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Creation camp and youth have formed a group one after another. Where will the rest of the trainees go?

1905 movie network news After KUN and Rocket Girl, capital and audience are looking for the next "KUN" and "Rocket Girl".


According to the "White Paper on Idol Industry and Fan Economy in 2019", the size of China’s fan economy market has reached 45 billion yuan in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 60%; It is estimated that the total size of China’s idol market will reach 100 billion yuan in 2020.


Behind the growing market scale, the trainee market, as one of the origins of idols, has become hot, and various talent shows have appeared together, and C-bit group has become the common goal of most trainees.

In the just-concluded "Creation Camp 2020" finals, seven trainees, namely, Xilin Nayi Gao, Akira, Wang Yijin, Chen Zhuoxuan, Zheng Naixin, Sally Liu and Zhang Yifan, stood out from 101 contestants and became the winners of the night.

However, the idol draft system has always been a pyramid, with a few people standing at the top, and the losers constitute a wide and thick tower. Most of the trainees who fail to form a group may gradually disappear from the public’s field of vision with the decline of the popularity of the program.


And more practitioners, may be at the end of the trainee’s career, is still a nobody who didn’t get a chance to perform.


"Nobody" is the norm.


In the era of fast food, trainees have become one of the most common ingredients in the canteen made by inner entertainment idols. This is also one of the few paths that ordinary people take to the Avenue of Stars.


In 2014, in order to fulfill her dream of being the lead singer of a women’s group, Mumu resigned from a job as a primary school music teacher in her hometown of Xi ‘an and started her career as a trainee in Beipiao. The company has excellent resources, which corresponds to the training plan of benchmarking Korean system. The normal training time is ten hours every day, but self-training is the norm.


"It’s normal not to sleep at night, because someone will always work harder than you." During that time, Mumu practiced for an average of fifteen hours a day. Double training is the best way to quickly acquire the qualification for debut from an amateur and survive in the fierce competition. Lisa, a tutor who came out of the trainee mode, once said that she would practice until three or four in the morning because opportunities were not always there.



Brokerage companies usually arrange systematic training courses for trainees, including vocal music, dance, performance, etc. Like graduating classes with heavy schoolwork, there are corresponding weekly and monthly exams. Some companies will distribute nameplates with different ratings to trainees according to the test results, and they are required to wear them at any time until the next test rating changes.


For Mumu, the most difficult thing is physical training every day. The pain caused by push-ups and zama steps comes not only from the body, but also from the psychology. If the number of exercises is not up to standard, the whole team should do it together. If you don’t want to get involved with your teammates, you can only force yourself to reach the standard as soon as possible.


After about two years of training, I moved to Beijing, Shenzhen and other places. The initial team of more than 300 people became smaller and smaller, and the day of formal group formation was getting closer and closer. In the end, Mumu’s Group A successfully broke through, but on the eve of his official debut in South Korea, he was told that the plan was cancelled.

"The whole mentality has collapsed, and there is no income. I have been doing one thing for two years, so I have worked hard through layers of selection. As a result, when I want to debut, some requirements that I have never known are in front of me. If you don’t cooperate, you can’t debut." At that moment, Mu Mu felt that two years of hard work had been wasted.


"One is the reason for the contract time of eight to ten years, and the other is the plastic surgery. Although he didn’t say that forcing will make you whole, in fact, there are some in the contract, and some people before the company, some of them are quite serious." Because of doubts about these two points, Mu Mu didn’t sign the contract, and finally the group plan ran aground.


In 2018, Hua Du, CEO of Lehua Entertainment, admitted in an interview with the media that it takes at least 40 million to 50 million to be a group. This also makes the brokerage company have to sign long-term contracts with trainees. The person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue said that the contract period should take into account the time of pre-training, and also hoped that the creation of artists would be a long-term plan.


After ending his trainee career, Mumu was once confused. Although the dream of the female lead singer ran aground, her love for music remained the same. Shuttle between reality and dreams, let Xiao Mu learn to do his job as a music training teacher, and strive to move forward in the direction of outstanding independent musicians.


