shared data and sharing interface rules, including basic data configuration, sharing service configuration, sharing rights and sharing configuration distribution.

A) basic data configuration

It can configure the basic data used in the data sharing functional domain, including the configuration of the shared data system, the data structure and semantic description of the shared data entity, and the sharing method.

B) shared service configuration

Data service definition, data service directory, data service parameter configuration (such as: target system, sharing mode, data bearing mode, access frequency, access permission period), etc.

C) sharing permission configuration

Configure the permissions of the target system that is allowed to use the shared service, and support the permissions configuration of specific data entities and attributes within the shared service.

D) shared configuration distribution

The content of shared data and sharing interface rules are distributed to all relevant systems.

Data sharing process

Monitoring, exception handling and log management of data sharing processes, and providing query statistics and analysis functions for data related to data sharing.

A) table data sharing

The target system is an application layer analysis system, which directly opens the access rights of tables, and the target system extracts data through ETL.

B) data query

The target system is an application layer analysis system, and the target system directly calls the data query service provided by the data lake to complete the data query.

C) data subscription

The target system is an application layer analysis system, and the target system puts forward data subscription requirements, and the data lake provides data subscription services.

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Life and work are the same, and the robot provides you with perfect service!

Baidu launched the AI chat robot service "Wen Xin Yi Yan", what impact has it brought to people’s lives? Let’s discuss it.

First of all, this chat robot can make people get information more conveniently. Through the dialogue with robots, people can quickly get the information they need, without having to search and filter it themselves as before, saving a lot of time and energy.

In addition, this robot can answer all kinds of questions in a conversational way, whether it is writing code to correct bugs, answering scientific questions, or writing papers and articles.

Chat robots can solve people’s questions in some professional fields. For example, in the medical field, people can get their own health status through conversations with chat robots, or consult the treatment plans for some common diseases.

In the field of education, chat robots can be used as an auxiliary teaching tool to help students solve problems in their studies or provide some learning resources.

In addition, the chat robot can also be used as an intelligent customer service to help enterprises solve the problems of customer feedback and complaints.

In a word, the appearance of chat robots can not only facilitate people to obtain information, but also be applied to various fields to help people solve various problems.

In the future, the development of chat robots will become more and more intelligent and personalized, and become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

Secondly, Wen Xin can become people’s intelligent assistant in a word. This robot can provide people with speech recognition, intelligent translation, speech synthesis and other functions, which can help people communicate better and cross language barriers. In addition, Wen Xin Yi Yan can also be used as an entertainment tool to play games, chat and share fun.

Wen Xin Yi Yan has a wide range of entertainment functions, which can provide users with a variety of chat modes, such as simple question-and-answer games and simulated chatting with users. At the same time, this robot can also generate various types of interesting content, such as songs, jokes, poems, etc., so that users can enjoy more entertainment in their leisure time.

In addition, Wenxin can also combine virtual reality technology to create a more realistic virtual experience for users. For example, users can experience immersive travel scenes, participate in virtual reality games and so on through Wenxin.

On the whole, Wen Xin Yi Yan is not only a practical intelligent tool, but also provides users with more colorful entertainment experiences, making their lives more convenient and interesting.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, robots play an increasingly important role in people’s lives. However, compared with the convenience it brings, people also need to pay attention to the risks that robots may bring. First of all, it is very important to protect the security of personal information.

When using a robot like Wenxin Yiyan, people need to be careful not to disclose their sensitive information, such as bank account information and personal identity information. If this information falls into the hands of criminals, it will cause huge property and spiritual losses.

Secondly, the robot’s answer also needs to be verified. Although such a robot as Wenxin Anya has powerful natural language processing ability, it is still a program written based on programming language. Therefore, its answer may be limited by the program code, resulting in misjudgment and other problems.

Finally, with the continuous progress and update of technology, people need to know and learn the latest technologies and functions in time. Only in this way can we make better use of these robots and make better use of their convenience and advantages. Therefore, when using a robot like Wen Xin Yi Yan, we need to be vigilant, understand the advantages and disadvantages of the robot, and use and control it appropriately.

In short, Baidu’s chat bot service "Wenxin Yiyan" has brought a lot of convenience and possibilities to people’s lives, and we expect it to be constantly improved and innovated in the future development.

No Messi? Mbappé went too far, and the fans shouted: The pattern is too small, and Messi hurried away.

Paris Saint-Germain has just been out of the Champions League, missed the quarter-finals for two consecutive seasons, and immediately ushered in the 27th round of Ligue 1, and went to the away game against relegation team brest. In this game, Paris didn’t finish the winner until the 90th minute, and narrowly missed 3 points. However, Mbappé’s forced shooting made Messi very unhappy, and fans shouted that Messi should not renew his contract, so let’s go in the summer window.

There is a huge gap between the two teams’ paper strength, and Paris Saint-Germain mainly forms a siege. In the 37th minute, Mbappé’s powerful shot outside the restricted area was saved, and Sohler succeeded in making up the shot. However, before the end of the half-time, there was a serious loophole in the defense of Greater Paris, and Ramos watched Aunola equalize.

In the 62nd minute, there was a controversial scene. At that time, Fabian Ruiz made a direct pass to the restricted area, Messi took advantage of the situation to make the ball, and Mbappé rubbed his right foot and kicked the ball out of bounds. It is not difficult to see from the slow motion that Messi was speechless and bowed his head and left directly.

Why is Messi disappointed? The reason is very simple. We can easily see that Messi was in an unguarded state when Mbappé kicked off. If Mbappé chooses to cross, the high probability will turn into a goal.

Although a good striker is fed by bullets, it is understandable that Mbappé is unique as a striker. But Messi has no one to defend and doesn’t pass the ball. It’s really too much.

This season, Mbappé signed a super contract, and he also has the power to surpass the players. When a teammate doesn’t pass the ball to him, Mbappé will express his displeasure in public. However, when Mbappé has a chance to kick, his eyes are often only on the goal, and he will not pass the ball to Messi and Neymar most of the time.

In the 90th minute, in the backcourt of Paris, the ball was broken to fight back. Messi put his leg in place and sent a precise straight plug to assist Mbappé to score a goal, which was the 300th assist in Messi’s club career.

There is no harm without comparison, and many fans feel unworthy for Messi. A fan said: "Mbappé only has himself and data in his eyes. What is the difference with his idol Cristiano Ronaldo?" There are also fans who commented: "The pattern of Mbappé is too small, and I don’t know how to reciprocate at all. It will be difficult to achieve great things in the future."

As we all know, Messi has previously rejected the salary reduction and contract renewal in Paris, and he is likely to leave the team this summer. Therefore, some fans said that as long as Mbappé stays in the team, no matter how strong Messi is, he is just a tool for director Tim to brush data and compete for the Golden Globe Award. In this case, it is better to leave early, and there is no need to continue to suffer indignities!