And some of the trainees who once had an intersection with Mu Mu are still active on the stage, such as Yasaki, who formally formed a group in Youth with You 2, and contestants Mo Yao and Shujun Ma. In Xiao Mu’s eyes, these people have made great progress in various businesses and are more confident than before.


Without a suitable exposure platform and a groping training system, most trainees may be "nobody" throughout their lives.

As a former passer-by, Mumu disapproves of people who are very young to be trainees, because the pressure disproportionate to their age has a great impact on a person’s mind. If they are able to go online and become mature, they can also make a debut as trainees.


Freedom sometimes gives way to dreams.


In contrast, some people are much luckier.


"When Aidou came across the stage, I was shocked and liked him very much. In fact, he was a very cute boy under the stage." Before entering junior high school, Bubble Zhu was circled by the stage performance of a Korean male star in the mobile phone screen. This also inspired her to follow in the footsteps of idols and become a trainee.

This idea has also been supported by parents. At that time, there was a trainee auditioning in the company. Accompanied by his mother, Bubble Zhu participated in the competition and was chosen by luck.

After several years of training, Bubble Zhu got the opportunity to participate in Youth with You 2. According to the person in charge of Jiaxing Xinyue, the company currently has about 40 trainees (including those who have appeared). Under the premise of limited resources, the internal competition of the company is equally fierce.



Although he stopped in the top 35, Bubble Zhu’s life has undergone some subtle changes. At first, someone asked her for her autograph, and there were more program announcements, so she had some fresh work experience. But if there are not enough topics and works to maintain the popularity, even mature artists will soon be forgotten by the market, especially trainees who have just been concerned by the audience and the market.


Bubble Zhu also has his own regrets in Youth with You 2. She thinks that the styles of her performances in the first three performances are similar, and she failed to show more of herself. In order to have a chance to show herself more comprehensively next time, she made a training list for herself. Although simplicity and freedom are the state of life she wants to maintain, her anxiety about the future may have been hidden in her subconscious.

Besides being an artist, she also wants to be a freelancer who travels around and makes a living by bringing goods. In the eyes of the new generation of trainees, freedom sometimes gives way to dreams, and success requires corresponding chips.


At present, in the trainee market, more people may not even have a chance to tour the idol talent show. In 2018, the two programs "Creation 101" and "Idol Trainee" involved about 15,000 trainees. Few people can "have names" on the stage, and most of them are unknown.

Even if you stand in the spotlight, the light condensed on the draft stage is always cold. No matter whether you make a successful debut or not, high-quality works and personalities are the best preservatives for artists. For trainees born in Generation Z, it may be more important to be yourself than to be a member of KUN or Rocket Girl.


Continue or change careers, each trainee has a different answer.

Inspired by the China Inspiration Locke Line! China’s top-class, lifelong hiking route!

In March, 1928, American explorer Joseph Charles Francis Rock, with the help of King Muli, set foot on a road through the mysterious mountain and went deep into the local place called Gongga Risong Gongbu, which is now the Aden area of Daocheng.

Locke was impressed by the magnificent scenery here, and then published relevant articles and photos taken along the way in National Geographic magazine, which caused a great sensation in the west and showed this "pure land on the blue planet" to the world for the first time. At the beginning, the expedition team crossed the route from Muli to Gongga Ridge, which was later called "Locke Line".

The "Locke Line" has made countless adventure enthusiasts flock to it. Nearly a century later, Richard, an international student from France, led by the local explorer Lao Yin, re-took this world-class hiking route on the plateau and started an adventure through time and space to find the true meaning of Shangri-La.

Inspiration for China is an international communication video column created by Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group. The column is located in the "Z generation" group at home and abroad, and it explores, discovers, excavates and disseminates China business cards such as ancient Shu culture, tourism geography, Sichuan cuisine, animation online games, traditional Chinese medicine, modern art and sci-fi legends.

China women’s volleyball team sits at home! Paris Olympic volleyball qualifying tournament settled in Ningbo

It is reported that the volleyball qualifying tournament of the Paris Olympic Games in China has been decided to be held in Ningbo. It’s good news for China team to participate in the competition in familiar venues. Cai Bin, head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, once said that the goal of China Women’s Volleyball Team is to get the Olympic qualification in the first time.

In recent years, Beilun, Ningbo is one of the two major training bases of China women’s volleyball team in China. In the last Olympic cycle, it was in Ningbo that China women’s volleyball team passed the Olympic qualifiers and obtained the Olympic qualification at the first time.

The women’s volleyball qualifying tournament for the Paris Olympic Games will be held in China, Japan and Poland from September 16th to 24th. Twenty-four teams will be divided into three groups, with eight teams in each group playing a single round robin competition. The top two teams will be qualified for the Olympic Games, and six Olympic seats will be produced at this stage. The competition system of men’s volleyball is the same as that of women’s volleyball. The competition will be held in China, Japan and Brazil from September 30th to October 8th.

China women’s volleyball team is in the same group as Serbia, Dominica, Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico and Ukraine, while China men’s volleyball team is in the same group as Poland, Argentina, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, Belgium and Bulgaria. Eight teams in the group played a single round robin, and the top two teams qualified for the Olympic Games. The Asian Games and the Olympic Qualifying Tournaments are held with a short interval and some overlap (the Asian Games will be held from September 23rd to October 8th), while the distance between Ningbo and Hangzhou is not far, which also gives the head coach more space to arrange his troops.

Cai Bin, head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team, once said that the qualifying goal of China Women’s Volleyball Team is to get the Olympic qualification in the first time. China men’s volleyball team should also strive to play a good game, improve the world ranking, and strive to advance to the Paris Olympic Games through ranking.

Text: Tao Xingying

Photo: vision china

Source: Xinmin Evening News

Editor: Zhuang Qixin, Yang Ye

Audit: Sun Weijun

Shangguan author: Shanghai Sports

Building Sports+Friends Circle, Entrepreneur Table Tennis Friendship League opens in Shanghai Hongqiao.

On December 16th, the "Open Hongqiao, Win the Future by Table Tennis" Hongqiao International Central Business District Entrepreneur Table Tennis Friendship League was held at Hongqiao International Exhibition.

The competition was guided by Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Minhang District People’s Government, Shanghai Public Relations Association and Shanghai Table Tennis Association, and hosted by Minhang District South Hongqiao Management Committee Office. Organized by Shanghai Radio and Television Station Oriental Broadcasting Center. Shanghai people’s broadcasting station five-star sports broadcasting and other units co-organized.

Wang Liqin, vice chairman of China Table Tennis Association and director of Shanghai Competitive Sports Training Management Center, kicked off the friendly league. The competition attracted 24 teams and 112 participants from Hongqiao International Central Business District. Entrepreneurs and white-collar table tennis enthusiasts from many fields get together to learn skills.

The competition provides a platform for employees in the business district to display and communicate, and also fully demonstrates the charm of national sports and mass sports.

Hongqiao International Central Business District is an important gateway for brother provinces and cities in the Yangtze River Delta to enter Shanghai, and it is also a key hub for opening up to the outside world. In recent years, Hongqiao International Central Business District has focused on the functions of big transportation, big business, big exhibition and big science and technology innovation in accordance with the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hongqiao International Open Hub, accelerated the gathering of headquarters economy and modern service industry, and maintained a good development momentum.

This Friendship League is another measure to enhance the overall identity and core competitiveness of Hongqiao International Central Business District and build new advantages for future development. Taking this opportunity, Hongqiao International Central Business District and Shanghai Wuxing Sports Broadcasting will launch a series of sports events seasonally, build a "sports+"circle of friends, strengthen talent exchange and resource linkage among enterprises, and inject new synergy into development.

In the future, Hongqiao International Central Business District will continue to focus on organizing colorful cultural and sports activities, creating a livable and innovative environment for talents, creating a first-class business environment, and helping to build a first-class international central business district.

Sha Hailin, President of Shanghai Public Relations Association, Wang Liqin, Vice Chairman of China Table Tennis Association and Director of Shanghai Competitive Sports Training Management Center, Fu Naiyi, member and deputy director of Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Zhang Bin, member and deputy director of Shanghai Hongqiao International Central Business District Management Committee, Tang Jinsong, deputy secretary of Minhang District Committee of the Communist Party of China, member of the Standing Committee of Minhang District Committee, Zhao Liang, deputy head of Minhang District, Ke Xiaolin, and Liu Yadong, director of five-star sports broadcasting frequency of Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, attended the competition.

The Best 20 Sega 32X Games Recommended

On November 21st, 1994, Sega 32X was released in North America. Like Sega Mega-CD, it is an additional component of Mega Drive. Sega 32X initially had a retail price of $159, but ended its life at a shameful price of $19.95. The release of Sega Saturn made all players stop paying attention to it, and only sold more than 800,000 units in its life, which became a difficult commercial failure for Sega.

But who would have thought? Twenty-eight years later, with the rise of retro nostalgia, Sega 32X has become a highly sought-after collection. Although there are only 40 games in it, and many of them are improved versions of old games, we have summarized 20 of the best Sega 32X games for your convenience in nostalgia (archaeology? ) save some time in the process.

At that time, the game won the longest game name award in history (later defeated by brain exercise), which was translated as follows: Golf Magazine: 36 big holes of Fred Kapos (not knowing golf terms). The game got mixed reviews, but it was often mentioned because of 32X.

Cosmic Carnage is a "cosmic massacre", which is essentially a real-life fight in space. It has the strangest character design in human history. This game was launched as the first game, because it was so bad that even Sega pretended that it didn’t exist.

The 32X platform of Beat Boy is one of the games with the best pictures. The gameplay includes constantly exploring each level to find hidden things, and attacking the enemy with various jumping actions. Although they are all traditional platform action games, they lack the rhythm and expressiveness in the name.

The imitator of Violent Motorcycle, the picture is a bit rough, but the gameplay itself is not that bad. The game has 12 drivers and 12 routes. Players punch and kick their opponents while avoiding obstacles and jumping over hills. Multiplayer is very interesting, but it can’t reach the level of some two-person racing games in MD games.

Kolibri, which means "Hummingbird", is an amazing game, which is called 32X "The Adventures of Dolphins". Like Tempo, Hummingbird Adventures ranks among the best 32X games because of its graphics rather than its gameplay.

Also known as "Stellar Assault", "Shadow Squadron" is a very similarStar Wars 3D air combat game, there are few comments about it on the Internet, and there is nothing to say about it.

Amazing spider-man: Warnet was released exclusively on Sega 32X that year, and it is a must-have for Marvel Comics fans. This game is much better than people think, although sadly, most people in the world no longer care about 32X. It is not surprising that the game was released after Sega announced that it would stop production for 32X.

Spider-Man is not the only Marvel hero in this game, but also Daredevil, who repelled Hydra and other evil forces in the Marvel universe in this wall-climbing and horizontal scroll game. Unfortunately, this game didn’t get the praise it deserved at that time.

WWF Wrestling Mania: Arcade Edition is called one of the best and most unique wrestling games on home consoles. Why is it so unique? For beginners, it is more like a fighting game than a wrestling game. For those who are familiar with WWF, there are many famous wrestlers in it, which is equivalent to WWF’s all-star fight.

Pacific Rim-style mecha are fighting in the city streets. One of the many first-person cockpit perspective games on 32X is Armored Steel Head (personal translation). This is one of the first games of 32X. The game focuses on the first-person cockpit perspective and can switch the third-person perspective. It is a visually beautiful game. At the beginning of each level, a commander from the role armed forces will appear to explain the background story and cheer for the upcoming battle.

This is a classic horizontal scroll game with smooth frame rate and smooth animation.Looking at it now, "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the Treasure"It’s like a mysterious sea in 2D. And Sega 32X Edition "The Maya Adventures of Raiders of the TreasureIt looks like the best version of Windows 95 at that time. However, the 32X version plays at 30fps, which is half that of the Windows version.

Primitive wrathThere is SFC version.Pseudo-3d style fighting game, with only four ancient animals as optional protagonists.You can carry out cruel ending actions and bloody attacks. It can enter the top ten simply because Europeans and Americans like real people to fight quickly, love me, love my dog.

Arcade transplant works, you can play the original version in the small game of "Dragon 0". There is also an MD version, but the 32X version is closer to the original arcade game, and the better picture makes it more interesting to play.

In 94-95, a Star Wars game saved 32X. Without this game, no one will be interested in 32X and many players will turn to Nintendo’s platform, which is Star Wars: Arcade Edition. The game looks incredible on 32X, which proves that 32X is not useless. There are only three levels in this game, so the replay is low. But whether it’s shooting down a Star Destroyer or completing the famous Death Star Run and blowing the space station to pieces, this game can make the dream of Star Wars fans come true.

md vs 32x

Virtua Racing Deluxe has won both the arcade and the console. The 32X version really enhanced the picture, which transplanted the arcade well. The enhanced visual effect made the game look better, the outline of the car and the road were clearer, and the texture in the background was more pleasant. The MD version of "VR Racing Car" renders 9000 polygons per second, thanks to the Sega Virtua processing chip in the cassette, which is far beyond the processing capacity of MD.

At that time, the works of Blizzard were still excellent, and Black Thorn was one of them. The game played like a mixture of Demon City and Prince of Persia. SFC version and Mac version only have 17 levels and 4 worlds, while 32X version is more valuable, with an extra area, with a total of 5 worlds, which can be said to be the best of all versions!

As the ancestor of 3D fighting and fighting games,VR Warrior doesn’t need a real introduction, especially for Sega players and fighting gamers.

As we all know, the 32X version of Doom is basically the same as the PC version, andThe 32X version is one of the first games ever to get the "adult level" rating of M for Mature, because of its bloodiness and Satan worship. Although it is not the best version, it is still worth experiencing.

Although the SFC version is more popular, the 32X version of "Real Play 2" is one of the 32X essential games, which is highly respected in Europe and America, but the author has no feeling about this kind of game that emphasizes functional stimulation and curiosity.

The only hedgehog Sonik series game on Sega 32X. The protagonist of this game is Knuckles the Echidna, with a new "combination system", which allows players to use two characters at a time. In the eyes of many people, this game sucks. But I don’t agree. I think this game is Sega trying something new. I like the new combination system. It feels very much like what Nintendo will do. Just because it is different doesn’t mean it is not good! Unless we are talking about the whole 32X, it is.

NBA Jam T.E is a wonderful game. The 32X version is the most accurate arcade transplant version, and it has a lot of exciting new features, including hidden eggs, new players, better music and other modes.This game is not only the first in our list, but also the "first" in many other aspects. It is the first NBA carnival game in the series, and it is also the first game to use authorized players. It also created a record of $1 billion in arcade for the first time!

Milan are ready to help Leo pay Portuguese compensation, and it is getting closer and closer to renewing Leo’s contract.

Earlier, "Gazzetta dello Sport" reported that the asking price for the renewal of the contract was 7.5 million euros annual salary+2 million euros signing fee+bonus. According to all market reports, the Champions League has been successfully promoted, but Milan are ready to pay compensation to Portuguese sports for Leo and promote the renewal of Leo’s contract.

According to reports, Milan’s successful promotion to the quarter-finals of the Champions League has brought at least 20 million euros to the club and will also change the future of Leo.

Leo wants Milan to help pay the compensation for itself and Portugal. Now, Milan is prepared to pay this part indirectly, which may be a turning point for Leo’s contract renewal. Milan is getting closer and closer to the successful contract renewal.

According to Milan News, mesias was injured in the biceps femoris of his right thigh.

It is reported that mesias had a muscle problem in the match against Tottenham Hotspur. This morning, he underwent an injury examination, and the results showed that his biceps femoris was injured in his right thigh.

Milan will continue to pay attention to mesias’s condition, and will check the affected area again in about 10 days.

Milan circle

Milan club Scaroni talked about the construction plan of the new stadium, saying that it is very important for Milan club to improve its international competitiveness.

Scaroni first said: "People can have new experiences at the new stadium in Tottenham, just like many stadiums in the United States, which makes us understand the potential and opportunities that modern stadiums can provide for a city, a world-class club and its fans. We need to speed up the design of new stadiums, which is a key factor in our growth process. If we want to compete in the international arena, this is crucial. "

At present, the Milan club is ready to build a new stadium in other areas. Scaroni said: "The old San Siro stadium is indeed full of memories, but we have the responsibility to look forward to the future of the club and bring new success and unforgettable experiences to all fans."

Football is exciting for 1 night! Mbappé offered a winner, the Serie A champion was announced in advance, and Real Madrid reversed the sword and pointed to the Champions League.

Over the weekend, the five major leagues in Europe continued. Manchester City beat Crystal Palace away in the Premier League, narrowing the gap with Arsenal. In Serie A, Napoli beat Atalanta, once again expanding its lead. The suspense of the championship in Serie A ended ahead of schedule. In French League, Paris Saint-Germain, which was eliminated in the Champions League, was hit again. La Liga Real Madrid reversed its victory and aimed at the Champions League knockout.

Crystal Palace 0-1 Manchester City

Crystal Palace suffered a trough, with 10 consecutive games unbeaten, and Manchester City won three consecutive games. This season, Manchester City is 5 points behind Arsenal in the Premier League. Manchester City will compete with Leipzig Red Bull for the Champions League quarter-finals in the second round of the Champions League quarter-finals next week, and Guardiola will be somewhat distracted from the Champions League. Crystal Palace has defeated Manchester City twice in the last 10 encounters.

In the game, Harland missed the opportunity in the first half, Alvarez repeatedly made risks in the second half, and Harland scored some achievements. In the end, the whole game was over, and Manchester City went away to the Crystal Palace 1-0. In terms of standings, Manchester City scored 61 points in the first game and 2 points behind the top Arsenal, while Crystal Palace still ranked 12th with 27 points.

Naples 2-0 Atlanta

Napoli’s winning streak was ended by Lazio in the last league round, but it still leads by 15 points, and it is in an absolute leading position for the championship. Next week, in the second leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Naples will play against Frankfurt at home, and this season, Naples is soaring in two lines. Atlanta ranked sixth, five points short of the top four, and Atlanta won more and lost less in the confrontation with Naples.

In the game, Napoli dominated in the first half, but failed to break the deadlock. In the second half, Kvaratskheliya scored a wonderful goal and Lamani headed the ball. In the end, Napoli led the standings with 18 points in Atlanta 2-0.

Brest 1-2 Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain was beaten by Bayern both at home and away in the last 16 of the Champions League, and fell to the last 16 for two consecutive seasons, which greatly damaged the team’s morale. Messi was questioned by fans, and Mbappé also had the idea of leaving the team. The Qatari consortium invested more than 1.4 billion euros in the acquisition of Paris Saint-Germain in the past 11 years, but it failed to win a Champions League trophy and only reached the Champions League final once. Although there is no pressure to win in Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain is facing reconstruction.

In the game, Sohler scored the first goal after the middle frame in the first half, Aunola equalized the score, Messi assisted in the second half, and Mbappé scored a winner. In the end, Paris beat brest 2-1 away, and Paris won four consecutive victories in the league. In terms of standings, Paris ranked first with 66 points, 11 points ahead of Marseille, the second place.

Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard

Real Madrid’s recent state continues to be sluggish, and various events have been unbeaten for three consecutive games. The first leg of the semi-final of the King’s Cup of Spain was defeated by Barcelona, and La Liga suffered two consecutive draws. Barcelona has already opened the gap of 9 points in the standings. In the middle of next week, Real Madrid will play against Liverpool at the Bernabeu Stadium. In the first leg, Real Madrid beat Liverpool 5-2 away and took the lead in the knockout round of the top 16.

Real Madrid’s home game against Espanyol has maintained a nine-game winning streak, and it has been unbeaten for 26 consecutive games, occupying an absolute advantage and creating a 27-year record. The last time Real Madrid lost to Espanyol at home was back in 1996. In the first half of the game, Jose Lu took the lead in breaking the goal, and courtois contributed to the key save. vinicius and Militang successively broke the goal to help the team complete the overtaking. In the second half, Rodrigo hit the crossbar with a free kick, Gabriel came off the bench but was injured, and asensio scored a single goal in stoppage time to kill the game. At the end of the game, Real Madrid 3-1 Spaniard.

Premier League: Newcastle VS Wolves. Wolves have an outstanding ability. Is it difficult for Newcastle to play an advantage?

I just wrote a German B game, and everyone should have seen it. Here, let’s talk about another Premier League focus game, Newcastle versus Wolves!

I talked to Wolves several times this season, and each time they were injured at least three or four times in the front line. Last November, it was the most serious. One game was short of five strikers, playing Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves injured Diego Costa. Jimenez has recently returned. Although he hasn’t scored yet, he has gained an assist by playing Fulham, and his contribution has surpassed that of other Wolves centers by playing the threat made by Tottenham Hotspur.

As we all know, Wolves’ lack of forward power is very prominent this season, and Everton gave them the bottom before, but after these two games, Everton also overtook them, and Wolves finally became the team with the least goals in the Premier League.

They struggled out of the quagmire of the relegation zone, and now they have risen to the 13th place in the standings, mainly relying on the defensive end. Wolves have always been good at defense, and they are even more conservative when they are guests. They won’t let go of the attack when they play Southampton and Everton. Today, they challenge Newcastle in different places, and there is no accident or the main tone of defense. The two flanks of Wolves are the key to their solid defense and threat.

Under the training of winger Loppert Ji, Wolves’ two wingers are very strong, and playing Tottenham Hotspur on the court is a good manifestation of two points. First, they can limit their opponents’ cross, especially in the second half, it is difficult for Kane to get in touch with his teammates; Second, the Wolves’ goal came from Moutinho’s possession of the ball and his assignment to the wing, which effectively opened the defence of Tottenham, and then found an angle to hit the door quickly, which made Tottenham suffer.

Today, Newcastle, which they are going to play, is also a team that relies on a large number of wingers to attack.

In the game, St. Maximin relies on the support of Qiao Lin and Dan Bourne to dominate the left impact, while Almiron draws on the right side, and Trippier takes on the task of crossing the ball from the side or rib part. This combination is Eddie Howe’s most conventional offensive strategy.

However, there is little quick linkage between Newcastle’s two wingers. Usually, they finish on one side, pass the ball back to the middle and split the side again, thus completing the change of attack direction. In this way, the opponent will have enough space and time to complete the defensive position selection and coordination.

Therefore, we can see that Newcastle can only score in the middle of the Premier League in the case of strong impact, which has seriously dragged down their progress. Today, Wolves, with good defense and strong wingers, may not play easily.

What’s more, Newcastle are short of suspended Jorington today, and Scheer may not be able to play. Jolington played like a duck to water after being transformed into a midfielder, and was successfully elected as the MVP player in February. He has both physical fitness and speed, and he has a strong sense of position. He can form an effective strong point in Newcastle midfield and support the impact of St. Maximin, which is the key to Eddie Howe’s tactical implementation. Without him, Newcastle’s left threat will drop a lot.

As for Fabian Schell, the defense is also quite stable this season. His air confrontation ability is the strongest in the team, and he can also serve the ball. His long-range shooting ability is excellent. Without him, the loss may not be limited to the defensive end.

As we all know, Newcastle are the team with the fewest goals conceded in the Premier League, with a strong defense, and goalkeeper Pope is also the goalkeeper with the most goalkeepers in the Premier League. According to the front line of Wolves, it is really too difficult to break their goal.

But as we said earlier, Newcastle’s attack problem is also relatively objective. Under the restriction of Wolves’ flank, it may not be so easy for Newcastle to play an advantage. It is my current opinion that Newcastle will join Wolves or shake hands with both sides. What’s your opinion?

The benefits of sauna

The benefits of sauna: 1. In a high temperature environment, the capillaries of the whole body can be expanded. Second, it can effectively eliminate toxins in the body, which is beneficial to the elimination of diseases.

3. It can effectively enhance the elasticity of blood vessels and prevent arteriosclerosis. 4. It has a certain weight loss effect and can be appropriately used for people who are obese. Fifth, it has a certain effect of beauty and beauty, and has a whitening effect. 6. It can properly eliminate fatigue, and also has certain curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis. Disadvantage: It may lead to an increased incidence of male infertility.